Midjourney Beginners Tutorial – Getting Started & Creating Your First AI Art

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30 Jan 202305:09

TLDRThe video introduces Midjourney, an AI art tool that turns imagination into visual art through prompts. Users create art by joining the Midjourney Discord server, interacting with the bot, and using commands like /imagine. Free users have a limited allowance, but subscribing offers more control and private interaction. The video also covers re-rolling images, upscaling, and experimenting with settings for unique AI-generated art.


  • 🎨 Midjourney is an online AI tool for creating art based on user prompts.
  • 🌐 It operates on the Discord platform, requiring users to have an account there.
  • 📝 Users enter prompts which the AI then attempts to visually represent.
  • 🖼️ The AI can generate art in a variety of styles, from painterly to hyper-realistic.
  • 👥 New users should join the 'Newbies' group to start creating their art.
  • 💡 Users can track their creations by using the Inbox feature in Discord.
  • 🚫 Free users have a limit of 25 jobs, encouraging a paid subscription for more usage.
  • 💰 Paid plans offer private chatting with the bot for better organization and control.
  • 🔄 The 'Re-roll' feature allows users to generate new sets of images for different interpretations.
  • ⚙️ Users can upscale images for higher resolution and further refine them with available options.

Q & A

  • What is Midjourney and how does it relate to AI art?

    -Midjourney is an online tool that utilizes AI to create visual art based on the user's prompts. It can generate a wide range of art styles, from painterly effects to hyper-realistic renders, thus allowing users to bring their imaginations to life through AI-generated images.

  • How can one get started with Midjourney?

    -To get started with Midjourney, one needs to set up an account on Discord, then join the Midjourney server through the Midjourney website. After joining, users can enter the 'Newbies' group to start creating their own AI art by typing /imagine followed by a brief description of their idea.

  • What are the challenges of using the public group for creating AI art?

    -The public group for creating AI art can be hectic due to the constant stream of activity. Users may lose track of their own requests and results among the thousands of entries. To find their own entry, they need to look for a yellow background highlight, which disappears quickly.

  • How can users keep track of their AI-generated art?

    -Users can keep track of their AI-generated art by clicking the Inbox icon in the top right corner of the Discord platform. This leads them to their most recent results, which are displayed in a grid of four squares.

  • What are the limitations for free users on Midjourney?

    -Free users on Midjourney have a limit of 25 jobs, which is enough to familiarize themselves with the tool. However, to make more extensive use of Midjourney, it's necessary to subscribe to a paid plan.

  • What are the benefits of a paid Midjourney plan?

    -A paid Midjourney plan allows users to chat privately with the bot, eliminating the need to keep track of their creations in fast-paced public groups. It also provides a higher allowance of jobs per month, with more options available depending on the plan chosen.

  • How can users subscribe to a paid plan on Midjourney?

    -Users can subscribe to a paid plan by typing /subscribe in the message box and following the link to the signup page. They can then choose from different pricing options based on the number of jobs they want per month.

  • What is the advantage of creating a private server within Discord for Midjourney?

    -Creating a private server within Discord for Midjourney helps users keep their projects organized and allows them to interact with the Midjourney bot without their commands getting lost among the creations of other users.

  • What are the options available after receiving AI-generated results?

    -After receiving AI-generated results, users can either upscale the image to a higher resolution, re-roll to generate a completely new set of images, or create four new variations of the picture in a similar style with slight differences.

  • How can users save their upscaled AI art?

    -Once an image has been upscaled, users can either open it in a browser and save the image or upscale it further with the Light Upscale Redo or the Beta option. It's recommended to try both and compare the results for the best quality.

  • What is the importance of using vague concepts in prompts with Midjourney?

    -Using vague concepts in prompts allows the AI to interpret and realize the user's ideas more freely, leading to unique and creative results. Trying to make the AI create something very specific might limit the creative potential of the generated art.

  • What are some next steps for users who have created their first AI art piece with Midjourney?

    -After creating their first AI art piece, users can begin exploring different settings and experimenting with various prompts to enhance their understanding and creativity with Midjourney. They can also look forward to more Midjourney videos and resources to learn additional tips, tricks, and techniques.



