Advanced Xray Imaging Technology Fishbone Structure and Glow Body Refraction

需要绘制一张高规格科技期刊的封面图像 - X射线透射过鱼骨骼产生图像信息,之后垂直入射在disk状的闪烁体上,闪烁体将X射线携带的图像信息转换为荧光物像,闪烁体的出射界面制备有周期性圆孔状的超表面微纳结构,可以通过-1级衍射光的额外提取实现物像细节信息的增强,请注意,鱼骨骼、闪烁体和X射线的分布在一条直线上,要突出超表面对于物像信息的衍射增强效应

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需要绘制一张高规格科技期刊的封面图像 - X射线透射过鱼骨骼产生图像信息,之后垂直入射在disk状的闪烁体上,闪烁体将X射线携带的图像信息转换为荧光物像,闪烁体的出射界面制备有周期性圆孔状的超表面微纳结构,可以通过-1级衍射光的额外提取实现物像细节信息的增强,请注意,鱼骨骼、闪烁体和X射线的分布在一条直线上,要突出超表面对于物像信息的衍射增强效应
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  • Subject: The image depicts a cutting-edge technology journal cover featuring advanced X-ray imaging techniques. Setting: The scene is set with a linear arrangement of fishbone structure, glow body, and X-rays, emphasizing their alignment and relationship. Background: The background showcases a disk-shaped glow body vertically irradiated by X-rays, converting image information into fluorescent images. Style/Coloring: The style is sleek and futuristic, with vibrant hues highlighting the technological aspects of the image. Action: The main action involves X-rays passing through the fishbone structure and interacting with the glow body, showcasing the process of image conversion. Items: Key items include the fishbone structure, glow body, and X-ray equipment, symbolizing cutting-edge imaging technology. Costume/Appearance: There are no human subjects, but the equipment is depicted with precision and detail, reflecting a high-tech aesthetic. Accessories: The glow body features periodic circular holes with hyper-nanostructures, enhancing image detail extraction and refraction effects.