Amazing Art Created by Wonder AI Art Generator

Emarude Rogue
16 Oct 202205:20

TLDRThe video showcases the Wonder AI Art Generator, a tool that creates unique art in various styles. The creator explores different themes, including circus-inspired images and mythical characters, while noting the tool's potential for both artistic expression and entertainment. Despite some odd results, the creator is impressed with the generator's output and considers upgrading to the premium or pro version for more features. The video ends with an invitation for viewers to suggest ideas for future art generation.


  • 🎨 The video showcases the Wonder AI Art Generator, an AI tool for creating art.
  • ⚠️ The content may not be suitable for children and is recommended for viewers aged 18 and above.
  • 🤹‍♂️ The AI generates art in various styles, including circus-themed images and smoky effects.
  • 📚 The term 'novelistic' is used to describe one of the art styles the AI can create.
  • 🎬 The 'cinematic' style is mentioned, resulting in an odd-looking double bear image.
  • 🧙‍♀️ The 'mystical' style is tested, and the AI's output is found to be cute and appealing.
  • 🎭 The presenter considers keeping the mystical and double bear images created by the AI.
  • 🕷️ The idea of an 'arachnid Queen' is explored for a Halloween-themed art piece.
  • 🦀 The resulting arachnid Queen image is described as having features more akin to crab legs than spider legs.
  • ✨ The 'magic' and 'mythological' styles are the presenter's favorites, used frequently in the demonstration.
  • 🤔 The presenter expresses confusion over one of the AI-generated images, which is difficult to interpret.
  • 🛒 The presenter is currently using the free trial version of the Wonder AI Art Generator and plans to purchase the premium version.
  • 💰 Mention is made of a pro version of the AI tool, but it is not currently available for purchase.
  • 📢 The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to like, subscribe, and comment with their own AI art generation requests.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the 'Wonder AI Art Generator' mentioned in the script?

    -The 'Wonder AI Art Generator' is a tool that creates art in various styles based on given prompts or themes. It is used to generate unique and diverse artwork.

  • What content warning is given at the beginning of the script?

    -A content warning is provided to inform viewers that some images generated may not be appropriate for children and are intended for viewers aged 18 and above.

  • What is the first art style attempted in the script?

    -The first art style attempted is 'smoky,' which is likened to a possible 'Paddington' style.

  • What does the narrator find interesting about the 'cinematic' style of art generated?

    -The narrator finds the 'cinematic' style interesting due to its odd appearance and the recurring theme of the double bear, which they don't fully understand.

  • What art style does the narrator consider keeping for themselves?

    -The narrator considers keeping the art generated in the 'mystical' style because they find it cute.

  • What fictional character concept is explored in the script?

    -The script explores the concept of an 'arachnid Queen' as a fictional character, particularly relevant for the Halloween season.

  • What feature of the 'arachnid Queen' artwork confuses the narrator?

    -The narrator is confused by the 'arachnid Queen' artwork because it appears to have crab legs rather than spider legs and a mouth on her chest.

  • Which art styles are the narrator's favorites and why?

    -The narrator's favorite art styles are 'mythological' and 'novelistic' because they are used the most and seem to produce interesting results.

  • What is the narrator's current status with the 'Wonder AI Art Generator' subscription?

    -The narrator is currently on a free trial version of the 'Wonder AI Art Generator' and is considering purchasing the premium version, and possibly the pro version when it becomes available.

  • What does the narrator encourage viewers to do after watching the video?

    -The narrator encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and leave comments with any ideas for art they would like to see generated in the Wonder AI app, offering to attempt creating them.



🎨 Exploring Wonder AI Art Generator

The speaker introduces the Wonder AI art generator, a tool that creates art in various styles, and gives a fair warning that some generated images may not be suitable for children due to their nature. They proceed to experiment with different art styles such as 'smoky', 'novelistic', 'cinematic', and 'mystical', showcasing the versatility of the AI. The speaker expresses a preference for certain styles and mentions the possibility of keeping some of the generated images. They also discuss the availability of a free trial and their interest in purchasing the premium and pro versions of the app, despite some confusion regarding the purchase process.


