How To Make Money On Shutterstock in 2024 (For Beginners)

Mike Vestil
19 Jun 202109:01

TLDRIn this enlightening video, Mike Vasil demystifies the process of earning money on Shutterstock, especially for beginners aiming for $100 to $700 daily without prior experience. He shares insights into the online money-making ecosystem, emphasizing the demand from business owners for stock footage and photography for their marketing needs. Mike reveals how understanding Shutterstock's monthly guide to requested content can guide creators to produce desired images, enhancing earnings. He stresses the importance of keywords for visibility and suggests leveraging Shutterstock's affiliate program as a lucrative alternative. The video is a blend of practical advice and inspiring success stories, including a 62-year-old woman who made a significant profit in 90 days, aiming to motivate viewers to explore Shutterstock's potential.


  • 📺 Making money on Shutterstock involves selling stock footage, videos, and photography to business owners for their marketing needs.
  • 💰 Success stories include individuals making significant income from selling photos on Shutterstock, emphasizing the potential for profit.
  • 📌 The demand for specific content is guided by Shutterstock's shot list, which outlines the most requested content each month, helping creators focus their efforts.
  • 📸 Business owners use Shutterstock to find specific content for their blogs, websites, or marketing, highlighting the importance of catering to these needs.
  • 🔍 Keywords play a crucial role in making money on Shutterstock, as they help match creators' content with business owners' search queries.
  • 💁‍♂️ Diversity in content, such as weddings, education, and home security, is highly sought after, indicating a broad market for creators.
  • 📈 Scaling income on Shutterstock can involve not just selling photos but also participating in their affiliate program, earning up to $300 per new customer.
  • 👨‍💻 Blogging about where to find high-quality stock photos can direct traffic to Shutterstock, leveraging search engine queries for affiliate earnings.
  • 🚀 The script presenter shares personal success stories to illustrate the scalability of online income, even for complete beginners with no experience.
  • 👋 The presenter offers a free workshop to teach faster and easier methods to make money online, alongside interviews with successful online entrepreneurs.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is how to make money on Shutterstock for complete beginners, with insights into earning potential and strategies for success.

  • What example does the video provide to demonstrate the earning potential from online businesses?

    -The video mentions a 62-year-old woman who went from zero to 160,000 dollars profit in 90 days as an example of the earning potential from online businesses.

  • What is identified as the key to making money on Shutterstock according to the video?

    -According to the video, the key to making money on Shutterstock is providing business owners with exactly what they want in terms of stock footage, videos, and photography.

  • What specific content does Shutterstock's shot list request?

    -Shutterstock's shot list requests content related to back-to-school themes, summer refreshments, home security, and diverse weddings, among other things.

  • How does the video suggest finding out what to create for Shutterstock?

    -The video suggests using Shutterstock's monthly guide to the most requested content, known as the shot list, to understand what business owners are looking for and tailor content creation accordingly.

  • What is the significance of keywords in selling photos on Shutterstock?

    -Keywords are significant because they help connect your photos to what business owners are searching for on Shutterstock, increasing the chances of making sales.

  • What alternative strategy does the video suggest for making money related to Shutterstock without taking photos?

    -The video suggests using Shutterstock's affiliate program to make money by recommending people to Shutterstock, with the potential to earn up to 300 dollars per new customer.

  • What does the video mention as a downside of depending on Shutterstock for income?

    -The video mentions that a downside of depending on Shutterstock for income is the high competition, with many people submitting similar content.

  • How does the video's author relate his personal success to the audience?

    -The author shares his own success in online businesses, mentioning netting 57,000 dollars in 30 days and scaling a new business significantly in 365 days, to inspire the audience and prove the potential for success.

  • What additional resources does the video offer to the viewers?

    -The video offers additional resources like a free workshop for making money online faster than Shutterstock and a podcast featuring interviews with successful individuals in Bali, including millionaires and online entrepreneurs.



💡 Making Money on Shutterstock for Beginners

This paragraph introduces the concept of earning through Shutterstock, highlighting success stories, including that of a 62-year-old woman who made significant profits. It outlines how businesses, needing stock footage and photos for marketing, turn to platforms like Shutterstock for content. The creator shares personal success, mentioning earnings from online ventures and emphasizing the demand for stock content by business owners. Success on Shutterstock is illustrated through an example of a user who made over $42,000, setting the stage for beginners to learn about the potential earnings and the basics of getting started on Shutterstock.


🔑 Strategies for Shutterstock Success

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of making sales on Shutterstock by aligning content creation with what business owners are searching for, using the platform's 'shot list' as a guide. It discusses the importance of targeting content towards in-demand themes like education, weddings, and local businesses. Further, it introduces the concept of utilizing keywords to increase visibility and sales. The narrative then progresses to exploring affiliate marketing with Shutterstock, where recommending the platform can yield up to $300 per new customer. This strategy is presented as a scalable way to generate significant income without directly selling photos, illustrating the speaker's broader approach to online earnings and the potential to leverage Shutterstock beyond just selling content.




