We used AI to create the most CURSED images

20 Jun 202310:11

TLDRIn this humorous video, the creators use Photoshop AI to transform innocent images into bizarre and 'cursed' scenes. They experiment with AI-generated prompts, altering stock photos and creating original artworks with unexpected outcomes. The video showcases the unpredictable nature of AI and the creative chaos that ensues when merging technology with human imagination, resulting in a series of images that are both amusing and absurd.


  • 😜 The video is about using Photoshop AI to create bizarre and 'cursed' images, a twist on the usual creative applications of the software.
  • 🎨 The creators, including a person named Molly, intentionally misuse AI to generate strange and humorous outcomes rather than conventionally beautiful images.
  • 🤖 They demonstrate 'typo prompting', where misspellings or unusual prompts lead to unexpected AI-generated images.
  • 👶 One of the AI-generated scenes involves a bizarre image of babies in a boxing ring, highlighting the unpredictable nature of AI.
  • 🏆 They discuss the absurdity of all babies winning a competition, reflecting on real-life scenarios where not everyone is a winner.
  • 😭 The video humorously addresses the idea of failure and disappointment, as seen when they add a crying face to the AI-generated images.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The creators use AI to 'repair' a family photo by adding an absent father figure, showcasing the software's ability to manipulate images.
  • 🔫 In a satirical take, they attempt to add guns to an image but find a loophole by using the term 'AR-15' instead of 'pistol', poking fun at content restrictions.
  • 👩‍👧 A wholesome image of a mother and daughter is transformed into a chaotic scene involving a drill and a burn victim, emphasizing the drastic changes AI can make.
  • 🚴‍♂️ The video also includes a transformation of a happy couple riding bicycles into a chaotic and dangerous scenario, again showing AI's potential for creating absurd situations.
  • 🎨 Lastly, the creators attempt to generate original artworks without stock photos, leading to surreal images like a man drowning in cereal, demonstrating the creative and sometimes nonsensical results of AI image generation.

Q & A

  • What is the main activity in the video?

    -The main activity in the video is using Photoshop AI to create and alter images, making them appear 'cursed' or bizarre.

  • Who is Molly in the video?

    -Molly is a friend of the main presenter and they are working together to manipulate images using Photoshop AI.

  • What is the purpose of the 'typo prompting' mentioned in the script?

    -The 'typo prompting' is a method used to intentionally input incorrect or unusual phrases into Photoshop AI to see what kind of strange images it generates.

  • What is the significance of the babies in the boxing ring image?

    -The babies in the boxing ring image is an example of the unexpected and 'cursed' results that can be generated by Photoshop AI when given unusual prompts.

  • Why do the creators decide to add a crying face to the babies in the boxing ring image?

    -They add a crying face to reflect the reality that not everyone gets a medal in life, and to teach the babies in the image a life lesson about winning and losing.

  • What is the joke about the 'winner' and 'loser' in the context of the babies image?

    -The joke is that in the manipulated image, the 'winner' gets a big medal, while the 'loser' gets a 'dumb hat,' highlighting the absurdity of the situation.

  • What is the intention behind altering the stock photos with AI in the video?

    -The intention is to create humorous and absurd scenarios by using AI to change elements of the stock photos, such as adding unexpected characters or situations.

  • What is the joke about the 'single mother' stock photo?

    -The joke is that they initially assume the mother is single because there's no father in the picture, but then use AI to 'repair' the family by adding a father figure.

  • Why do the creators mention 'DIY' and 'construction safety' in the script?

    -They mention 'DIY' and 'construction safety' as part of a running gag where they manipulate an image to show a baby with a drill and a hard hat, making it look like a construction site.

  • What is the final rating given by Molly for one of the AI-generated images?

    -Molly gives a final rating of 10 out of 10 for one of the AI-generated images, indicating that she finds the result amusing and successful in its intended purpose.



😜 Photoshop AI Fun: Creating Cursed Images

In this video, the host and his friend Molly explore the creative and sometimes bizarre capabilities of Photoshop AI. They start by using typo prompts to generate unexpected and humorous images, such as babies in a boxing ring and oddly photoshopped movie posters. They then move on to altering stock photos, adding elements like crying faces, medals, and even absurd scenarios involving family dynamics and DIY projects. The video showcases the AI's ability to generate content without adding any original pictures, emphasizing that any offensive content is the AI's fault, not theirs.


🤣 AI-Generated Chaos: Pranks and Parodies

The second paragraph delves deeper into the humorous and sometimes dark outcomes of using Photoshop AI to manipulate images. The duo creates scenarios like a man receiving a green card, a woman crying over a pool of urine, and a couple riding bicycles that turns into a chaotic scene from the game 'Grand Theft Auto.' The AI's limitations are tested with prompts that violate terms of service, and the video continues with a playful tone, suggesting that the AI's creativity can lead to both impressive and absurd results.


