Ten People Engaged in a World Cafe Discussion

10 PERSONS  doing a world cafe

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10 PERSONS doing a world cafe
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"A group of friends, all dressed in casual, modern attire, sit around a table in a trendy café. They are surrounded by newspapers, books, and laptops, symbolizing their desire for knowledge and information. The table is set with two different soups, representing the choice between continuity and democracy. The friends are engaged in a lively discussion, with some passionately arguing for one side and others for the other."
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Use a modern, impactful image of diverse students engaged in learning, perhaps using technology.
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Prompt Analyze

  • Subject: Ten individuals of diverse backgrounds and ages, actively participating in a world cafe event. Setting: A vibrant and welcoming cafe environment, with cozy seating arrangements and a bustling atmosphere. Background: The cafe is decorated with colorful artwork and motivational posters, creating an inspiring and inclusive atmosphere. Style/Coloring: The style is lively and dynamic, with a mix of warm and inviting colors to reflect the energetic discussion. Action: People are engaged in deep conversations, some gesturing animatedly, while others listen attentively. Items: Tables are adorned with cups of coffee or tea, papers, and pens, indicating note-taking and active participation. Costume/Appearance: People are dressed in casual, comfortable attire, suggesting a relaxed yet professional environment. Accessories: Some may have laptops or tablets for note-taking, while others have notebooks and pens.