Adobe Firefly Image 2 Generative AI - Full Tutorial

13 Oct 202314:58

TLDRAdobe Firefly 2, Adobe's latest generative AI tool, is introduced in this tutorial. The video compares Firefly 2's photorealistic image generation capabilities with those of Dolly 3 and Mid Journey, highlighting Firefly 2's superior detail and realism, especially in skin texture and depth of focus. The tutorial walks viewers through accessing Firefly, adjusting settings such as aspect ratio, content type, and visual intensity, and experimenting with style strength and effects for different looks, from paintings to hyperrealistic images. The presenter also demonstrates how to use advanced settings to exclude items from images and adjust photography parameters like aperture and shutter speed. The video concludes with a discussion on Adobe Firefly's potential to surpass competitors due to Adobe's resources and commitment to the AI generative movement, inviting viewers to share their thoughts on the tool.


  • 🎨 Adobe Firefly 2 is a powerful generative AI tool that produces photorealistic images with high detail, such as skin texture and peach fuzz.
  • 🖥️ To access Adobe Firefly 2, users need an Adobe account and can navigate to, where the tool is still in beta mode.
  • 📐 Users can adjust the aspect ratio of the image to suit their needs, such as landscape or square, and Adobe Firefly 2 maintains a user-friendly interface.
  • 🖼️ The content type selection allows users to choose between photorealistic images and art features, catering to different creative needs.
  • 🌟 Adjusting the visual intensity can tone down or enhance the image's visual characteristics, affecting the realism of the output.
  • 🎭 Style strength allows users to control the intensity of style matching and effects, offering options like painting, digital art, or hyper-realistic styles.
  • 📸 Users can fine-tune the image with photography-related settings like aperture, shutter speed, and field of view, enhancing the realism of the generated images.
  • ➖ Exclusion of certain elements, such as a stethoscope, can be done within the tool, although it requires pressing 'return' to apply the change.
  • 📈 The generative fill feature enables users to seamlessly edit the background or add elements like goggles or a parrot to the generated image.
  • 🔍 The 'Pan' tool allows for precise positioning of added elements within the image, providing control over where new objects appear.
  • 💬 Adobe Firefly 2 is considered a strong contender in the generative AI space, potentially outpacing competitors like Mid Journey due to Adobe's resources and expertise in photo editing.
  • 📝 The speaker plans to create a tutorial on the video aspect of Adobe Firefly, indicating the tool's capabilities extend beyond still images into video editing.

Q & A

  • What is Adobe Firefly 2 and how does it differ from its predecessor?

    -Adobe Firefly 2 is an advanced generative AI tool developed by Adobe that creates highly realistic images based on textual prompts. It is an improvement over its predecessor, Firefly 1, offering more detailed skin textures, better dimension accuracy, and a more lifelike appearance.

  • How can I access Adobe Firefly 2?

    -To access Adobe Firefly 2, you need to have an Adobe account. Once you have that, navigate to, where you can access the tool, which is currently in beta mode.

  • What is the significance of aspect ratio in Adobe Firefly 2?

    -The aspect ratio in Adobe Firefly 2 determines the shape of the generated image, whether it will be a landscape, portrait, or square. It is defined by the width and height ratio, such as 16:9 for widescreen or 1:1 for a square.

  • How does the visual intensity setting in Adobe Firefly 2 affect the generated images?

    -The visual intensity setting allows users to adjust the overall intensity of the image's visual characteristics. A higher intensity can make the images pop more but may also push them towards a heavily edited or video game-like appearance, while a lower intensity results in more toned-down and realistic images.

  • What is the purpose of the style strength control in Adobe Firefly 2?

    -The style strength control in Adobe Firefly 2 adjusts the intensity of style matching and effects. It allows users to fine-tune how closely the generated image adheres to a specific style or effect, such as painting, digital art, or hyper-realism.

  • How can I use a reference image to influence the style of the generated image in Adobe Firefly 2?

