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25 Mar 202409:49

TLDRIn this video, Tim introduces an innovative AI-powered workflow for video and animation creation by combining multiple platforms. He explores the capabilities of Vigle DoAI, a beta platform available on Discord, which allows users to animate images by uploading them and selecting desired motion prompts. Tim also demonstrates how to enhance the output by integrating Domo AI, a video stylization platform that offers various stylized looks, such as GTA and Chinese ink painting. By showcasing the process of creating a dancing animation with Daniela van den Heuvel and a karate practice video, Tim highlights the potential of these tools for generating unique content. He encourages viewers to experiment with different source materials and to 'kit bash' various platforms to achieve imaginative and diverse outputs, suggesting the possibility of creating animated shorts with pre-planning and forethought.


  • 🤖 The video introduces a new AI, video, and animation workflow by combining multiple AI platforms.
  • 🎉 Domo AI is sponsoring the video, highlighting its role in the workflow.
  • 🌟 The 'Animate Anyone' technology, previously discussed in a white paper, is now accessible via a platform called Vigle DoAI.
  • 🔧 Vigle DoAI is currently in beta and can be accessed through Discord by joining the beta.
  • 🖼️ Users can upload an image and choose a motion prompt to generate an animation, with templated prompts offering better results.
  • 🎨 Domo AI complements Vigle by providing video stylization, enhancing the output with various stylistic options.
  • 🌈 Domo AI offers a variety of models, including the popular GTA model and a stylized Chinese ink painting look.
  • 🎥 The workflow involves generating a character in a full body pose, which can be used to create a more complete animation.
  • 📸 Source material and reference images are crucial for the quality and coherence of the generated animations.
  • 🔄 The video demonstrates the process of creating an animated short by combining outputs from different platforms and editing them together.
  • 🚀 Domo's new 'slash move' feature allows for further experimentation and creation of dynamic animations in different styles.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is a new AI, video, and animation workflow that combines multiple platforms, with a focus on using Vigle DoAI and Domo.

  • How does the speaker describe the 'animate anyone' technology?

    -The speaker describes the 'animate anyone' technology as a tool that has become accessible to the public through a platform called Vigle DoAI, which was previously discussed in a white paper.

  • What is the current status of Vigle?

    -Vigle is currently in beta and can be accessed through Discord by joining the beta.

  • What is the process for using Vigle to animate an image?

    -To use Vigle, one uploads an image and selects a motion prompt or chooses from predesigned templated prompts. The user can then choose the background and turn fine-tuning on or off before generating the animation.

  • What limitations did the speaker mention about Vigle's output?

    -The speaker mentioned that the resolution and textures may be compromised in Vigle's output, and there could be issues with motion incoherencies, such as jittering.

  • How does the speaker suggest improving the output from Vigle?

    -The speaker suggests using a full body pose generated by another image generator like Mid Journey and combining it with the Vigle output to improve the animation.

  • What is Domo and how does it relate to the workflow?

    -Domo is a video stylization platform that can be used in conjunction with Vigle's output to enhance the visual style and quality of the animations.

  • What are some of the styles available on Domo for stylizing videos?

    -Some of the styles available on Domo include the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) model, Chinese ink painting, Japanese anime, and the Illustrated style.

  • How does the speaker view the potential of combining different platforms in this workflow?

    -The speaker is enthusiastic about the potential of kit bashing and tool bashing different platforms, as it allows for a wide range of imaginative outputs and the creation of animated shorts with pre-planning and forethought.

  • What new feature did Domo introduce in the video?

    -Domo introduced a new feature called 'forward slash move' that allows users to generate videos with a specific style, using a video source and a prompt.

  • What is the speaker's final verdict on the new AI, video, and animation workflow?

    -The speaker is positive about the new workflow, stating that it represents an interesting step forward for video to video animation and encourages viewers to experiment with the tools to create unique content.



🚀 Introducing AI and Animation Workflow with Vigle and Domo

The paragraph introduces a new AI, video, and animation workflow that combines the use of AI platforms. The focus is on integrating Vigle DoAI and Domo, with a special mention that Domo AI is sponsoring the video. The workflow is a result of the 'animate anyone' technology, now available on Vigle DoAI. The user guides through the process of using Vigle, including joining its Discord channel, uploading an image, selecting motion prompts, and fine-tuning the output. It also addresses the limitations of the resolution and textures, and suggests a workaround for leg issues by generating a full-body pose. The paragraph concludes with an example of how to use the platform with the character 'Daniela' and the potential of using Domo for further improvements.


🎨 Enhancing Animation with Domo's Stylization Features

This paragraph discusses the use of Domo, a video stylization platform, to enhance the animations created with Vigle DoAI. It highlights Domo's various models and styles, including the popular GTA and the updated 3D cartoon model. The process of importing Vigle's output into Domo and applying different stylization options is explained, with a focus on the Chinese ink painting style. The paragraph also touches on the limitations of character consistency and the potential for further stylization. It concludes with examples of how the combined use of Vigle and Domo can result in creative and improved animations, and encourages viewers to experiment with different platforms and tools for imaginative outputs.



