AI Headshots Generator for Under $5 | Viral "LinkedIn" Trend Using Remini App Tutorial

Jennifer Marie
24 Jul 202308:13

TLDRIn this tutorial, the creator explores the Remini app, a cost-effective solution for generating professional headshots for LinkedIn profiles. By uploading 8-12 selfies, users receive AI-enhanced images. Although a free trial is available, the AI photo generation requires a $5 payment. The creator shares their experience, offering tips on selecting the right model for the most realistic results and suggests using photo editing tools for further customization. The app also provides options for enhancing or fixing existing photos. The video concludes with a recommendation to cancel the subscription to avoid charges post-trial.


  • 🚀 The Remini app is a popular AI tool used to create professional headshots for LinkedIn profiles.
  • 📸 Users upload 8 to 12 selfies to generate realistic, professional headshots at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.
  • 💰 The app offers a free three-day trial, after which it charges $4.99 per week if not cancelled.
  • 🎭 Selection of the correct model image is crucial for the AI to produce a convincing headshot.
  • 👤 It's recommended to choose close-up models as AI may not accurately represent the user's body.
  • 🖼️ Users receive 48 AI-generated photos, but may need to try multiple models to find one that closely resembles them.
  • 🎨 Minor adjustments can be made in image editing software like Photoshop to improve the accuracy of the AI-generated headshot.
  • 💡 The AI may not perfectly capture features like hands or teeth, so users should review and select the most realistic options.
  • 🌈 Users can experiment with different models, including those with unique features like different hair colors, to find the best fit.
  • 📸 Professional headshots from photographers typically cost between $150 to $500, making the Remini app a cost-effective alternative.
  • 🔗 A tutorial for a completely free alternative using Canva's Magic Edit is available for those who prefer not to use the Remini app.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about using an AI app called Remini to create professional headshots for LinkedIn at an affordable price.

  • How much does it cost to generate AI photos with Remini?

    -It costs $5 to generate AI photos with Remini, which is a significant reduction compared to traditional professional headshot costs.

  • What is the free trial duration for Remini?

    -Remini offers a free one-week trial, after which it charges $4 per week if not canceled.

  • How many selfies are required to create AI headshots with Remini?

    -To create AI headshots with Remini, you need to upload 8 to 12 selfies of yourself.

  • What kind of images should be selected for the best AI headshot results?

    -For the best results, select up-close model images under the 'Curriculum' category for a professional look, as AI may not accurately represent the body.

  • How many AI-generated photos does Remini provide in total?

    -Remini provides a total of 48 AI-generated photos for each model chosen.

  • What can be done if the AI-generated headshot needs minor adjustments?

    -If the AI-generated headshot needs adjustments, it can be imported into an image editor like Photoshop to change details such as eye color or saturation.

  • What is the recommended course of action after the free trial?

    -It is recommended to cancel the subscription after the free trial to avoid being charged the weekly fee.

  • Are there any alternatives to Remini for creating professional headshots?

    -Yes, an alternative is using Canva's Magic Edit, which is completely free with a Canva account and allows users to make adjustments to their own images for a professional look.

  • Why is the Remini app considered a good value?

    -Remini is considered a good value because it provides professional-looking headshots at a significantly lower cost than hiring a professional photographer, making it accessible for those on a budget.

  • How can the AI-generated headshots be used effectively?

    -The AI-generated headshots can be used effectively as profile pictures on social media or professional platforms like LinkedIn, especially when scaled down, as the details won't be scrutinized closely.



📸 AI-Generated Headshots: The New Trend on Social Media

The video script introduces a trend of using an AI app called Remini to create professional headshots for LinkedIn from selfies. The narrator explains that the app is popular on TikTok and offers a free three-day trial. However, to generate AI photos, a fee of five dollars is required. The narrator shares their experience with the app, highlighting the process of uploading selfies, selecting a model image, and receiving 48 AI-generated photos. They emphasize the importance of choosing the right model for a realistic outcome and share their results, noting that some photos look more like them than others. The video also touches on the potential of using AI-generated headshots as a cost-effective alternative to professional photography, especially for profile pictures.