    -In Adobe Firefly 2, users can upload a reference image to match the style of the generated image. The AI will then take into account the style elements from the reference image when creating the new image.

  • What is the generative fill feature in Adobe Firefly 2 used for?

    -The generative fill feature in Adobe Firefly 2 allows users to seamlessly edit parts of the generated image, such as adding or removing objects, changing the background, or applying various filters and adjustments.

  • How does the generative fill feature handle background removal in Adobe Firefly 2?

    -The generative fill feature can automatically detect and remove the background of an image. Users can invert the selection to choose everything but the subject, and adjust settings like brush size, hardness, and opacity for more precise control.

  • What are some of the advanced settings available in Adobe Firefly 2 for fine-tuning the generated images?

    -Advanced settings in Adobe Firefly 2 include the ability to exclude specific objects from the generated image, adjust the aperture for depth of field effects, and set the shutter speed and field of view to mimic different photography techniques.

  • How does Adobe Firefly 2 handle complex elements like hands in generated images?

    -Adobe Firefly 2 has improved its ability to generate complex elements like hands, but it can still sometimes struggle with accuracy. The AI may create hands that are not entirely realistic, though in some cases, it can generate hands that are quite accurate and well-rendered.

  • What are the potential uses of Adobe Firefly 2 for professional photographers or designers?

    -Adobe Firefly 2 can be used by professionals to generate high-quality, photo-realistic images for various applications, such as creating unique images for websites without the need for stock photos, or producing custom artwork and designs with a specific style in mind.

  • How does Adobe Firefly 2 compare to other generative AI platforms like Midjourney or Stable Diffusion?

    -While the video script author appreciates Midjourney and uses it for workshops, they find Adobe Firefly 2 to be the premier generative AI for photo-realistic style imagery due to its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and the high quality of the generated images. Adobe's deep pockets and established position in the photo editing market make it a strong contender in the generative AI space.



🖼️ Introduction to Adobe Firefly 2's Photorealistic Capabilities

The video begins with an introduction to Adobe's Firefly 2, a generative AI tool that creates highly realistic images. The host compares Firefly 2's output to that of Dolly 3 and Mid Journey, noting that Firefly 2 produces more lifelike images with finer details such as skin texture and peach fuzz. The host also discusses the user-friendly interface and the ability to adjust the visual intensity and style strength to achieve different levels of realism. The tutorial then guides viewers on how to access and use Firefly 2, including setting the aspect ratio, content type, and experimenting with various settings to generate a portrait of a female orthopedic surgeon.


🎨 Customizing and Editing Images with Adobe Firefly 2

The host delves into the customization options available in Adobe Firefly 2, such as selecting different styles, adjusting lighting, and manipulating the composition of the generated images. The video also covers advanced settings that allow for the exclusion of certain elements from the image, like a stethoscope. The host demonstrates how to generate images with varying levels of realism and how to refine the output by adjusting the visual intensity. The segment concludes with a discussion on the potential of using Firefly 2 for professional photography, suggesting that it could be a viable alternative to traditional stock photos.


🛠️ Adobe Firefly 2's Editing Features and Generative Fill

The host explores the editing features of Adobe Firefly 2, including the ability to download, copy, and rate images, as well as report inappropriate content. The focus then shifts to the generative fill tool, which allows for background removal and the addition of new elements to the image. The video demonstrates how to use the tool to seamlessly edit the background, add objects like goggles or a parrot, and adjust the settings for brush size, hardness, and opacity. The host concludes by sharing their thoughts on Adobe's position in the generative AI market, suggesting that its resources and reputation make it a strong contender in the field.



💡Adobe Firefly 2

Adobe Firefly 2 is a generative AI tool developed by Adobe Inc. that creates high-quality images based on textual prompts. It is noted for its ability to produce photorealistic images with fine details such as skin texture and depth of focus. In the video, it is compared to other generative AI platforms like Dolly 3 and Mid Journey, showcasing its advanced capabilities in creating lifelike images.

