Learning how to use Dreamlike.Art (Stable Diffusion)

1 Apr 202309:17

TLDRThe video introduces dreamlight.org, an AI-powered image generator that creates hyper-realistic images from user descriptions. It highlights the platform's user interface, speed, and AI tools. The video discusses various pricing plans and their features, including the free plan with limited usage. It also explains the commercial use of images and content policy guidelines. The creator shares their experience using Dreamlike, including the process of generating images, handling imperfections, and utilizing features like negative prompts and style models. The video concludes with a demonstration of generating images of a dog and a person, showcasing the variability in output quality.


  • 🌐 Dreamlike.org is an AI-based image generator that produces hyper-realistic images from user descriptions.
  • 🎨 The platform offers a user-friendly interface with a settings panel and image renders displayed prominently.
  • πŸš€ Dreamlike is noted for its speed, allowing users to queue up to 20 images at a time.
  • πŸ› οΈ Users have access to powerful AI tools, including a gallery for inspiration and various settings for image generation.
  • πŸ’° Dreamlike provides a range of monthly plans, from a free option with limited features to higher-tier plans with more benefits.
  • πŸ’Ό The content policy outlines rules and guidelines for acceptable use of the platform, emphasizing responsible image generation.
  • πŸ”§ Users can log in to Dreamlike using Google or Discord, with the video demonstrating login via Discord.
  • πŸ“ˆ The number of images generated can be adjusted based on the user's plan and credits available.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Image generation is not always perfect, with occasional issues like bad composition or distorted anatomy.
  • πŸ“Œ The platform offers features like negative prompts to guide AI away from undesired image elements and model selection for style variation.
  • πŸ“Ή The video concludes with a demonstration of generating images of a dog and a person, highlighting the varying outcomes of the AI's rendering process.

Q & A

  • What is Dreamlight, as mentioned in the transcript?

    -Dreamlight is an AI-powered image generator that creates hyper-realistic images based on user descriptions, featuring a settings panel, image rendering area, and a gallery for inspiration.

  • How does Dreamlight's image generation speed and capacity get described?

    -Dreamlight is described as 'blazing fast,' with the ability to queue up to 20 images for generation.

  • What are the pricing options for Dreamlight?

    -Dreamlight offers monthly plans ranging from $0 to $60, allowing users to choose based on their budget and needs.

  • What are the limitations of the free plan on Dreamlight?

    -The free plan on Dreamlight is very limited, allowing users to earn a maximum of 50 points and a minimum of 24 points per day.

  • Can Dreamlight images be used commercially?

    -Yes, the transcript mentions that images generated by Dreamlight can be used commercially.

  • What is the 'negative prompt' feature in Dreamlight?

    -The negative prompt in Dreamlight is a feature that lets users specify what elements the AI should avoid including in the generated images.

  • What is the 'model' feature in Dreamlight?

    -The 'model' feature in Dreamlight allows users to select from different art styles to influence how Dreamlight generates their images.

  • What issues are mentioned regarding the generated images?

    -Issues such as bad composition, distorted anatomy, and inconsistent sizes of objects like golf balls are mentioned as potential flaws in the generated images.

  • How does the transcript describe the process of generating images with Dreamlight?

    -The process involves setting the number of images to generate, entering a description, and waiting for the images to render, with some images possibly having imperfections.

  • What authentication methods are mentioned for logging into Dreamlight?

    -The transcript mentions that users can log into Dreamlight using Google or Discord.



🌐 Introduction to Dreamlight: Features and User Interface

This section introduces Dreamlight, an AI-driven image generator that creates hyper-realistic images based on user descriptions. The video outlines the user interface, highlighting the settings panel and image render area, and notes Dreamlight's speed and capacity to queue up to 20 images. It explains the platform's gallery for inspiration and its subscription model, which ranges from free to $60 plans with varying features like priority generation and credit allowances. The segment also covers Dreamlight's commercial use, content policy, and the process of logging in and setting up the image generation, including credit management and prompt settings.


πŸ“Έ Analyzing Dreamlight's Image Generation Quality

In this part of the script, the narrator reviews the output of Dreamlight, starting with images of a distorted golf scenario and then moving to images of a dog running down a street. Despite some flaws like disproportionate golf balls and detached objects, the narrator notes the fast generation speed and the realistic aspects of some images. A dog image with anatomical inaccuracies is mentioned, alongside a more successful depiction of a dog and person running. The narrator appreciates the high-quality graphics in some images, concluding with positive feedback on Dreamlight's capabilities while acknowledging occasional imperfections in the renderings.




