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22 Mar 202427:13

TLDRThis week's AI film news highlights innovative tools for creative AI, including Magnific's style transfer feature, Runway's lip-syncing tool, and an upcoming Esports competition for Creative AI. The video showcases how AI can transform images and videos, create realistic storyboards, and even develop characters. It also touches on YouTube's policy for AI content and an AI beer brewing development, inviting viewers to an AI party in Vegas and enrolling in AI filmmaking courses.


  • 🎨 Magnific introduced a new style transfer tool, allowing users to apply artistic styles to images with a focus on maintaining the original composition.
  • 🖌️ The style transfer process in Magnific requires an input image and a style reference, with adjustable parameters for style and structure strength.
  • 🏆 The Telly Awards, the National Arts Council, and American Cinema Editors (ACE) invited Shelby to discuss the future of filmmaking with AI.
  • 💻 Users can create realistic storyboards with Magnific's tool, converting 2D sketches into photorealistic images.
  • 🎭 The tool can also transform comic books or graphic novels into different artistic styles, while retaining the original imagery.
  • 🐶 Character development in art can be enhanced using the tool, as demonstrated by the transformation of a simple dog image into a 3D animation style.
  • 🤖 Runway released a lip-syncing tool, which can generate videos with synchronized mouth movements based on audio input.
  • 📊 YouTube now requires AI-generated content to be identified, aiming to combat misinformation from hyper-realistic AI content.
  • 🍻 AI is being utilized in the brewing industry to determine beer recipes and even automate the brewing and serving process.
  • 🎮 An AI Esports tournament for Creative AI is being hosted, with the winner receiving an Apple Vision Pro.
  • 📚 A new course enrollment for AI filmmaking and AI advertising is opening soon, offering opportunities for creative storytelling and career development in AI.

Q & A

  • What is the new feature introduced by Magnific that was discussed in the script?

    -Magnific introduced a new style transfer tool that allows users to apply different artistic styles to their images, similar to what has been seen with Mid Journey's style reference feature.

  • How does the style transfer tool in Magnific work?

    -To use the style transfer tool, users need to upload an input image and a style reference image. The tool then applies the style from the reference image onto the input image, allowing for adjustments in style strength and structure strength to achieve the desired result.

  • What are the two main types of strength settings that can be adjusted in the Magnific style transfer tool?

    -The two main types of strength settings are style strength, which determines how much of the reference image's style is applied, and structure strength, which aligns the resulting image with the composition of the input image.

  • What is the purpose of the 'flavor' setting in the Magnific style transfer tool?

    -The 'flavor' setting determines the overall feel of the rendered image. 'Faithful' is the default option, but users can choose different flavors such as 'balanced' or 'super real' for specific image styles and desired levels of realism.

  • How can the new lip syncing tool by Runway be accessed and used?

    -The lip syncing tool can be accessed on the Runway website under the 'Generate Audio' section. Users can type in a script, upload an audio file, or use a default video provided by the program, and then generate a lip-synced video.

  • What is the significance of YouTube's new policy on AI content?

    -YouTube now requires AI content to be identified when uploaded, aiming to combat misinformation and fake news. However, this does not apply to content that is clearly stylized or not attempting to mimic reality.

  • What is the event that is being hosted in Las Vegas on April 15th?

    -A creative AI Esports tournament is being hosted in Las Vegas on April 15th, in partnership with Puget Systems. The event is open to up to 700 guests and the winner will receive an Apple Vision Pro.

  • What is the unique feature introduced by Korea that allows image enhancement?

    -Korea introduced a 'patch enhance' feature that allows users to selectively enhance certain parts of an image, adding more texture or detail as needed.

  • How does the 'patch enhance' feature in Korea differ from Photoshop's generative fill?

    -While both features aim to enhance or fill in parts of an image, Korea's 'patch enhance' is more focused on adding specific textures or styles, whereas Photoshop's generative fill is more about creating a seamless and natural-looking result.

  • What are some of the AI film projects highlighted in the script?

    -The script highlights 'The Martian Railway Corporation' by Nicholas Stulas, a mockumentary about building a railway on Mars; 'Eliza's Shadow' by Oscar AI, a Tim Burton-inspired take on the film Coraline; and 'The Nigerian Prince' by AAL Studio, a humorous adaptation of the common email scam.

  • How is AI technology being utilized in the beer industry according to the script?

    -AI is being used in the beer industry to determine recipes and to automate the brewing and serving process. AI robots are being trained to serve and brew beer, potentially revolutionizing the industry.



🎨 Introducing Style Transfers in Magnific

This paragraph discusses the introduction of style transfers in the Magnific tool, which allows users to add styles to images. The speaker shares their experience with the tool, explaining the process of using style transfer with an input image and a style reference. They demonstrate how to achieve maximum quality by adjusting the style and structure strength sliders, and by selecting the appropriate render option. The speaker also highlights the tool's ability to create realistic storyboards and its potential for character development and graphic novel stylization.


📚 Upscaling Images with Magnific and Runway's Lip Syncing Tool

The speaker talks about the image upscaling feature in Magnific, which can enhance the quality of images. They walk through the process of upscaling a storyboard image to create a realistic scene. The paragraph also introduces Runway's new lip syncing tool, which can generate audio and synchronize it with uploaded images or videos. The speaker shares their experience testing the tool and compares it with other similar tools on the market.


