AI Generated Profile Pictures Using Remini (AI Headshot)

Gavin Herman
19 Jul 202306:57

TLDRThe video transcript describes the process of creating a new profile picture using AI technology with the help of two tools: Remini and Photoshop. The speaker shares their experience with Remini, an AI photo and video enhancer, which they used to improve a video's quality significantly. They also compare the results of using Remini with manual editing in Photoshop. The speaker then explores the generative AI feature of Remini, which creates professional-looking profile pictures. Despite some initial challenges and dissatisfaction with the generated images, they eventually achieve more satisfactory results. The video concludes with the speaker's excitement about the potential of AI in photo and video editing and encourages viewers to try the app, even if just for the free trial.


  • 🎨 With AI, creating a new profile picture is easier and can turn ordinary photos into highly realistic AI renditions.
  • 🛠️ Two tools are needed for this process: Remini and Photoshop, though the latter is not strictly necessary.
  • 💲 Remini offers a free trial, but its subscription costs seven dollars a week for personal use and ten dollars a week for business.
  • ⏱️ The free membership has a limit on video enhancement to 480 seconds and 480 megabytes.
  • 📹 The video enhancement feature of Remini significantly improves video quality, making details such as lips, nose, and hair appear sharper.
  • 🕒 Short videos can be enhanced quickly, but longer ones take more time, with an eight-second clip taking four minutes to process.
  • 🖼️ The AI photo feature is available on mobile and requires good quality photos with clear faces and no sunglasses.
  • 📱 Users can choose a model image for their AI-generated photos, which can take around 10 minutes to process.
  • 🔄 After the initial batch of photos is uploaded and the AI is trained, subsequent photo generation is faster.
  • 🤔 The generative AI might not always produce results that closely resemble the user, requiring multiple attempts or new photos.
  • 🖌️ Photoshop can be used to further edit and enhance the AI-generated photos, such as adjusting colors and skin tones.
  • 🌟 The final AI-generated profile picture can be saved and used for various online profiles, offering a unique and personalized touch.

Q & A

  • What are the two tools mentioned for creating AI-generated profile pictures?

    -The two tools mentioned are Remini and Photoshop.

  • What is the cost of using Remini for personal use per week?

    -The cost for personal use is seven dollars a week.

  • What is the maximum duration and file size for video enhancement with the free membership of Remini?

    -The maximum duration is 480 seconds and the maximum file size is 480 megabytes.

  • How long did it take to enhance an eight-second clip with Remini?

    -It took four minutes to enhance an eight-second clip.

  • What is the name of the mobile application used for generating AI photos?

    -The mobile application used for generating AI photos is called Remini AI photo and video enhancer.

  • What are the requirements for a good photo to be used with the AI photo generation feature?

    -The requirements include good lighting, a clearly visible face, no sunglasses, and only the subject in the picture.

  • How long did it take to generate the AI photos after the initial batch of photos was uploaded?

    -It took about 10 minutes for the first batch of photos, but subsequent generations were faster.

  • What was the issue the user faced when trying to upload new photos in the AI photo generation app?

    -The user had difficulty finding the option to upload new photos and eventually discovered that deleting and re-downloading the app was necessary to change the images.

  • How did the user enhance the AI-generated photos in Photoshop?

    -The user used the rectangular Marquee tool to make a selection, applied a generative fill, added a soft light color fill, and a hue overlay to mute the skin tones.

  • What was the user's final opinion about the AI-generated profile pictures?

    -The user found the AI-generated profile pictures to be quite impressive and recommended downloading the app for the free trial.

  • What is the user's perspective on the future of AI in photo and video editing for creators?

    -The user is excited about the potential of AI in photo and video editing and believes it will be very interesting to see its impact on creators.

  • How did the user feel about the AI-generated profile pictures resembling their actual appearance?

    -The user had mixed feelings; some of the AI-generated pictures did not resemble them well, but after trying different model images and re-uploading photos, they found a few that looked quite similar.



🎨 AI-Powered Profile Picture Enhancement

The video introduces a new way to enhance profile pictures using artificial intelligence. The host talks about using two tools, Ramini and Photoshop, to transform ordinary photos into highly realistic AI renditions. They discuss the cost of using Ramini AI photo and video enhancer and share their experience with the free trial. The host demonstrates the video enhancement feature, showing a significant improvement in the quality of a short video clip. They also compare the results of using Ramini with manual editing in Photoshop, noting the convenience and potential of AI in photo and video editing. Lastly, they explore the generative AI feature on mobile, discussing the process and results of creating AI-generated photos, including their attempts to find a model image that closely resembles their appearance.