🎨 Original Artworks with AI: A Creative Experiment

In the final paragraph, the host and Molly attempt to create original artworks using only the generative capabilities of Photoshop AI. They engage in a guessing game where one types a prompt and the other tries to predict the result. The outcomes are diverse, ranging from a dog skydiving with a parachute to a man drowning in cereal amidst a civilization. The video concludes with a reflection on the AI's ability to generate thumbnails that resemble game trailers, and a call for viewer suggestions for future AI-generated content.



💡Photoshop AI

Photoshop AI refers to the artificial intelligence capabilities within Adobe Photoshop, a widely used image editing software. In the video, it is used to generate bizarre and humorous images by interpreting and manipulating prompts given by the creators. The AI's ability to create 'cursed' images is central to the video's theme, showcasing the unexpected and sometimes unsettling results of AI image generation.

💡Cursed images

Cursed images are a type of internet meme that typically feature bizarre, unsettling, or surreal visuals. In the context of the video, the term is used to describe the strange and often disturbing outcomes of using Photoshop AI to manipulate images. The creators intentionally prompt the AI to generate these 'cursed' images as a form of entertainment.

💡Typo prompting

Typo prompting is a technique used in the video where the creators intentionally input misspelled or nonsensical prompts into Photoshop AI to see what kind of images it generates. This method is used to create humor and surprise, as the AI attempts to interpret and visualize the prompts, often leading to bizarre and unexpected results.

💡Stock photos

Stock photos are pre-taken photographs that can be licensed for various uses, often in advertising, design, and other media. In the video, the creators use stock photos as a base for the AI to alter and create 'cursed' images, demonstrating how AI can manipulate and transform ordinary images into something extraordinary or absurd.


AI-generated content refers to any material created by artificial intelligence, such as images, text, or music. In the video, all the altered images are AI-generated, emphasizing the creative potential and sometimes the unpredictable nature of AI. The creators highlight that they did not add any pictures themselves, attributing the final images entirely to the AI's capabilities.

💡Terms of service

Terms of service are the rules and guidelines that users must agree to in order to use a service, such as Photoshop AI. The video mentions these terms in the context of AI-generated content that might be offensive or inappropriate, noting that the creators are not responsible for such content as it is generated by the AI, not them.

💡Green card

A green card in the United States refers to the document that grants an individual permanent residency. In the video, the creators use the concept of a green card to create a humorous scenario where a character is excited about obtaining one, which is a satirical take on immigration and the desire for a better life.


GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto, a popular video game series known for its open-world gameplay and sometimes controversial content. The video uses references to GTA, such as game modes and in-game scenarios, to create humorous and chaotic AI-generated images that mimic the style and themes of the game.


DIY stands for 'do it yourself,' a term often used to describe projects or tasks that individuals undertake without professional help. In the video, the creators humorously interpret DIY in a literal and absurd way, such as a baby performing construction work or a character engaging in dangerous home improvement tasks.


The multiverse is a hypothetical concept in physics and cosmology, suggesting the existence of multiple universes beyond our own. In the video, the term is used in a playful and fantastical context to describe the alternate realities created by the AI-generated images, suggesting a wild and unpredictable range of outcomes.


A thumbnail in digital media is a small, clickable preview image that represents a larger piece of content, such as a video. The video creators discuss the idea of using one of the AI-generated 'cursed' images as a thumbnail for their video, highlighting the potential for such images to attract attention and provoke curiosity.


We're using Photoshop AI to create some very cursed images.

Joseph explains that they're going to try typo prompting with Photoshop AI.

First prompt: 'babies in boxing ring' – results in some bizarre and funny images.

Joseph adds a crying face to one of the babies to make it more realistic.

They collect a bunch of stock photos to alter using AI.

AI successfully adds a father figure into a single mother's photo, making it look like he came back with the milk.

They try adding guns into the photo, discovering loopholes in Photoshop AI's terms of service.

Adding construction hats and tools to a baby's photo results in a chaotic scene.

Creating a disturbing image of a man with a tied-up woman in the background.

Turning a wholesome family biking picture into a chaotic scene involving a semi-truck.

Creating original artworks by typing prompts into generative fill and guessing the results.

Generating a dog skydiving with a parachute towards New York City.

Attempting to recreate a GTA thumbnail with Photoshop AI.

Creating an image of a man drowning in a bowl of cereal.

Encouraging viewers to suggest more ideas for Photoshop AI creations in the comments.