💡AI workflow

An AI workflow refers to the process of integrating various artificial intelligence tools and platforms to create or enhance digital content, such as videos and animations. In the script, the creator describes an innovative AI video and animation workflow by combining two AI platforms, highlighting the synergy between different AI tools to improve creative outputs. This workflow represents the video's central theme, demonstrating how AI technologies can be leveraged together to produce complex and engaging digital media.

💡Vigle doai

Vigle doai is presented as a platform that utilizes AI to animate images based on motion prompts. It's in beta and accessible via Discord, emphasizing its experimental nature and community engagement. The platform plays a crucial role in the video's workflow by enabling users to animate static images with desired motions, acting as the first step in creating dynamic video content from still images. This illustrates the potential of AI in transforming static visuals into lively animations.

💡Domo aai

Domo aai is highlighted as a video stylization platform that sponsors the video. It represents the second stage in the described AI workflow, where users can further enhance their video content with various stylized looks. The platform's mention showcases its ability to apply different visual styles to videos, indicating the versatility and creative potential AI offers in post-production video editing. Domo aai's contribution to the workflow underscores the theme of using AI to refine and stylize digital content.

💡Animate Anyone

Animate Anyone is mentioned as a white paper that sparked widespread discussion about the capabilities of AI in animation, specifically its ability to 'animate' images of people, potentially impacting industries reliant on human imagery. The script references this concept to demonstrate the background and inspiration behind the workflow, showing the progression from theoretical AI capabilities to practical applications through platforms like Vigle doai.

💡Motion prompt

A motion prompt is a user-defined instruction given to an AI to animate a static image in a specified manner. In the context of the script, motion prompts are used within Vigle doai to dictate how an image should be animated, whether through custom instructions or pre-designed templates. This concept is key to understanding how user input directly influences the animation output, showcasing the interactive nature of AI-driven content creation.

💡Chroma key

Chroma key is a video editing technique used to replace a solid background color with another video or image. The script discusses using a green screen effect and then applying chroma key to composite animated characters into different backgrounds. This technique is integral to the workflow, enabling seamless integration of AI-generated animations into diverse visual contexts, illustrating the blend of traditional video editing with AI innovations.

💡Video editor

A video editor, such as Premiere, DaVinci, or CapCut, is mentioned as a tool for further processing and enhancing AI-generated video content. The script emphasizes the importance of video editors in the workflow for tasks like applying chroma key effects and compositing different elements. This underscores the hybrid nature of modern content creation, where AI-generated assets are refined and integrated using conventional video editing software.

💡GTA model

Within Domo aai, the GTA model is highlighted as a popular video stylization option that mimics the visual style of the Grand Theft Auto video game series. The script's mention of this model exemplifies the diverse range of visual aesthetics available in AI-driven video stylization, showcasing how specific cultural references and styles can be applied to video content to achieve unique looks and feels.

💡Kit bashing

Kit bashing in the script refers to the creative process of combining elements from multiple sources or platforms to build something new. In this context, it's about leveraging different AI tools and outputs to create innovative video content. This term encapsulates the video's experimental spirit, encouraging viewers to mix and match AI-generated assets and techniques to explore the boundaries of digital creativity.


Mentioned briefly in the script, Leonardo.da represents an additional tool or platform in the content creation ecosystem. Although not elaborated on, its inclusion suggests the breadth of available AI technologies for creative purposes. It illustrates the ongoing exploration of AI's role in content creation, hinting at the wide array of tools creators might experiment with to enhance their digital media projects.


Introducing a new AI, video, and animation workflow by combining multiple AI platforms.

Using Vigle DoAI and Domo AI platforms in the workflow, with Domo AI sponsoring the video.

Vigle DoAI's white paper from December sparked interest in animating anyone technology.

Vigle DoAI is currently in beta and accessible through Discord.

Demonstration of uploading an image and using motion prompts in Vigle DoAI.

Vigle DoAI offers pre-designed templated prompts for common animations.

Exploring the strengths and limitations of Vigle DoAI in generating animations.

Using Domo AI to enhance and stylize animations from Vigle DoAI.

Domo AI offers various stylization options like GTA, Chinese ink painting, and Japanese anime.

Domo AI's platform is also based on Discord and offers easy access for users.

Stabilizing and improving animation quality with Domo AI's stylization.

Combining different source materials for innovative animation outputs.

Showcasing the potential of creating animated shorts using this workflow.

Experimenting with Domo AI's new forward slash move feature for unique animations.

Encouraging users to mix and match platforms for imaginative and creative outputs.

The presenter, Tim, shares his excitement for the possibilities of this kit bashing approach in animation.