redesigning my little pony gen 5! ☆ || speedpaint + commentary

30 Mar 202413:35

TLDRIn this sponsored video, the artist expresses mixed feelings about 'My Little Pony's' fifth generation, particularly the character designs which they find boring and lacking in uniqueness. The artist embarks on a redesign journey to give the characters more personality and visual appeal. Sunny Star Scout, the main character, receives a color palette update to better reflect her name, and her cutie mark is made more significant. Izzy Moonbow's redesign focuses on contrasting her personality with Sunny's, making her more mellow and artistic. The artist also discusses the challenges of differentiating the characters from previous generations and their designs. The video ends with a teaser for future redesigns and a call for audience feedback on what content they'd like to see next.


  • 🎨 The video is sponsored by Unveil, a platform for housing and customizing OC (Original Character) profiles.
  • 🌟 The creator has mixed feelings about My Little Pony's fifth generation, appreciating new settings but finding the characters less appealing.
  • 😐 The new characters are considered boring with basic silhouettes and could have had more adventurous color combinations.
  • 🎭 The main character, Sunny Star, is criticized for not visually representing her name and being too similar to Scootaloo from the previous generation.
  • 🌈 Sunny's redesign features a brighter color palette and a more significant representation of her name, with a focus on making her unique rather than a clone.
  • 💭 Izzy's original design is seen as a Pinkie Pie clone, and the creator finds her personality and design less interesting over time.
  • 🌙 Izzy's redesign shifts her personality to be more mellow and gloomy, contrasting with Sunny, making her the 'moon' to Sunny's 'sun'.
  • 🎨 The creator emphasizes the importance of making OCs distinct and not simply clones of existing characters, which is reflected in Izzy's new design.
  • 🧵 Izzy's new design includes a focus on her crafting skills, with her home and accessories reflecting her passion for arts and crafts.
  • 📺 The video mentions the loss of magic for unicorns and the loss of flight for pegasi in the movie, which impacts Izzy's crafting abilities.
  • ✨ The creator changed Izzy's cutie mark to a moon and star pin cushion to better align with her new personality and to contrast with Sunny's sun-themed cutie mark.
  • 🚧 The video is part of a series, with future parts planned for additional character redesigns and other franchises.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is a speedpaint and commentary on redesigning characters from the fifth generation of My Little Pony, specifically focusing on Sunny and Izzy.

  • What are the creator's initial thoughts on My Little Pony's fifth generation?

    -The creator had mixed opinions, liking the new settings such as Maritime Bay and Zephyr Heights, but finding the new characters either uninteresting or annoying.

  • What is the creator's main issue with the character Sunny Star?

    -The creator finds Sunny Star's design uninteresting and feels that she doesn't visually represent her name. The creator also thinks Sunny falls short compared to Twilight Sparkle as a protagonist.

  • How does the creator change Sunny's color palette to make her more fitting to her name?

    -The creator changes Sunny's pelt to a brighter yellow-orange and modifies the color of her mane to differentiate her from Scootaloo and Apple Bloom.

  • What is the creator's opinion on Izzy's original character design?

    -The creator finds Izzy's original design to be a clone of Pinkie Pie and a fusion of Rarity and Pinkie Pie, which they find unappealing over time.

  • How does the creator redefine Izzy's personality in the redesign?

    -The creator changes Izzy's personality to be more mellow, gloomy, and shy, making her a contrast to Sunny's upbeat and bubbly personality.

  • What is the significance of the changes made to Izzy's cutie mark in the redesign?

    -The creator changes Izzy's cutie mark to a moon and star pin cushion to better align with her new personality and to create a direct opposite to Sunny's cutie mark.

  • What is the purpose of the website Unveil as mentioned in the video?

    -Unveil is a platform for housing and customizing original character (OC) pages, allowing users to add images, credit artists, and connect characters from the same world.

  • What is the creator's stance on the use of AI and NFT in relation to their art?

    -The creator prefers platforms, like Unveil, that are anti-AI and do not involve NFTs, ensuring that their art is not associated with these elements.

  • What can patrons expect from the creator's Patreon?

    -Patrons can expect different levels of exclusive content, including scrap video content, exclusive sketches, access to a Discord server, and having their name credited at the end of the creator's videos.

  • What are the creator's plans for future videos?

    -The creator is working on a big project and plans to release more redesign videos, including parts two for both the My Little Pony G5 and Equestria Girls redesigns, as well as potentially more tips and tricks videos and draw-with-me videos.

  • How can viewers stay updated with the creator's work and exclusive content?

    -Viewers can follow the creator on Instagram and Twitter, subscribe to their Patreon for exclusive content, or check the description for links to their art and social media.



🤔 Initial Impressions and Character Critiques

The speaker begins by expressing mixed feelings about the fifth generation of My Little Pony, specifically the movie released on Netflix. They appreciated new settings like Maritime Bay and Zephyr Heights but found the new characters to be either unremarkable or irritating, with some being mere knockoffs of previous characters. The character designs were criticized for being boring and basic, lacking the appeal of the previous generation. The speaker also mentions the sponsor, Unveil, which provides a platform for customizing and showcasing original characters (OCs), and discusses their personal experience with the service.


🎨 Character Redesign: Sunny Star Scout

The speaker focuses on redesigning the main character, Sunny, expressing dissatisfaction with her resemblance to Scootaloo and her lack of a distinct personality. They discuss their efforts to make Sunny's design more fitting of her name by altering her color palette and adding elements like a scarf and bows. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of cutie marks in the redesign process, aiming to make them more significant to the characters. They decide to keep Sunny's Alicorn design unchanged and share their final design for Sunny Star Scout.


