This AI Tool Creates Videos in Seconds! (No Editing)

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29 Sept 202308:03

TLDRThis video introduces an AI tool called Nvidia AI, which can create complete videos in minutes. The tool generates scripts, music, and video editing automatically. The video explains how to use the tool in four steps: starting with smart prompts for better results, making small adjustments to the video, adding a personal touch with replacement clips, and using the edit command box for further customization. The video also discusses the potential of AI in content creation, the ethical considerations of using other people's footage, and the opportunities for passive income through YouTube automation. It highlights the importance of strategy and creativity alongside the use of AI tools and provides a glimpse into the future of video production with AI assistance.


  • 🚀 AI has significantly impacted content creation, allowing AI to create for humans.
  • 🎥 The video was made using Nvidia AI, which can generate a YouTube video from a prompt in minutes.
  • 📝 The script, music, and video editing are all done by AI, showcasing the tool's capabilities.
  • 🔗 Nvidia AI used a Wikipedia link to generate a script on AI generative tools, highlighting their popularity.
  • 🗣️ The tool allows for voice selection, with a premium plan offering high-quality voice options.
  • 📈 Audience targeting and platform selection are part of the customization process.
  • 📁 Users can replace AI-selected clips with their own or use the in-video stock library.
  • 💬 An 'edit command box' enables natural language prompts for making specific adjustments to the video.
  • 🌟 AI's potential in content creation is demonstrated through examples like a fan-made Star Wars trailer and a gender bias ad.
  • 📈 The tool is expected to receive updates for further customization and flexibility.
  • 💰 The script discusses the potential for passive income through YouTube automation and 'faceless channels'.

Q & A

  • What is the AI tool mentioned in the video that can create videos entirely?

    -The AI tool mentioned in the video is called Nvidia AI, which can create videos entirely by handling the script, music, video editing, and voiceover.

  • How has AI impacted content creation and consumption?

    -AI has permeated various facets of our lives, including the way we create and consume content. It's no longer just about humans creating for humans, but also AI creating for humans, with tools like Nvidia AI making the process faster and more efficient.

  • What did the YouTube Culture and Trends report reveal about AI generative tools?

    -The YouTube Culture and Trends report revealed that there have been over 1.7 billion views already for AI generative tools, and a significant percentage of respondents are open to watching content generated by AI.

  • How does the Nvidia AI tool use smart prompts to create better results?

    -The Nvidia AI tool uses smart prompts to generate better results by allowing users to input specific information, such as a Wikipedia link or a news article, which the AI then uses to create a script and find relevant footage.

  • What are the steps to fine-tune and replace placeholder clips in the Nvidia AI tool?

    -To fine-tune and replace placeholder clips, users can either search the in-video stock library for free footage or pay for premium stock footage from sources like Shutterstock and iStock. Additionally, users can upload their own clips to be used in the video.

  • How does the edit command box in the Nvidia AI tool work?

    -The edit command box allows users to make adjustments to their video using natural language prompts. Users can request changes such as lowering the volume, making the video more fast-paced, modifying the script, or changing the music.

  • What is the potential of AI in content creation according to the video?

    -The potential of AI in content creation is vast, as it can generate thought-provoking content, help level the playing field for creators, and allow for the creation of engaging videos faster, freeing up creators' time to focus on research, strategy, and creative prompts.

  • How does the Nvidia AI tool help with earning passive income on YouTube?

    -The Nvidia AI tool can help creators earn passive income on YouTube by making it easier to produce content regularly, which can attract more views and potentially more revenue. It also allows for the creation of 'faceless channels' or 'cash cow channels' that can generate income without the need for the creator to appear on camera.

  • What is the concern about AI tools leading to copy and paste content on YouTube?

    -The concern is that AI tools might lead to a lot of similar content on YouTube, lowering the overall quality and making the platform more crowded. However, the video suggests that AI tools like Nvidia AI are more like co-pilots that require creators to still put in the work to learn marketing, YouTube algorithms, and strategy.

  • How can someone start earning money without having a monetized YouTube channel?

    -The video suggests that there are ways to earn money even without a monetized YouTube channel, and it encourages viewers to watch a free deep dive training on YouTube for more information on this method.

  • What is the significance of the AI Star Wars commercial and the soccer commercial in the video?

    -The AI Star Wars commercial and the soccer commercial are examples of the power of AI to generate compelling and thought-provoking content. They show how AI can be used to create engaging videos that attract millions of views, highlighting the potential of AI in the advertising and entertainment industries.



🚀 Introduction to AI Video Creation Tool

The speaker introduces a new AI tool called Nvidia AI, which was used to create the entire video, including script, music, and editing. The video showcases the capabilities of AI in content creation and discusses the growing trend of AI-generated content. The script was generated by providing a Wikipedia link to the AI tool, which then created the content autonomously. The video also addresses the shift from human-created content to AI-created content and the openness of the audience to such content. The speaker shares four steps on using the tool and monetizing it, starting with creating smart prompts for better results.


