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2 Jun 202429:19

TLDRThe video script documents the daily life and renovation progress of a stone house in Portugal. The narrator discusses the challenges of keeping the house cool during a heatwave, the impact of a national holiday on renovation plans, and the lush garden growth. They share the costs of various renovation aspects, from electrical work to bespoke kitchen installations, and reveal a total renovation cost of approximately €60,000. The narrator also reflects on the luxury of living in the newly renovated home and hints at future projects, inviting viewers' interest in an outtakes video.


  • 🏠 The video script is about the renovation of a stone house in Portugal.
  • 🌡️ The narrator discusses the challenges of keeping the house cool during high temperatures, including the need for shutters.
  • 🌞 The video captures the effects of the hot weather on the local environment, such as dried-out grass and the risk of fires.
  • 🌱 The narrator shows the progress in the garden, including the growth of vegetables, flowers, and the anticipation of a colorful wall of sweet peas.
  • 🛠️ There is a delay in renovation work due to a national holiday in Portugal, affecting the schedule for removing debris.
  • 💰 The narrator provides a detailed breakdown of the renovation costs, including various construction and finishing tasks.
  • 🛋️ The script mentions the purchase of furniture and accessories for the house, emphasizing the importance of quality over cost.
  • 🔨 The renovation includes significant structural changes, such as creating a roof space and rebuilding walls.
  • 🛁 The bathroom and kitchen renovations are highlighted, with specific costs for tiling, sanitary ware, and appliances.
  • 🛏️ The total renovation cost is over €59,000, exceeding the original budget by €5,000, due to choices in higher-quality materials and furnishings.
  • 🎥 The narrator contemplates creating an outtakes video, inviting viewer feedback on the idea.

Q & A

  • What time of day does the narrator start their morning routine with their pet Beos?

    -The narrator starts their morning routine with their pet Beos at around 6:30 in the morning.

  • What is the temperature expected to be like on the day the narrator is speaking about?

    -The temperature is expected to reach 36°, with the area already at 25° in the morning.

  • What measures is the narrator taking to keep the house cool during the hot weather?

    -The narrator opens the back door, front windows, and skylights to allow fresh air in and is considering installing shutters for the back windows to block the sun.

  • Why did the builders not come on the expected day?

    -The builders did not come on the expected day because it was a national holiday in Portugal.

  • What is the current state of the fields and grass around the narrator's location?

    -The fields and grass around the narrator's location are very dry, with the grass having dried out, creating a risk for fires to spread quickly.

  • What is the narrator's plan for the garden area?

    -The narrator plans to show the garden area later in the video, mentioning that everything is growing nicely, including strawberries and cosmos flowers.

  • What is the total cost of the renovation project according to the narrator?

    -The total cost of the renovation project is approximately €59,003.37, including appliances.

  • Why has the rubbish not been removed from the site yet?

    -The rubbish has not been removed because the digger, which is needed for the task, is currently being fixed at a repair shop.

  • What is the narrator's original budget for the renovation project?

    -The narrator's original budget for the renovation project was €55,000.

  • What additional features or elements did the narrator decide to spend more on, going over their original budget?

    -The narrator decided to spend more on certain elements like lighting and a nice sofa, as they did not want to put inferior products into the house after spending a lot on the renovation.

  • What is the narrator's plan for future videos?

    -The narrator plans to continue showing updates on the house, including furnishing and new projects, and is considering making an outtakes video if the audience is interested.



🌞 Morning Routines and House Cooling Strategies

The script begins with the narrator waking up at 6:30 AM to a warm day, with temperatures expected to reach 36°. They interact with their pet, Beos, and discuss their morning routine of feeding and opening windows to cool the house. The narrator mentions the need for shutters to further regulate the temperature and shares the pleasant coolness of the bedroom. They also mention adjusting their coffee morning plans due to a national holiday in Portugal and give a brief update on the state of their yard and fields, noting the dry conditions that could lead to rapid fire spread.


🌱 Garden Tour and Home Improvements

The narrator takes the viewer on a tour of their garden, highlighting the growth of various plants, including strawberries, cosmos, lettuce, and sweet peas. They express excitement about the prospect of a colorful wall of flowers in the future. The video then shifts focus to the removal of scaffolding and the cleanup of the area, revealing a cleaner and more organized space. The narrator also discusses the upcoming arrival of a digger to clear away rubble and shares their anticipation for the transformation of the area.


🏠 Home Decor and Ongoing Renovations

The script continues with the narrator detailing the ongoing interior renovations of their home. They mention the varnishing of a tabletop, the purchase of coordinating home items such as a towel, bin, and door mats, and the installation of sliding doors with locks for privacy. The narrator also discusses plans for additional furniture, like a window bench, and shares their vision for the space. They describe the current state of the bedroom, using makeshift solutions for storage and lighting, and express excitement for the upcoming visit of friends.


