Experience Real-time Previews on Playground AI - Game Changer!

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24 Nov 202305:01

TLDRExperience the innovative Preview Render feature on Playground AI, which allows real-time visual adjustments to AI-generated images. Users can refine their prompts, observing immediate changes in the image's composition and style. The expand prompt function, powered by chat GPT, offers creative suggestions, and different models like Bas sdxl and night vision provide diverse visual outcomes. This tool is particularly beneficial for beginners learning to craft effective prompts, offering instant feedback and the ability to compare various models' outputs.


  • 🎨 Real-time previews are available on Playground AI, allowing users to see how their prompts will affect the generated images.
  • 🖌️ The feature called 'preview render' enables instant visual feedback, showcasing the impact of the words in the prompt on the image.
  • 🌃 The demonstration involved creating an image of a woman in a cityscape at night, with customizable features like a purple jacket and blue hair.
  • 🔄 Users can experiment with different compositions and styles by clicking on a dice icon to get various iterations of the image.
  • 🌐 The script mentions the use of 'seeds' for generating images, noting that they may not always produce the same composition or style in different renders.
  • 📈 The 'expand prompt' feature utilizes chat GPT to enhance a simple prompt into a more detailed description for generating images.
  • 🖼️ Users can zoom in on the preview image to get a closer look, although it's acknowledged that the preview might be of lower quality.
  • 🎯 The script highlights the ability to refine the image by removing or adding elements to the prompt and seeing the changes in real-time.
  • 👩 The example given shows how a portrait can be transformed into an airbrush painting or other artistic styles like watercolor or oil on canvas.
  • 🔄 The video script also discusses the possibility of side-by-side comparisons of different models, such as Bas sdxl and night vision.
  • 📅 Users are invited to visit playground.com to try the feature themselves, with options to generate up to 500 images per day and explore paid tiers.

Q & A

  • What feature of Playground AI is the speaker most excited about?

    -The speaker is most excited about the real-time preview render feature on Playground AI.

  • How does the preview render work initially?

    -The preview render works by toggling on the feature and inputting a simple prompt, such as 'portrait of a woman,' which then generates a low-quality preview image to give a general idea of the final output.

  • What is the purpose of the expand prompt feature?

    -The expand prompt feature utilizes Chat GPT to build a more detailed prompt based on a simple input, which can enhance the creativity and variety of the generated images.

  • How can the quality of the preview image differ from the final image?

    -The quality of the preview image is intentionally low to provide a general idea, and the final image, generated with a model, will have more details and higher quality.

  • What happens when you use the seed from a preview image?

    -Using the seed from a preview image in a different model can result in a different composition and style, as seeds do not necessarily work the same way across different models.

  • How can you refine your image using the preview render?

    -You can refine your image by adjusting the words in the expanded prompt and observing the changes in real-time, removing or adding elements until you achieve the desired look.

  • What are some variations the speaker explores with the image?

    -The speaker explores variations such as changing the background to a city at night, altering the hair color, experimenting with different styles like airbrushed painting, and adjusting the composition to half-body.

  • How does the speaker compare different models using the preview render?

    -The speaker compares different models by generating images with each model side by side, such as Bas sdxl and night vision, and observing the differences in style and quality.

  • What is the limit on image generation per day for free users on Playground AI?

    -Free users on Playground AI can generate up to 500 images per day.

  • What additional feature does the speaker mention for new users learning about prompting?

    -The speaker mentions that the preview render feature is particularly helpful for new users learning about prompting, as it allows them to see how their words affect the image before generating it.



🎨 Introducing Preview Render and Image Generation

The paragraph introduces the concept of preview render in an image generation platform called playground. The speaker demonstrates the process of creating a portrait of a woman by toggling on the preview render and adjusting various attributes in real-time, such as clothing and background. The purpose of the preview render is to give users a general idea of the final image before generating it. The speaker also explains the difference between using a simple prompt and an expanded prompt, which can be generated with the help of an AI chatbot. The paragraph emphasizes the educational aspect of this feature for users new to image prompting and the ability to refine the image through iteration.



