You SHOULD be SCARED of the NEW Splatana in Splatoon 3...

1 Jun 202409:10

TLDRIn Splatoon 3's Sizzle season 2024, the Decapitator weapon is introduced, offering a thrilling gameplay experience. The video showcases first impressions of the weapon, comparing it to the Charal and Mint versions. The narrator leans towards the Mint version for its superior damage and quick charge. The script details the weapon's expansive hit box and its effectiveness in both offense and ink coverage. The video promises a deeper dive into the weapon's capabilities and strategic use in future content.


  • 🎮 The Splatoon 3 Sizzle season 2024 introduces the Decapitator weapon, which is fun to play.
  • 🔥 The Decapitator has a high damage output of 80, which is surprisingly higher than the standard 70.
  • ⚔️ The weapon charges quickly, allowing for rapid use in combat.
  • 📦 The hit box for the Decapitator is large, covering multiple positions around the player.
  • 🎨 The weapon is effective for both dealing damage and painting the area.
  • 🗺️ The video includes trying out the new map in Splatoon 3.
  • 💣 The projectile speed for the Decapitator is slower compared to other weapons, balancing the large hit box.
  • 🌊 The video discusses the Mint kit, which the player seems to prefer over the Charcoal.
  • 🔄 The player experiments with different kits and finds the Mint kit more appealing.
  • 🤺 The Mint kit offers a satisfying slashing experience, which the player enjoys.
  • 🎉 The player's performance with the Mint kit is highlighted, showcasing impressive gameplay.
  • 📹 The player encourages viewers to subscribe for more content on the Decapitator and the Mint kit.

Q & A

  • What is Splatoon 3 Sizzle season 2024?

    -Splatoon 3 Sizzle season 2024 refers to the new season of the game Splatoon 3, which introduces new weapons and features for players to experience.

  • What is the decapitator weapon in Splatoon 3?

    -The decapitator is a new weapon introduced in Splatoon 3's Sizzle season 2024. It is the first weapon the speaker tried and found it to be fun to play with.

  • What are the two different versions of the decapitator mentioned in the script?

    -The two different versions of the decapitator mentioned are the charcoal and the mint. The speaker plans to discuss their differences and personal preferences in a separate video.

  • What is the damage output of the decapitator weapon?

    -The decapitator weapon does 80 damage per hit, which is higher than the standard 70 damage of the Splat Charger (stampa).

  • How quickly can the decapitator be charged up?

    -The decapitator can be charged up incredibly quickly, which is a significant advantage in gameplay.

  • What is unique about the hit box of the decapitator?

    -The hit box of the decapitator is very large, allowing players to hit opponents from various angles while standing in one spot.

  • What is the projectile speed of the decapitator compared to a Splat Charger?

    -The projectile speed of the decapitator is slower than that of a Splat Charger, which is a balance to its large hit box.

  • What is the speaker's preference between the charcoal and mint versions of the decapitator?

    -The speaker prefers the mint version of the decapitator over the charcoal, finding it more enjoyable to use in gameplay.

  • What is the 'kracken' mentioned in the script?

    -The 'kracken' is likely a special ability or weapon in Splatoon 3 that the speaker uses during gameplay, though the exact nature of it is not detailed in the script.

  • How does the speaker describe their experience with the mint version of the decapitator?

    -The speaker describes their experience with the mint version as very positive, enjoying the slashing motion and the weapon's overall performance in matches.

  • What is the speaker's strategy when using the bubble ability with the decapitator?

    -The speaker uses the bubble ability as a defensive and strategic tool, luring opponents into the bubble for an advantageous attack.



🎮 Splatoon 3 Decapitator First Impressions & Comparison

The video script discusses the Splatoon 3 Sizzle season 2024 and the introduction of the Decapitator weapon. The narrator shares their first impressions of the weapon, highlighting its fun gameplay and damage output of 80. They compare it with the Mint weapon, expressing a preference for the latter. The script details the narrator's experience with the weapon's charge speed, hit box, and ink painting capabilities. It also mentions an upcoming video discussing the Charal Decapitator and the Mint in more depth, and encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel for more content.


