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15 Jan 202407:00

TLDRThe speaker shares their experience using AI to enhance content creation, significantly reducing the time and cost needed to produce high-quality videos. They discuss the potential of upcoming AI services in 2024 to further improve the creative process and express excitement about the synergy between human creativity and AI technology. The video provides a step-by-step guide on using AI for image generation and video production, highlighting the ease of transforming ideas into visual content and the potential for creators to monetize their skills.


  • 🚀 The speaker has recently been working on an interesting project using AI to create advertising videos, highlighting the efficiency and innovation AI brings to content creation.
  • 🎨 The process of making a video used to take a week, but with AI assistance, ideas can be implemented within a day, showcasing the potential of AI to save time and enhance productivity.
  • 💡 AI collaboration can lead to a significant synergy effect, allowing individuals to maximize their strengths and create high-quality content at a lower cost and in less time.
  • 🌟 The speaker is looking forward to the AI services launching in 2024, expecting them to further improve content creation and act as a catalyst for creators.
  • 📖 An example is given about a writer who wants to create a children's book; they can use AI to brainstorm story ideas and create compelling narratives.
  • ✍️ The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding one's essence to produce good content and earn money, suggesting that AI can help enhance this essence.
  • 🌐 AI can help creators gain more subscribers and reach a wider audience, as demonstrated by the potential of uploading completed content on YouTube.
  • 📚 The idea of creating an e-book filled with expertise is also mentioned as a way to monetize the content created with AI assistance.
  • 🎥 The script outlines a 4-step process for creating content using AI: idea and storytelling, image generation with Midjourney, joining Runway, and turning images into videos with Jen 2.
  • 🌲 A specific story about a family in a snowy forest cabin is shared, illustrating how the speaker transformed a simple idea into a vivid image using AI.
  • 🔄 The process of refining the AI-generated image and turning it into an animation using Runway is described, emphasizing the ease of creating engaging content with AI tools.

Q & A

  • What was the speaker doing before the talk?

    -The speaker was working on an interesting task using AI, specifically creating an AI advertisement video.

  • How did the speaker utilize AI to save time in video production?

    -The speaker used AI to implement ideas and produce content that would have taken a week to complete in just a day, significantly reducing the time required for the task.

  • What is the speaker's expectation for the AI services launching in 2024?

    -The speaker expects that the AI services will help create better content, acting as a catalyst to enhance their inherent qualities and, as a result, attract more financial returns.

  • How does the speaker suggest a writer struggling with story ideas can benefit from AI?

    -The speaker suggests that writers can use AI to brainstorm story ideas, refine their plots, and even create visual representations of their stories, which can be further developed into finished content.

  • What is the process the speaker outlines for creating content using AI?

    -The process involves four steps: idea storytelling, image generation using AI, joining a platform like Runway, and transforming the images into videos using tools like Gen 2.

  • How does the speaker describe the role of AI in enhancing their core qualities?

    -The speaker believes that by identifying and utilizing their core qualities with the help of AI, they can enhance these qualities at a low cost and in a short time, leading to the production of better content.

  • What is the speaker's strategy for monetizing their content?

    -The speaker plans to share their knowledge and experiences with AI content creation, and by doing so, they aim to attract more creators who are ready to improve their content production skills.

  • How does the speaker plan to use the generated images from AI?

    -The speaker plans to use the generated images to create a blog post and potentially convert them into a video, which can then be uploaded to platforms like YouTube to gain subscribers.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on the potential of AI in content creation for creators?

    -The speaker is optimistic about the potential of AI in content creation, believing that it can greatly enhance the creators' abilities to produce high-quality content and achieve better results.

  • What is the speaker's approach to creating an animation using the images from AI?

    -The speaker uses motion brushes in Runway to add movement to the images, adjusts ambient values, and applies camera motion to create a short animation that can be edited into a longer video sequence.

  • How does the speaker address the limitations of AI in video production?

    -The speaker acknowledges that there were some unsatisfactory parts in the AI video production in 2023 but expresses hope that these will be improved in the AI services launching in 2024.



🚀 Introduction to AI in Content Creation

The speaker begins by sharing their recent experience with AI in content creation, highlighting the significant impact AI has had on their workflow. They mention that without AI, they wouldn't have been able to produce a video in a short amount of time. The speaker emphasizes the synergy between human creativity and AI, which allows for the enhancement of one's essence with minimal cost and time. They also express their anticipation for the AI services launching in 2024, which they believe will further improve their content creation capabilities. The speaker provides an example of how an author can use AI to create a children's book, from gathering story ideas to finalizing the content and even selling an e-book version. They conclude by encouraging creators to subscribe for more insights into content creation with AI.


