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9 Aug 202307:14

TLDRKuiper's new 'Motion' feature enhances animation fluidity on their platform, allowing users to create and upload images for dynamic content. Beta testing has been positive, and the tool now offers a range of styles and settings for generating animations. A contest has been announced to celebrate the launch, inviting creators to produce motion videos themed around vapor, mist, fog, cloud, or smoke for a chance to win credits.


  • 🚀 Kuiper has released a new feature called 'motion' for their platform, enhancing animation fluidity.
  • 🔧 The motion feature was beta-tested and is now available for everyone to use for animation creation.
  • 📸 motion includes an image upload feature, allowing users to bring their existing images to life with animations.
  • 📱 To access motion, users need to log in to Kuiper, go to 'create a video', and select the motion feature.
  • 🎨 Users can begin with an initial image or write a prompt to start creating their animations.
  • 📹 The interface for motion has options to choose video settings, like aspect ratio (16x9 or 9x16) and generative fill for social media content.
  • 🔄 Adjusting the 'evolve' slider controls the consistency and wildness of the animation results.
  • 💰 Creating an animation with motion requires credits, with the example taking 32 credits for a 4-second clip.
  • 🕒 Animations created with motion take some time to process, depending on the complexity.
  • 🏆 Kuiper has announced a contest with the launch of motion, themed around vapor, mist, fog, cloud, or smoke, with credits as prizes.
  • 🤝 Users are encouraged to join the contest by participating in the Kuiper Discord community.

Q & A

  • What is the new feature on the Kuiper platform called?

    -The new feature on the Kuiper platform is called 'Motion'.

  • What does the Motion feature aim to bring to the platform?

    -The Motion feature aims to bring fluidity to animations on the Kuiper platform.

  • What additional feature has been introduced with Motion?

    -An image upload feature has been introduced with Motion, allowing users to bring their existing images to life within the platform.

  • How does one access the Motion feature on Kuiper?

    -To access the Motion feature, users need to log in to Kuiper, go to 'Create a video' at the top, and then select the Motion feature.

  • What are the different style options available for creating animations with Motion?

    -Users can choose from various styles such as Art Nouveau, realistic, Cinematic, and loss (likely referring to a specific style or artist) for their animations.

  • How does the 'Evolve' setting affect the animation?

    -The 'Evolve' setting influences the consistency versus the wildness of the animation results. A lower number makes the animation more consistent, while a higher number leads to wilder outcomes.

  • What is the significance of selecting a preview frame in the animation creation process?

    -Selecting a preview frame gives the user an idea of what the animation is expected to look like, and it might influence the overall outcome of the animation.

  • How long does it typically take to generate an animation with the Motion feature?

    -Though the exact time may vary, generating an animation with the Motion feature usually takes a few minutes.

  • What is the new contest introduced by Kuiper in celebration of the Motion feature launch?

    -Kuiper has introduced a contest called 'Jam Session' where participants are challenged to create the best motion video involving the theme of vapor, mist, fog, cloud, or smoke. The first place wins 1000 credits, and the second place wins 500 credits.

  • How can users learn more about the contest and participate?

    -Users can join Kuiper's Discord server to find all the information about the contest, get the details, and submit their entries.

  • What is the main difference between the traditional animation style on Kuiper and the new Motion style?

    -The traditional animation style on Kuiper is compared to a flipbook style, whereas the new Motion style offers a more fluid and dynamic animation experience.



🎨 Introducing Kuiper's Motion Feature

Kuiper has released a new feature called 'motion' aimed at enhancing the fluidity of animations on their platform. The script discusses the beta testing phase and the introduction of the feature to the public. It highlights the ability to upload images and bring them to life within the platform. The user navigates through the process of creating a video, starting with selecting an initial image or writing a prompt. The script provides insights into the video settings, such as aspect ratio choices and the impact of the 'evolve' setting on the animation's consistency and wildness. The user shares their experience with the animation generation process, including the time it takes and the surprises in the outcome. The focus is on the new motion style compared to the previous flipbook style, emphasizing the more fluid and less rigid nature of the animations created with the motion feature. The user also explores the impact of using different styles and settings, such as Art Nouveau and Cinematic, on the final look of the animations.


🖼️ Image Upload and Motion Feature Exploration

This paragraph delves into the image upload feature of Kuiper's motion, allowing users to incorporate their own creations into the animation process. The script describes an experiment with an image created with Bing's advanced Dolly version, focusing on the user's excitement to see how the platform would animate it. The user discusses the outcome, noting the unexpected transformation of the fish and the rock in the image. The script highlights the importance of the 'evolve' setting in achieving a closer representation of the uploaded image. The user expresses curiosity and enthusiasm for further exploration of the image upload capability with the motion feature. Additionally, the script announces a new contest introduced by Kuiper, challenging creators to make the best motion video with a theme related to vapor, mist, fog, cloud, or smoke. The contest details are shared, encouraging participation and highlighting the rewards for the top entries.




