This Bottom Made Me Angry

Corey Coyote
1 May 202310:25

TLDRIn this lively and humorous video, the host engages in a playful gaming session with a friend, filled with banter and light-hearted teasing. Despite facing challenges and setbacks in the game, the duo maintains a positive and entertaining atmosphere, with the host even sharing a personal anecdote about a dental issue that affected their usual content schedule. The video showcases the fun and camaraderie of gaming with friends, leaving viewers entertained and looking forward to more.


  • 🎯 The conversation starts with a question about firing a weapon and quickly moves into a chaotic and humorous exchange.
  • 🎶 Music is used as a background element, setting the tone for the interactions and adding to the overall atmosphere.
  • 👋 Introductions are made with a mix of casual greetings and playful teasing, establishing a friendly yet competitive dynamic.
  • 🌟 Personal revelations and comments about others are shared, adding depth to the characters and their relationships.
  • 🎮 There's a strong focus on gaming, with discussions about strategies, game mechanics, and in-game actions.
  • 😅 Moments of frustration and embarrassment are expressed, showcasing the human element in competitive gaming.
  • 🤣 Teasing and banter about 'bottom' status and other in-jokes are prevalent, highlighting the camaraderie and humor among the group.
  • 🔥 There's a running gag about setting things on fire, both literally and metaphorically, adding to the playful chaos.
  • 🤯 Comments about performance and skill levels are made, reflecting the competitive nature of the gaming session.
  • 🚀 There's a sense of urgency and action as the characters move through the game world, with constant motion and reaction.
  • 🤕 The script ends with a personal note about dental pain and an apology for a delay in content, showing the creator's commitment to their audience.

Q & A

  • What issue does the speaker mention at the beginning of the transcript?

    -The speaker mentions having a problem with firing a weapon and not being able to help someone.

  • What game is being discussed by the characters in the script?

    -The specific game is not mentioned, but it involves shooting, using controllers, and has elements of strategy and competition.

  • What does the term 'bottom' refer to in the context of the script?

    -In this context, 'bottom' seems to be a slang term used to describe someone who is less skilled or is in a lower position in the game they are playing.

  • Why does the speaker mention going to the chemist?

    -The speaker mentions going to the chemist because their nose is burning, implying they might need some kind of medical or over-the-counter treatment.

  • What does the speaker reveal about their feelings towards the game?

    -The speaker expresses frustration and anger towards the game, as well as a desire to improve their performance.

  • What is the significance of the title 'bottom boy' in the script?

    -The title 'bottom boy' is used to tease and jest with a character, indicating a playful and possibly friendly rivalry.

  • How does the speaker describe their performance in the game?

    -The speaker describes their performance as poor and embarrassing, indicating they are not satisfied with how they played.

  • What is the reason given for the delay in uploading the video?

    -The speaker explains that they have been experiencing severe dental pain, which has made it difficult for them to work and upload the video on schedule.

  • What does the speaker imply about their relationship with the other players?

    -The speaker implies a codependent yet contentious relationship with the other players, characterized by both rivalry and camaraderie.

  • What is the speaker's plan after the game?

    -The speaker plans to go to the chemist after the game to address their burning nose issue.

  • What does the speaker suggest about their future actions in the game?

    -The speaker suggests that they intend to play for a longer duration to improve their performance and redeem themselves in the game.



🎮 Gaming Shenanigans and Unexpected Revelations

The paragraph revolves around a chaotic gaming session filled with playful banter and candid exchanges. The speaker expresses an inability to use a weapon in the game, leading to a series of humorous exchanges with another player named Corey. The conversation takes a surprising turn when the speaker reveals a personal aspect of their identity, creating a moment of intrigue and acceptance. Throughout the gaming session, there are references to various in-game actions, such as landing on the second floor of a barn and dealing with a character named Loki. The speaker also teases Corey about his gaming style, leading to a playful back-and-forth. The paragraph concludes with the speaker acknowledging their poor performance and expressing a desire to redeem themselves in future gaming sessions.