🎨 Customizing AI Headshots with Image Editing Tools

The second paragraph discusses the process of customizing AI-generated headshots using image editing tools like Photoshop. The narrator demonstrates how to adjust the eye color of the AI-generated headshots to match their own, using hue saturation and other adjustment layers. They explain that while there are 48 photos provided by the app, not all may be satisfactory, but even a few good ones can be worth the small cost. The video also mentions the option to enhance or fix personal photos using the app and provides a link to a tutorial on using Canva's Magic Edit for a completely free alternative. The narrator concludes by encouraging viewers to share their thoughts on the headshots and looks forward to their next tutorial.



💡AI Headshots Generator

An AI Headshots Generator refers to an artificial intelligence-based application that creates professional-looking headshots from user-uploaded selfies. In the context of the video, it is a novel tool that leverages machine learning algorithms to produce high-quality, realistic portraits suitable for platforms like LinkedIn, at a fraction of the cost of traditional professional photography.

💡Viral LinkedIn Trend

A Viral LinkedIn Trend refers to a widespread and rapidly spreading pattern of behavior or style on the professional networking platform, LinkedIn. In this case, it is associated with the use of AI-generated headshots, which have become popular due to their affordability and quality, leading to a surge in users adopting this new method for profile pictures.

💡Remini App

The Remini App is an AI-powered photo enhancement application that specializes in creating high-resolution, professional-looking headshots from casual selfies. The app has gained popularity for its ability to transform ordinary selfies into images that could be used for professional purposes, such as LinkedIn profiles, at a low cost.

💡Free Three-Day Trial

A Free Three-Day Trial is a promotional offer by certain software or application developers, allowing potential users to test the app's features and functionality without charge for a limited time period, in this case, three days. This trial period gives users the opportunity to evaluate the app and decide whether its services are worth the investment before they commit to a paid subscription.

💡Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots are high-quality, well-lit photographs of a person, typically used for professional purposes such as resumes, LinkedIn profiles, or business cards. These images are characterized by their clean background, good lighting, and focus on the subject's face to convey a professional image.

💡Uploading Selfies

Uploading Selfies refers to the process of sending self-taken photographs to a device or application. In the context of the Remini App, users are required to upload 8 to 12 selfies to generate a set of AI headshots. The selfies serve as the base for the AI to create a professional-looking image.

💡Model Image

A Model Image in the context of the Remini App is a pre-selected template or example image that serves as a stylistic guide for the AI to generate the headshot. Users choose from a variety of model images to direct the appearance of their AI-generated professional photos.

💡AI Photos

AI Photos, as used in the video, refers to images created by artificial intelligence, specifically through the use of machine learning algorithms that analyze and process the uploaded selfies to produce a professional headshot. These AI Photos aim to mimic the quality and style of images taken by professional photographers.


Photoshop is a widely used software application for image manipulation and editing, developed by Adobe Inc. It provides a suite of tools that allow users to alter and enhance digital images, including adjusting colors, retouching, and adding effects. In the context of the video, it is suggested as a tool to fine-tune the AI-generated headshots, such as changing eye color or other minor adjustments to achieve a more personalized and realistic look.

💡Canva Magic Edit

Canva Magic Edit is a feature within the Canva design platform that offers users the ability to make adjustments to their images, such as changing the background, outfit, and other elements to create a more professional look. It is an alternative to AI headshot generation apps and can be used to enhance personal photos for professional purposes without the need for AI-generated images.


AI Headshots Generator for Under $5

Viral LinkedIn Trend Using Remini App

Professional headshots from 8 to 12 selfies

Free three-day trial available

Generate AI photos for $5

Normal cost of professional headshots is $100-$500

Download Remini from the app store or Google Play

Select your gender and upload selfies

Choose a model image for your AI headshot

Select up close models for more realistic results

48 photos generated per model

Adjust生成 photos in Photoshop for personalization

Great value for $5 compared to professional costs

Cancel subscription to avoid charges

Free alternative with Canva's Magic Edit

AI-generated headshots look realistic in small profile sizes