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19 Oct 202305:38

TLDRDiscover ComicAi, a free AI comic generator that simplifies the process of creating a complete comic book with consistent characters. Sign up with Google for free credits, and use the platform to craft your story, upload your text, and customize your characters. The tool generates images and story panels based on your input, allowing for manual adjustments and the option to train personalized characters for a unique comic book experience. Upgrade to a premium plan for additional features and credits.


  • 📚 Comic books have a rich history and are a popular form of entertainment.
  • 🎨 Creating your own comic book can be challenging, but it's possible with the right tools.
  • 🤖 AI has made it easier to create comics with consistent characters through tools like ComicAi.
  • 💻 The ComicAi platform offers a free AI comic generator accessible via their website.
  • 🆓 Users get 99 free credits daily, and 12,200 credits upon first sign-up using a Google account.
  • 📚 Users can create their own story and characters, even uploading personal images for character training.
  • 🎭 The platform automatically generates content based on the story description provided.
  • 🖌️ Characters' appearances can be customized and users can train their own characters with images.
  • 🖼️ AI generates comic panels based on the story, and users can manually adjust images if needed.
  • 📖 Users can arrange pages, add text, and customize the look of their comic book.
  • 💰 There is a premium plan available for users seeking additional features and credits.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about using an AI tool called ComicAi to create a complete comic book with consistent characters.

  • How can one sign up for ComicAi?

    -To sign up for ComicAi, one can simply click on 'Start for Free' on their website and sign up with a Google account.

  • What is the benefit of signing up with Google account on ComicAi?

    -Upon signing up with a Google account, users receive 99 credits for free on a daily basis, and 12,200 credits upon the first sign-up.

  • What options are available in the Character Library of ComicAi?

    -In the Character Library, users can train their own character based on their images, and also upload their own characters.

  • How does the AI tool generate a story?

    -The AI tool generates a story based on a brief description or idea provided by the user in the content section.

  • What happens if the generated images are irrelevant to the story?

    -If the generated images are irrelevant, users have the option to manually change the image description and regenerate the character and scene.

  • How can users change the appearance or pose of a character?

    -Users can change the appearance or pose of a character by going to the appearance section and adding or modifying details, or by selecting different presets.

  • What is the process of training a personalized character in ComicAi?

    -To train a personalized character, users need to upload 10 to 30 images of their character with different poses and lighting conditions, and then start the training process.

  • How can users use their trained character in a comic book?

    -After training, users can select their generated character from the character section and use it in their comic book without having to describe the character's appearance again.

  • What are the features of the premium plan on ComicAi?

    -The premium plan on ComicAi offers new features and additional credits, which can enhance the comic book creation experience.

  • How can users arrange their comic book pages?

    -Users can create pages and drag and drop images according to their story, add text, change font styles, add text bubbles, and customize everything to maintain their comic book's look.



🎨 Introducing a Free AI Tool for Comic Book Creation

This paragraph introduces the concept of creating comic books using AI tools. It highlights the challenges faced when using AI for consistent character creation in superhero comic books. The speaker then presents a free AI tool called 'comic AI' that can help users create a complete comic book with consistent characters. The tool offers features like personalized character creation and story development. Users can sign up with their Google account to receive daily credits and a substantial amount upon first sign-up. The process begins with selecting the 'comics' option and describing the story, with the AI tool generating content based on the user's input. The tool also automatically generates characters and scenes, allowing users to modify appearances and poses as needed. Additionally, the paragraph discusses the option to train personalized characters using the 'character library' feature.


🖌️ Customizing and Training Personalized Characters

This paragraph delves into the process of customizing and training personalized characters using the AI tool. It explains how users can adjust the appearance of generated characters and delete or regenerate parts as desired. The speaker demonstrates how to add specific scenes and character actions, such as a samurai protecting his family with a sword. The tool's capability to maintain character consistency across all images is emphasized. The paragraph also covers the feature of training personalized characters by uploading a set of images with varying poses and lighting conditions. Once trained, these characters can be used in the comic book creation process, allowing for a more personalized and unique comic book experience. The speaker mentions the availability of a premium plan for enhanced features and credits.



