20 Jun 202216:56

TLDRIn this entertaining stream, the host explores the use of AI to create furry fursonas, experimenting with various prompts on OpenAI's Dolly platform. They discuss the potential of AI in generating unique fursona images and the possibility of using such technology for personalized fursona creation. The stream is filled with laughter and surprise as they discover a plethora of AI-generated images, including a striking number of Nick Wilde characters, leading to a humorous and insightful discussion on AI's biases and the popularity of certain characters within the furry community.


  • 🎨 The AI discussed is used for generating images, specifically for creating 'fursonas', which are personalized furry avatars.
  • 🤖 The AI platform mentioned is OpenAI's Dolly, a 12 billion parameter version of GPT-3 trained to generate images based on text prompts.
  • 🌐 The internet is used as a vast source of widely known information for the AI to generate images that align with user inputs.
  • 🖼️ The AI can produce a variety of images, including combinations of well-known figures and furry themes, such as 'Taylor Swift at a furry convention'.
  • 🧸 The script highlights the potential of AI in creating unique and entertaining content, even if it's not always what the user expects.
  • 📸 The AI's image generation capabilities are seen as a tool for creating memes and fan art, pushing the boundaries of traditional content creation.
  • 👥 The script discusses the community aspect of using AI, with users like 'Whiskey' contributing to the AI's 'Dolly mini' and sharing results on social media.
  • 🔍 The AI's ability to generate images is influenced by the specificity and breadth of the keywords provided by the user.
  • 🎁 The AI-generated images can be used as personalized gifts or profile pictures, offering a new way to engage with digital art and online personas.
  • 🌟 The script emphasizes the impressive quality of the AI-generated art, noting that it can be mistaken for human-created art pieces.
  • 😅 The script also humorously addresses the potential for misunderstanding when AI-generated images are taken for commissioned works.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video transcript?

    -The main topic of the video transcript is the use of AI to generate furry fursonas and other images based on textual prompts.

  • What is the name of the AI tool mentioned in the transcript?

    -The AI tool mentioned in the transcript is called Dolly, which is a 12 billion parameter version of GPT-3 trained to generate images.

  • How does the AI image generation process work according to the transcript?

    -The AI image generation process involves typing in textual prompts, and the AI generates images based on those prompts using its training data.

  • What is the first example given in the transcript of an AI-generated image?

    -The first example given in the transcript is an image of Taylor Swift at a furry convention.

  • What is the term used in the community for a personal furry character?

    -The term used in the community for a personal furry character is 'fursona'.

  • What does the speaker suggest as a potential use for AI-generated fursonas?

    -The speaker suggests that AI-generated fursonas could be used as unique profile pictures on social media platforms, encouraging originality instead of using others' art.

  • What is the name of the website that displays a grid of AI-generated furry portraits?

    -The website that displays a grid of AI-generated furry portraits is called 'fursona does not exist'.

  • What is a common theme observed in the AI-generated images according to the speaker?

    -A common theme observed in the AI-generated images is the frequent appearance of Nick Wilde from the movie Zootopia.

  • How does the AI generator for fursonas combine images?

    -The AI generator for fursonas combines images based on similar poses or facial expressions, creating a new image from the elements of the two.

  • What is the speaker's overall impression of the AI-generated fursonas?

    -The speaker finds the AI-generated fursonas impressive and enjoys the process of discovering unique and diverse images, despite some of them being generic or cursed.



🎨 AI Doll-E: The Art of Fursona Creation

The paragraph discusses the exploration of an AI image generation platform, specifically Dolly, which is a 12 billion parameter version of GPT-3. The speaker expresses excitement about creating fursonas with the AI, and they discuss the process of using the platform to generate images by typing in prompts. They consider various ideas, such as combining widely known subjects with furry elements, and share their experiences with the AI's output, including the creation of images featuring Taylor Swift at a furry convention and a furry in a life jacket. The speaker also mentions their friend Russ's contributions to the Dolly mini project and the interesting results it has produced.


🖌️ Whiskey's Anthro Dingo and the Quest for Maverick

In this paragraph, the speaker continues their exploration of AI-generated fursonas, referencing their friend Whiskey's successful creation of an anthro dingo character. They attempt to generate their own fursona, a white wolf with a pointy nose wearing a life jacket, and discuss the specificity required for the AI to understand and produce the desired image. The speaker experiments with different prompts, such as adding black stripes to the wolf fursona, and reflects on the limitations and possibilities of the AI in capturing the essence of their desired character.


🐾 Nick Wilde Overload: The AI Fursona Generator

The speaker delves into the use of another AI-generated fursona platform, expressing curiosity about its safety and the type of content it produces. They discover a grid of AI-generated furry portraits and are impressed by the quality and variety, although they notice a prevalence of Nick Wilde and fox-like characters. The speaker humorously engages with the platform, searching for diverse fursonas and familiar faces, and suggests using the generated images as unique profile pictures for social media. They also contemplate the potential of AI in providing personalized fursonas and the impact on the furry community.


