Best Logo Maker - 19 Websites Comparison (Free + Paid)

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8 Feb 202109:09

TLDRThe video script discusses the process of finding the best logo maker tools for non-designers. The author reviews 19 tools, highlighting usability, icon library, and price as key criteria. Squarespace is recommended as the best free option, while and Design Evo are noted for their extensive editing features. For those who struggle with design, Luca and Fiverr are suggested for their unique offerings. Canva is praised as a versatile design tool beyond just logos, suitable for various design needs.


  • πŸ” The search for the best logo maker tool yielded about 930 million results, highlighting the vast options available.
  • 🎨 The reviewer tested 19 logo maker tools to find the best options for users, focusing on usability, icon library, and price.
  • πŸ† Squarespace was identified as the best free tool, offering ease of use and a decent icon library, though with limited editing possibilities.
  • πŸ’‘ For a small fee, and Design Evo were recognized as honorable mentions, providing extensive editing options and a variety of templates.
  • 🌟 and were recommended for those not confident in their design skills, offering unique designs and custom logo services, respectively.
  • πŸ’° was noted for its affordability and the ability to get a custom logo designed by a professional at a relatively low cost.
  • πŸ… Canva was praised as the best overall tool due to its versatility, ease of use, and extensive design templates for various applications beyond just logos.
  • 🎁 Canva offers free elements and the ability to upload personal icons, with a transparent background PNG available through additional tools or a Pro account.
  • πŸ“ˆ The reviewer's scoring system provided a quantitative assessment of each tool, with Canva and Fiverr receiving the highest scores.
  • πŸ‘ The video encourages viewers to share their thoughts in the comments and to subscribe for more website-related content.
  • πŸš€ The reviewer's recommendations aim to save users time and help them choose the most suitable logo maker for their needs.

Q & A

  • What was the main objective of the video?

    -The main objective of the video was to find and review the best logo maker tools available for individuals who are not professional designers but need a new logo for their website.

  • How many logo maker tools did the reviewer try in total?

    -The reviewer tried a total of 19 logo maker tools in their search for the best options.

  • What were the three criteria used to judge the logo makers?

    -The three criteria used to judge the logo makers were usability, icon library, and price.

  • Which tool was recommended as the best free logo maker?

    -Squarespace was recommended as the best free logo maker due to its ease of use and decent icon library, despite its limited editing possibilities.

  • What was the overall score given to Squarespace as a logo maker?

    -Squarespace received an overall score of 17 out of 25 as a logo maker.

  • Can you name two tools that were considered the best for those who don't know how to design?

    -Two tools considered the best for non-designers were and, offering unique features and custom logo creation at affordable prices.

  • What was the overall score given to as a logo maker? received an overall score of 21 out of 25 as a logo maker, making it the best option for people who don't know what they need in a logo.

  • Which tool was considered the best overall for all design needs, not just logos?

    -Canva was considered the best overall tool for all design needs, including logos, website images, infographics, ads, and more, due to its ease of use, variety of templates, and editable elements.

  • What was the overall score given to Canva as a design tool?

    -Canva received an overall score of 21 out of 25 as a design tool.

  • How much does a vector logo cost on Design Evo?

    -A vector logo on Design Evo costs about 50 dollars.

  • What is the main advantage of using for logo creation compared to other logo makers?

    -The main advantage of using for logo creation is that it allows you to hire a professional designer who can provide custom and unique logo concepts tailored to your needs.



πŸ” Logo Maker Exploration

The paragraph discusses the challenge of finding the best logo maker tool for non-designers and introduces the speaker's personal quest to review numerous tools to identify the best options. The speaker evaluated 19 tools based on usability, icon library, and price, and shares the experience of testing these tools. The summary highlights the discovery of the best free tool, Squarespace, and the top paid options like and Design Evo, emphasizing their features and pricing.


🎨 Top Picks for Designing Beginners

This section focuses on the best logo maker tools for individuals who lack design skills. The speaker recommends for its extensive icon library and ability to generate letter logos, discussing its pricing and design quality. Another unique option presented is, a platform to hire custom logo designers at varying price points. The paragraph concludes with the speaker's endorsement of Canva as a comprehensive design tool suitable for various applications, including logo creation, offering a detailed overview of its features, ease of use, and pricing structure.



