I Asked AI To Make Redstone For Me

8 May 202311:15

TLDRIn a humorous experiment, various AI chatbots are challenged to create Redstone contraptions in Minecraft, with mixed results. The AIs struggle with accuracy and completeness of instructions, leading to failed builds and a search for external help. Ultimately, Discord AI triumphs in the final round by accurately describing a 2x2 piston door mechanism, while others falter or fail to participate.


  • 🤖 AI's capabilities have advanced to the point where they can assist in various tasks, but they still struggle with certain complex activities like Redstone mechanics in Minecraft.
  • 🚀 The script humorously compares the AI's Redstone building attempts to a SpaceX launch, highlighting the speed at which the TNT disappeared and the lack of visible success.
  • 💣 Different AI chatbots were pitted against each other in a 'Redstone wits' battle, showcasing their varied levels of effectiveness and understanding of the game.
  • 🔧 The AI chatbots provided instructions for creating Redstone contraptions, with varying degrees of clarity and accuracy, leading to mixed results in execution.
  • 🛠️ The script highlights the limitations of AI when it comes to practical, hands-on tasks within games like Minecraft, especially when detailed, step-by-step instructions are required.
  • 🔄 The AI chatbots struggled with providing coherent and workable instructions for Redstone contraptions, often leading to confusion and non-functional builds.
  • 🎮 The interaction between the user and various AI platforms (Chat GPT, Bing chat, Google, Discord, Snapchat) demonstrates the current state of AI in assisting with gaming tasks.
  • 🏆 Despite the challenges, Discord AI managed to correctly describe a 2x2 piston door in Minecraft by the end of the script, showing potential for improvement in AI's gaming capabilities.
  • 📚 The script serves as a reminder that while AI can provide useful information, it's still essential to consult with experienced players or reliable sources for complex tasks.
  • 🌐 The user's attempt to find help from Minecraft communities on Discord and YouTube underscores the value of community knowledge and peer support in gaming.

Q & A

  • What was the initial task given to the AI chatbots in the script?

    -The initial task given to the AI chatbots was to create a TNT cannon using Redstone in Minecraft.

  • How did Chad GPT perform in the TNT cannon challenge?

    -Chad GPT provided a series of instructions for building the TNT cannon, but the final result was not successful, as the TNT disappeared without any visible launch.

  • What limitation did Bing chat encounter when attempting the task?

    -Bing chat could not run the AI in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, and required the use of Microsoft Edge.

  • What was the issue with the instructions given by Google for the TNT cannon?

    -Google's instructions did not mention the use of TNT anywhere, making it unclear how the cannon was supposed to function.

  • Which AI chatbot provided a tutorial that was not functional in the 2x2 door challenge?

    -Snapchat's AI provided a tutorial that was not functional, as it included a dead YouTube link and did not result in a working 2x2 door mechanism.

  • What was the final task given to the AI chatbots in the script?

    -The final task given to the AI chatbots was to create a simple Minecart station.

  • How did Discord Clyde perform in the Minecart station challenge?

    -Discord Clyde admitted it couldn't perform the task, stating it was a skill issue, and did not attempt to build the Minecart station.

  • What was the main issue with the Minecart station built by Bing chat?

    -The main issue with Bing chat's Minecart station was that it was not functional, as it included redundant Redstone and did not properly instruct how to get the Minecarts moving.

  • Which AI chatbot provided the most detailed and accurate instructions for the Minecart station?

    -Google Bard provided the most detailed and accurate instructions, resulting in a functional and aesthetically pleasing Minecart station, despite not mentioning the minecarts in the instructions.

  • What was the final verdict on the overall winner of the AI chatbot challenges?

    -The overall winner was not clearly stated, as Discord Clyde dominated the final round with a perfect 2x2 door build, but Snapchat provided a non-functional tutorial, and other AI chatbots had mixed performances.



🤖 AI Chatbots' Redstone Challenges

The paragraph discusses the various AI chatbots' attempts at creating Redstone contraptions in Minecraft. It highlights the struggles and inaccuracies in the instructions provided by different AI platforms, such as GPT, Bing Chat, Google, Discord, and Snapchat. The AI chatbots face challenges in building TNT cannons and Minecart stations, with some providing vague or incorrect instructions, leading to failed builds. The paragraph emphasizes the limitations of AI in understanding and executing complex tasks within a game environment.


