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7 May 202423:19

TLDRIn this tutorial, the host demonstrates how to create a compelling short video in under 10 minutes using AI tools, specifically highlighting ''. The video showcases the creation of a crime story where a police officer chases a thief, only to discover the thief is a struggling single mother. The process involves generating a story script with AI assistance, customizing character appearances, and selecting video styles. The host guides viewers through the steps, from character creation to final video production, and even includes a translation of the English video into Chinese using another AI tool. The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to subscribe and explore AI video creation further.


  • 🎬 The video was created in less than 10 minutes using AI tools, particularly one called ''.
  • 👮 The story revolves around a young officer chasing a thief, highlighting a chase with a twist revealing the thief's vulnerability and backstory.
  • 🧐 '' is a powerful tool that can generate videos and customize characters' appearances and actions across different genres like sci-fi, children's, comedy, mystery, crime, and historical.
  • 📺 The presenter used 'Qia PPT' to create story videos and suggests it can help write a story script in a minute.
  • ✍️ The script for the crime story video was written with the help of AI, starting with a simple 200-word story and then expanded.
  • 🔍 The process of creating a video involves selecting a story type, describing characters, and customizing their features using prompts and descriptors.
  • 🌐 The AI tool allows for customization of video size and style, catering to various social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.
  • 🎭 Characters in the story can be modified in appearance to fit the narrative, such as changing clothing or physical attributes.
  • 📹 The AI generates storyboards and scenes for the video, providing options for users to select or modify to match the intended story.
  • 🎵 Once the storyboards and scenes are set, the AI matches them with music and voiceover text commentary to finalize the video.
  • 🔗 The final video can be downloaded and, if needed, translated into different languages using additional AI tools for a broader audience reach.

Q & A

  • What are the two AI tools mentioned in the video for creating a short video?

    -The two AI tools mentioned are and Qia PPT.

  • What is the unique feature of that allows customization? allows users to customize the appearance and actions of characters in the video.

  • How many types of videos can create? can create various types of videos including science fiction, children's, comedy, mystery, crime, historical, and horror videos.

  • What is the first tool used in the video creation process as described in the transcript?

    -The first tool used is Qia PPT, which is used to write a story script.

  • How long did it take to create a simple crime suspense story using Qia PPT?

    -It took only a minute to create a simple crime suspense story using Qia PPT.

  • What is the process of translating an English story into a Chinese one in the video?

    -The process involves using Rask AI software to translate the English narration and text into Chinese, and then dubbing the translated text onto the video.

  • How many points are given to new users upon logging into

    -New users are given 100 points upon logging in to

  • What is the purpose of the character generation feature in

    -The character generation feature in is used to create and customize the characters that will appear in the video.

  • What are the different story types available in

    -The different story types available include fantasy, children's stories, action, romance, comedy, mystery, sci-fi, crime, history, and horror.

  • How does help in maintaining consistency in character appearance across different scenes? allows users to describe the characters in detail and regenerates the characters based on these descriptions, ensuring consistency across different scenes.

  • What is the recommended aspect ratio for posting on YouTube as mentioned in the transcript?

    -The recommended aspect ratio for posting on YouTube, as mentioned in the transcript, is 16:9.

  • How can one remove the watermark from the video created using

    -One can use various video watermark removal tools available online to remove the logo or watermark from the video.



🎬 Introduction to AI Video Creation Tools

The speaker introduces the audience to their channel and demonstrates how they created a short video in under 10 minutes using two AI tools, particularly 'rflow'. The tool's capabilities are highlighted, including character customization and the creation of various video genres like sci-fi, children's, comedy, mystery, crime, historical, and horror. The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe and like the video, offering a link to the tool in the video description. They also mention using AI to write a story script and the possibility of translating an English video into Chinese using another tool.


👮‍♂️ Creating a Crime Story with AI Tools

The paragraph explains the process of creating a crime story using AI tools. It details how to use character generation and story outline features to input the story's characters, such as a policeman named Mark and a thief named Amy. The speaker guides on customizing character descriptions and choosing a video size and style. They also discuss selecting a story type, pasting the story script, and confirming the creation of the story with character and style preferences.


🖼️ Editing and Customizing Storyboard Scenes

This section describes the process of editing and customizing each scene in the storyboard. The speaker talks about changing the narration and descriptions to fit the story, ensuring character consistency, and selecting background settings. They mention using translation tools to assist with text changes and emphasize the importance of checking each scene for accuracy before proceeding to video generation.