🗡 Exploring the Mint Weapon in Splatoon 3

In this part of the script, the focus shifts to the Mint weapon in Splatoon 3. The narrator describes their initial experience with the weapon, noting its unique features and gameplay mechanics. They mention the weapon's ability to create bubbles for strategic positioning and its effectiveness in combat. The script captures moments of intense gameplay, including the narrator's reactions to various in-game events and their overall enjoyment of the weapon. The video script ends with the narrator expressing a strong preference for the Mint weapon over the Charcoal Decapitator, based on their play experience.



💡Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 refers to the third installment in the popular third-person shooter video game series by Nintendo. The game features various weapons and gameplay mechanics that allow players to ink their opponents and cover the map in their team's color. In the video, the creator is discussing their experience with new weapons introduced in the game's 2024 season update.


The Decapitator is a weapon in Splatoon 3 that the video creator is trying out. It seems to be a powerful weapon with unique mechanics, such as a quick charge ability that allows it to deal significant damage. The creator mentions it as the first weapon they tried in the new season, indicating its importance in the video's content.


Charal appears to be a variant or special edition of the Decapitator weapon, differentiated by its charcoal-like appearance or properties. The video creator plans to compare it with the Mint variant, discussing their preferences and the differences between the two in terms of gameplay and performance.


Mint is another variant of the Decapitator weapon, which the video creator seems to prefer over the Charal variant. The term 'mint' could refer to the weapon's color scheme or special abilities. The creator uses the Mint variant in actual gameplay, highlighting its effectiveness and their personal enjoyment using it.


The term 'subscribe' is used by the video creator to encourage viewers to follow their main channel and a secondary channel called 'other dude'. This is a common practice among content creators to grow their audience and ensure viewers can access all their content, including a full gameplay video featuring the Mint weapon.


In video games, a hitbox is an invisible shape that surrounds a character or object, which determines its interactions for combat, such as hitting or being hit. The creator comments on the Decapitator's large hitbox, which allows it to hit opponents from various angles, contributing to its powerful gameplay presence.


A projectile in this context refers to the ink blast that the Decapitator weapon fires. The video creator notes that it feels slower than other similar attacks in the game, which is a strategic balance to its wide hitbox, ensuring fair gameplay dynamics.


In Splatoon, 'painting' refers to the act of covering the map with a player's team color using ink. The creator mentions that the Decapitator weapon not only deals damage effectively but also contributes significantly to map control through its painting capabilities.


The 'bubble' mentioned in the script likely refers to a gameplay mechanic or weapon ability that creates a protective or strategic bubble of ink. The creator uses this term to describe a situation where they are using the bubble to their advantage in combat.


In the context of the video, 'kraken' could be a special ability, weapon, or event in Splatoon 3 that the creator activates, giving their team an advantage. The term is used to express excitement about a significant moment in the gameplay.

💡Suction Bomb

A 'suction bomb' is a type of weapon or ability in Splatoon that pulls opponents towards it when detonated. The creator mentions using a suction bomb in a critical moment, showcasing the variety of tactics available in the game.


Splatoon 3 Sizzle season 2024 introduces a new weapon, the Decapitator.

The Decapitator is fun to play and has unique features.

Comparison between Charal Decapitator and Mint Decapitator will be discussed.

The Mint Decapitator is favored over the Charcoal in the video.

The Decapitator does 80 damage, which is higher than Stampa's 70.

The Decapitator can be charged up very quickly.

The hit box of the Decapitator is very large.

The new map in Splatoon 3 is being explored.

The projectile of the Decapitator is slower than a Stampo.

The Decapitator is effective for both offense and turf painting.

The Mint Decapitator is the first attempt in the video.

The Mint Decapitator is preferred for its unique abilities.

The Mint Decapitator allows for quick slashes and mobility.

The Decapitator's bubble ability is highlighted in gameplay.

The video showcases the Decapitator's effectiveness in various game modes.

The player's skill with the Decapitator earns the title 'samurai'.

The Decapitator's versatility is praised in the video.