📢 Engaging with the Audience for AI Art Requests

In the second paragraph, the speaker directly addresses the audience, encouraging them to like, subscribe, and comment on the video. They invite viewers to suggest ideas for what they would like to see generated using the Wonder AI app, promising to attempt to create those images. This call to action is aimed at fostering community engagement and tailoring future content to the audience's interests.



💡AI Art Generator

An AI Art Generator is a software or tool that uses artificial intelligence to create artwork. In the context of the video, it is the main subject and the tool used to generate various art styles and images. The script discusses the process of using this generator to create different pieces of art, showcasing its capabilities.

💡Appropriate for children

This term refers to content that is suitable for children to view. The script mentions a warning that some images generated by the AI might not be suitable for children, indicating that the content may vary in nature and some could be adult-themed.

💡Art Styles

Art styles refer to distinctive visual elements, techniques, and methods that typify and characterize artistic expressions. The video script explores various art styles such as 'novelistic,' 'cinematic,' 'mystical,' and others, demonstrating the AI's ability to emulate different artistic styles.

💡Double bear

The term 'double bear' appears to be a specific artistic element or motif that the AI repeatedly generates in the script. It is used to illustrate the AI's tendency to create certain patterns or images, possibly due to its training data or algorithms.


Cinematic refers to something related to the style or techniques of filmmaking. In the video, 'cinematic' is one of the art styles the AI is asked to generate, suggesting a visual style that might be dramatic or visually engaging like a movie scene.


Mystical is associated with mystery, magic, or the supernatural. The script mentions 'mystical' as an art style, indicating that the AI can create images with an otherworldly or magical quality, which might be intriguing or captivating to viewers.

💡Fictional character

A fictional character is a personage created in literature or art, not based on a real person. The script suggests generating a 'fictional character,' which demonstrates the AI's capacity to create original characters, possibly for storytelling or artistic purposes.

💡Arachnid Queen

An 'Arachnid Queen' is a term used in the script to describe a specific type of fictional character, likely one that has characteristics of a spider or is a ruler of arachnids. It is an example of the AI's ability to generate concepts for characters that are both imaginative and thematic.


Halloween is a holiday celebrated in many countries on October 31. The script mentions 'Halloween' in the context of creating an 'Arachnid Queen' image, indicating that the AI is being used to generate content that is seasonally or thematically relevant to the holiday.


Premium typically refers to a higher tier of service or product, often including additional features or benefits. In the video, the speaker mentions considering purchasing the 'premium' version of the AI art generator, suggesting that there are different levels of access or capabilities within the software.


Pro is short for 'professional' and often denotes a higher level of expertise or a more advanced version of a product. The script mentions a 'pro' version of the AI art generator, which implies an even more advanced or feature-rich tier beyond the premium version.


Introduction to the Wonder AI art generator and its background usage.

Content warning for images that may not be suitable for children, recommended for viewers 18 and above.

Starting with a unique art style inspired by circuses, exploring different styles for audience feedback.

The AI generates smoky art, with a possible reference to Paddington Bear.

Experimenting with the 'novelistic' art style, showcasing a preference for double bear imagery.

Transitioning to 'cinematic' style, noting the odd appearance and recurring double bear theme.

Exploring the 'mystical' style, with a positive reception and potential to keep the generated images.

Considering the creation of fictional characters, specifically 'double bears', for artistic representation.

Trying a different approach with the 'arachnid Queen' concept, timed with Halloween season.

Art generated for the 'arachnid Queen' appears to have unusual features, such as a mouth on the chest.

Using the 'magic' style, which is a favorite along with 'mythological' and 'novelistic'.

A peculiar art piece is generated under the 'sounds' style, prompting confusion and curiosity.

Recommendation of the Wonder AI art generator, currently using the free trial version.

Intention to purchase the premium version and possibly the pro version once available.

Mention of the pro version's availability but lack of clear purchase options.

Closing with a call to action for likes, subscriptions, and comments for future AI-generated content suggestions.