🎁 AI-Generated Fursonas as Gifts and the Bias in Data

The speaker concludes their AI fursona adventure by discussing the potential of using AI-generated images as birthday and Christmas gifts, especially for friends who lack an art piece. They share an anecdote about gifting an AI-generated image to a friend, who mistakenly believed it to be a commissioned piece. The speaker reflects on the biases present in the AI's data set, noting the overrepresentation of certain characters like Nick Wilde, and ponders the implications of these biases. They wrap up the stream by expressing their enjoyment of the AI-generated fursona exploration and its potential for the community.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is used to generate images, specifically fursonas, which are personalized avatars used within the furry community. The AI in question is trained to produce visual content based on textual prompts provided by the user, showcasing the creative and innovative applications of AI in the realm of digital art and character design.


A fursona is an anthropomorphic animal character that represents a person's alter ego or persona within the furry fandom. These characters often have unique designs, personalities, and backstories created by their owners. In the video, the creator is interested in using AI to generate a fursona, which involves combining various elements such as species, clothing, and accessories to form a visually appealing and personalized character design.


Dolly, as mentioned in the video, is a version of AI developed by OpenAI that specializes in generating images based on textual descriptions. It is an example of AI's capability to understand and process language to produce creative content. The video's creator uses Dolly to experiment with generating fursona images, highlighting the potential of AI in the artistic domain.

💡Furry Convention

A furry convention is a gathering of members of the furry fandom, where individuals with a shared interest in anthropomorphic animals come together to socialize, share art, and participate in various activities. In the video, the creator humorously uses AI to generate an image of a well-known pop star, Taylor Swift, at a furry convention, demonstrating the AI's ability to combine unrelated concepts in a creative and entertaining way.

💡Life Jacket

A life jacket is a personal flotation device designed to keep an individual afloat in water, often used in boating or swimming activities. In the context of the video, the life jacket is used as an accessory for the AI-generated fursona, adding an element of safety and practicality to the character design, while also providing a unique and interesting visual element.


Twitter is a social media platform known for its microblogging format, where users post and interact with messages known as 'tweets'. In the video, the creator mentions sharing the AI-generated fursona images on Twitter, indicating the platform's role in disseminating and discussing digital content, as well as its potential for showcasing and sharing AI-generated art.


Clickbait refers to sensational or misleading titles and thumbnails used to attract clicks on online content, often with the intent of generating more views or traffic. In the video, the creator jokingly suggests that an AI-generated image of a furry in a life jacket could be used as clickbait for a YouTube video, highlighting the provocative nature of such tactics in the digital media landscape.

💡Twitch Streamer

A Twitch streamer is an individual who broadcasts themselves playing video games or engaging in other creative activities on the Twitch platform, which is focused on gaming and other forms of digital entertainment. In the video, the creator considers generating a fursona for a Twitch streamer, indicating the intersection of the furry fandom with the gaming and streaming communities.


Anthro is short for anthropomorphic, which refers to the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to non-human entities, such as animals. In the context of the video, 'anthro' is used to describe the type of fursona the creator is interested in, which would be a human-like animal character, showcasing the diversity of character designs within the furry community.

💡AI-generated Art

AI-generated art refers to visual content created by artificial intelligence, often based on specific algorithms or models that are trained to produce images from textual descriptions or other inputs. In the video, the creator explores AI-generated art by using AI to generate fursonas, demonstrating the technology's potential to assist in the creative process and its ability to produce unique and imaginative designs.

💡Fursona Generator

A fursona generator is a tool or platform that allows users to create their own fursonas, often by combining various elements such as animal species, colors, clothing, and accessories. In the video, the creator discusses the concept of an AI-based fursona generator, which would automate the process of designing a personalized furry character, highlighting the potential for AI to enhance the creative experience within the furry community.


Using AI to create a furry fursona through image generation.

Dolly, a 12 billion parameter version of GPT-3, is used for image generation.

The AI can generate images of widely known subjects on the internet.

An example of AI-generated images includes Taylor Swift at a furry convention.

The AI struggles with less widely known concepts like 'furry'.

AI-generated fursonas can be used to create unique memes for the furry community.

Whiskey, a streamer, used AI to generate his fursona persona.

The AI can generate fursonas with specific features like a life jacket.

The AI's output can be unpredictable and sometimes produces 'cursed' images.

AI-generated fursonas can be used as a starting point for artists.

The 'Fursona Does Not Exist' site displays AI-generated furry portraits.

The AI-generated images can mimic the style of known artists.

The AI tends to generate more common fursona types like foxes.

AI-generated images can be used for gift ideas or personal profile pictures.

The AI's bias towards popular subjects in the data set is evident.

The AI-generated fursonas can be mistaken for actual art pieces.

The AI's ability to generate images can be used for inspiration or entertainment.