KOSTENLOSE Bilder KI´s für 2024? Das sind die BESTEN!

Sascha Delp
15 Dec 202314:15

TLDRThe video script introduces viewers to various free AI-powered text-to-image tools, offering alternatives to paid services. It highlights platforms like Playground AI, which allows users to create and edit images with community-generated prompts and advanced customization options. The script also covers tools for beginners, such as Ideogram AI, and Adobe Firefly, which provides a user-friendly interface and diverse functionalities. Additionally, it explores tools for image enhancement and animation, like AI Image Enlarger and Sketch Metademo Labs, ending with LayerPacks for creating 3D effects. The video aims to help users find the best fit tool for their needs, emphasizing the value of these free resources.


  • 🌐 The script discusses various free text-to-image AI tools that can be used as an alternative to paid services.
  • 🎨 The tools mentioned are not only for generating images but also for editing and enhancing them to suit the user's needs.
  • 🛠️ Playground AI is highlighted for its ability to inspire users with community-created images and its comprehensive customization options.
  • 📸 Ideogram AI is recommended for beginners due to its simplicity and ease of use, providing a straightforward interface for generating images.
  • 💖 Adobe Firefly is praised for its high-quality results, user-friendly interface, and diverse range of free features.
  • 🚀 Runway ML allows users to create images from text and offers the option to animate them, adding a dynamic element to the creations.
  • 🎭 Sketch Metademo Labs brings sketches and photos to life with customizable movement patterns, offering a fun and creative experience.
  • 🔍 AI Image Enlarger is introduced for improving the quality of generated images, making them sharper and more detailed.
  • 🎨 LayerPicks is a tool that can transform 2D images into 3D-like effects, suitable for social media posts and video backgrounds.
  • 📈 The video script emphasizes the importance of trying out different tools to find the one that best suits the user's requirements.
  • 🔗 The video description contains links to the mentioned AI tools and additional resources for those interested in exploring text-to-image AI further.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the transcript?

    -The main topic of the transcript is about introducing various free AI text-to-image tools as alternatives to paid services like Dolly and Journey.

  • Why are free AI tools important to mention?

    -Free AI tools are important to mention because they provide users with cost-effective options to generate images without having to spend a significant amount of money on paid services.

  • What is Playground AI and how does it differ from other tools mentioned in the transcript?

    -Playground AI is a platform where users can generate images using AI. It differs from other tools because it allows users to not only create images but also provides a community space for sharing and getting inspired by others' creations. Users can see the prompts used by others to generate images and even use or modify those prompts for their own creations.

  • What are some of the features that Playground AI offers?

    -Playground AI offers features such as the ability to choose from multiple images created by the community, modify prompts, exclude certain elements from images, and adjust AI settings like technology, adherence to prompts, and more.

  • What is Ideogram AI and how does it cater to beginners?

    -Ideogram AI is a tool designed for beginners or users who find other platforms like Journey or Playground AI too complicated. It provides a simple and straightforward interface for users to input commands and generate images, making it easier for those who are new to AI text-to-image tools.

  • How does Adobe Firefly stand out among the other AI tools mentioned?

    -Adobe Firefly stands out due to its user-friendly interface, high-quality results, and a variety of free functions. It also provides visual aids to help users understand the tool better and allows users to see not only the image but also the prompt and settings used by the community, offering more insights into creating impressive images.

  • What is unique about Sketch Metademo Labs?

    -Sketch Metademo Labs is unique because it brings sketches or photos to life. Users can upload their drawings or photos, set points for the 'legs' of the sketch, and then choose motion patterns for the sketch to follow, creating an animated effect.

  • What is AI Image Enlarger and how does it help with image quality?

    -AI Image Enlarger is a tool that helps improve the quality of images. It allows users to upscale their images, making them sharper and more detailed, which can be particularly useful for images that appear pixelated or low-quality.

  • How can LayerPacks be used to enhance images?

    -LayerPacks is a tool that can transform images into a 3D effect. Users can upload their images and apply various settings to create a dynamic, moving effect that can be particularly engaging for social media posts or video backgrounds.

  • What advice does the speaker give for users who have run out of free credits on Runway ML?

    -The speaker suggests that if users have run out of free credits on Runway ML, they can sign up with a different account to continue using the tool for free.

  • How can users stay updated with the speaker's content?

    -Users can stay updated with the speaker's content by subscribing to the channel, which promises new videos every Tuesday and Friday at 6 PM.



🎨 Introduction to Free Text-to-Image AI Tools

This paragraph introduces the viewer to various free text-to-image AI tools that have gained popularity. It emphasizes the value of these tools as cost-effective alternatives to paid services, and highlights the author's intention to showcase not just basic text-to-image tools, but also those that allow for extensive image editing. The author also mentions that while these tools offer premium subscriptions, their free versions are sufficiently feature-rich for most users. The paragraph sets the stage for a detailed exploration of different AI tools that can help users create and edit images without incurring high costs.


🖼️ Exploring Playground AI and Its Features

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of Playground AI, one of the text-to-image AI tools. It describes the platform's community-generated images, the ability to view and copy prompts used by others, and the inspiration users can draw from the styles of existing images. The paragraph also explains the process of creating an image using Playground AI, including selecting filters, inputting prompts, and customizing the AI's adherence to the prompt. Additionally, it touches on the option to exclude certain elements from the generated image and the ability to adjust the level of detail and artistic freedom in the images.


