The ONLY AI tool Architects will Need | PromeAI | Step-by-Step Guide

Salmaan Mohamed
25 Oct 202315:30

TLDRPromeAI is an AI-driven design assistant with a wide range of features that can significantly enhance architectural workflow efficiency. The tool allows users to transform sketches into realistic renderings, render 3D models and 2D floor plans, and even blend images together for creative outputs. It also offers the ability to turn photos into sketches, replace backgrounds, and extend image boundaries. With a user-friendly interface and a free basic version available, PromeAI is an invaluable tool for architects, designers, and anyone looking to streamline their design process.


  • 🚀 PromeAI is a versatile AI tool designed to streamline architects' workflows with its numerous features.
  • 🎨 Transform hand sketches into realistic renderings effortlessly, with various architectural styles available as presets.
  • 🏠 Render 3D models into detailed, high-quality images without needing additional plugins or downloads.
  • 📈 Precisely render 2D floor plans with textures and styles, significantly reducing the time required for such tasks.
  • 🏡 Upgrade section drawings into high-quality renderings that maintain the original details and add depth.
  • 🌿 Generate landscape plans and views in different styles, enhancing the presentation of outdoor designs.
  • 🔄 Blend two images together to create a unique fusion, combining elements of both into a single, cohesive image.
  • ✏️ Convert photographs into hand-drawn sketches with professional quality, offering a new perspective on architectural visuals.
  • 🔧 Easily erase and replace elements within an image, offering flexibility in modifying architectural designs or renderings.
  • 🔄 Create multiple design variations from a single image, exploring different materials, styles, and perspectives.
  • 🖼️ Extend image boundaries to fit specific formats, perfect for sharing renderings or drawings on social media platforms.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the AI tool PromeAI discussed in the video?

    -The main purpose of PromeAI is to assist architects by making their workflow more efficient with its various features, potentially saving hours of their time.

  • How can you access the PromeAI website?

    -To access the PromeAI website, you need to log in or sign up using the button on the top of the site, which can be done either by entering your details or using your Google account.

  • What are the 12 ways mentioned in the video that the AI tool can be used?

    -The 12 ways include turning sketches into realistic renderings, 3D models into renderings, 2D flow plans, section drawings, landscape plans and views, blending two images, turning photos into sketches, erasing and replacing elements, creating multiple design variations, replacing backgrounds, extending image boundaries, and editing architectural photographs.

  • How many image generations are available for a free account on PromeAI?

    -For a free account on PromeAI, users have 200 image generations per month.

  • What is the significance of the 'Masterpiece' category in the architectural design rendering?

    -The 'Masterpiece' category, including styles like 'Indian Modernism', acts as a preset for the rendering, allowing users to achieve a specific architectural style in their outputs.

  • What is the role of 'Render Mode' in the AI tool?

    -The 'Render Mode' affects the level of creativity AI applies to the rendering and how much originality from the base drawing is retained, with options like 'precise outlines' and 'soft edges'.

  • How does PromeAI handle the rendering of landscape plans?

    -PromeAI can render landscape plans with various styles like 'watercolors', 'color pencils', 'markers', and 'realistic', providing high-quality outputs that seamlessly interpret the provided landscape plan.

  • What is the 'Creative Fusion' feature of PromeAI and how does it work?

    -The 'Creative Fusion' feature allows users to blend two images together, with AI taking the characteristics of the style image and fusing it with the basic sketch provided, creating a unique and visually stunning result.

  • How can the 'Photo to Sketch' feature be useful for architectural illustrators?

    -The 'Photo to Sketch' feature can transform photographs into hand-drawn sketches with professional quality lines, hatches, and shading, which can be particularly useful for architectural illustrators and those creating conceptual designs.

  • What are the benefits of using the 'Variation' tool in PromeAI?

    -The 'Variation' tool allows architects to create multiple design variations from a single image, providing different options in terms of materials, elements, and perspectives, which can aid in the design process.



🚀 Introduction to PR AI and Its Features

This paragraph introduces the audience to an AI tool called PR AI, which is designed to enhance workflow efficiency with its numerous features. The speaker, Salman, an architect and listicator, shares his experience using PR AI over the past few weeks and outlines 12 ways it can be utilized. The video emphasizes the tool's ease of use, accessibility, and the availability of a free basic version to try out all features. Salman guides viewers on how to access the PR AI website, what the homepage looks like, and the monthly allowance of image generations for a free account, which is 200.


🎨 Transforming Sketches and 3D Models into Realistic Renderings

In this paragraph, Salman demonstrates how PR AI can turn hand sketches and 3D models into realistic renderings. He explains the process of uploading sketches and selecting various architectural styles to generate impressive renderings. The ease of rendering 2D flow plans and section drawings is also discussed, showcasing PR AI's ability to quickly add textures and depth to simple line drawings. Additionally, the feature to render landscape plans and views in multiple styles is highlighted, emphasizing the tool's versatility for architects and landscape designers.


🔄 Creative Fusion and Photo to Sketch Conversion

This section covers the creative fusion feature of PR AI, which allows users to blend two images together to create stunning visual outputs. Salman also explains how PR AI can convert photographs into hand-drawn sketches in various artistic styles. The paragraph further explores the 'Erase and Replace Elements' tool, which provides flexibility similar to Photoshop's content-aware fill tool, allowing users to modify specific parts of their designs or renderings with AI-generated sketches.