🌐 Generating and Downloading the AI-Created Video

The speaker explains how to generate the video using the AI tool, choosing the video aspect ratio, and customizing it according to the story's requirements. They mention that the video generation process is quick and uses points within the system. After generation, the speaker discusses downloading the video and using another AI tool to translate and localize the video into a different language, specifically Chinese, by changing the voiceover and text.


🔄 Post-Production and Finalizing the Video

The final paragraph covers post-production steps, including downloading the translated video, making final adjustments, and saving the changes. The speaker also talks about using additional tools to remove watermarks from the video for a clean finish. They conclude by inviting viewers to subscribe to their channel for more AI-related content and look forward to the next video.



💡AI tools

AI tools refer to software applications that use artificial intelligence to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. In the video, AI tools are used to generate a video, create characters, and tell a story. They are essential for the video's creation process, showcasing how AI can streamline and enhance content creation.

💡 is mentioned as a powerful AI tool that the video creator used to generate a video. It is implied to have features for character generation and customization, making it a central tool in the video's production, allowing for the creation of various types of videos across different genres.

💡Character generation

Character generation is the process of creating characters for a story or video. The video emphasizes the ability of AI to generate and customize characters, which is showcased through the creation of a policeman and a thief in the crime story video.

💡Video studio

A video studio, in the context of the video, refers to a feature within an AI tool where users can create and edit videos. The video studio is a key component in the video's narrative, as it's where the actual video production takes place using AI assistance.

💡Story outline

A story outline is a structured summary of a story's plot and characters. In the video, the AI tool helps create a story outline, which is then used to generate the video's narrative. This process is crucial as it forms the basis of the video's content.

💡Crime story

A crime story is a genre of literature and film that focuses on criminal activities and their consequences. The video's main theme revolves around creating a crime story, which involves a policeman chasing a thief, adding suspense and intrigue to the narrative.

💡Video translation

Video translation refers to the process of converting the language of a video from one to another, which can include voiceovers and text. In the video, an English video is translated into Chinese, demonstrating the global reach and adaptability of AI-generated content.


Storyboards are visual representations of a video's scenes, often used in pre-production to plan the sequence of events. The AI tool mentioned in the video generates storyboards, which are then reviewed and selected by the user to create the final video.

💡AI video creation

AI video creation is the process of using artificial intelligence to generate videos. The video script describes how AI tools can be used to write scripts, create characters, and produce videos, highlighting the efficiency and creativity AI brings to video production.

💡Consistency in character design

Consistency in character design means maintaining a uniform appearance and personality for characters throughout a video or story. The video emphasizes the importance of this in storytelling, and how AI tools can ensure that characters remain recognizable and true to their initial design.


A voiceover is a recording where a voice is combined with a video to provide additional information or narration. The video script mentions the use of voiceover to add commentary and emotion to the video, enhancing the storytelling and viewer engagement.

💡Watermark removal

Watermark removal involves the process of eliminating a logo or mark from a video, often used for branding or copyright purposes. The video script mentions the need to remove watermarks for professional or distribution purposes, suggesting the use of specific tools to achieve this.


AI tools can generate a short video in less than 10 minutes using platforms like is a powerful tool that can create videos and customize character appearances and actions.

The tool can produce various types of videos, including science fiction, children's, comedy, mystery, crime, historical, and horror.

AI tools can assist in writing story scripts, and Artflow can help tell a story directly.

Qia PPT is used to create AI videos, with story videos being crafted using PPT.

A simple crime suspense story can be written in minutes with AI assistance.

A free tool is recommended for translating English videos into Chinese.

ARF load AI provides a user-friendly interface for creating stories with character generation and image studios.

Users can preview and select from a variety of story types and customize character descriptions.

Artflow allows for the customization of character styles and the selection of video sizes and aspect ratios.

The platform generates a storyline and storyboards, providing options to edit each scene for better fit.

Users can modify text narration, character actions, and backgrounds to align with their story.

Artflow enables the creation of consistent character appearances across different scenes.

The generated video can be matched with music and voiceover text commentary.

Videos can be downloaded directly from the platform and later translated into different languages using other AI tools.

The Rask AI link tool can be used to translate English videos into Chinese or other languages.

AI tools can help remove watermarks from videos, allowing for cleaner final products.

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