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Riley Brown
28 Jan 202416:44

TLDRMidjourney's new website offers an intuitive interface for image creation, now accessible to users who have generated 5,000 images, soon to be open to everyone. The platform simplifies the process, allowing users to type in prompts and adjust parameters such as image size, stylization, and weirdness for unique outputs. It also integrates well with tools like Canva for creating thumbnails and Instagram graphics. The future of Midjourney includes video features and real-time editing, expanding creative possibilities for users.


  • 🚀 Midjourney has launched a new website that is currently accessible to users who have generated 5,000 images, soon to be open to everyone.
  • 🎨 The website offers a streamlined image creation process, allowing users to type in prompts and instantly see the results without needing to use complex parameters.
  • 📈 Midjourney's user base is growing, with 18.5 million people in the Discord server, indicating a strong community and learning ecosystem around the platform.
  • 🖼️ Users have control over image size, stylization, and aspect ratio, with the ability to adjust these settings easily and view the differences in real-time.
  • 🔄 The platform provides a gallery of previously created images that can be scrolled through infinitely, making it easy to find and reference old images.
  • 🌟 Midjourney's new features include subtle and strong variations, allowing users to make minor or significant changes to their images with a single click.
  • 🔍 The website introduces a clean format for accessing and using reference images, simplifying the process compared to the previous method on Discord.
  • 🤡 The script discusses the potential for future features, such as the ability to vary region, real-time editing, and video creation, indicating continuous development and improvement.
  • 🎥 There's mention of an upcoming video feature and the possibility of integrating lip-sync technology, expanding the creative potential of the platform.
  • 📚 The speaker plans to create an in-depth guide on how to use Midjourney effectively, including tips and tricks learned from experts and the community.

Q & A

  • What is the new feature of Midjourney's website that was previously only available to users who generated a certain number of images?

    -The new feature of Midjourney's website is its accessibility, which was initially available only to users who had generated more than 10,000 images. The threshold has been lowered to 5,000 images, and it will soon be fully open to everyone.

  • How has the image creation process changed on Midjourney's new website compared to the old platform?

    -The new website has simplified the image creation process. Instead of typing commands like 'slash imagine' in Discord, users can now just type in their prompts directly. The website also provides a more user-friendly interface with a clean format and easier access to various parameters for image customization.

  • What is the significance of the 'stylization' option in Midjourney's image creation process?

    -The 'stylization' option allows users to adjust the artistic style of the generated images. By turning it up or down, users can control the level of aesthetic variation in the images, from very subtle changes to very strong and distinct stylistic alterations.

  • How can users make use of the 'weirdness' parameter in Midjourney's image creation?

    -The 'weirdness' parameter introduces elements of unpredictability and creativity into the generated images. By adjusting the level of weirdness, users can explore a range of more unusual and imaginative outcomes, with higher values leading to more unexpected and varied results.

  • What is the role of the 'reference images' feature in Midjourney's new website?

    -The 'reference images' feature allows users to upload specific images that they want to influence the style of the generated images. This makes it easier to combine styles from different sources and create unique images by merging various visual elements.

  • How does the new website facilitate the creation of thumbnails and Instagram graphics using Midjourney's images?

    -The new website streamlines the process of creating thumbnails and Instagram graphics by allowing users to directly use the generated images on platforms like Canva. Users can easily upscale images, apply stylistic elements like gradients, and combine text to create visually appealing social media content.

  • What are the potential future features that Midjourney is planning to introduce?

    -Midjourney is planning to introduce features like region-based editing, real-time editing, and video creation. Users will be able to select and modify specific parts of an image, adjust video frames, and even generate lip-sync videos for characters, significantly expanding the creative possibilities.

  • How does the 'variety' parameter in Midjourney's image creation affect the output?

    -The 'variety' parameter, which was previously known as the 'chaos' parameter, controls the level of diversity in the generated images. Higher variety levels result in more diverse and potentially more creative outputs, while lower levels lead to more consistent and uniform images.

