Genius Awakened After 3700 Years And Used The Power Of Science To Save The World!

29 Oct 2023120:29

TLDRThe story revolves around Senku, a genius who awakens after 3700 years of petrification, using science to revive humanity and save the world. With his friend Taiu, Senku faces challenges and adventures, discovering that the world has drastically changed. They encounter a petrified bird, rebuild civilization from scratch, and battle wild animals. Senku's mission to create a solution to reverse the petrification leads to the creation of a miraculous fluid, but tensions rise when Tsukasa, a physically powerful individual with differing ideals, comes into conflict with Senku's scientific vision for the future. As Senku and his allies strive to bring back civilization, they must navigate the complexities of leadership, friendship, and the pursuit of knowledge in a world that has been reset.


  • 🌱 The story begins with humanity being petrified, leading to a world where only animals and the conscious Taiu remain.
  • 🕰️ Taiu, one of the few conscious beings, survives for millennia, witnessing the rise and fall of modern civilization.
  • 💡 After waking from his petrified state, Taiu embarks on a mission to revive humanity, starting with his crush, Yuzu.
  • 🌿 Taiu's best friend, Senu, has been counting the seconds since petrification, showcasing his dedication to science and time.
  • 🔬 Senu and Taiu use scientific methods to try and dissolve the petrification, including experimenting with nitric acid.
  • 🍇 Through trials and tribulations, the duo manages to create a wine and later discovers a mixture that can dissolve petrification.
  • 🐦 The success of their experiment is proven when a petrified bird is revived, giving hope to their mission.
  • 🥽 Senu's intelligence and strategic thinking lead to the creation of various tools and weapons, including a crossbow for security.
  • 🌾 The characters display their survival skills by hunting, gathering, and even creating their own food sources.
  • 🛡️ Conflict arises between Senu and Tsukasa, another survivor with different views on how to rebuild the world.
  • 🚀 The story culminates in a battle between science and primitive might, with Senu and Taiu aiming to restore civilization.

Q & A

  • What was Taiu's initial plan before the green light appeared?

    -Taiu's initial plan was to confess his love to his crush, Yuzu.

  • What caused the petrification of all humanity?

    -The petrification of all humanity was caused by a mysterious green light that enveloped the Earth.

  • How long did Taiu remain conscious after the petrification?

    -Taiu remained conscious for several millennia, witnessing the changes on Earth and the disappearance of modern civilization.

  • What did Senu do during the 3,700 years after the petrification?

    -Senu spent the 3,700 years counting the seconds that had passed since the petrification, building a basic shelter, and trying to restore civilization on his own.

  • What was the first thing Taiu did after breaking free from his petrified state?

    -The first thing Taiu did was to express his sadness for the petrified people, find a river, and follow its direction in search of hope and solutions.

  • What was the turning point for Taiu and Senu in their quest to revive the petrified humans?

    -The turning point was when Senu successfully created a mixture that dissolves the petrification and tested it on a bird, which brought the bird back to life.

  • How did Taiu and Senu react to the threat of the lions?

    -Taiu initially planned to sacrifice himself to protect Senu and Yuzu, but Senu stopped him and decided to revive Tsukasa, the strongest primate high schooler, to help them fight the lions.

  • What was the disagreement between Senu and Tsukasa regarding the revival of the petrified humans?

    -Senu wanted to save everyone, including the adults, while Tsukasa believed that adults would destroy the world again and aimed to create a world without greed, implying a selective revival.

  • What was the ultimate goal of Senu and Taiu in the story?

    -The ultimate goal of Senu and Taiu was to use the power of science to revive the petrified humans, restore civilization, and defeat Tsukasa's tyranny.



💖 Love Confessions and the Green Light Catastrophe

The story unfolds with Taiu preparing to confess his feelings to his crush, Yuzuha. His friend Senu, however, mocks Taiu's fear and presents a fake love potion. Taiu, determined, goes ahead to confess but is interrupted by a green light that petrifies all of humanity. Taiu tries to protect Yuzuha, and as the world falls into chaos, he remains conscious, hoping Yuzuha survived. After centuries, Taiu awakens to find humanity petrified and civilization lost. He eventually reunites with Senu, who has been counting the years since the petrification. Together, they start to rebuild and restore life, with Taiu managing to confess his love to Yuzuha's petrified form.