💡Comic book

A comic book is a magazine or book containing an illustrated story typically created for entertainment purposes. In the context of the video, it refers to the end product that the AI tool helps users to generate, which includes both the story and visual art elements. The video discusses creating a comic book with consistent characters, which is an important aspect for maintaining the narrative and visual coherence of the story.

💡AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence, often abbreviated as AI, refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation. In the video, AI is used to generate a comic book, including creating consistent characters and story elements, which would otherwise be a challenging task for individuals without specialized skills.

💡Consistent characters

Consistent characters refer to the maintenance of a character's design and personality traits throughout a story. This consistency is crucial for reader engagement and comprehension, as it helps to build a coherent world and narrative within the comic book. The video highlights the challenge of achieving this consistency when using AI tools and introduces ComicAi as a solution that ensures characters remain uniform across the comic book.

💡Character Library

A Character Library is a collection of pre-designed characters that can be used in the creation of a comic book. It provides a resource for creators to select and customize characters to fit their story's needs. In the video, the Character Library within ComicAi is a feature that enables users to either use existing characters or train the AI with their own images to create personalized characters.


Comics, short for comic strips, are a form of visual storytelling that combines images with text. They are typically arranged in a sequence to convey a narrative. In the video, the term 'comics' is used to refer to the comic book pages that are generated by the ComicAi tool, which include both the visual elements and the dialogue or narration.

💡Content section

The Content section is an area within the ComicAi tool where users provide the story details for their comic book. This is where the user inputs the narrative or idea that will serve as the basis for the AI to generate the comic's content. It is a crucial part of the comic creation process as it lays the foundation for the story and characters.

💡TXT or PDF file

TXT and PDF are file formats commonly used for text-based documents. TXT stands for 'text' and is a basic format that stores unformatted text. PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a more advanced format that can include formatted text, images, and other multimedia elements. In the context of the video, users have the option to upload a story in either of these formats, which the AI tool will then use to generate a comic book.

💡Image generation

Image generation refers to the process of creating or producing images, either through manual creation using software or automatically through AI algorithms. In the video, image generation is the AI's ability to produce visual content for the comic book based on the story description and character traits provided by the user.

💡Character training

Character training in the context of the video refers to the process of teaching the AI to recognize and generate a specific character based on a set of images provided by the user. This process allows the AI to learn the unique features and characteristics of a personalized character, ensuring that it can be consistently represented in the comic book.


Customization refers to the process of modifying or adjusting a product or content to better suit the individual needs or preferences of a user. In the video, customization is a key feature of the ComicAi tool, allowing users to change various aspects of the generated comic book, such as character appearances, poses, and the layout of the panels.

💡Premium plan

A Premium plan is a subscription model that offers additional features, services, or content beyond what is provided in a basic or free version of a product or service. In the context of the video, the ComicAi tool offers a Premium plan that includes new features and a higher number of credits, enhancing the comic book creation experience for users.


ComicAi is a free AI comic book generator that simplifies the process of creating your own comic book.

The tool can be challenging when using mid-journey or stupid diffusion due to consistency issues with characters.

The video introduces a method to create a complete comic book with consistent characters using ComicAi.

By signing up with a Google account, users receive 99 free credits daily, and 12,200 credits upon first sign-up.

The character library allows users to train their own characters based on their images.

Users can create a comic book by describing their story or uploading a txt or PDF file.

The AI tool generates a story, characters, and even describes the appearance of the characters based on the story.

Users have the option to change the appearance and pose of their characters to better fit the story.

The tool automatically generates images according to the scene and allows manual adjustments if necessary.

ComicAi maintains character consistency across all images, which is crucial for a cohesive comic book narrative.

The platform offers the ability to create pages, add text, and customize font styles and text bubbles.

Templates are available to maintain the visual consistency of the comic book.

A detailed process is provided for training personalized characters using the character library.

Users need to upload 10 to 30 images of their character with different poses and lighting conditions for training.

Once trained, the personalized character can be used in the comic book generation process.

The video encourages users to explore the premium plan for additional features and credits.

The ComicAi tool is presented as a valuable resource for creating a complete comic book with consistent characters without the need for extensive drawing skills.