31 CRAZY Ideogram Ai 1.0 Print on Demand PROMPTS!🤖

Philip Anders
2 Apr 202430:21

TLDRThe video shares a variety of idiogram prompts for creating better designs for print on demand businesses. It highlights the importance of observing trending designs and using the 'like' feature for inspiration. The script discusses different design styles, from split animal faces with text to vintage sunsets and watercolor florals, emphasizing the need for customization and the trial-and-error nature of AI design generation. It also provides tips on using mockups from a specific resource to enhance store presentations and social media advertising, showcasing the ease of creating and customizing designs for various products and platforms.


  • 🔍 Start by exploring trending designs on the platform to find inspiration and save prompts that can be applied to print-on-demand products.
  • 🐆 Utilize idiogram prompts to create unique designs like split animal faces with text, which are easy to modify and use for various applications.
  • 🌅 Look for vintage sunset designs that can be applied to camping merchandise, and remember that results may vary, so using the remix feature is essential.
  • 🐱 Embrace the Kawaii style for designs featuring animals, such as a cat eating ramen, and adjust the prompt to fit different niches.
  • 🦌 Experiment with portrait formats for designs, as they can yield better results for t-shirt printing areas.
  • 🎨 Use the double exposure effect for poster designs, which can create a visually striking impact, like a lion with an embedded image.
  • 🕶️ Customize weekend vibes designs with different animals and text for a versatile print-on-demand product.
  • 🦜 Try different magic prompts for the same base prompt to achieve varying results, and be prepared to tweak and refine the designs.
  • 🏞️ Explore prompts for posters and wall art, as they can also be adapted for print-on-demand products like t-shirts.
  • 🌈 Test out watercolor and other artistic styles for designs that can be used across multiple products and niches.
  • 🎁 Consider creating collections of designs, such as cartoon animal stickers, for a cohesive and appealing product range.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video?

    -The main purpose of the video is to share an abundance of idiogram prompts that can help create better designs for print on demand businesses.

  • How can one find design inspiration for their print on demand business?

    -One can find design inspiration by looking through top designs on idiogram and observing what has been trending in the past day, week, or month.

  • What is the first idiogram prompt described in the video?

    -The first idiogram prompt described is a split face of an animal with text on the other side, which is easy to work with and can be customized with different animals and quotes.

  • How can users save idiogram prompts for their own use?

    -Users can save prompts by clicking the heart symbol to like specific designs, and then find all the liked designs in their profile on the 'liked' page.

  • What is a common issue with AI-generated designs and how can it be addressed?

    -A common issue with AI-generated designs is that results may not always be perfect, and elements like reflections might look off. This can be addressed by using the remix feature and tweaking the design multiple times to achieve the desired result.

  • What is the significance of the portrait format in the video?

    -The portrait format is significant because it is found to yield good results with idiogram and can work well for t-shirt design, as the t-shirt printing area is slightly portrait-oriented.

  • How can users level up their Etsy or Shopify stores with mockups?

    -Users can level up their stores by using high-quality mockups from resources like Placeit, which offer a variety of static and video mockups to help the store stand out and showcase their designs professionally.

  • What is the importance of testing different prompt formats?

    -Testing different prompt formats is important because it allows designers to discover which styles and layouts work best for their niche and to potentially achieve better results with AI design tools like idiogram.

  • What type of designs are suitable for print on demand applications?

    -Designs that are simple, have a good layout, and can be easily customized without complex backgrounds are suitable for print on demand applications, as they can be easily adapted for various products like t-shirts, posters, and stickers.

  • How can users adjust and personalize the idiogram prompts?

    -Users can adjust and personalize idiogram prompts by changing the text, swapping out quotes, altering the graphic elements, and experimenting with different styles to fit their specific niche or product.



🎨 Design Prompts for Print on Demand Business

The paragraph discusses various idiogram prompts that can enhance the design quality for print on demand businesses. It suggests looking at trending designs for inspiration and describes a method to save and apply these prompts. The first prompt involves a split animal face with text, which is easy to modify. The speaker also mentions the importance of testing different prompts and using the remix feature for achieving desired results. A link for downloading all prompts is promised in the description.


🌅 Vintage Sunset and Nature-Inspired Designs

This section delves into creating vintage sunset and nature-inspired designs, particularly for camping and outdoor themes. It emphasizes the use of magic prompts to achieve consistent results and suggests tweaking these prompts for different niches. The paragraph also highlights the importance of testing portrait formats for better t-shirt design outcomes and discusses prompts for creating posters with double exposure effects.


🦉 Creative and Inspirational Design Prompts

The focus here is on creative and inspirational design prompts, such as a journey quote inside a footprint graphic, which received many likes. The paragraph discusses the process of removing backgrounds and the potential for using these designs across various niches like hiking. It also mentions the presence of a parent graphic and the possibility of using remix features for refinement.


