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9 May 202415:53

TLDRIn this engaging video, the host shares their personal experiences and daily activities. They start by changing their duvet cover, a task they find troublesome, and then enjoy the scent of lemon and other fruits to boost their mood and immunity. The video continues with the host preparing breakfast, making a simple yet delicious cheesecake, and discussing their passion for learning English. They also share their shopping experiences at a secondhand clothing store and a quirky shop, where they appreciate the simplicity and quality of the items. The host also enjoys a relaxing lunch with seasonal produce and a cup of matcha tea, before preparing to go out. Throughout the video, they emphasize the importance of enjoying the simple pleasures in life, such as the scent of nature, the taste of a well-cooked meal, and the joy of learning a new language.


  • 🛏️ Changing a duvet cover can be a daunting task, but it's an important part of maintaining a comfortable and clean sleeping environment.
  • ☁️ On a cloudy day, enjoying the scent of a freshly made bed or a cup of tea can bring comfort and a sense of well-being.
  • 🍋 Lemons are not only a source of vitamin C but also a symbol of freshness and energy, which can be a source of power and immunity boost.
  • 🍞 Simple ingredients like butter can elevate the taste of food, such as bread, to a new level of deliciousness.
  • 🍰 A simple cheesecake recipe can be a go-to dessert that's easy to make and always turns out well.
  • 📚 Revisiting old study materials can be a great way to reinforce knowledge, especially when it comes to learning a language.
  • 🌿 Matcha tea offers a unique sensory experience with its distinct taste and texture, making it a perfect companion for baking.
  • 👕 Secondhand clothing stores can be a treasure trove for finding unique and vintage styles that stand out from the crowd.
  • 💰 Quality products, even if they are simple, can be worth the investment for their durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • 🧀 Cheesecake is a versatile dessert that can be enjoyed casually and is always a crowd-pleaser.
  • 📹 Editing travel vlogs can be a fun and rewarding process, allowing one to relive and share their experiences with others.

Q & A

  • Why does the speaker find changing the duvet cover troublesome?

    -The speaker finds changing the duvet cover troublesome because they are not very good at the process and always end up having difficulty doing it.

  • What does the speaker do to boost their mood and immunity on a cloudy day?

    -The speaker enjoys the scent of lemon, gathers all the fruit at home, and mixes it with a cinnamon stick and honey to boost their mood and immunity on a cloudy day.

  • What is the significance of the Nara souvenir mentioned in the transcript?

    -The Nara souvenir is a representation of a parent and baby deer, which the speaker finds lovely despite the fact that they eat deer. It signifies a connection to nature and a fond memory or keepsake.

  • Why does the speaker decide to season their breakfast with butter?

    -The speaker decides to season their breakfast with butter to make it more delicious and 'happy,' indicating a preference for the taste and texture that butter adds to food.

  • What is the speaker's opinion about SCHAU ESSEN, a Japan brand?

    -The speaker likes SCHAU ESSEN, appreciating the good sound and the crow's voice, which suggests that they enjoy the brand's products for their quality and possibly their design or aesthetic appeal.

  • How does the speaker feel about the process of making a cheesecake?

    -The speaker finds making a cheesecake easy and often makes it because it's a simple process that doesn't require letting the cream cheese come to room temperature, as they mention they forgot to do so but managed to mix it up anyway.

  • What does the speaker enjoy about drinking matcha tea while baking the cake?

    -The speaker enjoys the wonderful mixing sound and hand feel of matcha tea, indicating that they appreciate the sensory experience of preparing and drinking the tea.

  • Why did the speaker decide to re-study the base part of English with 'grammar in use' material?

    -The speaker decided to re-study the base part of English with 'grammar in use' because they had bought the material once a long time ago but never used it, and they wanted to strengthen their foundational knowledge of the language.

  • What does the speaker find appealing about secondhand clothing stores?

    -The speaker finds secondhand clothing stores appealing because they offer the fun of discovering unique designs that they've never seen before, and they appreciate the individuality of wearing clothes that others might not have.

  • Why does the speaker feel that the cheesecake is the perfect cake to make without fail?

    -The speaker feels that the cheesecake is the perfect cake to make without fail because it is easy to make casually, has a beautiful cross-section, and is always delicious, suggesting a high level of satisfaction with the consistent results.

  • What does the speaker enjoy about spending time at home?

    -The speaker enjoys the comfort and familiarity of home time, but they also express a greater preference for outside time, indicating a balance between enjoying solitude and seeking social or outdoor experiences.



🛏️ Domestic Chores and Morning Refreshment

The speaker discusses their reluctance and difficulty in changing their duvet cover, which they haven't done in a while. They mention the importance of tying it properly and how they enjoy the scent of their bedding, especially on a cloudy day. Skipping breakfast due to lack of hunger, they opt for a drink made from various fruits, cinnamon, and honey, which not only uplifts their mood but also boosts their immunity. They appreciate the color and simplicity of a Nara souvenir, a parent and baby deer figurine, and describe their breakfast preparation, emphasizing the enhanced flavor of sausage when a slit is made. They also express their fondness for the SCHAU ESSEN brand and the joy of making a simple cheesecake, which they find easy and accessible. The process of baking and enjoying matcha tea is described, highlighting the sensory experience and the effort involved in making it.


