GOODBYE to Discord? Unveiling Midjourney's Web Image Magic! #Midjourney #discord #aitools #ai

Making AI Magic
18 Dec 202313:29

TLDRMidjourney's new web-based image creation platform is revolutionizing AI-driven creativity. The Alpha website offers a user-friendly interface for generating images without the need for Discord, featuring real-time creation, full-resolution outputs, and intuitive parameter adjustments. With the ability to upscale images and blend multiple prompts, Midjourney's platform is set to enhance the creative process for artists and designers alike.


  • 🌐 Midjourney is developing a web-based image creation platform, moving beyond its Discord roots.
  • 🚀 The Alpha website is currently accessible to users who have created over 10,000 images on Midjourney.
  • 🎨 The Imagine bar is a live feature on the Alpha website where users can type prompts to generate images.
  • 🖼️ Images created on the Alpha website are in full resolution, eliminating the need for upscaling.
  • 🔄 Users can quickly download or publish images directly from the website, a feature not available on Discord.
  • 🛠️ The Alpha website introduces a parameter panel with sliders for easy adjustments, in addition to the traditional text commands.
  • 🎨 The stylize, weird, and chaos parameters have dedicated sliders for more intuitive control over image generation.
  • 🔍 The search and filter options on the Alpha website are based on a rating system, which may require refinement for better image sorting.
  • 🌟 The Alpha website allows for blending of multiple images without the need for a text prompt, simplifying the creative process.
  • 🔄 The website is expected to receive a version upgrade soon, with improvements and new features anticipated.
  • 💡 The Alpha website is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and efficient, offering a smoother experience for Midjourney users.

Q & A

  • What is the main challenge of using Midjourney with Discord?

    -The main challenge is that accessing Midjourney is built within Discord, which can be difficult for new users who are not already familiar with the platform.

  • What is the significance of the Midjourney's Alpha website?

    -The Alpha website represents the future of AI-driven creativity, as it is a new web-based image creation platform that allows users to generate Midjourney images without needing to use Discord.

  • How can users gain access to the Midjourney Alpha website?

    -Users who have created over 10,000 images on Midjourney can access the Alpha website. They can check their image count by typing 'info' in the message bar on Discord.

  • What is the primary function of the Imagine bar on the Alpha website?

    -The Imagine bar is where users input their prompts to generate images. It is a live feature that allows users to see images being created in real-time without needing to type 'slash imagine' first.

  • How does the image generation process differ on the Midjourney Alpha website compared to Discord?

    -On the Alpha website, images are generated at full resolution and appear more smoothly. Users also don't need to upscale the images, as they are already at the desired quality level.

  • What are some of the new features that users wished for and are now present on the Midjourney Alpha website?

    -Some new features include a live Imagine bar, the ability to see images being created in real-time, and a more intuitive interface for adjusting parameters with sliders and direct input fields.

  • How can users adjust parameters on the Alpha website?

    -Users can adjust parameters by typing them directly into the Imagine bar using 'dash-dash' commands or by using the settings button to open the parameter panel, which has sliders for easy adjustments.

  • What is the purpose of the plus icon in the Imagine bar?

    -The plus icon allows users to add inspiration images to their prompt without needing to paste an image URL, making it easier to use previously used images in new prompts.

  • How does the rating system work on the Alpha website?

    -Users can rate images by using the action buttons to flag images they like or dislike. However, if an image is rated in a group of four, the entire group will show up when searching for that rating, which may require more filtering.

  • What is the current limitation of the Alpha website in terms of image resolution?

    -The Alpha website does not have an upscale button like the Discord version. Images made in the current version (5.2) are already at their full resolution, and users cannot delete images from the website.

  • What feedback is being sought from users regarding the Alpha website?

    -Users are encouraged to provide feedback on their favorite features of the Alpha website and suggest the most needed feature improvements to help refine and enhance the platform for future use.



🌐 Introducing Mid Journey's Alpha Website

This paragraph introduces the alpha version of Mid Journey's website, which is a new web-based platform for creating AI-driven images. It highlights the current limitations of accessing Mid Journey through Discord and emphasizes the potential of this new platform to make image creation more accessible. The speaker shares their experience with the new website, mentioning features they wished for and noting the live 'Imagine' bar where users can type prompts to generate images. The summary also touches on the ability to view image creation in real-time, the availability of full-resolution images, and the ease of copying job IDs for use in Discord.


🛠️ Exploring Parameters and Tools on the New Website

This paragraph delves into the technical aspects of using Mid Journey's alpha website, focusing on the parameters and tools available for users. It explains that parameters are technical instructions that can be added to prompts, either by typing them directly or using the settings button to open the parameter panel. The paragraph discusses the ease of adjusting parameters with sliders and the ability to be more precise by typing parameters directly into the prompt. It also mentions the different model options, aspect ratio tools, and the stylize, weird, and chaos parameters, emphasizing the clarity of the interface and the potential for users to refine their image creation process.


