Musical Instruments Guitar and Drum Set with YIJIA MUSIC

画面整体是柔和的淡蓝色底,一把精致的吉他斜靠在画面左侧,琴弦在灯光下微微反光,琴身有着细腻的木质纹理。在画面右侧,一架黑色的架子鼓稳稳放置,鼓面锃亮,鼓槌随意地放在旁边。吉他和架子鼓高低错落,在它们周围有一些淡淡的金色光线交织,像是舞台上的聚光灯效果。在画面中间偏上的位置,用醒目的黑色粗体字写着“YIJIA MUSIC”,每个字都充满力量感,仿佛在闪耀着音乐的光芒。

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画面整体是柔和的淡蓝色底,一把精致的吉他斜靠在画面左侧,琴弦在灯光下微微反光,琴身有着细腻的木质纹理。在画面右侧,一架黑色的架子鼓稳稳放置,鼓面锃亮,鼓槌随意地放在旁边。吉他和架子鼓高低错落,在它们周围有一些淡淡的金色光线交织,像是舞台上的聚光灯效果。在画面中间偏上的位置,用醒目的黑色粗体字写着“YIJIA MUSIC”,每个字都充满力量感,仿佛在闪耀着音乐的光芒。
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  • Subject: The image features a soft, light blue backdrop, creating a calm and harmonious atmosphere. Setting: Positioned on the left, a delicate guitar with a fine wood texture and strings reflecting light subtly. Background: On the right, a stable black drum set with bright drum faces, accompanied by carelessly placed drumsticks. Style/Coloring: The scene is illuminated with faint golden light, resembling spotlights on a stage. Action or Items: The central focus includes the prominent words 'YIJIA MUSIC' in striking black bold letters, evoking a strong musical presence and brilliance. Costume or Appearance: The instruments are presented in a professional and inviting manner, appealing to musicians and music enthusiasts. Accessories: There are no additional accessories, allowing the focus to remain on the guitar, drum set, and 'YIJIA MUSIC' branding.