🔬 Senu's Scientific Pursuits and the Revival of Civilization

Senu, driven by his love for science, attempts to recreate civilization from scratch. He and Taiu collect resources, with Senu identifying non-toxic foods. They produce wine and, after several failed attempts, manage to distill alcohol. Senu creates a solution to dissolve petrification and successfully revives a bird. They decide to revive Yuzuha first, but upon her awakening, they face new challenges, including the threat of wild animals and the revelation of Senu's scientific knowledge. They meet Tsukasa, a strong high schooler, who helps them fight off lions but also presents differing views on civilization's revival.


🌿 The Clash of Ideals and the Creation of Miracle Water

Tsukasa and Senu's differing views on how to rebuild the world lead to a conflict. Tsukasa believes in a world without greed, while Senu aims to save everyone, including those with corrupted souls. As tensions rise, Senu and Taiu work on creating Miracle Water, which can revive the petrified. They manage to collect enough to attempt Yuzuha's revival. Meanwhile, Tsukasa discovers the secret of the Miracle Water and its connection to nitric acid. Despite the looming threat of Tsukasa, Senu and Taiu remain committed to their mission of revival and rebuilding civilization.


🛠️ Science vs. Stone Age: The War Begins

The escalating conflict between Senu and Tsukasa represents a war between science and the Stone Age. Senu plans to build a weapon to counter Tsukasa's might. During their journey, they discover a Buddha statue and gather useful materials, including bronze from the statue. Senu mines for ingredients to create gunpowder and plans to build a gun. Despite a failed explosion, they remain undeterred. They also encounter smoke signals, hinting at the presence of other survivors. Tsukasa, however, confronts them and takes Yuzuha hostage, forcing Senu to reveal the secret of the Miracle Water.


💔 Senu's Sacrifice and the Aftermath

Tsukasa, unwilling to accept Senu's path of science, kills Senu, believing it a quick and painless end. Taiu and Yuzu are devastated by the loss of their friend. However, they discover Senu's final plan - his neck was still petrified, allowing him to survive the blow. They use the remaining Miracle Water to revive Senu, who awakens and immediately delves into research, showing no signs of giving up on his mission to rebuild civilization with science. Senu's revival brings hope and determination to his friends, who vow to continue their fight against Tsukasa.


🔮 Chrome's Challenge and the Power of Science

Senu and his team, including a healed Jen, continue their scientific advancements, creating a generator and inventing the light bulb, bringing light to the Stone Age world. They also produce steel and plan to make antibiotics to save Ruri, Kohaku's sick sister. During this time, they face challenges from the village, including a demand for Ruri's hand in marriage and a fight against Magma, a strong villager. Chrome, initially a skeptic, becomes an ally after losing a math duel to Senu and is inspired by the power of science.


🎶 The Legacy of Byakuya and the Founding of Ishigami Village

The story reveals Senu's connection to Ishigami Village, founded by his father, Byakuya. Byakuya's legacy and the tales of Senu inspire the villagers, and Senu is named the village chief. They celebrate their achievements and Senu's birthday, showing the strong bond between Senu and the villagers. Despite the tragedy of losing his family, Senu remains committed to his mission, driven by the spirit of his father and the support of his friends.


📱 The Invention of the Cell Phone in the Stone Age

Senu and his team embark on the ambitious project of building a cell phone, overcoming numerous challenges and setbacks. They harness the power of friendship and scientific innovation to create the necessary components, including a light bulb, battery, and plastic. The successful creation of the cell phone symbolizes the triumph of science and the potential to change the world, even in the Stone Age. The villagers, once skeptical, now stand behind Senu, ready to face the challenges ahead.




Petrification refers to the process in the story where all of humanity is turned into stone statues, rendering them immobile yet alive. This is a central event that triggers the narrative, as the protagonist Taiu and his friends must navigate a world where everyone else is frozen in time. The concept of petrification is used to explore themes of perseverance, survival, and the power of human connection in the face of overwhelming adversity.