🇺🇸 Patriotic and Character-Centric Design Prompts

This segment covers patriotic designs with an American flag theme, where traditional stripes are replaced with objects. It also explores character-centric designs, such as a grumpy cat with a humorous text. The paragraph talks about the flexibility of prompts and the potential to create unique designs for specific occasions like July 4th.


🎄 Christmas and Symmetrical Design Prompts

The paragraph presents Christmas-themed design prompts and discusses the effectiveness of symmetrical patterns in AI graphics. It highlights a combination of tattoo and Celtic designs, emphasizing the adaptability of these styles to various niches. The paragraph also mentions the use of emojis in prompts and the importance of subtle decorations in designs.


🌹 Vintage Sunset and Watercolor Design Prompts

This section introduces vintage sunset designs with a chessboard backdrop and watercolor floral patterns. It discusses the balance and coherence of设计风格 when using multiple graphics of a similar style. The paragraph also presents a simple vector illustration of a husky with a humorous text and emphasizes the ease of amending and applying these prompts to various topics.


🎨 Final Design Prompts and Tutorial Mention

The final paragraph showcases a variety of design prompts, including a watercolor plant style, a logo-style badge, and a vintage painting of an Atlantic Ocean sunset. It discusses the potential of using these prompts for print on demand products and the ease of removing backgrounds for application. The paragraph concludes with a mention of a tutorial on selling AI-designed coffee mugs on Etsy.

🎵 Music Tutorial Mention

The paragraph is a simple mention of a music tutorial, likely related to the content of the video script.




Idiogram is an AI-based design tool that generates visual content based on prompts provided by users. In the video, it is used to create designs for print on demand businesses, suggesting that it is a valuable resource for producing unique and eye-catching graphics for various products.

💡Print on Demand

Print on Demand is a business model where products are only produced or printed when an order is received, reducing the need for inventory and upfront costs. The video is focused on using idiogram to enhance designs for this business model, indicating its relevance for creating on-demand products like t-shirts, posters, and stickers.

💡Design Prompts

Design prompts are initial inputs or suggestions given to a design tool like idiogram to generate specific visual outputs. They serve as a starting point for the creative process and can include descriptions, themes, or styles that the user wants to see in the final design.


Trends in the context of the video refer to popular or frequently used design elements, styles, or themes within the idiogram community or the broader market for print on demand products. Keeping up with trends can help designers create products that are more likely to appeal to consumers.


Customization in this context involves altering or personalizing pre-existing design prompts to create unique products for print on demand. It is a key aspect of the design process, allowing for a wide range of products to cater to different niches and customer preferences.

💡AI Graphics

AI Graphics refers to visual content created by artificial intelligence, as opposed to human designers. In the video, AI graphics are produced by idiogram and are discussed in terms of their quality, consistency, and potential applications in print on demand products.


Mockups are representations or templates of how a final product might look. In the context of the video, they are used to showcase how idiogram-generated designs would appear on products like t-shirts, helping designers visualize and refine their creations before production.

💡Etsy and Shopify

Etsy and Shopify are e-commerce platforms where creators can sell their products, including those produced through print on demand. The video suggests that idiogram can help enhance product listings on these platforms by providing attractive and customizable designs.

💡Vintage Style

Vintage style refers to design aesthetics that are inspired by or reminiscent of past eras. In the video, vintage style is one of the themes that can be applied to idiogram-generated designs, creating a nostalgic or retro look for products.

💡Watercolor Style

Watercolor style is an artistic technique that gives designs a soft, fluid, and painterly appearance, mimicking the look of traditional watercolor paintings. In the video, watercolor is one of the styles that can be achieved using idiogram, offering a unique and artistic look for print on demand products.


The video shares a multitude of idiogram prompts to enhance print on demand business designs.

Discover top designs by exploring the 'trending' tab to find applicable print on demand designs.

The heart symbol allows users to like and save specific designs for future use.

A prompt featuring a split animal face with text on the other side is easy to work with and offers consistency.

The video provides a download link for all the prompts in one place for easy access.

A vintage Sunset design style is showcased, applicable for camping themes with a tent, river, and mountains.

The importance of testing different prompts and using the remix feature for desired results is emphasized.

A Kawaii style design featuring a cat eating ramen is highlighted for its simplicity and popularity.

The video discusses the benefits of using portrait format prompts for better t-shirt design results.

Double Exposure effect prompts are recommended for creating poster designs with embedded images.

The video introduces a prompt for a journey-themed design with a footprint graphic and motivational quote.

A prompt for a collection of 10 cartoon animal stickers is presented, with customization tips for different niches.

The video provides tips on using mockups from a specific resource to enhance Etsy or Shopify store presentations.

An example of a gym t-shirt design with a simple but effective text layout is given.

The video discusses the challenges of creating watercolor designs for print on demand and presents a successful example.

A patriotic mechanic theme with an American flag design is explored, suggesting the potential for print on demand success.

The video concludes with a variety of additional prompts for different design styles and applications.