  • What is the significance of the 'speed' parameter in Midjourney's image generation process?

    -The 'speed' parameter affects the processing time for generating images. Higher speed values may result in faster image generation but could potentially compromise on the quality and detail of the images produced.

  • How can users save and organize their favorite images on Midjourney's new website?

    -Users can save their favorite images by pressing the heart button, which automatically adds the images to their 'favorites' or archive section. This allows for easy access and organization of preferred images for future reference or use.

  • What resources are available for users who want to learn more about Midjourney and its features?

    -There are resources like community content fundamentals and AI tools available for users to learn more about Midjourney. Additionally, there are documents with various prompts featuring characters like Shrek and Homer, which can be accessed for free and used to explore different creative possibilities within the platform.



🌟 Introduction to Mid Journey and Site Overview

The paragraph begins with an introduction to Mid Journey, highlighting its superiority over other image creators. The speaker discusses the new Mid Journey website, which was initially accessible only to users who generated over 10,000 images, and now is available to those who have created 5,000 images,预告着即将对所有人开放。The speaker provides a walkthrough of the website's interface, emphasizing its simplicity and the ease of creating images by just typing in a prompt. The differences in aspect ratios between the old and new Mid Journey are also pointed out. The paragraph touches on the large user base in the Discord server and the potential industry readiness to learn Mid Journey, setting the stage for a deeper dive into the platform's features and future capabilities.


🎨 Exploring Image Creation Options and Stylization

This paragraph delves into the specifics of image creation on Mid Journey. The speaker explains the adjustable image size and stylization options, using the example of a 'man with a tiger as a mom' to illustrate the process. The differences in stylization levels are discussed, and the ability to make subtle or strong changes to the images is highlighted. The paragraph also covers additional features such as varying the image subtly or strongly, upscaling options, and the ease of navigating through created images. The speaker emphasizes the importance of experimentation and personal preference in finding a style that resonates with the user.


🔄 Merging Styles and Advanced Image Manipulation

The speaker continues the discussion on Mid Journey's capabilities by exploring the feature of merging different styles and creating unique images. Examples are given of combining various characters and elements, such as a falcon flying over Atlanta or a sloth-like creature with a musician. The paragraph also touches on the ability to use reference images directly on the platform, making the process easier compared to previous methods. The speaker predicts future updates to the platform, including the ability to edit specific parts of an image and real-time editing capabilities. The potential for turning images into videos and integrating lip-sync technology is also mentioned, hinting at the expanding creative possibilities within the platform.


🚀 Future of Mid Journey and Community Resources

In the final paragraph, the speaker discusses the anticipated full release of the new Mid Journey site to all users and plans for an upcoming in-depth video detailing various prompts and expert strategies. The speaker also mentions a free PDF resource available to the community, containing different prompts featuring characters like Shrek and Homer. This resource is designed to help users quickly access and utilize effective prompts for Mid Journey, showcasing the community-driven aspect of learning and exploring the platform together.




Midjourney refers to an AI-based image creation platform that has recently launched a new website. It is described as superior to other image creators and is noted for its ease of use and innovative features. The platform allows users to generate images based on typed prompts, and it has been gaining popularity, with the video mentioning a Discord server having 18.5 million members. The new website is designed to be more user-friendly, moving away from the previous method of typing commands in a Discord-like interface to a more streamlined, one-click approach.

💡Image Creation Options

Image Creation Options refer to the various settings and parameters that users can adjust to customize the images generated by Midjourney. These options include image size, stylization, and the ability to vary the 'weirdness' or creativity of the output. Users can experiment with these settings to achieve the desired look and feel for their images, whether it's a more realistic style or something more abstract and unconventional.


