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16 May 202326:08

TLDRThe video script introduces 'Mit Journey', an AI-powered tool that creates digital images based on user prompts. It highlights the ease of use, where simply providing a word or brief description can generate four distinct images. The tool integrates with Discord and offers various features such as adjusting image detail, style, and aspect ratio. The script also discusses the evolution of image quality over time and provides tips for creating detailed and stylized images, including using emojis and English prompts for better results. Additionally, it covers the subscription model, different plan options, and the ability to customize and upscale images post-generation. The video also explores creating logos and using personal images with the tool, along with recommending resources for crafting better prompts.


  • 🎨 The tool 'Mit Journey' uses artificial intelligence to create digital images based on prompts given by the user.
  • 📝 Users can generate images by providing a single word or a short description as a prompt to the AI bot.
  • 🌐 The quality of images produced by Mit Journey has significantly improved over time, with more data access leading to better results.
  • 🖼️ Users have the option to use emojis as prompts and are recommended to use English prompts for the most accurate outcomes.
  • 🔗 Mit Journey can be accessed via Discord, which is originally a gaming community platform but has expanded for various uses.
  • 💻 Users without a Discord account need to register first, which is a free process, and then join the Mit Journey server.
  • 📦 Creating a personal Discord server is recommended for users to keep their images private and organized.
  • 🛠️ The 'Remix Mode' in Mit Journey allows users to adjust and improve their prompts after image creation.
  • 💰 Subscription to Mit Journey is required for using the tool, with different pricing plans available such as Basic, Standard, and PRO.
  • 🖌️ Users can create logos without text using Mit Journey and add text later using other software like Photoshop or Canva.
  • 🔄 The 'Blend' function enables users to mix up to five images together to create new ones without adding extra text.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the tool mentioned in the script?

    -The main purpose of the tool, referred to as 'mit journey', is to create digital images using artificial intelligence based on prompts given by the user.

  • How does the user interact with the AI to create images?

    -The user interacts with the AI by providing a command or a prompt, which can be a single word or a short description. The AI then automatically generates four different images based on the input.

  • What is the recommended language for prompts to achieve the best results?

    -English prompts are recommended to achieve the best results as they allow the AI to access more data.

  • How has the quality of the images created by the tool improved over time?

    -The quality of the images has significantly improved over the past few months, with more detail and sharpness being achieved in the latest versions.

  • What is the significance of the 'Papst in der Daunenjacke' image in the script?

    -The 'Papst in der Daunenjacke' image is mentioned as an example of how the tool's capabilities have been recognized and its images have gone viral.

  • How can users get started with the tool?

    -Users can get started by logging in with a Discord account on the tool's website, as it is currently only available on Discord.

  • What are the different versions of the tool and how do they differ?

    -There are different versions of the tool, such as the 5.1 version, which creates more detailed and sharper images. The 'romote' is a version that does not add the tool's own style, and there are also modes like 'Niki' for comic or illustration styles.

  • What are the pricing plans for using the tool?

    -The pricing plans include a Basic Plan for around $10 per month, a Standard Plan for $30 per month, and a PRO Plan for $60 per month. There are also annual plans available at a lower cost compared to the monthly plans.

  • How can users customize their images further?

    -Users can customize their images by using parameters such as aspect ratio, style, quality, chaos, and by requesting variations or upscales of the generated images.

  • What are some tips for creating better prompts?

    -To create better prompts, users should describe the image as precisely as possible, including details about the subject, environment, style, and desired photo type. Mentioning specific artists or styles can also help achieve a particular look.

  • How can users incorporate their own images into the tool?

    -Users can incorporate their own images by uploading them to Discord and using the 'Blend' command to mix them with other images. They can also use the 'describe' function to generate prompts based on an uploaded image.

  • Are there any additional resources to help users create better prompts?

    -Yes, there are websites like 'prompt.sh' that offer tools to generate and refine prompts, as well as the 'explore' tab within the tool itself for finding inspiration and examples.



🎨 Introduction to mit journey

This paragraph introduces mit journey, an AI-powered tool that generates digital images based on prompts given by users. It explains the simplicity of the process, where users only need to provide a word or a brief description to generate images. The AI can create four different images per prompt, and the quality has significantly improved over time. The script also mentions the viral image of the Pope in a down jacket and discusses various techniques and parameters for creating detailed images, logos, and more. It emphasizes the fun aspect of using the tool and provides a brief introduction to Discord, the platform where mit journey can be accessed.


💻 Getting Started with mit journey on Discord

This section provides a step-by-step guide on how to get started with mit journey on Discord. It explains the process of creating a Discord account, joining the mit journey server, and navigating the platform. It also discusses the public nature of the images created on the server and recommends creating a personal Discord server to maintain privacy. The paragraph outlines the process of adding the mit journey bot to a personal server and setting up categories and channels for organizing images. It also explains how to communicate with the bot and create images without others seeing them.


🛠️ Customizing mit journey Images and Settings

This paragraph delves into the customization options available in mit journey. It explains how to create detailed images by providing more specific prompts and the ability to use emojis. It introduces the concept of different versions of mit journey, with the latest version (5.1) producing more detailed and sharper images. The paragraph also discusses the settings available, such as the aspect ratio, style, quality, chaos, and seed parameters, and how they influence the final image. It provides examples of how to use these settings to achieve desired outcomes and mentions the remix mode for post-image adjustments.


