The Spiritual Battle For Our Humanity: Transhumanism, DNA, AI & Our Forgotten Past | Gregg Braden

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16 Apr 2024141:25

TLDRGregg Braden explores the profound battle for humanity's essence against the backdrop of advancing technologies like AI and transhumanism. He discusses how these technologies may dilute our intrinsic human qualities by integrating synthetic components into our bodies, thus potentially disconnecting us from our 'divine' capabilities. Braden emphasizes the importance of recognizing and preserving our unique human attributes—capabilities that allow us to transcend perceived limitations—before they are irretrievably altered or lost. The discussion is a blend of science, spirituality, and urgent commentary on the potential paths of human evolution.


  • 🚨 There's an ongoing battle for humanity's essence, deeply influencing global events.
  • 🤯 Our biological essence is under threat from technological and synthetic advancements.
  • 🤖 Evolution as a concept is valid but doesn't fully apply to humans; there's something more to our existence.
  • 💻 The movement towards replacing human biology with technology could inhibit our access to innate divine qualities.
  • 👨‍🔬 Gregg Braden discusses humanity's unknown past and potential future with a focus on preserving our human essence.
  • 🚀 Advanced civilizations and interventions might have played a role in human evolution, hinting at our complex origins.
  • 🚂 The concept of 'transhumanism' threatens the core of our humanity, pushing us towards a future where we might lose touch with our innate powers.
  • 📚 The exploration of ancient texts and civilizations offers insights into humanity's true potential and origins.
  • 🌎 There's a cosmic dimension to our existence, with celestial events influencing Earth's history and possibly its future.
  • 🙏 Embracing our humanity and the divinity within us is essential for transcending current challenges and moving into a brighter future.

Q & A

  • What is the central theme of Gregg Braden's discussion in the transcript?

    -The central theme of Gregg Braden's discussion is the battle for humanity’s essence against the rise of transhumanism, AI, and synthetic modifications, which he believes might distance us from our true human potential and our ability to access our 'Divinity'.

  • What does Gregg Braden mean by 'Divinity' in the context of his talk?

    -In the context of his talk, 'Divinity' refers to the inherent power within humans to transcend perceived limitations. Braden emphasizes that this power is unique to biological beings and could be compromised by replacing biological elements with synthetic or artificial components.

  • How does Gregg Braden view the relationship between human evolution and the anomalies found in science?

    -Gregg Braden suggests that human evolution cannot be fully explained through traditional scientific theories alone, pointing to 'anomalies' or unexplained phenomena in human development that suggest some form of ancient intervention, possibly through genetic modification.

  • What potential risks does Gregg Braden highlight about merging technology with human biology?

    -Braden highlights the risk that integrating technology with human biology might limit or eliminate our access to the qualities that define our humanity, such as creativity, intuition, and emotional depth, ultimately reducing our ability to experience 'Divinity'.

  • Why does Gregg Braden emphasize the importance of understanding what it means to be fully human?

    -Braden emphasizes the importance of understanding our full human potential before embracing technological enhancements because he believes knowing and preserving our inherent human qualities is crucial before potentially altering them irreversibly through technology.

  • What is the 'battle' that Gregg Braden refers to in his discussion?

    -The 'battle' Braden refers to is metaphorical, representing the conflict between maintaining our natural human abilities ('light') and the push towards technological augmentation ('dark') which might strip us of our intrinsic qualities and capabilities.

  • According to Gregg Braden, what are the implications of AI and synthetic modifications on human society?

    -Braden suggests that AI and synthetic modifications could lead to a society where human uniqueness is undervalued, creating uniformity through technology. This might lead to a loss of individuality, personal growth opportunities, and a deeper disconnect from our 'Divinity'.

  • How does Braden propose humanity can counteract the negative implications of transhumanism?

    -Braden proposes that by rediscovering and embracing our 'Divinity'—our ability to transcend and grow beyond our perceived limitations—humanity can counteract the pressures of transhumanism and maintain our essence despite technological advances.

  • What does Braden mean by 'giving our humanness away to technology'?

    -By 'giving our humanness away to technology,' Braden means the potential relinquishing of our natural, biological qualities and capabilities to synthetic or technological replacements, which could permanently alter what it means to be human.

  • What are the consequences of not understanding our full potential before integrating with technology, according to Braden?

    -According to Braden, not fully understanding our potential before integrating with technology could result in irreversible changes that compromise our ability to access our most profound qualities like intuition, creativity, and emotional intelligence.



🌐 Battle for Humanity's Essence

The first paragraph introduces a profound conflict concerning human essence amidst technological advancements. It suggests a deep, intrinsic battle for our very humanness, hinting at a conspiracy to distract humanity through global conflicts and societal collapses. The speaker hints at an undercurrent of manipulation aiming to replace biological essence with synthetic alternatives like AI, chemicals, and brain chips, essentially leading to a loss of human divinity and identity. The evolution of humans is questioned, with the speaker suggesting an extraordinary, unexplained leap in our development, hinting at undisclosed scientific discoveries that challenge conventional evolutionary theory.


🧬 The Power of Human Divinity

The second paragraph explores the concept of 'human divinity,' a power deeply embedded in our biological form, enabling us to transcend perceived limitations. The discussion delves into the spiritual and existential significance of human existence, suggesting that synthetic replacements like AI could sever our connection to this divine aspect. The speaker also shares personal anecdotes, including experiences with musicians and artists who attribute their inspiration to a transcendent source, further illustrating the concept of divinity as an integral, yet threatened, part of human experience.