📹 Video Editing and Personal Struggles

This paragraph delves into the behind-the-scenes aspects of video creation and the personal challenges faced by the speaker. The speaker discusses their role as an editor and their intent to present the content in the best light, despite the chaotic nature of the gaming session. There's a humorous attempt to guide the conversation, which doesn't go as planned, leading to a candid admission of the speaker's shortcomings in the gaming arena. The speaker also shares their frustration with a fellow gamer's behavior, creating a dynamic of friendly rivalry. The paragraph ends with the speaker explaining a delay in their content upload schedule due to severe dental pain, highlighting the human aspect behind content creation and the impact of personal struggles on professional commitments.


🎶 Closing Remarks and Musical Interlude

The final paragraph is a brief conclusion to the video script, marked by the presence of music and applause, signaling the end of the gaming session and the video itself. It serves as a transition from the main content to the closing remarks, providing a moment of reflection and appreciation for the viewers. The use of musical elements adds an emotional and engaging touch, rounding off the video on a high note.




In the context of the video, 'bottom' appears to be a slang term used within a gaming community to describe someone who is not performing well or is at a disadvantage in a game. It is used in a playful and teasing manner among friends. The term is repeatedly mentioned, indicating a running joke or a central theme within the video's narrative, where the speaker expresses frustration or amusement at being labeled or perceived as a 'bottom'.


In this context, 'fire' is used to refer to the action of shooting or using a weapon in a video game. It is a common term in gaming scenarios where players are required to aim and shoot at opponents. The term is used to describe the gameplay and the speaker's ability or inability to perform certain actions within the game.


Loki is a name mentioned in the script, likely referring to a character or a player's username within the game. In gaming communities, players often choose unique names or characters to represent themselves, which can be used to identify or address each other during gameplay.


The term 'barn' in this context refers to a location or setting within the video game. It is used to describe a specific place where the game's action takes place, indicating a level or environment that players must navigate through.


In this script, 'gay' is used as a term to describe one's sexual orientation. It is a word that refers to someone who is attracted to individuals of the same sex. The term is mentioned as a personal revelation or statement by one of the characters, adding a layer of personal identity to the narrative.


The term 'cringe' is used to describe a feeling of embarrassment or awkwardness, often resulting from witnessing or being part of an uncomfortable or poorly executed situation. In the context of the video, it is likely used to express the players' reactions to certain in-game actions or events that they find awkward or embarrassing.


In this context, 'rules' likely refer to the guidelines or principles that govern the gameplay or the behavior of the players within the game. Rules are essential in games to ensure fair play and to provide a structured environment for the players.


The term 'punishment' in this context is used metaphorically to describe a negative consequence or a form of retribution within the game. It could refer to a penalty for failing a task or a playful way of expressing frustration at a teammate's actions.

💡lonely Labs

This phrase likely refers to a specific location or level within the game, possibly a place where the players feel isolated or face challenges due to its design or the game's mechanics. The use of 'Labs' suggests a scientific or research facility, which is a common setting in video games.


In the context of gaming, a 'bounty' usually refers to a reward offered for completing a specific task, such as defeating a certain player or achieving a particular goal. It is a motivational tool used in games to encourage players to perform well and compete with each other.

💡golden cache

The term 'golden cache' is not explicitly defined in the script, but it seems to refer to an item or a location within the game that holds significance or value. It could be a cache of valuable items or a place where players can find such items.


In this context, 'chemist' likely refers to a store or a place where one can purchase items or supplies, possibly within the game. It could also be a real-life reference to a pharmacy or a shop where the speaker intends to go after the game.


Corey's introduction and his choice of using the lizard boy

The surprising revelation about the speaker's sexual orientation

The humorous exchange about being a 'bottom' and the game dynamics

The chaotic and intense gameplay with the speaker on fire and switching weaponry

The strategic discussion about securing the place and the连败 (losing streak) acknowledgment

The comedic moment of doing push-ups as a form of in-game punishment

The playful banter about the speaker's performance and the need for redemption

The unexpected interruption by someone running underneath during the game

The speaker's confession of feeling embarrassed about their gameplay

The candid moment of the speaker needing to go to the chemist due to dental pain

The explanation for the delay in uploading the video due to severe dental pain

The apology for the potential disruption in the upload schedule

The encouragement for viewers to like, subscribe, and support the channel

The final sign-off with a promise to see the viewers in the next video

The inclusion of background music and applause to enhance the viewing experience