📚 Learning and Language Studies

The speaker expresses surprise and mentions not worrying about a coaster, appreciating the taste of matcha and milk. They have purchased a 'grammar in use' book to restart their English studies, having bought similar material in the past but not utilized it. They plan to engage with the material intensively, recognizing the book's global support as an English study resource. The speaker admits the challenge of studying in English is mentally tiring, but they find motivation in the ability to communicate with a variety of people and understand different values. They discuss their lunch, enjoying the texture and color of snap peas and the simplicity of pasta seasoned with salt and pepper. The speaker imagines dining on a Parisian terrace while eating and plans to wear their favorite natural scented perfume. After finding a shop closed, they explore a secondhand clothing store, appreciating the unique designs and the fun of discovering old clothes.


🛍️ Shopping and Personal Style

The speaker shares their recent shopping experience, having bought a new shirt to replace a favorite blue one they got rid of. They mention the price and unisex nature of the clothing, and their enjoyment of the style and a cute bag they found. Interactions with polite and attractive clerks added to their happiness. After a store closure, they return to find high-quality products and express a desire for a small wallet, appreciating simplicity and sophistication. The speaker discusses the cheesecake they made, its appeal, and the perfect pairing with tea. They reflect on the joy of editing travel vlogs, which allows them to relive the experiences. They also talk about their nail care routine, the importance of a base for gel nails, and their favorite nail color from Seria.


🏡 Home Comfort vs. Outdoor Exploration

The speaker reflects on their increasing appreciation for spending time at home as they get older, though they still favor outdoor activities more. They express a general enjoyment of both home and outside time, suggesting a balance between domestic comfort and the excitement of outdoor experiences.



💡duvet cover

A duvet cover is a protective and decorative outer layer for a duvet or comforter. In the script, it is mentioned that changing the duvet cover is a task that the speaker finds troublesome but is important to do. It relates to the theme of home care and personal comfort.


Lemon is a citrus fruit known for its tangy flavor and high vitamin C content. The speaker mentions getting power from lemon, which could refer to the energizing effect of its scent or the health benefits of consuming it. It's used to illustrate the idea of drawing energy and pleasure from simple, natural elements.


Cheesecake is a sweet dessert consisting of a soft, creamy filling on a pastry base. The script describes making a simple cheesecake at home, emphasizing its ease of preparation and the enjoyment derived from the process and the result. It ties into the overall theme of culinary self-sufficiency and the joy of baking.


Matcha is a type of powdered green tea that is particularly popular in Japanese culture. The script highlights the sensory experience of preparing and consuming matcha tea, including its mixing sound and hand feel. It's associated with relaxation and the appreciation of cultural traditions.

💡secondhand clothing store

A secondhand clothing store is a retail establishment that sells previously owned clothing. The speaker describes visiting such a store and enjoying the unique designs found in old clothes, which can offer a sense of individuality and discovery. It reflects the theme of sustainable fashion and the joy of finding hidden treasures.


Perfume is a fragrant liquid preparation used to emit a pleasant scent. The script mentions putting on a favorite perfume with a natural scent, which could enhance the speaker's mood and personal style. Perfume is often associated with self-expression and the desire to create a pleasing atmosphere around oneself.

💡grammar in use

This phrase likely refers to a book or material used for learning and practicing grammar, possibly the well-known English grammar book series 'English Grammar in Use' by Raymond Murphy. The speaker expresses a desire to study and improve their English skills, which is part of the broader theme of personal growth and lifelong learning.

💡seasonal produce

Seasonal produce refers to fruits and vegetables that are grown and harvested during a particular time of the year. The script mentions enjoying pasta with a simple taste of salt and pepper, relying on the taste of the ingredients, which could imply using fresh, seasonal produce for its natural flavors. This ties into the theme of health-conscious eating and enjoying the flavors of the season.

💡gel nails

Gel nails are a type of artificial nail enhancement that uses a gel-like substance to create a hard, durable finish. The speaker discusses their love for gel nails and the process of applying them, including the use of a base for better results. It reflects the theme of personal care and the enjoyment of beauty routines.

💡travel vlog

A travel vlog is a video blog that documents someone's travel experiences. The script mentions editing a travel vlog, which allows the speaker to relive and share their travel memories. This ties into the theme of capturing and reflecting on personal experiences and the joy of revisiting past adventures.


Simplicity refers to the state or quality of being simple or uncomplicated. The script mentions a preference for simple, rustic, and delicious food, as well as a simple, slightly hippie-like style in clothing. It relates to the theme of valuing the uncomplicated and the pleasure derived from minimalism in various aspects of life.


Changing duvet cover after a long time, finding the process troublesome.

Importance of tying the duvet cover properly.

Enjoying the scent in the morning when the weather is cloudy.

Gathering all fruit at home, using cinnamon stick and honey for a boost in immunity and mood.

Preparing breakfast with butter to enhance taste.

Cutting a slit in the sausage to improve flavor.

Enjoying the simplicity and taste of homemade cheesecake.

The ease of making cheesecake and its low difficulty as a baking project.

Baking cheesecake while enjoying matcha tea, appreciating the sensory experience.

Studying English with 'grammar in use' material, aiming to improve language skills.

The challenge of studying a language entirely in English and the mental fatigue it can cause.

The joy of having a lunch with seasonal produce and the simplicity of pasta with salt and pepper.

The experience of shopping in a secondhand clothing store and finding unique designs.

Purchasing a new shirt that feels like the reincarnation of a previously favorite one.

The satisfaction of buying a small, simple wallet and the preference for minimalist style.

The readiness of the homemade cheesecake and its appeal as a casual dessert.

The enjoyment of editing travel vlogs and the process of reliving the travel experiences.

The importance of a good base for gel nails and the preference for a natural, milky beige color.

Appreciating the ability to spend quality time at home and the preference for outdoor activities.