📱 Experimenting with AI Photo Generation

The host continues their exploration of AI photo enhancement by testing the mobile app version of the AI photo generator. They discuss the requirements for a successful AI photo generation, such as good lighting and clear visibility of the face. After uploading photos and selecting a model image, they share their initial disappointment with the results, noting that none of the generated photos closely resembled them. The host then decides to take new photos and reattempt the process, achieving better results. They also mention using Photoshop to further edit the AI-generated photos, adding color tints and adjusting skin tones. The video concludes with the host's excitement about the potential of AI in the creative process and encourages viewers to try the app for themselves.



💡AI Generated Profile Pictures

AI Generated Profile Pictures refers to the use of artificial intelligence to create profile images that are highly realistic. In the video, the creator discusses using AI to transform ordinary photos into professional-looking headshots. This technology is significant as it simplifies the process of creating high-quality profile pictures, which are crucial for personal branding on social media platforms.


Remini is an AI photo and video enhancer tool mentioned in the video. It is used to improve the quality of images and videos with a single click. The tool is highlighted for its ability to make faces appear smoother and more professional, which is particularly useful for creating profile pictures. The video demonstrates the use of Remini to enhance a video clip and a photo, showcasing its potential in enhancing visual content.


Photoshop is a widely recognized image editing software used for manipulating and enhancing digital images. In the context of the video, the creator uses Photoshop alongside Remini to edit a photo and compares the results. Photoshop is noted for its advanced editing capabilities, which allow for more personalized and detailed adjustments compared to the automated enhancements provided by AI tools like Remini.

💡AI Renditions

AI Renditions are the outputs created by AI algorithms that mimic or enhance human-like features in images. The video script discusses turning ordinary photos into AI Renditions, which are highly realistic and professional-looking. These renditions are used to create profile pictures that could be used on platforms like LinkedIn, where a polished appearance is beneficial.

💡Video Enhance

Video Enhance is a feature within the Remini app that improves the quality of video clips. The video script describes the process of using this feature, where an ordinary video is transformed into a sharper, more professional-looking clip. This feature is particularly appealing for content creators who want to enhance the visual appeal of their videos without extensive editing.

💡Generative AI

Generative AI refers to the type of artificial intelligence that can create new content, such as images, based on existing data. In the video, the creator explores the AI Photos feature, which is a form of generative AI that generates new profile pictures based on uploaded photos. This technology is significant as it automates the creation of personalized images, offering a novel approach to content generation.

💡Mobile App

The Mobile App in the context of the video is the Remini application available for smartphones. The creator discusses using the app to access features like AI Photos, which is only available on mobile. Mobile apps are increasingly important as they offer convenience and accessibility, allowing users to perform tasks like enhancing photos and creating AI-generated content on the go.

💡Model Image

A Model Image, as mentioned in the video, is a template or example image used by the AI to generate new photos. The creator selects a model image to guide the AI in creating a profile picture that matches a certain style or look. This concept is central to the generative AI process, as it helps direct the output to meet specific aesthetic criteria.

💡Photo Editing

Photo Editing involves the manipulation of a digital image using software to enhance or alter its appearance. In the video, the creator edits a photo in Photoshop, applying effects like a green tint and a hue overlay to create a desired look. Photo editing is a critical skill for professionals and enthusiasts alike, allowing for the creation of images that meet specific visual standards or creative visions.

💡Free Trial

A Free Trial is a period during which users can access a product or service at no cost to evaluate its features and benefits. The video script mentions signing up for a free trial of the Remini service. Free trials are a common marketing strategy that allows potential customers to experience the value of a product before making a purchase decision.

💡Content Creation

Content Creation is the process of producing digital content, such as videos, images, or written material, for online distribution. The video's creator discusses the impact of AI on content creation, particularly how tools like Remini can enhance the quality of photos and videos. Content creation is a significant aspect of digital marketing and personal branding, and AI tools are increasingly being used to streamline and improve the process.


AI technology can transform ordinary photos into highly realistic AI renditions.

Two tools are needed: Remini and Photoshop, although Photoshop is not strictly necessary.

Remini AI photo and video enhancer can improve image quality in one click.

The cost for personal use is $7 a week and $10 a week for business.

A free trial is available for users to test out the service.

The video enhancement feature can significantly improve video quality, making faces look smoother.

Longer videos may take longer to process due to the enhanced quality.

Photoshop can be used to further edit and enhance the AI-generated images.

AI Photos feature is available on mobile only and requires good lighting and clear facial visibility.

The generative AI creates profile pictures that can be compared to the user's original photos.

The first batch of photos may take longer to process, but subsequent generations are faster.

The AI-generated photos may not always resemble the user closely, requiring multiple attempts.

Editing the AI-generated photos in Photoshop can further enhance their quality.

The final AI-generated profile picture can be saved and used for various purposes.

The app is recommended for download, even for a free trial, to explore AI's impact on photo and video enhancement.

AI technology is a new wave that holds potential for future developments in photo and video creation.

The author shares their excitement about the future of AI in content creation.