💡Preview Render

Preview Render is a feature that allows users to see a low-resolution version of the final image before generating it fully. This helps in making quick adjustments to the prompt or composition. In the video, it is used to demonstrate how the words in the prompt affect the image, giving users a general idea of what the final output will look like, such as the woman's portrait with a purple jacket and blue hair in a city background at night.


A portrait is a representation of a person, typically their face, that captures their likeness and sometimes personality. In the context of the video, the portrait is generated through the use of AI, with the user specifying details like the subject being a beautiful woman with blue hair and wearing a purple jacket.


An outfit refers to the clothes that a person wears, especially when they are carefully chosen to go together. In the video, the user is using the AI to generate an outfit for the woman in the portrait, starting with the prompt 'wearing' and then specifying a purple jacket as part of the woman's outfit.

💡City Background

A city background refers to a visual representation of an urban environment, typically featuring buildings, streets, and other elements common to cities. In the video, the city background is one of the elements that the user adds to the portrait to create a more complete scene, setting the stage for the woman's portrait.

💡Blue Hair

Blue hair is a non-traditional hair color often used in artistic and creative contexts to give characters or individuals a unique and stylized appearance. In the video, the user chooses blue hair for the woman in the portrait as a creative detail to enhance the visual impact of the image.

💡Purple Jacket

A purple jacket is a piece of clothing characterized by its purple color and jacket style, which can range from casual to formal depending on the design. In the video, the purple jacket is a specific detail added by the user to the woman's outfit in the portrait, contributing to the overall aesthetic and style of the image.


Real-time refers to the immediate processing and display of information or changes, without any noticeable delay. In the video, real-time is used to describe how the AI system updates the preview render as the user makes changes to the prompt, allowing for instant feedback and adjustments.


Composition refers to the arrangement of visual elements within an image to create a harmonious and balanced whole. In the video, the user is not satisfied with the initial composition of the portrait and uses the preview render feature to make adjustments, such as removing hazy neon signs to improve the overall look.

💡Expand Prompt

Expand Prompt is a feature that utilizes AI to generate a more detailed and elaborate description based on a simple user input. This helps users to refine their prompts and create more complex and nuanced images. In the video, the user uses the expand prompt feature to enhance the basic description of the portrait and generate an airbrush painting style.

💡Airbrush Painting

An airbrush painting is an artistic technique that uses a spray gun to apply paint to a surface, creating smooth, gradated effects. In the video, the user chooses to generate the portrait in the style of an airbrush painting, which gives the image a stylized and textured appearance.


In the context of AI-generated images, a seed is a unique identifier that is used to generate a specific image or set of images. The seed can be used to recreate similar images or to serve as a starting point for variations. In the video, the user notes that the same seed may produce different compositions when used with the render preview versus when generating the final image.


Experience Real-time Previews on Playground AI - a game-changing feature for image generation.

Toggle on preview render to see a spinning image that quickly generates a portrait of a woman.

The AI instantly suggests an outfit for the portrait, showcasing its ability to understand and apply context.

Real-time adjustments allow users to change the subject's appearance, such as giving her blue hair.

The AI can generate a city background at night, enhancing the portrait with environmental context.

The composition can be easily changed by clicking on the dice for different image variations.

Preview render provides a low-quality image to give users a general idea of the final product.

Seeds from an image can be used to generate a new image with different compositions and styles.

The expand prompt feature utilizes chat GPT to build a more detailed prompt from a simple input.

Users can copy the expanded prompt and see the changes in real-time with the preview render.

The AI can generate various styles like airbrush painting, watercolor, or oil on canvas.

The platform allows for side-by-side comparisons of different models, such as Bas sdxl and night vision.

Playground.com offers 500 free images per day and has paid tiers for more extensive usage.

The real-time preview feature is particularly helpful for beginners learning about prompting and image generation.

The ability to modify and experiment with prompts directly influences the image's final appearance.

The AI's responsiveness to prompt adjustments demonstrates its advanced understanding of language and context.