📸 Enhancing Prompts for Better Imagery

This section focuses on enhancing prompts to create better images. It emphasizes the importance of detailed and accurate descriptions in the prompts to achieve the desired results. The paragraph explains how to incorporate various elements such as style, subject, environment, and camera settings into the prompts. It also discusses the use of artist names to emulate specific styles and provides examples of how different prompts can lead to varied outcomes. The paragraph further explores the use of parameters like aspect ratio, style, quality, and chaos to fine-tune the images.


🏷️ Creating Logos with mit journey

This paragraph discusses the process of creating logos using mit journey. It advises against including text in the logos due to the tool's limitations with text and suggests creating text separately using other software like Photoshop or Canva. The section provides tips on describing the logo design and suggests mentioning a favorite artist or designer to emulate their style in the logo. It also covers the process of creating variations of the logo and using the blend function to combine up to five images to create new designs.


🔍 Exploring and Enhancing Prompts with Free Tools

This section introduces free online tools that can help enhance prompts for better image generation with mit journey. It highlights the website 'prompt.sh' for generating and refining prompts with customizable styles and lighting conditions. The paragraph also mentions the 'describe' function in mit journey, which provides four different prompts based on an uploaded image. It encourages exploring the 'explore' tab in the mit journey account for new image ideas and reminds users to copy the full command, including parameters, when using the describe function for further adjustments.

🗂️ Organizing and Downloading Images in mit journey

The final paragraph focuses on organizing and downloading images within the mit journey platform. It explains how to sort images by categories and access the describe function or copy the prompt directly for further use. The paragraph emphasizes the importance of selecting the full command to ensure all parameters are copied, not just the prompt, for accurate image generation.



💡Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is used to create digital images through a tool called 'mit journey', which generates images based on prompts given by the user. The AI's ability to create detailed and high-quality images has significantly improved over time, as exemplified by the viral image of the Pope in a down jacket.


Discord is a communication platform originally designed for the gaming community but has since expanded for use in various other fields. In the video, it is mentioned as the platform where users can access and use 'mit journey' to create images. Discord allows for the exchange of messages and files and can be accessed through a web browser or a desktop app.


In the context of the video, prompts are inputs or commands given by the user to the AI tool 'mit journey' to generate specific images. A prompt can be a single word, a short description, or even an emoji. The quality and detail of the generated images are influenced by the complexity and specificity of the prompt.

💡Image Quality

Image quality refers to the resolution, detail, and overall visual appeal of the images produced by the AI tool. The video highlights the improvements in image quality over time and discusses settings that users can adjust to control the level of detail and artistic style in the generated images.


Parameters are additional specifications that users can include in their prompts to influence the output of the AI image generation. They can modify aspects such as the aspect ratio, style, quality, and chaos level of the generated images. Parameters are added at the end of the prompt, starting with two dashes.

💡Logo Design

Logo design involves creating visual symbols or icons that represent a company, product, or brand. In the video, it is discussed that users can create logos using 'mit journey' by providing a detailed description of the desired logo style, and even referencing specific artists or designers to guide the AI's creation process.

💡Blend Function

The blend function allows users to combine multiple images to create a new one. This feature is particularly useful for creating composite images by blending elements from different sources, as demonstrated in the video where an image of a cat is blended with an image of a lion.

💡Remix Mode

Remix mode is a feature in 'mit journey' that enables users to make adjustments to the prompts and regenerate the images after they have been initially created. This allows for fine-tuning the output based on the user's satisfaction with the initial results.


A subscription in the context of the video refers to the payment plan required to use the 'mit journey' AI tool beyond its basic, free version. The video outlines different subscription tiers, including Basic, Standard, and PRO plans, each with varying costs and benefits.


Community in this context refers to the group of users who share a common interest in using 'mit journey' for image creation. The video discusses the existence of various rooms within the Discord server where users can share their images, exchange ideas, and learn from one another.


Promptuning is the process of refining and adjusting prompts to achieve better results from the AI image generation tool. It involves experimenting with different descriptions, styles, and parameters to optimize the output according to the user's preferences.


Mit Journey is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create digital images based on prompts.

The process is simple, where users provide a word or a short description as a prompt to generate images.

The AI can create four different images based on a single word prompt, showcasing the versatility of the tool.

Using longer prompts or even emojis can enhance the detail and quality of the generated images.

The quality of the images has significantly improved over the months, with examples like the viral image of the Pope in a down jacket.

Mit Journey can be accessed through Discord, which is originally a platform for gaming communities but has expanded to other areas.

Users can create their own Discord server to work with Mit Journey privately, rather than using public channels.

Mit Journey offers different versions for image creation, with the latest version being 5.1, which produces more detailed and sharper images.

The Remix Mode allows users to adjust the prompts after the initial image creation, providing more control over the final output.

Mit Journey is not free and requires a subscription, with different plans available such as Basic, Standard, and PRO.

Users can purchase additional 'fast hours' to speed up the image creation process if needed.

The tool provides various commands to help users navigate and utilize its features, such as settings, subscribe, and info.

Parameters such as aspect ratio, style, quality, and chaos can be adjusted to fine-tune the image generation process.

Mit Journey allows users to create logos by describing the design and incorporating a specific artist's style.

Users can upload their own images to be used as a base for new creations or blend multiple images together using the Blend command.

Free web platforms like promptpunkt.com can assist users in crafting better prompts for Mit Journey, offering suggestions and adjustments.

The describe function in Mit Journey provides four different prompts based on an uploaded image, helping users understand how the AI interprets visual elements.

The explore tab in Mit Journey is a valuable resource for discovering new images and prompts, allowing users to draw inspiration from a curated collection.