Dreamlike.org is an AI-powered image generator that creates hyper-realistic images based on user descriptions. It is a platform similar to Mid-Journey, offering users the ability to generate visuals through AI tools. In the video, the user navigates through the Dreamlike interface, showcasing its features and capabilities, such as the settings panel and image rendering process.

πŸ’‘Settings Panel

The settings panel is a user interface element within Dreamlike that allows users to adjust various parameters for image generation. It includes options for setting the number of images to generate, which can range from one to five, depending on the user's monthly plan. The settings panel is crucial for customizing the image generation process and achieving desired outcomes.

πŸ’‘Image Rendering

Image rendering refers to the process by which Dreamlike transforms textual descriptions into visual images. This process is fast and involves the AI algorithms interpreting the user's input and generating a corresponding image. The quality and accuracy of the rendered images can vary, as noted in the video, with some images having issues like bad composition or distorted anatomy.

πŸ’‘AI Tools

AI tools in the context of Dreamlike refer to the artificial intelligence algorithms and features that the platform uses to generate images. These tools are powerful and enable users to create high-quality illustrations by interpreting descriptions and producing realistic visuals. The AI tools also include features like the negative prompt and model selection, which help refine the image generation process.


The gallery in Dreamlike is a collection of unique and high-quality illustrations created using the platform. It serves as a source of inspiration for users and showcases the potential of the AI tools in generating visually appealing content. The gallery demonstrates the variety of images that can be produced and provides examples of the platform's capabilities.

πŸ’‘Pricing Plans

Pricing plans in Dreamlike are the different subscription options available to users, ranging from free to $60 per month. These plans offer varying features, such as the number of images that can be generated, priority levels, and starting credits. The plans cater to different user needs and budgets, with the free plan being recommended for those with limited requirements.

πŸ’‘Commercial Use

Commercial use refers to the utilization of Dreamlike-generated images for business or profit-making purposes. The platform allows for such usage, which indicates the flexibility and applicability of the images created by the AI tool. This aspect is important for professionals and businesses looking to integrate AI-generated visuals into their work.

πŸ’‘Content Policy

The content policy outlines the rules and guidelines that users must follow when using Dreamlike. It ensures that the images generated on the platform adhere to certain standards and do not violate any content-related restrictions. Compliance with the content policy is crucial for maintaining a responsible and respectful environment for all users.

πŸ’‘Negative Prompt

The negative prompt is a feature in Dreamlike that allows users to specify what elements or features they do not want to include in the generated image. By identifying these unwanted aspects, the AI can better understand the user's preferences and avoid incorporating them into the final image, thus improving the accuracy and relevance of the generated content.

πŸ’‘Model Selection

Model selection in Dreamlike refers to the process of choosing from a list of different art styles that the AI can use to generate images. This feature provides users with the ability to customize the visual style of their images, offering a variety of artistic interpretations and enhancing the creative possibilities of the platform.

πŸ’‘Anatomy Distortion

Anatomy distortion is an issue that can occur in AI-generated images where the proportions, structure, or features of a person or animal are inaccurately represented. This can result in images with incorrect or unnatural anatomy, such as distorted limbs or detached body parts. Despite the advanced capabilities of Dreamlike, the video script notes instances where images have come out with anatomy distortion, illustrating the challenges of AI in accurately rendering complex biological forms.


Dreamlike is an AI-based image generator that creates hyper-realistic images from user descriptions.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface with a settings panel on the left and image renders on the right.

Dreamlike is known for its speed, allowing users to queue up to 20 images at once.

The AI tools in Dreamlike are powerful and designed to be easy to use, even for beginners.

The gallery feature showcases a variety of high-quality illustrations created with Dreamlike, serving as inspiration for users.

Dreamlike offers different monthly plans, including a free option, though the features and credits vary with each plan.

Higher-tier plans provide more features, such as higher priority generation and a greater number of starting credits.

Dreamlike's images can be used commercially, with clear content policy guidelines that users must adhere to.

The platform allows login through Google or Discord for user convenience.

Users can adjust the number of images generated based on their plan's allowance and needs.

Dreamlike includes a 'negative prompt' feature to help refine image generation by specifying what not to include.

The 'model' feature offers a selection of art styles to influence the appearance of generated images.

Despite its speed, Dreamlike's image generation is not always perfect, with occasional composition or anatomy issues.

The platform's image generation can produce a range of results, from highly realistic to slightly distorted.

Dreamlike encourages users to experiment with different prompts and settings to achieve desired image outcomes.

The video concludes with a reminder to subscribe for more content about Dreamlike and its capabilities.