🌍 Transhumanism and Global Conflicts

In this paragraph, the speaker connects the dots between global conflicts, the rise of transhumanism, and the existential battle for our inner divinity. By highlighting how these high-stake conflicts serve as distractions from our true spiritual potential, the discussion paints a broader picture of a society on the brink of losing its core human values to technological advancement. The mention of specific geopolitical tensions like Ukraine, Russia, and the Middle East serves to emphasize the global scale of this crisis.


🔍 Moral and Social Implications of Transhumanism

This paragraph discusses the broader moral and social implications of embracing transhumanism, focusing on how emerging technologies might strip away our essential human qualities. The speaker contemplates the moral conflicts inherent in adopting technologies that could extend human capabilities but at the cost of our emotional and empathetic nature. Examples from Neuralink and other technological advances highlight the dual-edged nature of these developments.


💡 Ancient Civilizations and the Preservation of Humanity

The discussion pivots to the wisdom of ancient civilizations concerning human potential and technological limits. The speaker underscores the importance of understanding and preserving the rich tapestry of human capabilities before succumbing to the allure of technological augmentation. By invoking historical examples and the wisdom of past societies, the speaker argues for a balanced approach to technology, suggesting that our ancient ancestors might offer valuable lessons on preserving our human essence.


🔄 Cyclical History and Technological Caution

This final paragraph reflects on the cyclical nature of history, where past civilizations have risen and fallen, often coinciding with their technological advancements. The speaker calls for caution in how we continue to develop and integrate technology into our lives, suggesting that we might be on the precipice of repeating historical mistakes. The conversation concludes by emphasizing the need to safeguard our intrinsic human qualities against the invasive growth of transhuman technology, potentially leading to a significant transformation in our understanding of what it means to be human.




Transhumanism is a philosophical and intellectual movement that advocates for the enhancement of human physical and cognitive abilities through the application of advanced technologies. In the video, transhumanism is discussed in the context of its potential to change the fundamental aspects of human nature and existence. It raises ethical and existential questions about merging human biology with technology, potentially at the cost of losing intrinsic human capacities and qualities.


DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. In the video, DNA is significant because it is mentioned in relation to scientists discovering something critical about human evolution. The speaker emphasizes that whatever was discovered challenges existing theories and suggests a profound link between DNA and unknown aspects of human origin and evolution.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is technology designed to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. In the video, AI is portrayed as a pivotal element in the discussion on transhumanism, where there is a movement towards integrating AI into human bodies through brain chips and other enhancements, suggesting a future where AI could potentially replace human decision-making and emotional capacities.


Humanness refers to the qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of humans, typically involving emotional, social, and ethical dimensions. The video explores a perceived battle for our humanness, suggesting that external forces through technology and societal change are diverting us away from understanding and preserving our essential human qualities.


Divinity in the video is described not in a traditional religious sense but as an intrinsic power within humans that transcends perceived limitations, including the capability to overcome fear and achieve greater things. It's argued that preserving our biological essence is crucial for accessing this 'divine' aspect, which is under threat from technological augmentation.


Evolution is the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. The video challenges the conventional narrative of human evolution, suggesting that the standard evolutionary theory breaks down when applied to humans due to unexplained anomalies in our development.

💡Ancient civilizations

The discussion includes references to ancient civilizations and their wisdom, hinting at forgotten or suppressed knowledge about human origins and capabilities. It suggests that these civilizations might have insights into human potential and history that align with the video's theme of rediscovering and preserving our intrinsic human qualities.

💡Neural link

Neural link refers to the technological advancements that allow for direct connections between the human brain and computers. The video discusses how such technologies, exemplified by initiatives like Elon Musk's Neuralink, promise to enhance human capacities but also pose significant risks to our autonomy and inherent qualities by potentially making us dependent on or subordinate to technology.


Consciousness is the state of being aware of and able to think about one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, and surroundings. The video posits that our consciousness is integral to accessing the deeper, 'divine' part of ourselves, which could be compromised by the unrestrained integration of technology into our biological selves.

💡Technological savior

The concept of a 'technological savior' is critically examined in the video as part of the narrative that technology will resolve all human limitations and problems. It challenges this notion by arguing that reliance on technology as a savior could lead to a diminishment of our human essence and the sacred aspects of our nature.


Gregg Braden discusses the spiritual and humanistic implications of transhumanism, emphasizing the potential loss of our innate human abilities.

Braden warns against the replacement of natural biological functions with synthetic alternatives, suggesting it diminishes our connection to divinity.

The conversation explores how artificial intelligence and technological implants could interfere with our intrinsic qualities like creativity and intuition.

Gregg emphasizes the importance of understanding what it means to be fully human before allowing technology to redefine humanity.

He introduces the idea of an ancient battle for humanity's essence, which is manifesting today through various global conflicts and societal shifts.

Gregg asserts the importance of the biological body as the only medium through which we can access our divine nature.

Discussion on the misuse of technology and power, and the importance of maintaining human values in the face of technological advancements.

Gregg critiques the educational and social systems that push transhumanist agendas, often under the guise of enhancement and improvement.

The concept of DNA as an 'antenna' that connects us to a broader existential field and the implications of altering it through synthetic means.

Braden stresses the need for humanity to reclaim and understand its forgotten past and inherent powers before it's too late.

The discussion extends into the realm of ancient wisdom and civilizations, suggesting that our history might be vastly different from accepted academic narratives.

Gregg proposes that many ancient teachings have been suppressed to keep societies in a state of ignorance about their true potential and origins.

The interview touches on the resistance faced by figures like Gregg Braden when presenting ideas that challenge conventional historical and scientific paradigms.

He calls for an integration of spiritual wisdom with scientific understanding to fully realize human potential.

Braden highlights the potential for a new era of consciousness where humanity transcends its perceived limitations through a deeper understanding of itself and its place in the cosmos.