🚂 Building a Minecart Station

This paragraph focuses on the process of constructing a Minecart station as guided by different AI chatbots. It details the steps provided by each AI, which range from somewhat accurate to completely irrelevant. The paragraph highlights the variability in the quality of instructions, with some AIs like Bing Chat providing a somewhat functional design, while others like Google Bar fail to mention Minecarts at all. The paragraph concludes with a critique of the实用性 and accuracy of the instructions given by the AI chatbots.


🚪 Crafting a 2x2 Door Mechanism

The final paragraph of the script revolves around the challenge of building a 2x2 piston door in Minecraft. Discord Clyde initially denies the ability to create such a mechanism but later provides a correct description of the process. Snapchat, on the other hand, fails to provide a useful response by linking to a non-existent YouTube video. The paragraph ends with a reflection on the overall performance of the AI chatbots, with Discord emerging as the most accurate in the final round, despite previous shortcomings.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think, learn, and make decisions like humans. In the context of the video, AI is portrayed as a versatile tool that is being tested for its ability to perform tasks in the game Minecraft, specifically related to Redstone engineering.


Redstone is a special block in the popular game Minecraft that can power other blocks, create circuits, and control mechanical devices within the game. It is akin to real-world electrical wiring and is used by players to build complex machines and systems. The video's main theme revolves around the ability of different AI chatbots to design and instruct the creation of Redstone mechanisms.

💡TNT Cannon

A TNT Cannon is a type of mechanical device in Minecraft that uses Redstone and TNT blocks to launch projectiles. The TNT Cannon is a complex creation that requires precise placement of blocks and Redstone components to function correctly. In the video, the AI chatbots are tasked with building a TNT Cannon as a test of their Redstone skills.

💡Minecart Station

A Minecart Station in Minecraft is a specific location on a rail track where players can load and unload minecarts. It often includes powered rails, which automatically move the minecarts to and from the station. The video's second challenge involves the AI chatbots attempting to construct a functional minecart station using Redstone.


Discord is a communication platform used by gamers and communities worldwide. It features voice and text chat, and allows for the creation of servers where users can interact. In the context of the video, Discord is one of the platforms that has its own AI chatbot, which is tested for its ability to assist in creating Redstone contraptions in Minecraft.


Google is a multinational technology company that offers a variety of services and products, including the Google search engine. In the video, Google represents another tech giant with its own AI chatbot, which is also put to the test in building Redstone devices within the Minecraft environment.


Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app where users can send photos and videos that disappear after being viewed. It also offers various features like chatting and stories. In the video, Snapchat is one of the tech platforms with its own AI chatbot, which is evaluated for its ability to assist in Redstone crafting within Minecraft.


Minecraft is a sandbox video game that allows players to build and explore virtual worlds made up of blocks. It offers a creative mode where players can freely construct anything they can imagine, including complex Redstone machines. The video's narrative is centered around the game of Minecraft and the performance of AI chatbots in creating Redstone devices within it.

💡Redstone Master

A 'Redstone Master' is a term used in the Minecraft community to describe a player who is highly skilled in creating complex machines and contraptions using Redstone. The video script mentions seeking advice from a 'Redstone Master' as a suggestion for the user.

💡2x2 Door

A 2x2 Door in Minecraft is a common redstone project where players create a door mechanism using sticky pistons that can open and close a 2-block by 2-block doorway. This is a fundamental redstone contraption that demonstrates the basic principles of the game's mechanics.


AI's inability to effectively manage Redstone is highlighted in the experiment.

AI chatbots from various corporations engage in an epic Redstone battle.

TNT cannons are the first challenge issued to the AI chatbots.

AI's instructions lead to confusion and unsuccessful results in Redstone contraptions.

Bing chat's lack of clarity in instructions results in a subpar TNT launcher.

Google Discord and Snapchat introduce AI chatbots with limited effectiveness.

Discord's inability to perform tasks leads to disqualification.

Snapchat provides a dead YouTube link, showing lack of utility in the challenge.

In the second round, AI chatbots are tasked with creating a Minecart station.

Chat GPT's instructions result in a visually appealing but non-functional station.

Bing chat's redundant Redstone setup fails to impress.

Google Bard's focus on aesthetics over functionality leads to a visually pleasing but non-functional train station.

Discord Clyde's honesty about its limitations is noted, though it doesn't contribute to the task.

Snapchat AI's failure to provide a working 2x2 door mechanism is highlighted.

Bing chat's convoluted instructions for a 2x2 door lead to an ineffective build.

Google Bard's repetitive instructions for a door mechanism result in the worst build of the challenge.

Discord Clyde eventually provides a correct description of a 2x2 piston door.

The evaluation of the AI chatbots' performances leaves the outcome open for readers to decide.