Revival is the process of bringing petrified individuals back to life. In the narrative, it symbolizes hope, scientific progress, and the restoration of civilization. The protagonist Taiu and his friend Senu work tirelessly to discover a method of reviving petrified humans, which becomes a driving force in their quest to rebuild society and restore humanity.


Civilization refers to the complex society and culture that humans had built before the petrification event. Throughout the story, the concept of civilization represents the lost knowledge, achievements, and order that the characters strive to remember, preserve, and rebuild. It underscores the value of human progress and the importance of unity in overcoming challenges.

💡Love Potion

The love potion is a fictional substance introduced in the story as a means to help Taiu confess his feelings. Although later revealed to be gasoline, the love potion serves as a humorous and symbolic element that underscores the theme of unrequited love and the challenges of expressing one's true feelings.

💡Petrified Bird

The petrified bird is a recurring symbol in the story that represents the mysterious condition affecting humanity and the characters' attempts to understand and reverse it. It also serves as a catalyst for the friendship between Taiu and Yuzuriha, as both try to 'revive' the bird independently, showcasing their compassionate natures.


Science is a central theme in the narrative, representing the power of knowledge, logic, and experimentation to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The characters, particularly Senu, rely on scientific methods to devise solutions to the challenges they face, including the revival of petrified humans and the rebuilding of civilization.


Survival is a key theme in the story, emphasizing the characters' struggle to endure in a world where humanity has been petrified. It highlights the importance of resourcefulness, adaptability, and resilience in the face of disaster. The characters must learn to live off the land, build shelter, and protect themselves, all while dealing with the emotional and psychological impact of their situation.


Friendship is a significant theme that underscores the support and camaraderie between the characters, particularly Taiu and Senu. It is through their bond that they find the strength to face the challenges of their new reality, and it is their shared experiences that drive them to work together to revive humanity and rebuild civilization.

💡Confession of Love

The confession of love is a pivotal moment in the story that signifies personal growth and emotional vulnerability. It represents the characters' desire to express their true feelings and connect with others on a deeper level, even in the face of a global catastrophe. This act of confession becomes a symbol of hope and the enduring power of human emotions.


Distillation is a process mentioned in the story where Senu attempts to purify a substance by heating it to create vapor, which is then condensed back into a liquid. This scientific method is part of Senu's efforts to recreate civilization and is symbolic of the purification and renewal of the world after the petrification event.

💡Miracle Water

Miracle Water is a term used in the story to describe the solution that Senu creates to dissolve the petrification. It represents the power of scientific discovery and the potential for innovation to bring about extraordinary changes. The Miracle Water is a symbol of hope and the possibility of overcoming the seemingly impossible.


The story begins with humanity being petrified, leading to a world plunged into chaos.

Taiu, one of the few conscious survivors, seeks to protect his crush, Yuzu, in the midst of the catastrophe.

Centuries later, Taiu awakens to a world where humanity has been turned into stone statues.

Taiu's best friend, Senu, has been counting the seconds since the petrification, showing his dedication to their friendship and survival.

Senu and Taiu embark on a mission to revive the petrified humans and rebuild civilization using science.

The duo discovers that they can use nitric acid to dissolve petrification, offering hope for humanity's revival.

Taiu and Senu face challenges and dangers, including encounters with wild animals and狮子, as they strive to restore the world.

Senu's intelligence and knowledge of science become crucial in their battle against Tsukasa, a physically powerful individual with differing ideals.

The story showcases the power of friendship, as Taiu and Senu work together to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Science and innovation are highlighted as key tools in the characters' efforts to rebuild and protect their world.

The narrative emphasizes the importance of hope and determination in the face of overwhelming adversity.

The characters' resourcefulness is demonstrated by their ability to create necessary tools and weapons from scratch.

The story explores the potential consequences of using science for both good and harm, as seen in the conflict between Senu and Tsukasa.

The theme of sacrifice is prevalent, with characters like Senu willing to risk their lives for the greater good.

The revival of petrified humans brings up questions of ethics and the potential misuse of powerful scientific abilities.

The story ultimately champions the spirit of perseverance and the collective effort of a united group.