💰 Breakdown of Renovation Costs

In this section, the narrator provides a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with the renovation of their home. They list the expenses for various aspects of the renovation, including electrical work, plumbing, flooring, tiling, and the creation of a roof space. The narrator also discusses the cost of appliances, furniture, and other home accessories, revealing a total expenditure of €59,003.37, which is over their original budget of €55,000. They explain the reasons for the overspending and provide context for the cost of renovation in Portugal.


🛋️ Final Touches and Future Plans

The narrator discusses the final stages of the renovation, including the delayed removal of rubble due to a digger being in repair. They express their eagerness to have the site cleared to progress with other projects. The script then transitions into a discussion about the total costs of the renovation and the purchase of the house, totaling €130,000. The narrator shares that they have no intention of selling and instead looks forward to continuing to furnish and improve the home. They also ask viewers if they would be interested in an outtakes video, reflecting on the journey and inviting feedback on future content.


📹 Reflections and Viewer Engagement

The script concludes with the narrator reflecting on their experience living in the newly renovated house, expressing a sense of luxury and happiness. They thank the viewers for following their journey and invite them to share their thoughts on potential outtakes content. The narrator also teases upcoming projects and a time-lapse video for the following week, promising updates on the ongoing furnishing of the house and a sneak peek into their next endeavors.




Renovation refers to the process of improving a structure that is old or damaged, making it look and function as new. In the video, the main theme revolves around the narrator's experience with renovating a stone house in Portugal, which includes various tasks from painting to electrical work.


Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a substance. The script mentions the high temperatures experienced during the renovation, which affected the painting process due to the heat, and also the measures taken to cool down the house, such as opening windows and installing shutters.


Shutters are devices used to cover windows or doors to control the amount of light, air, or heat that comes through. In the context of the video, the narrator discusses the need for shutters to manage the heat and maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house.


Skylights are roof windows that allow natural light to enter a building. The narrator mentions skylights in the house that contribute to the temperature regulation and also the need to manage the sunlight entering through them.

💡National Holiday

A national holiday is a day on which citizens celebrate a significant historical, cultural, or religious event. The script refers to a national holiday in Portugal that caused a delay in the renovation schedule as the builders did not work on that day.

💡Veggie Garden

A veggie garden is a plot of land where vegetables are grown for personal consumption. The narrator shows the progress of their veggie garden, highlighting the growth of various plants and the care taken to maintain it during the renovation process.


Tiling refers to the process of covering a surface with tiles, often used in flooring and wall coverings for aesthetic and practical purposes. The video script includes the cost of tiling throughout the house, indicating an important aspect of the renovation.


Appliances are devices or machines that perform tasks such as cooking, cleaning, or heating. The narrator discusses the cost of various appliances installed in the renovated house, including the kitchen and bathroom fixtures.


A budget is a financial plan that outlines all known incoming and outgoing money for a certain time period. The script mentions the original budget for the renovation project and how the actual costs compared to it, indicating the importance of financial planning in such projects.


Outtakes are portions of filmed material that are not included in the final cut of a video or movie, often due to errors or unintended moments. The narrator asks viewers if they would be interested in seeing an outtakes video, suggesting a lighter, behind-the-scenes look at the renovation process.

💡Time Lapse

Time lapse is a photographic technique that captures an event or process occurring over a long period and condenses it into a much shorter period for viewing. The narrator mentions planning to do a time lapse video of the renovation, which would show the progression of the project over time.


Morning routines and house temperature management in a stone house in Portugal.

Strategies for cooling down the house during hot weather, including opening windows and skylights.

Importance of shutters for temperature control and their unfinished staining.

Observation of the temperature difference in the bedroom due to lack of skylights and sun exposure.

Builders' absence due to a national holiday in Portugal affecting renovation plans.

Desert-like conditions and fire risk in the fields during a heatwave.

Garden tour showcasing the growth of vegetables, strawberries, and flowers.

The vision of a colorful wall created by sweet peas and its current progress.

Rubbbish removal process and its significance in the final stage of the renovation project.

Personal touches added to the house, including a birthday present and new purchases.

Kitchen renovation progress, including varnishing and the impact of hot weather on painting.

Bathroom updates with sliding doors, locks, and new fixtures.

Bedroom organization with makeshift wardrobes and the use of leftover wood blocks.

The cost breakdown of the renovation project, including labor, materials, and appliances.

Decision to go over budget for certain items to ensure quality in the renovation.

Total renovation cost and comparison to the initial budget and house purchase price.

Future plans for the house and the next renovation projects.

Engagement with the audience regarding the possibility of an outtakes video.