🌙 Izzy Moonbow's Personality and Design Overhaul

The speaker addresses Izzy's redesign, noting a shift from her original personality as a Pinkie Pie clone to a more subdued and unique character inspired by Yuri from Doki Doki Literature Club. They emphasize Izzy's exceptional crafting skills and her preference for creating things by hoof, which adds depth to her character as a unicorn. The speaker also discusses changing Izzy's color palette to better reflect her new personality, opting for a more muted and harmonious combination. The final design includes a bow, scarf, and bracelet, with a moon and star pin cushion as her new cutie mark, symbolizing her connection to the night sky and arts.

📅 Future Plans and Engaging with the Audience

The speaker mentions their ongoing large project and the potential for shorter videos in the near future. They have started redesigns for other characters like Zip and Pips but are undecided on Hitch. The speaker expresses their desire to create more diverse content, including tips and tricks videos and 'draw with me' videos, and invites audience suggestions. They also promote their Instagram, Twitter, and Patreon for exclusive content and updates on their work, thanking their supporters and the sponsor, Unveil, for their contribution to the video.



💡My Little Pony

My Little Pony is a media franchise developed by Hasbro, which includes animated television series, movies, books, and toys. The franchise has a large following and has expanded to include various generations of characters, each with their own unique traits and stories. In the context of this video, the creator discusses their mixed feelings about the fifth generation (G5) of My Little Pony characters.


Speedpaint is a term used to describe a quick painting or drawing process, often demonstrated in a video format where an artist creates a piece of art within a short amount of time. This technique is popular among digital artists and is often accompanied by commentary. In the video, the artist uses a speedpaint approach to redesign characters from My Little Pony G5.


Commentary refers to the act of providing an explanatory or critical discussion, often as a voice-over accompanying a video or film. In this context, the artist provides commentary while they are creating their speedpaint, sharing their thoughts and feelings about the characters and their designs.

💡Character Design

Character design is the process of creating the visual appearance of a character in any form of art, such as animation, video games, or illustrations. It includes defining the character's physical features, outfit, and accessories. The video focuses on redesigning the character designs of My Little Pony G5, aiming to improve upon the original designs.

💡Sunny Starscout

Sunny Starscout is the main character of My Little Pony G5. She is known for her bright and cheerful personality, which is reflected in her name. The artist discusses their dissatisfaction with Sunny's design, feeling it lacks the visual appeal and uniqueness that matches her name and character.

💡Izzy Moonbow

Izzy Moonbow is another character from My Little Pony G5, who is portrayed as a quirky and fun character, similar to Pinkie Pie from previous generations. The artist's redesign aims to differentiate Izzy from Pinkie Pie and other characters by giving her a more mellow and unique personality.


In the context of this video, a sponsor refers to a company or individual that provides financial support for the creation of the video's content. The artist mentions 'unveil' as the sponsor of the video, which is a platform for housing and customizing original character (OC) profiles.


Unveil is mentioned as the platform that sponsored the video. It is a website where artists can create and customize pages for their original characters, adding images, stories, and connecting characters from the same universe. The artist praises Unveil for its customization options and anti-AI stance.

💡Cutie Mark

A cutie mark in the My Little Pony universe is a unique symbol that represents a pony's special talent or characteristic. The artist expresses their desire to make the cutie marks of the G5 characters more significant and representative of their personalities in their redesigns.


Redesign refers to the process of reimagining or modifying the design of something, in this case, the characters from My Little Pony G5. The artist discusses their approach to redesigning the characters to address their concerns with the original designs and to make them more appealing and distinct.

💡OC (Original Character)

An OC, or original character, is a character created by an artist or writer that is not based on any existing character from a published work. Unveil is described as a platform for housing OCs, allowing artists to add detailed information about their characters, including their traits, stories, and connections to other characters in the same universe.


Patreon is a crowdfunding platform where creators can offer exclusive content to their subscribers, or patrons, for a monthly fee. The artist mentions their Patreon as a way for viewers to support their work and gain access to exclusive content, such as sketches, full pieces, and a role in their Discord server.


The video is sponsored by Unveil, a platform for housing and customizing Original Characters (OCs).

The creator expresses mixed feelings about My Little Pony's fifth generation, appreciating new settings but finding the characters uninteresting.

The character Sunny Starscout is critiqued for not visually representing her name and being compared to Scootaloo.

The redesign of Sunny Starscout includes a brighter color palette and a focus on making her name more fitting.

Izzy's character is seen as a Pinkie Pie clone and is redesigned with a more mellow and unique personality.

Izzy's new design features a more subdued color palette and a focus on her passion for crafts and art.

The creator discusses the importance of making each character's cutie mark significant and representative of their personality.

The video mentions the 2D show 'Make Your Mark' and the desire for more variation in pony body types.

The creator emphasizes the contrast between Sunny and Izzy, aiming for a 'sun and moon' dynamic.

Izzy's redesign includes a focus on handmade items and a home filled with craft supplies, reflecting her talent.

The creator's process involves changing the main character's body type to make it more appealing and distinct.

The video discusses the creator's personal bias towards Generation 4 of My Little Pony and the challenge of redesigning with that perspective.

The creator shares their creative process and the reasoning behind the changes made to the characters' designs.

The video includes a call to action for viewers to follow the creator on social media and Patreon for exclusive content.

The creator mentions working on a big project and hints at upcoming videos, including redesigns of other characters.

The video concludes with a thank you note to the sponsor Unveil and a teaser for future content.