Shutterstock is a global platform that offers stock images, videos, and music tracks for commercial and editorial use. In the video, it's highlighted as a lucrative avenue for creators to earn money by selling their content. Creators can upload their photography, videos, or music and get paid when businesses and individuals purchase their content for marketing, websites, or articles. The platform serves as a bridge between content creators and business owners looking for high-quality visual and audio content for their projects.

💡Making Money Online

Making money online is a broad term that encompasses various methods and platforms through which individuals can earn income over the internet. The video specifically focuses on how complete beginners can generate significant daily earnings through Shutterstock without prior experience. This is presented as part of the larger online ecosystem of opportunities, highlighting the flexibility and potential for passive income.

💡Passive Income

Passive income refers to earnings derived from a venture in which a person is not actively involved on a daily basis. In the context of the video, selling stock content on Shutterstock allows creators to earn money repeatedly from a single piece of work whenever it is purchased, embodying the passive income model. This concept is appealing because it can generate continuous revenue without the need for constant labor.

💡Content Demand

Content demand in the video refers to the specific types of images, videos, or themes that businesses and individuals are actively seeking on Shutterstock. The platform provides a 'shot list' as a guide to the most requested content for creators, helping them to focus their efforts on creating content that is more likely to sell. This demand-driven approach allows creators to maximize their earnings by catering to current market needs.


Keywords play a crucial role in making content discoverable on Shutterstock. They are specific words or phrases that describe the content, enabling potential buyers to find exactly what they're looking for through search. The video emphasizes the importance of using relevant and targeted keywords for uploaded content, as they directly impact visibility and sales potential.

💡Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where an individual earns a commission for promoting someone else's products or services. The video introduces Shutterstock's affiliate program as an alternative way to make money, by referring new customers to the platform. It's mentioned as a scalable method to generate income without creating content, by leveraging the traffic and interest of people searching for stock media.


Royalties are the payments made to content creators each time their work is purchased or used. In the Shutterstock context, creators earn royalties whenever their photos, videos, or music tracks are bought by users of the platform. This system incentivizes high-quality and in-demand content creation, as more popular content leads to higher earnings through repeated sales.

💡Business Owners

Business owners in the video are depicted as the primary clientele for Shutterstock, seeking quality stock footage, photos, and music for their marketing efforts, websites, or product promotions. These individuals or companies are willing to pay for content that aligns with their business needs, making them a critical target audience for content creators on Shutterstock.

💡Market Trends

Market trends refer to the prevailing directions in which markets move over a period of time. In the video, understanding and capitalizing on market trends is essential for creators looking to sell content on Shutterstock. By keeping an eye on the most requested themes or subjects (like back-to-school or weddings), creators can align their work with what's currently in demand, increasing their sales potential.


Competition on Shutterstock is highlighted in the video as one of the challenges creators face. With many contributors uploading content, standing out and making significant sales requires strategic planning, including focusing on in-demand content, effective keyword usage, and exploring additional revenue streams like affiliate marketing. Competition drives the need for creators to differentiate their offerings and market themselves effectively.


Introduction to making money on Shutterstock for beginners, with claims of significant earnings with no experience required.

Anecdote of a 62-year-old woman making $160,000 profit in 90 days through the outlined method.

Explanation of the online money-making ecosystem, highlighting the demand for stock footage, videos, and photography by business owners.

Success story of an individual making over $42,000 selling photos on Shutterstock.

Discussion on the importance of understanding what Shutterstock's business customers are looking for to make money.

Explanation of Shutterstock's Shot List as a guide to the most requested content by customers.

Highlighting the value of focusing creativity on specific, in-demand shots to increase sales potential.

Emphasis on the significance of keywords in selling photos and making money on Shutterstock.

Comparison of Shutterstock's keyword search functionality to Google's, for understanding customer needs.

Strategies for identifying high-demand photo themes and keywords to target for content creation.

Overview of the potential to scale earnings beyond direct sales through Shutterstock's affiliate program.

Discussion on how to leverage content and recommendations to drive business owners to Shutterstock, earning up to $300 per customer.

Personal success story highlighting $57,000 net earnings in 30 days and scaling a new business significantly in 365 days.

Motivational closing, emphasizing the speaker's journey from studying to be a dentist to achieving online business success.

Invitation to a free workshop offering insights into the fastest and easiest ways to make money online, beyond Shutterstock.

Introduction to a podcast featuring interviews with successful entrepreneurs and millionaires based in Bali.