How To Use Bing AI Image Generator (2024) Tutorial For Beginners

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23 Oct 202308:21

TLDRThis tutorial introduces viewers to Bing AI's image generator, highlighting its capabilities and ease of use. The presenter guides users through accessing the tool via Microsoft Edge, signing in for personalized experience, and creating detailed images with descriptive prompts. The video showcases the high-quality outputs, such as an astronaut dance party on Mars and a dark aesthetic rock band, emphasizing the tool's potential for artists and designers.


  • 🌐 Use Bing AI image generator for creating high-quality images through AI technology.
  • 🔍 Access Bing AI through Microsoft Edge or other browsers by searching for 'Bing AI'.
  • 💬 Navigate to the chat section of Bing AI to find the image generator feature.
  • 🎨 Image Creator is powered by Dolly 3, a leading AI image generation platform.
  • 🆓 Dolly 3 is free to use and offers advanced image generation capabilities.
  • 📈 Sign in with a Microsoft account to earn points and enhance your experience with Bing image Creator.
  • 🚀 Boosts allow for faster image generation and can be used strategically for quick outputs.
  • 🎭 Enter detailed prompts to guide the AI in creating specific images, such as an 'astronaut dance party on Mars'.
  • 🎨 Customize the generated images further with Microsoft Designer for additional refinement.
  • 🖼️ Download and use the created images for personal or professional projects, like album covers.
  • 🌟 Bing AI image generator offers a powerful tool for artists, musicians, and designers to bring their visions to life.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is how to use Bing AI image generator, an AI-powered tool for creating images.

  • Which browsers can be used to access Bing AI?

    -Bing AI can be accessed through various browsers, but the video recommends using Microsoft Edge for the best output and experience.

  • What is the significance of Dolly 3 in the context of Bing AI image generator?

    -Dolly 3 is the advanced version of the image creator AI that powers Bing's image generator, known for its high-quality image outputs.

  • How does the user access the Bing AI image generator?

    -The user can access the Bing AI image generator by typing 'Bing image generator' in the search bar and following the prompts to the image creation interface.

  • What is the purpose of signing in to the Bing image generator?

    -Signing in to the Bing image generator allows users to earn points for rewards and a better experience with the image creation process.

  • How does the boost feature work in the Bing AI image generator?

    -The boost feature allows users to create more images more quickly. It consumes boosts to speed up the image generation process.

  • What kind of image did the video creator request to demonstrate the AI's capabilities?

    -The video creator requested an image of an astronaut dance party on the surface of Mars as a digital illustration to demonstrate the AI's capabilities.

  • What are some examples of detailed prompts that can be used with the Bing AI image generator?

    -Examples of detailed prompts include 'fourman rock band wearing all black', 'dark aesthetic', 'performing for a huge crowd', and 'HD depth of field'.

  • How can the Bing AI image generator be used by artists or musicians?

    -Artists or musicians can use the Bing AI image generator to create album covers or other visual art by providing detailed prompts that match their creative vision.

  • What is the result of the prompt 'de tones album cover aesthetic, unicorn flying into the sun, realistic, with attention to detail'?

    -The result is an album cover with a parental advisory label, a unicorn flying towards the sun, and a war scene in space, although Poseidon was not explicitly depicted.

  • What is the conclusion of the video regarding Bing's AI image creator?

    -The video concludes that Bing's AI image creator is a powerful tool that offers high-quality image generation with impressive attention to detail and aesthetic appeal.



🖌️ Introduction to Bing AI Image Generator

The paragraph introduces viewers to the Bing AI image generator, highlighting its popularity and accessibility through Microsoft Edge and other browsers. It emphasizes the ease of use, with a step-by-step guide on how to access and utilize the AI's chat function and image creation capabilities. The video creator also mentions the collaboration with Dolly 3, an advanced image-generating AI, and provides insights into the generator's potential for producing high-quality, detailed images. The paragraph concludes with a demonstration of creating an astronaut dance party on Mars, showcasing the generator's ability to produce impressive and intricate digital illustrations.