🎬 Customizing AI-Generated Videos

The speaker explains the process of customizing the AI-generated video by selecting a voice, audience, and intended platform. The video is then created automatically, and the speaker suggests ways to add a human touch by fine-tuning and replacing clips with personal footage or from the in-video stock library. The edit command box is introduced as a feature that allows for further adjustments using natural language prompts. Examples of successful AI-generated content, such as a fan-made AI trailer for Star Wars and a gender bias challenging ad, are given to highlight the potential of AI in content creation. The speaker also discusses the ethical considerations of using footage from other people's videos and encourages research into fair use law.



💡AI Tool

An AI tool refers to a software application that uses artificial intelligence to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. In the context of the video, the AI tool is used to create videos automatically, including scripting, music selection, video editing, and voiceover. It is a key component of the video's narrative as it demonstrates the capabilities of AI in content creation.

💡Nvidia AI

Nvidia AI is a specific AI tool mentioned in the video that is capable of generating videos from textual prompts. It is highlighted as a groundbreaking technology that can create content quickly and efficiently, showcasing the potential of AI in the field of digital media production. The video creator uses Nvidia AI to produce engaging and relevant video content with minimal manual effort.

💡Smart Prompts

Smart prompts are inputs or instructions given to the AI tool to guide its content creation process. They are crucial for the AI to understand the desired outcome and generate appropriate content. In the video, the creator uses smart prompts to instruct the AI tool to create a video about recent events by providing a Wikipedia link, which the tool then uses to generate a script.

💡YouTube Automation

YouTube automation refers to the use of tools and software to automate the process of creating, uploading, and managing content on YouTube. This includes the creation of videos without direct human intervention, as demonstrated by the AI tool in the video. The concept is significant as it represents a shift towards more efficient content production methods and the potential for passive income generation.


A voiceover is a recording of a voice that is reproduced or mixed, as part of a film, radio, or television production, and is used to narrate or add commentary to the visual elements. In the context of the video, the AI tool provides a human-sounding voiceover for the generated video, enhancing its professional appeal and engaging the audience.

💡Content Creation

Content creation is the process of making original content, such as videos, articles, or podcasts. The video emphasizes the role of AI in content creation, where AI tools like Nvidia AI can autonomously generate content, including scripts and video edits, thus revolutionizing the way content is produced for platforms like YouTube.

💡Fair Use Law

Fair use is a doctrine in copyright law that allows limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders. It is an important consideration for content creators when using footage from other sources. The video mentions the need to research fair use law when incorporating clips from other people's videos into one's own content.

💡Passive Income

Passive income refers to earnings derived from a rental activity or investment, where the individual does not have to be actively involved in the operation to earn the income. The video discusses the potential for earning passive income through YouTube automation, where AI-generated content can attract views and generate revenue without continuous manual input from the creator.

💡Video Editor Timeline

A video editor timeline is a feature in video editing software that allows editors to arrange and manipulate video clips, audio, and other elements in a chronological sequence. The video mentions the upcoming feature in Nvidia AI that will enable users to export the AI-generated video into Nvidia's video editor timeline for further customization and flexibility, providing more control over the final product.

💡Deep Fake Technology

Deep fake technology is a form of AI that can create realistic, but fake, images, videos, or audio by superimposing one person's likeness onto another. The video references an example where deep fake technology was used to challenge gender bias in a soccer ad, demonstrating the ethical and creative implications of such technology in content creation.

💡AI Generative Tools

AI generative tools are software applications that use AI to generate content, such as images, music, or text. The video script mentions that there have been over 1.7 billion views for AI generative tools, indicating their growing popularity and acceptance among audiences. These tools are significant as they enable creators to produce content more efficiently and open up new possibilities for creative expression.


AI has revolutionized content creation, allowing AI to generate videos for human consumption.

The video was created using Nvidia AI, which can transform prompts into YouTube videos with voiceover, script, and relevant footage.

The Nvidia AI tool is sponsored and showcased in the video, highlighting its capabilities.

The process involves smart prompts for better AI-generated results.

The AI generates a script from a given Wikipedia link or news article.

AI generative tools have amassed over 1.7 billion views, indicating a growing acceptance among viewers.

Sixty percent of respondents are open to AI-generated content, and 52 percent have watched a virtual YouTuber.

The video editing process is streamlined with AI, eliminating the need for manual editing.

The tool allows for small adjustments to improve the video, such as voice selection and audience targeting.

AI video creation can be fine-tuned by replacing placeholder clips with user-uploaded content.

The edit command box enables natural language prompts for making specific adjustments to the video.

AI-generated content has the potential to challenge gender bias, as demonstrated by a French telecom company's ad.

The tool allows for exporting the AI-generated video into Nvidia's video editor for further customization.

YouTube automation is a trend where creators earn passive income through channels that require minimal personal appearance.

AI tools like Nvidia AI are seen as a co-pilot for creators, aiding in the creation process rather than replacing human effort.

An example of a faith-based AI-generated video was created using the tool, showcasing its versatility.

Channels that use AI-generated content can earn significant income, even without monetization.

AI is leveling the playing field for content creators, offering endless possibilities for video creation.

The video provides a free deep dive training on how to earn money without channel monetization.