🗣️ YouTube's AI Content Labeling and New Developments in AI

This section covers YouTube's new requirement for AI-generated content to be labeled when uploaded. The speaker emphasizes that this is targeted at preventing the spread of misinformation through AI-generated content. The paragraph also discusses an upcoming party in Los Vegas, where a creative AI Esports tournament will be held. The speaker shares news about Apple's potential partnership with Google for integrating Google Gemini into iPhones and the release of a new tool by Stability that converts images into 3D models.


🖌️ Enhancing Images with Korea's Patch Tool

The speaker introduces Korea's new patch enhance tool, which allows users to selectively enhance certain parts of an image. They demonstrate how to use the tool to add texture to a vase in an image, making it appear more realistic. The speaker also compares the results of the patch enhance tool with those of Photoshop's generative fill feature, highlighting the current limitations of AI in inpainting tasks.


🏆 Showcase of AI Filmmaking Success Stories and Prompt Experiments

The speaker shares success stories of individuals who have transitioned into AI filmmaking after taking relevant courses. They highlight the upcoming enrollment for AI filmmaking and advertising courses, encouraging viewers to sign up. The speaker also showcases favorite prompt experiments of the week, featuring creative uses of AI in various projects, including a mockumentary about a Martian railway corporation, a Tim Burton-inspired take on the film Coraline, and a humorous adaptation of the Nigerian prince scam.


🍻 AI in Brewing and Upcoming AI Film News

The speaker concludes the episode by discussing the innovative use of AI in the brewing industry, from determining beer recipes to serving and brewing beer. They invite viewers to join them at the Mega AI party in Vegas and encourage subscription to their email newsletter for more AI film news. The speaker also promotes their AI filmmaking and advertising courses, sharing a story of a dentist who became an AI filmmaker after taking their course.



💡Style Transfers

Style transfers refer to the process of applying the visual style of one image onto another, resulting in a new image that combines the content of the original with the artistic characteristics of the reference. In the context of the video, this technique is used within the Magnific tool to transform images, such as creating a pencil drawing of the speaker or an impressionistic painting based on a provided reference image.

💡AI Filmmaking

AI filmmaking involves the use of artificial intelligence tools and algorithms to assist in the creation and production of films. This can include generating visual effects, writing scripts, or even creating entire characters and scenes. The video discusses the impact of AI on the future of filmmaking and showcases various AI tools that are currently being used in this field.

💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey appears to be a tool or platform that enables users to create content with the assistance of AI, such as character consistency and face swapping. It is referenced in the video as a means to generate images used for style transfer demonstrations.

💡Character Consistency

Character consistency refers to the maintenance of a character's visual appearance and personality traits throughout a film or other media. In the context of AI tools, it involves using algorithms to ensure that a character looks and behaves uniformly across different scenes or episodes.


Esports refers to competitive video gaming, where players participate in organized tournaments and competitions. The video mentions the hosting of the world's first Esports competition for Creative AI, indicating a new frontier in combining technology, gaming, and creative competitions.

💡Lip Syncing Tool

A lip syncing tool is a software that enables the synchronization of an audio track, particularly speech or singing, with the mouth movements of a character in a video or animation. The video discusses a new lip syncing feature introduced by Runway, which allows users to generate audio and synchronize it with video content.


Storyboards are visual representations of a sequence of events in a film, video, or animation. They are used to plan and organize scenes before production begins. In the video, the speaker discusses how AI can be used to convert storyboards into realistic images, enhancing the pre-production process.


Realism in art and media refers to the accurate and lifelike representation of subjects. In the context of AI and digital content creation, achieving realism involves using algorithms to generate images or videos that closely resemble real-world objects and scenes.

💡AI Storytelling

AI storytelling involves the use of artificial intelligence to assist in the creation and development of narratives, characters, and plots for various forms of media. This can include generating scripts, creating character dialogues, or visualizing scenes. The video highlights courses and tools that enable individuals to use AI for storytelling purposes.

💡Creative AI

Creative AI refers to the application of artificial intelligence in the field of creative endeavors, such as art, design, filmmaking, and advertising. It encompasses the use of AI tools to enhance or facilitate the creation of original content, often by non-experts.

💡Community Engagement

Community engagement refers to the strategies and activities used to involve and interact with a group of people who share common interests. In the context of the video, it involves connecting with the audience through events, discussions, and content creation.


Magnific introduces a new style transfer tool, allowing users to add styles to images.

The style transfer tool requires an input image and a style reference image to function.

Users can adjust style strength and structure strength to achieve desired results.

The tool can create realistic storyboards from sketches.

Runway has released a new lip syncing tool, which can be tested with built-in audio generation.

A comparison between Runway, P labs, and Syn Labs lip syncing tools was conducted.

YouTube now requires AI content to be identified when uploaded, to combat misinformation.

A new lip syncing tool from a company called Poo can convert videos into different languages with realistic lipsyncing.

An epic party in Los Vegas is being hosted, featuring a creative AI Esports tournament with an Apple Vision Pro as the prize.

Stability's new tool can convert images into 3D models and create rotating videos.

Korea's new feature allows patch enhancement of images for improved realism.

AI is now being used in brewing beer, determining recipes, and even serving the beverage.

AI filmmaking and advertising courses are now open for enrollment.

The Martian Railway Corporation is a mockumentary-style AI film by Nicholas Stulas, featuring a company building a railway on Mars.

Eliza's Shadow by Oscar AI is a Tim Burton-inspired take on the film Coraline.

The Nigerian Prince by AAL Studio is a humorous film adaptation of the infamous email scam.