The Ultimate Filmmaker's Studio Revealed // 2023 Tour

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23 Aug 202330:32

TLDRJoin the 2023 Studio tour to explore the evolution of a filmmaker's dream workspace. The journey spans a decade, from humble beginnings in a family living room to a fully-fledged production studio. The studio features a variety of custom and off-the-shelf equipment, including a DJI RS3, a dog mannequin, and a mural by artist Miles. It's equipped with a reception area, conference room, podcast room with PreSonus pd70s, and a talking headroom for course content. The space also serves as a co-working hub for digital creators, fostering a community and collaboration. The highlight is the custom-built LED wall stage for live events and workshops. The studio is a testament to the filmmaker's perseverance and creativity, offering insights and inspiration for aspiring creators.


  • 🎬 The studio has been a long-term project, evolving over a decade with many ups and downs.
  • 💰 The investment into the building was substantial, with about $150,000 spent to get it to its current state.
  • 🛠️ The studio is equipped with professional gear, including PreSonus pd70 microphones and various lighting setups.
  • 🌿 Aesthetic and community touches are present, like the Polaroid wall and a custom mural featuring the studio mascot, Linus.
  • 📈 The space is multifunctional, serving not only as a production studio but also as a co-working space for content creators.
  • 🔊 High-quality audio is a focus, with the use of Audio Technica headphones and the Road Caster Pro 2 for podcasts and interviews.
  • 📚 The studio includes a well-stocked library of books and resources for continuous learning and improvement.
  • 🖥️ Modern technology is integrated throughout, with devices like the Mac Mini M1 and various monitors for control and editing.
  • 🛋️ Comfort and practicality are considered in the design, with furniture like sit-stand desks from FlexiSpot and ergonomic chairs.
  • 📦 Organization and storage are key, with custom-built gear cages and the use of brands like Nanuk for reliable protection of equipment.
  • 🎥 The studio is future-proof, with an adaptable layout and technology that can accommodate various types of content production.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video?

    -The main focus of the video is a detailed tour of the Ultimate Filmmaker's Studio setup, which took about a year and a half to create, and includes various sections such as the podcast room, co-working space, and warehouse studio.

  • How does the studio utilize Storyblocks?

    -The studio utilizes Storyblocks for unlimited downloads of royalty-free professional content, including motion graphics templates, sound effects, and music for their YouTube videos.

  • What was the initial setup of the filmmaker's first studio?

    -The initial setup was in the filmmaker's parents' living room with an old Dell or HP computer and a basic monitor on a dining table desk.

  • How much was invested into the studio building to get it to its current state?

    -About 150,000 dollars were invested into the building to get it to its current state, including renovations and equipment.

  • What is the purpose of the 'talking head room' in the studio?

    -The 'talking head room' is designed for creating course content, YouTube videos, and other single-person presentations where the subject sits down and speaks directly to the camera.

  • What type of desk is used in the co-working space?

    -The co-working space uses desks from FlexiSpot, which are adjustable sit-stand desks, and the desk tops are butcher block tops from Home Depot.

  • What are the main features of the podcast room?

    -The podcast room features PreSonus pd70 microphones, Mount it microphone arms, Audio Technica ath-m20x headphones, and a Road Caster Pro 2 audio interface for controlling audio levels and recording.

  • What is the purpose of the LED wall in the warehouse studio?

    -The LED wall serves as a dynamic backdrop for various types of shoots and events, providing a customizable and adaptable environment for content creation.

  • How does the studio create revenue?

    -The studio creates revenue not only through content production for clients but also by monetizing the physical space through renting out the warehouse, offering co-working spaces for digital creators, and hosting workshops and live events.

  • What is the significance of the 'psych wall' in the warehouse studio?

    -The 'psych wall' is a large curved wall used as a distinctive backdrop for shoots, adding a unique visual element to the studio's offerings for filmmakers and photographers.

  • What type of camera is the go-to choice for the studio?

    -The go-to camera for the studio is the Canon C70, which is frequently used for various shoots and productions.