🛠️ Advanced Editing and Variation Tools

The final paragraph discusses advanced editing tools available in PR AI, such as creating multiple design variations from a single image, changing backgrounds, and extending image boundaries. Salman also talks about the 'Relight' option, which allows users to adjust the lighting and exposure of architectural photographs. The video concludes with a mention of a flash sale on PR AI memberships, highlighting the benefits of the base subscription and encouraging viewers to take advantage of the offer.



💡AI tool

An AI tool refers to software that utilizes artificial intelligence to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. In the context of the video, the AI tool being discussed is called PromeAI, which is designed to assist architects in their work by offering a range of features such as turning sketches into realistic renderings, rendering 3D models, and more. The tool aims to save time and increase efficiency in architectural design workflows.

💡Workflow efficiency

Workflow efficiency refers to the optimization of processes to reduce time and resources required to complete tasks. In the video, the presenter highlights how PromeAI can enhance workflow efficiency for architects by automating various design and rendering tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming. By leveraging AI, architects can focus on creative aspects of their work while the tool handles repetitive or complex tasks.

💡Realistic renderings

Realistic renderings are visual representations of architectural designs that closely resemble real-life appearances. The video emphasizes PromeAI's ability to convert sketches and 3D models into highly realistic renderings. This is achieved by using AI algorithms that interpret the input and generate detailed images, including textures, lighting, and shadows, which help architects to better visualize and communicate their designs.


Sketches in the context of the video refer to preliminary drawings or conceptual designs that architects create to visualize their ideas. PromeAI has a feature that allows architects to upload their hand-drawn sketches and transform them into realistic renderings. This process not only speeds up the visualization process but also provides a more accurate representation of the architect's vision.

💡3D models

3D models are digital representations of objects or environments in three-dimensional space. In the video, it is mentioned that PromeAI can take a 3D model, such as a villa designed in SketchUp, and render it into a realistic image without the need for additional plugins or downloads. This capability simplifies the process of creating high-quality visual outputs from 3D architectural designs.

💡Image Generations

Image Generations refer to the creation of new images or visual content through AI algorithms. In the context of the video, PromeAI offers a certain number of image generations per month for free, which allows users to create multiple visual outputs. This feature is particularly useful for architects who need to produce various design options and visualizations for their projects.

💡Rendering styles

Rendering styles refer to the different visual themes or aesthetic choices available for AI-generated images. The video discusses how PromeAI provides a variety of styles, such as 'Indian Modernism' and 'American Neoclassical', which can be applied to the rendering process. These styles act as presets, allowing architects to customize the look and feel of their renderings to match specific design requirements or preferences.

💡Flow plans

Flow plans are detailed diagrams that show the layout and movement within a space. In the video, the presenter explains how PromeAI can render 2D flow plans with textures and depth, which is typically a labor-intensive process. This feature allows architects to quickly visualize the flow of spaces in their designs, enhancing their ability to communicate and refine their plans.

💡Landscape design

Landscape design involves the planning and design of outdoor spaces, focusing on elements like plants, water features, and pathways. The video highlights PromeAI's capability to render landscape plans and views in various styles, such as 'realistic' and 'watercolors'. This tool can help landscape architects and designers to create visually appealing and accurate representations of their designs.

💡Creative Fusion

Creative Fusion is a feature in PromeAI that allows users to blend two images together to create a new, visually striking composition. The video demonstrates how this tool can fuse the characteristics of a style image with a basic sketch, incorporating elements like lighting, ambience, and mood. This feature can be particularly useful for generating innovative design concepts or exploring different visual styles for a project.

💡Photo to sketch

Photo to sketch is a feature that converts photographs into hand-drawn sketches. The video shows how PromeAI can transform a photo of a cathedral into a hand-drawn line art, complete with professional-quality lines, hatches, and shading. This tool can be beneficial for architectural illustrators or those who prefer a hand-drawn aesthetic for their design presentations.


PromeAI is an AI tool designed to enhance architectural workflow efficiency with its multitude of features.

The basic version of PromeAI is available for free, allowing users to explore all its features without any cost.

Sketches can be transformed into realistic renderings with ease, showcasing PromeAI's user-friendly interface.

PromeAI offers a variety of architectural styles as presets for rendering, such as Indian Modernism and American Neoclassical.

3D models can be rendered directly in PromeAI without the need for additional plugins or downloads.

The platform provides a quick turnaround time for rendering, approximately 30 to 40 seconds for each generation.

PromeAI can render 2D flow plans with textures, significantly reducing the time and effort required for traditional rendering methods.

Section drawings and landscape plans can also be rendered into high-quality images with the AI tool.

The creative fusion feature blends two images together, creating stunning and unique visual outputs.

Photos can be turned into hand-drawn sketches with various artistic styles, enhancing their visual appeal.

The element replacement tool allows users to seamlessly change specific parts of an image with AI-generated alternatives.

Multiple design variations can be generated from a single image, providing a range of options for architectural designs.

Backgrounds in images can be replaced entirely, offering new settings and styles to complement the main subject.

Image boundaries can be extended to fit any format, making it suitable for sharing on social media or other platforms.

Architectural photographs can be edited with the relight feature, adjusting exposure and highlights for improved visual effects.

PromeAI offers a subscription plan with unlimited image generations and access to all tools, starting at $19 a month.

The AI tool can save architects hours of work, making it a valuable asset in the design and rendering process.