🎨 Introduction to AI Art with Midjourney

The paragraph introduces the user to the world of AI Art through Midjourney, an online tool that can create visual art based on textual prompts. It explains that Midjourney is highly rated for generating visual art and can produce a variety of art styles. The user is guided through the process of setting up an account on Discord and joining the Midjourney server to explore the community's creations. It also describes the process of creating art by using the /imagine command and the challenges of tracking one's own creations in the busy public groups. The paragraph concludes with the limitations of the free user allowance and the options for subscribing to a paid plan for more extensive usage and a private chat with the bot.



💡AI Art

AI Art refers to the creation of visual art using artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, AI Art is the primary focus and is facilitated by the Midjourney tool, which can transform imaginative ideas into visual form. The video emphasizes the versatility of AI Art, as it can produce a wide range of styles from painterly to hyper-realistic.


Midjourney is an online AI tool that specializes in creating visual art based on textual prompts provided by the user. It operates within the chat platform Discord, requiring users to join its server to utilize its features. The tool is highlighted for its ability to produce unique and diverse art styles, catering to the creative needs of its users.


Discord is a chat platform that allows users to communicate and collaborate in real-time through text, voice, and video. In the video, Discord serves as the host for the Midjourney bot, enabling users to interact with the AI Art tool and share their creations within the Midjourney community server.


Prompts are brief textual descriptions or commands that users input into the Midjourney tool to guide the AI in generating specific images. These prompts act as a creative starting point for the AI to interpret and produce visual art that aligns with the user's vision.

💡Newbies Groups

Newbies Groups are designated areas within the Midjourney community on Discord where newcomers can start creating their AI Art. These groups provide a space for users to learn and experiment with the tool without getting overwhelmed by the volume of activity in the main server.


In the context of the video, the Inbox refers to a feature within Discord that allows users to access their personal messages and notifications. For Midjourney users, the Inbox is where they can find and view the AI-generated images that correspond to their prompts.

💡Free User

A Free User, as mentioned in the video, is someone who uses Midjourney without a paid subscription. This status comes with limitations, such as a restricted number of jobs (in this case, art creations) that can be performed within a certain period. The video suggests that to fully utilize Midjourney's capabilities, it is necessary to subscribe to a paid plan.

💡Paid Plan

A Paid Plan refers to the subscription options available for Midjourney users who wish to enjoy more extensive and uninterrupted access to the AI Art tool. These plans offer a greater number of jobs per month and additional features, such as private chatting with the bot, which enhances the user experience and creative process.

💡Direct Messages

Direct Messages, or DMs, are private conversations between two users on Discord. In the context of the video, premium Midjourney subscribers can interact with the AI bot through direct messages, allowing for a more personalized and organized creative experience without the distractions of public groups.


Re-roll is a feature in Midjourney that allows users to regenerate a completely new set of images based on their original prompt. This gives users the opportunity to explore different interpretations of their idea by the AI, as each re-roll produces unique results that may better align with the user's vision.


Upscale refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an AI-generated image for a clearer and more detailed visual output. In the video, the Upscale feature is used to reproduce a selected result at a higher quality, providing users with the option to further refine their images or save them at a better resolution.


Exploration of AI art with Midjourney, an online tool that materializes imagination into visual art. (Start time: 0s)

Midjourney's capability to generate a wide range of art styles, from painterly to hyper-realistic renders. (Start time: 10s)

The necessity of a Discord account and joining the Midjourney server to use the AI art tool. (Start time: 20s)

The community aspect of Midjourney, showcasing diverse and imaginative creations. (Start time: 30s)

The process of creating art by entering prompts in the Newbies group chat. (Start time: 40s)

The challenge of tracking one's own creations in the fast-paced public group. (Start time: 50s)

Access to personal results through the Inbox feature in Discord. (Start time: 1m)

The limitation of 25 free uses for basic users and the need for a subscription for extensive usage. (Start time: 1m 30s)

The benefits of a paid plan, including private interactions with the AI bot. (Start time: 2m)

The option to create a personalized server within Discord for organized project management. (Start time: 2m 30s)

The AI's ability to generate unique results with each re-roll, emphasizing the element of surprise. (Start time: 3m)

The upscaling feature that enhances image resolution and quality. (Start time: 3m 30s)

The potential for future advancements in upscaling algorithms for higher quality exports. (Start time: 4m)

The importance of experimenting with different prompts to refine AI art generation. (Start time: 4m 30s)

The upcoming Midjourney videos promising tips, tricks, and techniques for new users. (Start time: 5m)