💡Dolly 3

Dolly 3 is referenced as another generative AI platform that produces images from text prompts. However, the video suggests that Dolly 3's output has a 'video game feel' and lacks the realism and detail that Adobe Firefly 2 offers, particularly when it comes to the dimensions and texture of the generated images.

💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is mentioned as a competitor to Adobe Firefly 2 in the generative AI space. The video speaker expresses appreciation for Mid Journey, even mentioning teaching workshops on it, but ultimately positions Adobe Firefly 2 as superior for photorealistic image generation.


Photorealistic refers to the quality of an image or visual representation that closely resembles a photograph. It is a central theme in the video, as the speaker evaluates the capabilities of Adobe Firefly 2 based on its ability to generate images that appear extremely lifelike. The term is used to describe the desired outcome of the AI-generated images.

💡Visual Intensity

Visual Intensity in the context of Adobe Firefly 2 is a setting that allows users to adjust the overall intensity of the image's visual characteristics. The video demonstrates how varying this setting can lead to images that range from more subdued to heavily edited and stylized, affecting the photorealistic quality of the output.

💡Style Strength

Style Strength is a control within Adobe Firefly 2 that adjusts the strength of style matching and effects. It is used to fine-tune the style of the generated image, allowing for a balance between realism and artistic interpretation, as shown when the speaker discusses creating images that mimic painting or digital art styles.

💡Generative Fill

Generative Fill is a feature of Adobe Firefly 2 that enables users to add or modify elements within an image, such as adding goggles or a parrot. It showcases the tool's flexibility in not only generating new images from scratch but also in editing and customizing existing AI-generated content.


In photography, aperture refers to the opening in a camera lens that controls the amount of light entering the camera. In Adobe Firefly 2, the aperture setting simulates this photographic concept, allowing users to dictate the depth of field in the generated images, thus affecting the sharpness or blurriness of the background relative to the subject.

💡Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed is a camera setting that determines the length of time the camera's shutter is open, thus controlling the amount of light that reaches the camera sensor. Within Adobe Firefly 2, it is used to simulate the effect of different shutter speeds on the motion blur or sharpness of the generated images.

💡Field of View

Field of View (FOV) is the extent of the observable scene that is seen at any given moment. In the context of Adobe Firefly 2, adjusting the field of view allows users to control the angle and perspective of the generated images, simulating different camera lens effects.


Exclusion in Adobe Firefly 2 is the ability to specify elements that should not appear in the generated image. The video demonstrates this feature by attempting to exclude a stethoscope from the image, which is an example of the tool's capacity for detailed and specific image manipulation.


Adobe Firefly 2 generates highly realistic images with impressive skin detailing and depth of focus.

Compared to Dolly 3 and mid-Journey, Adobe Firefly produces images with more lifelike textures and dimensions.

Adobe Firefly 2 is accessible through for users with an Adobe account.

The tool offers a user-friendly interface and is still in beta mode.

Users can select the aspect ratio for their images, such as landscape or square.

Content type and visual intensity can be adjusted for photorealistic or artistic outcomes.

The style strength feature allows users to match styles and apply effects like painting or hyper-realism.

Photographers can adjust aperture, shutter speed, and field of view to mimic professional camera settings.

Advanced settings enable the exclusion of certain elements from the generated image.

The generative fill feature seamlessly edits backgrounds and adds new elements like goggles or a parrot.

Adobe Firefly's generative text-to-image capabilities can produce various versions based on user prompts.

The platform allows for easy downloading, linking, and editing of generated images.

Users can rate and provide feedback on the generated images to help improve the AI.

Adobe Firefly is considered a strong contender in the generative AI space, rivaling platforms like Mid journey.

The tutorial demonstrates how to use Adobe Firefly 2 to create a realistic portrait of a female orthopedic surgeon.

The presenter suggests that Adobe's deep pockets and resources may give it an advantage over competitors.

Adobe Firefly's advancements are seen as a quick catch-up in the generative AI movement.

An upcoming tutorial will cover the video aspect of Adobe Firefly.