🎥 Studio Setup Journey and Sponsorship

The speaker welcomes viewers to a tour of their 2023 studio setup, a project that has been over a year in development. They express excitement about revealing the space and mention the video's sponsorship by Storyblocks, a platform offering unlimited downloads of royalty-free professional content for a fixed subscription fee. The speaker discusses the benefits of using Storyblocks for motion graphics and templates, which they have used in their YouTube videos, and provides a link for viewers to get started with the service. The narrative then shifts to the speaker's history of video production, starting from humble beginnings in their parents' living room to the significant investment in their current studio space, which they consider the company's biggest asset. The speaker outlines the evolution of their setups and the financial investment involved in reaching their current state, emphasizing the importance of the journey and the learning experiences along the way.


🛠️ Studio Renovation and Aesthetic Touches

The speaker describes the extensive renovation process of their studio, which started as an unappealing early 2000s office space. They detail the changes made to the flooring, walls, and ceiling tiles to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing environment. The tour continues with various areas of the studio, including a custom mural, air freshener, and a Polaroid wall for capturing community moments. The reception desk area is mentioned, along with the speaker's sister company, Empire Media, which handles ad buying. The speaker also discusses the strategic painting of walls, installation of a TV for looping content, and the incorporation of the studio mascot, Linus, into the design. The paragraph concludes with a look at the facilities available for visitors and employees, including seating, a security guard mannequin, and a conference room setup.


💼 Conference Room and Podcast Studio Details

The speaker provides a detailed walkthrough of the conference room and podcast studio. They describe the room's transformation and its current use as a space for meetings and team collaboration. The conference room features a large whiteboard, a heavy table from Ikea, and various office chairs and TVs for presentations. The podcast studio is equipped with PreSonus pd70 microphones, microphone arms from Mount, and Audio Technica headphones. The speaker also discusses the use of a Road Caster Pro 2 audio interface, a power brick from sateki for charging devices, and the Elgato cam link for recording directly into a MacBook. The room's lighting is from various brands, and the speaker mentions building a frame for the podcast background. The description concludes with a look at the talking headroom, which is used for course content and YouTube videos, and the various equipment used in this space.


🖥️ Co-Working Space and Office Setup

The speaker talks about the co-working space and their office setup within the studio. They explain that the studio is not just a content house but also a space for monetization, offering facilities like a warehouse, different sets, and a co-working area specifically designed for digital creators. The speaker highlights the benefits of networking and collaboration within the space, which has led to job opportunities for some individuals. The office area includes a variety of desk clusters, a break area with an Xbox and an 80-inch TV, and a bar for lunch breaks. The speaker's office is described with personal touches, including a signed photo, a flexi spot desk, and various tech equipment. The office also features a Pura air freshener, a pegboard for organization, and a couch for relaxation.


🛠️ Studio Equipment and Organization

The speaker provides an in-depth look at the various pieces of equipment and organizational methods used in the studio. They discuss the use of Aperture and Jake's light, as well as other lighting equipment from Amazon brands. The speaker mentions the co-working and collaborative space for employees, the monetization strategies of the physical space, and the various desk clusters. They also describe the break area, office setup, and the use of Ikea furniture and Amazon products for cost-effectiveness. The speaker's personal office is highlighted, including a signed photo, flexi spot desk, HP monitor, MacBook Pro, and various organizational tools. The paragraph concludes with a focus on the studio's main warehouse area, where the speaker discusses the installation of a psych wall, the use of pre-fabricated pieces, and the process of painting and maintaining the wall.


🎬 Studio Gear, LED Wall, and Stage Setup

The speaker details the various types of gear and equipment used in the studio, including Blackmagic cameras, Sony zve E1, and Canon C70. They discuss the use of these cameras for podcasts, live stream events, and vlogging. The speaker also talks about their preferred lenses and the organization of their gear using Nanuk cases and other storage solutions. The paragraph continues with a description of the studio's LED wall and stage setup, which was designed for live events and workshops. The speaker mentions the cost and installation process of the LED wall, the control center with Mac Mini, and the various audio and lighting controls. They also discuss the studio's large garage, which allows for easy loading and unloading of equipment, and the black-out shades that enable flexible lighting setups. The speaker concludes by encouraging viewers to find inspiration in the studio tour and to reach out with any questions.


📹 Studio Tour Conclusion and Inspiration

The speaker concludes the studio tour by emphasizing the journey and hard work that led to the creation of the space. They highlight the importance of perseverance through failures and the accumulation of experiences over the years. The speaker expresses hope that the tour will inspire viewers to find what works for them in their own businesses, production companies, or creative endeavors. They invite viewers to ask further questions and look forward to connecting in the next video.