πŸ’‘Logo Maker Tool

A logo maker tool is an online platform or software that allows users without professional design skills to create logos for their websites or businesses. These tools typically offer a range of templates, icons, and customization options to help users design a logo that fits their brand or personal style. In the video, the main theme revolves around the search for the best logo maker tools available, highlighting both free and paid options.


Usability refers to how easy and intuitive it is for users to interact with a software or platform. In the context of logo maker tools, this concept is critical as it affects how quickly and efficiently users can create their desired logos. The video emphasizes the importance of tools with high usability scores, as they offer a better user experience and are more likely to produce satisfactory results.

πŸ’‘Icon Library

An icon library is a collection of graphical symbols or icons that can be used in the design of logos or other visual elements. The quality and variety of an icon library can significantly impact the design options available to users. A robust icon library with diverse and well-designed icons allows for more creative and unique logo designs.


Price refers to the cost associated with using a logo maker tool, either as a one-time fee for a specific design or a subscription model for ongoing access to design features and resources. The video discusses the balance between cost and value, highlighting tools that offer affordable options without compromising on design quality.

πŸ’‘Free Tools

Free tools are logo maker platforms that allow users to create and download logos without any cost. These tools may have limitations, such as less editing flexibility or the requirement to attribute the tool when using the logo. The video reviews free options and their limitations, providing insights into the trade-offs between free and paid tools.


Attribution refers to the practice of crediting the source of a design or content, such as a logo, when it is used publicly. Some free logo maker tools require users to attribute the tool whenever the logo is displayed, which can be a drawback for those seeking a completely original brand identity.

πŸ’‘Custom Logo

A custom logo is a unique design created specifically for an individual or business, tailored to their preferences and brand identity. Unlike generic templates, custom logos offer a higher degree of personalization and originality. The video discusses as a platform for hiring designers to create custom logos, providing an alternative to automated logo makers.


Templates are pre-designed layouts or frameworks that users can modify to create their logos. They serve as a starting point, allowing users to quickly and easily customize elements such as colors, fonts, and icons to create a logo that fits their brand. The video emphasizes the importance of having a variety of templates to facilitate the design process.

πŸ’‘Royalty-Free Images

Royalty-free images are stock photos or illustrations that can be used multiple times without incurring additional costs or royalties. These images provide designers and content creators with a wide range of visual assets for their projects without the need to pay for each use. The video briefly mentions the need for high-quality, royalty-free images for websites, suggesting further resources for content creation.

πŸ’‘Design Elements

Design elements are the individual components, such as icons, fonts, colors, and shapes, that are used to create a visual design. In the context of logo design, these elements are combined and customized to form a unique and recognizable brandζ ‡θ―†. The video discusses the availability of design elements in various logo maker tools and the flexibility to upload personal elements for further customization.


The quest to find the best logo maker tool began with a search yielding 930 million results.

The reviewer tested 19 logo maker tools to save time and provide the best options for different needs.

Three criteria were used for judging the logo makers: usability, icon library, and price.

Many logo maker tools were found to be disappointing, described as being between 'shite and crap'.

Squarespace was identified as the best free tool, known for its ease of use and decent icon library.

The limitation of Squarespace is its few editing possibilities, but it offers a free high-quality PNG with a transparent background. was praised for its full-on logo editing software capabilities and diverse layout suggestions.

Design Evo specializes in logos with a wide array of templates and icons, but it isn't free, charging for PNG and vector logos. is recommended for those who aren't confident in their design skills, offering a large icon library and letter logos. is a platform for hiring custom logo designers at prices similar to logo makers, offering a unique design experience.

Canva is the best overall tool, not only for making logos but also for a variety of design needs like website images and social media ads.

Canva's ease of use and editing capabilities, along with its extensive template library, make it a top choice for design tasks.

Free accounts on Canva have limitations, such as non-transparent backgrounds for PNGs, but this can be worked around with other tools.

Canva's pro account offers more features for a monthly fee, making it a versatile design tool for various applications.

The reviewer encourages viewers to share their thoughts on the recommended tools and to subscribe for more content.

The video also suggests looking into high-quality, royalty-free images and illustrations for website enhancement.