📸 Other AI Tools for Text-to-Image and Editing

This paragraph discusses additional AI tools beyond Playground AI, including Ideogram AI, Adobe Firefly, and Runway ML. It highlights the ease of use and beginner-friendliness of Ideogram AI, the comprehensive features and attractive interface of Adobe Firefly, and the text-to-image capabilities of Runway ML. The paragraph also mentions the ability to create animated images with Sketch MetaDemo Labs and enhance the quality of generated images with AI Image Enlarger. Finally, it introduces LayerPicks for transforming 2D images into 3D effects, providing a range of options for users to create engaging visual content.



💡text to image tools

Text to image tools refer to artificial intelligence (AI) platforms that can generate visual content based on textual descriptions provided by users. These tools are central to the video's theme as they are presented as cost-effective alternatives to paid services for creating images. The video discusses various such tools like Playground AI, Ideogram AI, and Adobe Firefly, showcasing their capabilities and how they can be utilized to generate images that match user-provided prompts.

💡AI technology

AI technology, or artificial intelligence, involves the development of computer systems that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence, such as visual content generation, speech recognition, and decision-making. In the context of the video, AI technology is integral to the functioning of text to image tools, enabling users to create images from textual descriptions.

💡free alternatives

Free alternatives refer to options that are available at no cost, as opposed to paid services. In the video, the presenter is highlighting free text to image AI tools as alternatives to paid services like Dolly and Journey, which can be expensive. These free alternatives offer a wide range of functionalities that are sufficient for many users' needs without incurring any cost.

💡image editing

Image editing involves the process of altering or enhancing digital images using various tools and techniques. In the context of the video, image editing is discussed in relation to how users can further refine the images generated by AI tools. This includes adjusting elements such as composition, color, and detail to achieve the desired visual outcome.


Inspiration in the context of the video refers to the creative ideas or stimuli that motivate users to generate new images. The video showcases how browsing through images created by a community on platforms like Playground AI can inspire users to create their own unique images by providing a visual reference or a starting point for their prompts.


Prompts are textual descriptions or inputs given to AI tools to guide the generation of specific images. In the video, prompts are essential as they direct the AI to create visual content that matches the user's desired outcome. The effectiveness of the generated images is directly related to the quality and specificity of the prompts provided.


In the context of the video, the term 'community' refers to the collective group of users who contribute to and use AI platforms. These users often share their generated images, which can serve as inspiration or examples for others. The community aspect is important as it fosters collaboration, sharing of ideas, and the continuous improvement of AI tools based on user feedback and contributions.

💡Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a specific AI tool discussed in the video that specializes in generating images from textual prompts. It is noted for its high-quality results, user-friendly interface, and a variety of customizable features that are available for free. The tool stands out for providing not just the generated image but also suggestions made to the community, including the settings used by the original creators.

💡user interface

User interface refers to the point of interaction between a user and a computer system, including the design and usability of the system's controls and functions. In the context of the video, a user-friendly and visually appealing interface is highlighted as an important aspect of AI tools, as it allows users to navigate and utilize the platform effectively.

💡3D effect

A 3D effect refers to the visual illusion of depth, where an image or object appears to have three-dimensional qualities, such as height, width, and depth. In the video, the tool LayerPicks is introduced, which can transform 2D images into 3D effects, adding a sense of movement and dimension to the images for enhanced visual appeal, especially for social media posts.

💡content creation

Content creation involves the process of producing and sharing various forms of media and content, such as images, videos, and text, for the purpose of communication, entertainment, or marketing. In the video, content creation is the overarching goal, as the AI tools are presented as aids for generating unique and engaging visual content.


Free text to image AI tools can serve as a great alternative to paid options like Dolly and Journey, offering a cost-effective way to generate images.

Playground AI allows users to draw inspiration from community-created images and even copy the prompts used to generate them, providing a collaborative and educational platform.

The free version of Playground AI is extensive enough for most users, offering a range of features to create and customize images without the need for a subscription.

Users can exclude specific elements from their images using adjectives like 'bad' or 'ugly' to guide the AI in creating the desired output.

Playground AI offers the ability to create multiple images with a consistent style by scrolling down to find more images in the same vein.

Idiogram AI is perfect for beginners, providing a simple and straightforward interface for generating images based on text prompts.

Adobe Firefly has a user-friendly interface and offers a variety of free functions, including the ability to see all community suggestions and settings for a particular image.

Adobe Firefly allows users to upload a style image and apply it to their own creations, providing a high level of customization.

Runway ML enables users to create images and then refine them by adding motion, turning static images into dynamic videos or social media posts.

Sketch Metademo Labs brings sketches and photos to life by allowing users to define movement patterns for the animated result.

AI Image Enlarger improves the quality of generated images, making them sharper and more suitable for high-resolution use.

LayerPacks offers a 3D effect feature that can transform images into moving, rotating visuals for social media posts and video backgrounds.

These tools are not only for the most extreme YouTuber but also for anyone looking to enhance their content creation with AI-generated images.

The video provides tutorials and additional information for each feature, ensuring users can fully utilize the tools to their advantage.

By using these AI tools, users can save time and money while still achieving high-quality, creative results for their projects.

The video encourages viewers to share their own favorite text to image AI tools in the comments, fostering a community of creatives and learners.

The video provides a comprehensive overview of each tool, including demonstrations and comparisons, to help viewers make informed decisions about which tool suits their needs best.