💡Studio Setup

A studio setup refers to the arrangement and equipment used in a creative space for producing media content, such as films, videos, or music. In the video, the speaker describes the evolution of his studio setup over a decade, emphasizing the culmination of this journey in the purchase and renovation of a building that serves as the ultimate filmmaking studio.


Storyblocks is a subscription-based service that provides users with unlimited downloads of royalty-free, professional content. This includes stock media like videos, images, and music. In the context of the video, the speaker mentions that Storyblocks赞助 (sponsored) the video and that they use it extensively for motion graphics templates, sound effects, and music in their YouTube videos.


RS3 refers to a product from DJI, likely a camera or stabilization system used for videography. The speaker mentions an RS3 in the context of a video they shot nearly a year ago, indicating it as part of their equipment for high-quality video production.

💡Podcast Room

A podcast room is a designated space within a studio that is optimized for recording podcasts. It typically includes soundproofing, good acoustics, and professional audio equipment. In the video, the speaker shows a room equipped with microphones, headphones, and other recording gear, highlighting its use for one-on-one podcasts.

💡Talking Headroom

The term 'talking headroom' refers to a specific area in a studio designed for recording talking head shots, where a person speaks directly to the camera. This space is typically well-lit and may include a teleprompter. In the video, the speaker describes using the talking headroom for course content and YouTube videos.

💡Co-working Space

A co-working space is a shared work environment where multiple individuals, often freelancers or small businesses, work independently in the same area. The speaker discusses creating a co-working space within their studio for digital creators to edit, network, and potentially find job opportunities.

💡Psych Wall

A psych wall is a curved wall used in photography or videography to create a sense of depth or to allow for unique camera angles. The speaker explains the process of installing a psych wall in their studio, including the use of prefabricated curves and the customization with paint.

💡Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing materials used to control sound reflections and reduce noise in a room. In the video, the speaker describes using cargo nets and foam cubes as makeshift acoustic panels to improve the audio quality in their warehouse studio space.

💡LED Wall

An LED wall is a type of video display screen made up of LED lights that can be used for various visual effects and backdrops in a studio. The speaker discusses the installation of an LED wall in their stage area, noting its cost and the technical setup required to operate it.

💡Gear Cage

A gear cage is a storage unit specifically designed to hold and organize equipment, often used in a production setting. The speaker mentions a gear cage at the top of a set of stairs, used for storing soft boxes and other equipment, making it easily accessible during shoots.

💡Live Events

Live events refer to real-time happenings or performances that take place in front of an audience, which can also be broadcasted or streamed online. The speaker talks about the desire to host live events, such as workshops, in their studio, for which they have created a stage area.


The studio setup took about a year and a half to complete and represents a decade of development.

Sponsored by Storyblocks, which provides unlimited downloads of royalty-free professional content.

The studio's evolution began with a simple setup in the founder's parents' living room and evolved significantly over time.

A significant investment of about 150,000 dollars was made to transform the building into a functional studio space.

The studio features a custom mural by artist Miles, adding a personal and creative touch to the space.

A unique aspect of the studio is the presence of a dog mannequin, used for a client project involving dog accessories.

The studio includes a variety of high-quality equipment, such as PreSonus pd70 microphones and Audio Technica ath-m20x headphones.

The podcast room is designed for one-on-one podcasts and has a set of Road Caster Pro 2 for audio control.

The studio has a co-working space aimed at digital creators, fostering networking and collaboration.

The studio's physical space is monetized not only through content production but also by renting out the warehouse and creating a co-working environment.

The office area is equipped with high-quality furniture and ergonomic accessories, reflecting a focus on comfort and productivity.

The studio features a custom-built cyc wall, which was a significant investment but has proven its value through frequent use.

Acoustic panels made from cargo nets and trampoline cubes significantly improved the sound quality in the warehouse area.

The studio has a large garage door for easy loading and unloading of equipment, accommodating large vehicles and setups.

The LED wall on the stage was a costly but impactful investment, with a price tag of nearly fifteen thousand dollars.

The studio is designed to be versatile, supporting a range of activities from content creation to live workshops and events.

The founder emphasizes the importance of hard work and learning from failures in building the studio to its current state.

The studio is equipped with blackout shades, allowing for full control over lighting conditions regardless of the time of day.