🎨 Transforming Ideas into Visual Content with AI

In this paragraph, the speaker dives deeper into the process of using AI for content creation, specifically focusing on transforming ideas into visual content. They walk through the steps of using AI to generate images and then animating them using Runway. The speaker explains how they took a simple story about a family in a snowy forest and used AI to create images and animations that bring the story to life. They discuss the process of selecting and adjusting motion brushes to animate different parts of the image and the importance of testing to avoid distortions. The speaker concludes by reiterating the steps for content creation with AI and offers a preview of the final video product.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is central to the creative process, enabling the rapid and efficient production of content. The speaker discusses how AI tools, such as AI-generated advertising videos, have revolutionized the way they create and produce content, significantly reducing the time and effort required.

💡Content Creation

Content creation is the process of producing and sharing digital content, such as videos, images, and written material, with the intent of engaging an audience. In the video, the speaker emphasizes the importance of content creation in the digital age and how AI has made it more accessible and efficient. The speaker shares their experience of creating content in a week's time that would have taken much longer without AI, highlighting the synergy between human creativity and AI technology.


In the context of the video, 'essence' refers to the core qualities or characteristics that define an individual's creative abilities or the intrinsic nature of their content. The speaker talks about enhancing their essence by leveraging AI, which allows them to produce better content at a lower cost and in less time. The essence, when improved, leads to the creation of good content and subsequently, financial gain.

💡AI Services

AI Services refer to the various applications and platforms that utilize artificial intelligence to assist users in performing tasks more efficiently. In the video, the speaker expresses anticipation for upcoming AI services in 2024, expecting them to further enhance their content creation capabilities by providing a 'wings'-like support, enabling the creation of even better content.


Storytelling is the art of telling stories to inform, entertain, or inspire others. It is a crucial element in content creation, as it helps to engage and connect with audiences on an emotional level. In the video, the speaker uses storytelling as a starting point for their content creation process, beginning with a simple story that is then visualized and brought to life through AI tools.


Midjourney, in the context of the video, refers to an AI tool that the speaker uses to generate images based on their ideas and stories. It is a platform that helps creators bring their visions to life by transforming textual descriptions into visual content. The speaker highlights the ease and speed with which they can generate images with Midjourney, showcasing its role in streamlining the content creation process.


In the video, 'Runway' refers to a platform or tool that the speaker uses to transform static images into animated videos. It represents the next step in the content creation process after generating images with Midjourney. The speaker is excited to use Runway to animate their content, indicating that it is a valuable tool for enhancing the dynamism and engagement of their creations.


Animation is a technique of creating the illusion of motion and life by rapidly displaying a sequence of static images. In the video, animation is a key aspect of the content creation process, as it allows the speaker to transform still images generated by AI into dynamic, engaging video content. The speaker's use of animation demonstrates how AI tools can facilitate the transition from concept to a fully realized, moving visual narrative.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users can upload, share, and view videos. In the context of the video, YouTube serves as a distribution channel for the speaker's content. The speaker plans to upload their animated content to YouTube to build an audience and attract subscribers, highlighting the platform's role in content promotion and monetization.


Creators are individuals who produce original content, such as videos, music, or writing. In the video, the speaker addresses other creators, sharing their experiences and insights on how AI services can enhance their creative process and content quality. The speaker positions themselves as part of a community of creators who stand to benefit from the advancements in AI technology.


Monetization refers to the process of generating revenue from a product, service, or content. In the video, the speaker discusses how improving their essence and creating high-quality content can lead to financial success. The speaker implies that by using AI to enhance their content creation abilities, they can attract an audience and subsequently earn money through various means, such as advertising and subscriptions.


Quality refers to the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; it is the degree of excellence of a product or service. In the context of the video, the speaker is concerned with the quality of their content and how AI services can help them produce higher-quality work. The speaker anticipates that future AI services will further improve the quality of their content, allowing them to create better and more engaging material.


The speaker has recently been working on an interesting project using AI to enhance their creative process.

The project involved creating an AI advertisement video, highlighting the significant time-saving aspect of AI in video production.

The speaker emphasizes the synergy effect between human creativity and AI, leading to enhanced efficiency and quality in content creation.

The speaker shares their anticipation for the AI services launching in 2024, expecting it to further improve content creation capabilities.

An example is given about a writer who wants to create a fairy tale book, showcasing the potential of AI in story development and visualization.

The speaker discusses the process of turning a story into a visual image using AI, and then transforming that image into a video using Runway 2.

The importance of understanding one's own essence and how AI can enhance it is stressed for creators looking to earn money through content creation.

The speaker provides a step-by-step guide on how to generate an image using AI, from ideation and story sketching to final video production.

The process of generating an image from a story using Midjourney is described, including the use of prompts and AI assistance.

The speaker discusses the limitations of creating videos from real-life images in 2023 and expresses optimism for improved AI services in 2024.

The potential of using AI-generated character-based graphics as a cover for less satisfactory real-life images is mentioned.

A detailed walkthrough of creating an animation from an image using Runway 2 is provided, including tips on motion brushes and ambient values.

The speaker shares their intention to continue discussing content creation for creators and how AI services can enhance their essence.

A final summary of the process, from idea generation to video production, is provided for clarity and guidance.

The speaker concludes by offering a prepared video, showcasing the practical application of the discussed AI techniques in content creation.