Kuiper is the name of the platform being discussed in the video script. It is a digital platform that has recently released a new feature called 'motion'. The term 'Kuiper' is central to the video's theme as it sets the context for the discussion about the new feature and its capabilities.


The term 'motion' refers to the newly introduced feature on the Kuiper platform. It is designed to add fluidity to animations, allowing for more dynamic and lifelike movements in the creations made on the platform. This feature is integral to the video's message as it showcases an advancement in the capabilities of the platform and its impact on user experience.

💡beta testing

Beta testing is a phase in software development where a product or feature is tested by end-users to identify and fix any issues before its official release. In the context of the video, the speaker has been involved in beta testing the 'motion' feature on Kuiper, providing valuable feedback that could have contributed to its refinement.

💡image upload feature

The 'image upload feature' refers to the capability of the Kuiper platform to allow users to upload their own images and integrate them into their animations. This feature expands the creative possibilities for users by enabling them to bring their existing artwork or images into the platform and animate them using the 'motion' feature.

💡Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is an artistic style characterized by its flowing, natural forms and ornate decoration, often inspired by plants and other elements of nature. In the video, the speaker chooses Art Nouveau as one of the styles to apply to their animation, demonstrating how the 'motion' feature can be combined with different artistic styles to create unique animations.

💡generative fill

Generative fill refers to the process of using algorithms to automatically generate and fill in content, such as images or animations, based on certain parameters or prompts. In the context of the Kuiper platform, the 'motion' feature utilizes generative fill to expand the canvas and create animations that fit social media formats like 16x9 or 9x16.

💡animation consistency

Animation consistency refers to the uniformity and coherence of the animation's visual elements and movements throughout the entire sequence. In the Kuiper platform, the level of consistency can be adjusted using a slider, with lower numbers resulting in more uniform animations and higher numbers leading to more varied and 'wild' results.

💡preview frames

Preview frames are the individual images or snapshots taken from the animation at different stages to give a glimpse of what the final animation will look like. In the context of the Kuiper platform, users can select a preview frame that they believe best represents the desired outcome of the animation, which will then influence how the 'motion' feature generates the final sequence.

💡indirect lighting

Indirect lighting is a lighting technique in visual art and animation where light is not cast directly onto the subject but is instead bounced off other surfaces to create a softer, more natural illumination effect. In the video, the speaker mentions using indirect lighting within their prompt to help create a more realistic and dynamic motion in the animation.

💡Cinematic style

Cinematic style refers to the visual and narrative techniques used in filmmaking that aim to create a high-quality, movie-like aesthetic. In the context of the Kuiper platform, the Cinematic style is one of the options users can choose to give their animations a more immersive and dramatic look. The video discusses the use of this style to enhance the animations created with the 'motion' feature.


Vapor is a term used to describe the gaseous state of a substance, often resulting from evaporation or sublimation. In the video, the speaker refers to a contest introduced by Kuiper that challenges creators to make a motion video with a theme involving various forms of vapor, such as mist, fog, cloud, or smoke. This concept is used as a creative prompt to inspire users to explore the capabilities of the 'motion' feature.


Kuiper has released a new feature called 'motion' for their platform, aimed at bringing fluidity to animations.

The 'motion' feature is now available to everyone after a beta testing phase.

Users can create animations and upload images to bring their existing creations to life within the platform.

The platform offers an option to start with an initial image, similar to other popular platforms.

The 'motion' feature is visually appealing and offers a step towards interoperability.

To use 'motion', users can begin by selecting a style and writing a prompt.

The platform provides video settings, allowing users to choose the aspect ratio and other parameters for their animations.

The 'evolve' setting adjusts the consistency and wildness of the animation results.

Animations created with 'motion' are fluid and differ from the previous flipbook style.

Using indirect lighting within the prompt can help create more motion in the animations.

The platform has a new image upload feature that allows users to upload their own images for animation.

The uploaded image is processed with the user's chosen style and prompt to create an animation.

Adjusting the 'evolve' setting can bring the animation closer to the original uploaded image.

Kuiper has introduced a contest with the launch of 'motion', inviting users to create videos with a vapor, mist, fog, cloud, or smoke theme.

The contest offers rewards of 1000 credits for first place and 500 credits for second place.

Users are encouraged to join the contest and engage with the 'motion' feature through Kuiper's Discord channel.

The reviewer shares their preference for the 'motion' style over the flipbook style for its aesthetic appeal.

The 'motion' feature allows for personal creativity and storytelling through different styles of animation.