Discord is mentioned as the previous platform where Midjourney operated, requiring users to type commands with slashes to generate images. The new Midjourney website is presented as an improvement over this system, offering a more intuitive and streamlined user experience without the need for command-line inputs.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio refers to the proportionate relationship between the width and height of an image. In the context of the video, it is mentioned when discussing the differences between the old and new Midjourney platforms, where the new site allows for more flexibility in creating images with different aspect ratios without the need for specifying parameters.


Stylization in the context of Midjourney refers to the degree to which the generated images are altered or enhanced to have a particular artistic style or aesthetic. Users can adjust the stylization to make the images more or less stylized, which can range from subtle to strong, affecting the overall look and feel of the output.


Weirdness is a term used within Midjourney to describe the level of unconventional or unexpected elements in the generated images. Adjusting the weirdness slider allows users to control the degree of creativity and novelty in their images, with higher values leading to more unusual and potentially bizarre results.


Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create visual content such as logos, thumbnails, and social media graphics. In the video, it is mentioned as a tool that can be used in conjunction with Midjourney to enhance the images created and produce professional-looking thumbnails for social media posts or videos.


Thumbnails are small visual representations of larger images or videos, often used to attract viewers' attention on social media platforms. In the context of the video, it is discussed as a key element of social media strategy, where a Midjourney-generated image can be used to create an eye-catching thumbnail for a video.

💡Reference Images

Reference images are existing images that users can upload to Midjourney to influence the style or content of the new images being generated. This feature allows for a more directed and personalized outcome, as the AI can incorporate elements from the reference image into the creation process.


Upscaling refers to the process of increasing the size of an image without losing quality or introducing pixelation. In the context of the video, it is mentioned as a feature that can be applied to Midjourney-generated images to make them suitable for larger formats or higher resolutions.

💡Real-time Editing

Real-time Editing refers to the ability to make changes to images or videos on-the-fly, as they are being generated or displayed. This concept is mentioned in the video as a potential future feature for Midjourney, where users could select and modify parts of an image or adjust frames in a video directly within the platform.

💡Lip Sync Videos

Lip Sync Videos are created when the movements of a character's mouth are synchronized with audio, giving the illusion that the character is speaking the words. The video mentions a tool called La Lau, which currently allows users to generate lip sync videos by uploading a character image and audio. It is suggested that Midjourney may introduce similar features in the future, enabling users to create more dynamic and interactive content.


Midjourney's new website is set to become fully open to everyone, marking a significant shift from its previous availability limited to users who generated over 10,000 images.

The website's user interface has been redesigned to be more intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to type in any prompt and quickly generate images without the need for complex commands.

The image creation options on Midjourney's website now include adjustable image size, stylization, and aspect ratios, providing users with greater control over the output of their images.

The introduction of a 'weirdness' slider allows users to introduce more variation and creativity into their images, with the ability to adjust the level of weirdness from 0 to 2400.

The new website supports the direct use of reference images, simplifying the process of combining styles from existing images with new prompts.

Users can now easily explore and merge styles from different images, creating unique combinations that push the boundaries of creative possibilities.

The website's infinite scrolling feature allows users to seamlessly browse through their image history, making it easier to find and reuse previous creations.

Midjourney's new site integrates with tools like Canva, enabling users to create compelling thumbnails and graphics for social media platforms like Instagram.

The platform is expected to introduce video features, allowing users to turn their images into videos and adjust the frames, expanding the potential for multimedia content creation.

The future of Midjourney includes real-time editing and the ability to select and modify specific parts of an image, providing an unprecedented level of control and precision.

The potential for lip-sync videos and character animations within Midjourney预示着 the platform's evolution towards a comprehensive creative suite for generating both static and dynamic content.

The presenter is planning an in-depth video and community content that will explore and share expert tips on how to best use Midjourney's features and generate the most impactful images.

A free resource is available for users to learn more about Midjourney, including a document with various prompts featuring popular characters like Shrek and Homer.

The presenter encourages viewers to engage with the content by liking, subscribing, and using the notification bell, highlighting the interactive nature of the platform.