🎨 Advanced Usage of Bing's AI Image Creator

This paragraph delves into more complex uses of the Bing AI image generator, challenging it with detailed and specific prompts. The video creator provides an example of generating an image of a four-man rock band with a dark aesthetic, performing in front of a large crowd with depth of field. The summary also touches on the potential applications of the image generator for artists and musicians, such as designing album covers. It demonstrates the AI's capability to interpret and produce images with a high level of detail and creativity, as seen in the examples provided, including a hypothetical album cover with a unicorn and a war in space theme.



💡Bing AI Image Generator

The Bing AI Image Generator is an artificial intelligence-based tool that creates images based on the text prompts provided by users. In the video, it is described as an incredible AI tool that can generate high-quality digital illustrations, such as an astronaut dance party on Mars, by utilizing the power of Dolly 3, an advanced image generation AI. The generator is accessible through Microsoft Edge and other browsers, but the video recommends Microsoft Edge for the best output and user experience.

💡Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft that is used as the primary platform to access the Bing AI Image Generator. The video emphasizes that while the image generator can be accessed through other browsers, Microsoft Edge provides the best performance and user experience when using the AI tool.

💡Dolly 3

Dolly 3 is an advanced AI image generation model that powers the Bing AI Image Generator. It is described as one of the greatest image generators available, known for its ability to create detailed and high-quality images. The video mentions that Dolly 3 is a further development from previous versions, Dolly 1 and Dolly 2, and is used in the creation of various images, such as an astronaut dance party and a rock band performing in front of a crowd.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is used to power the Bing AI Image Generator, allowing it to interpret text prompts and create corresponding images with impressive attention to detail and visual quality.

💡Image Creator

The term 'Image Creator' in the video refers to the Bing AI Image Generator, which is an AI-powered tool designed to create images from text descriptions. It is a feature of Bing's AI capabilities and is used to generate visual content that matches the user's prompts, showcasing the advanced technology of AI in image generation.

💡Account Details

Account Details in the context of the video refers to the personal information required by the Bing AI Image Generator to sign in and use its services. This typically includes a user's name, email address, and other relevant information needed to create a personalized experience and to earn points for rewards within the platform.


In the Bing AI Image Generator, Boosts are a feature that allows users to create images more quickly. They are a type of in-platform currency that can be used to expedite the image generation process. When a user has Boosts, they can generate images faster than if they were waiting for the standard, possibly longer, generation time.

💡Digital Illustration

A digital illustration is a type of artwork that is created using digital tools and software. In the video, the Bing AI Image Generator is used to create digital illustrations, such as the image of an astronaut dance party on Mars. These illustrations are characterized by their high level of detail and the use of colors, textures, and other visual elements to create a compelling and realistic image.


Aesthetic in the video refers to the visual style or the artistic concept that guides the creation of an image. It is used to describe the desired look and feel of the generated images, such as the dark aesthetic for the Forman rock band or the album cover with a specific color tone and mood.

💡Album Cover

An album cover is the artwork that represents a music album, often featuring images, typography, and design elements that reflect the theme and mood of the music within. In the video, the Bing AI Image Generator is used to create a conceptual album cover with a specific aesthetic and thematic elements, such as a unicorn flying into the sun and a war in space.

💡Attention to Detail

Attention to detail refers to the careful consideration and precision given to the smallest elements within a work, ensuring that the final product is of high quality and accurately represents the intended concept. In the context of the video, it highlights the Bing AI Image Generator's ability to create images with intricate details and elements that match the user's prompts.


Introduction to Bing AI image generator

Bing AI's popularity due to its chat bots

Accessing Bing AI through Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers

Chat section in Bing AI for interaction

Co-pilot as Bing's version of Chat GPT

Bing's AI image generator and its integration with Dolly 3

Dolly 3 as an advanced image creator AI

Signing in for account details and rewards

Using boosts for quicker image generation

Example creation: Astronaut dance party on Mars

High-quality and detailed digital illustration output

Customization options with Microsoft designer

Creating a challenging image: Forman rock band with dark aesthetic

Attention to detail in AI-generated images

Application for album cover designs

Example album cover: Dep Tones with unicorn and Poseidon

Summary of Bing AI image generator's capabilities