🎨 Enhancing Image Creation with Advanced Features

The final paragraph discusses advanced features of the alpha website that enhance the image creation process. It covers the ability to upscale images, blend multiple images together without the need for a text prompt, and the inclusion of an image weight parameter. The speaker shares their experience blending up to nine images and notes that the website handles this task effectively. The summary also addresses the rating system for images, the potential need for refinement in filtering searched images, and the speaker's overall satisfaction with the website's functionality. It concludes with an invitation for users with more than 10,000 images to try the alpha website and shares the speaker's anticipation for future improvements and accessibility for more creators.




Midjourney is an AI-based image creation platform that generates images from textual prompts. It is known for creating high-quality AI images and is a popular tool among creators. In the video, the speaker discusses the challenges of accessing Midjourney through Discord and introduces a new web-based platform that aims to simplify the image creation process for users.


Discord is a communication platform originally designed for gamers but has since expanded to various communities, including those involved in AI and creative work. In the context of the video, Discord is the primary access point for Midjourney, which can pose challenges for new users. The video also highlights the development of a web-based alternative to make Midjourney more accessible.

💡AI tools

AI tools refer to software applications that utilize artificial intelligence to perform tasks, often related to content creation, analysis, or automation. In the video, AI tools are discussed in the context of Midjourney, which is an AI tool for generating images based on textual prompts. The video explores the evolution of these tools and the introduction of a new web-based platform for easier access and use.

💡Web-based platform

A web-based platform is a software application that is accessed through a web browser, rather than being installed on a user's local machine. The video introduces Midjourney's new web-based platform, which is an alternative to the Discord-based access and aims to provide a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for creating AI images.

💡Image creation

Image creation refers to the process of generating visual content, which can be done manually or with the aid of software. In the video, image creation is the main focus, particularly as it relates to the use of AI tools like Midjourney to generate images from textual prompts. The new web-based platform is designed to make this process more accessible and intuitive.


In the context of AI image generation, parameters are technical instructions that influence the output of the generated images. They can control various aspects of the image, such as style, quality, and composition. The video discusses how users can adjust these parameters on the new web-based platform to fine-tune their AI-generated images according to their preferences.


Upscaling refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image, making it larger without losing quality. In the video, upscaling is mentioned as a feature of the new web-based platform, where images generated are already at full resolution, eliminating the need for additional upscaling processes that were required in the Discord version.

💡Rating system

A rating system is a method of evaluating and sorting content based on user preferences or feedback. In the context of the video, the rating system is used by Midjourney users to flag images they like or dislike, which helps in filtering and organizing their generated content. The video mentions that without upscaling on the web platform, users will rely more on the rating system to manage their images.

💡Aspect ratios

Aspect ratios refer to the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image or video. In the video, aspect ratios are discussed as a parameter that users can adjust on the new web-based platform to create images with their desired shape and size. The video mentions a slider tool that allows users to easily visualize and select different aspect ratios.

💡Image prompts

An image prompt is a visual reference used in conjunction with a textual prompt to guide the AI in generating a specific type of image. In the video, the concept of image prompts is explored, highlighting how the new web-based platform allows users to add inspiration images directly to their prompts without the need to paste image URLs, making the process more convenient and efficient.

💡Blending images

Blending images is the process of combining multiple images to create a single, cohesive visual. In the video, the speaker demonstrates how the new web-based platform allows users to blend two or more images together without the need for a textual prompt, simplifying the process and allowing for more creative flexibility.


Midjourney is unveiling its new web-based image creation platform, making AI-driven image creation accessible without the need for Discord.

The alpha website is currently open to users who have made over 10,000 images on Midjourney, offering a sneak peek into the future of AI-driven creativity.

The new website features a live 'Imagine' bar at the top, where users can type in their prompts and see the images being created in real time.

Images generated on the alpha website are already at full resolution, eliminating the need for upscaling.

Users can copy the job ID or image link for quick actions, such as copying, sharing, or publishing the images.

The alpha website introduces a smoother and more intuitive user interface for image creation, with clear labeling and easy-to-use tools.

Parameters can be added to the prompt directly or adjusted using sliders in the parameter panel, making fine-tuning more accessible.

The alpha website allows for easier use of image prompts, eliminating the need for the 'image prompt dance' of downloading and uploading images.

Users can blend multiple images together without needing to enter a text prompt, simplifying the creative process.

The 'Inspiration' feature lets users add previous images to their prompts directly from the website, streamlining the process.

The alpha website is expected to be opened up to more creators if the current testing phase goes well.

The new platform offers a variety of models and modes, including standard, raw, and the newly renamed 'Variety' parameter.

The website's intuitive design allows for fast mode, turbo, or relaxed settings, and pro users can toggle stealth mode on or off.

Parameters set on the website persist until changed, and users can easily reset settings or override them with specific values in the prompt.

The alpha website provides a clear distinction between different versions of Midjourney, helping users keep track of their preferred settings.

Despite some minor issues with filtering and rating images, the overall functionality of the alpha website is impressive and user-friendly.

The alpha website is a significant step towards making Midjourney's AI image creation tools more accessible and straightforward for creators.