Midjourney détrônée ? Stable Diffusion XL + boite à outil IA = ClipDrop

Johan : Solutions Digitales
14 May 202317:51

TLDRThe video script introduces a suite of online tools called 'Clip Drop' that offers a variety of features for content creators, with a focus on the new 'Stable Diffusion XL' model. The presenter discusses the ease of use, the free and premium versions, and demonstrates several tools such as image upscaling, relighting, and background removal. The video also highlights the potential of these tools for enhancing YouTube content creation and mentions a donation link to support the channel's investment in more advanced hardware.


  • 🚀 The speaker stumbled upon a great online suite of tools for content creators, which is a SaaS and offers a free version with many capabilities.
  • 💡 The recently announced stable diffusion is now available on this platform, aiming to rival mid-jour's simplicity and quality.
  • 💻 The suite includes a local solution called 'Automatique Il est Venu Il Eleven' that can be installed on a PC, capable of running stable diffusion and hundreds of other models and tools.
  • 🔧 The speaker invested about 3000 euros for the channel to utilize this computationally intensive tool, and is seeking help to expedite the acquisition.
  • 🎁 The platform is user-friendly, requiring just an email to sign up and access a no-commitment account on ClipDrop.com.
  • 🖌️ The new stable diffusion XL model allows for AI usage with short prompts, similar to mid-jour, but with robust and quality results.
  • 📸 Users can select styles and generate images quickly, with the option to download in HD, albeit with a watermark on the free version.
  • 🌐 The platform also offers additional tools like cleanup for removing watermarks, image upscaling, relighting for enhancing lighting effects in images, and background removal.
  • 💰 While the basic functions are free, there's a paid subscription model that unlocks higher quality and more features, with prices starting at 9 euros per month.
  • 📈 The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe, turn on notifications, and support the channel for more content and tool demonstrations.
  • 🔄 Despite some technical issues, the speaker is positive about the potential of the tools and invites viewers to test them out for themselves.

Q & A

  • What is the main advantage of the online suite of tools mentioned in the script?

    -The main advantage is that it is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and offers a free version that allows users to do quite a lot, with an affordable paid version for more features.

  • What is the purpose of the tool 'Stable Diffusion'?

    -Stable Diffusion is designed to enable users to create high-quality images using AI with short prompts, similar to mid-jour and other platforms, while aiming to rival them in simplicity and quality.

  • How does the user access the Stable Diffusion tool on ClipDrop?

    -The user can access Stable Diffusion on ClipDrop by logging in with their email, navigating to the 'Tools' section, and selecting 'Stable Diffusion' from the list of available tools.

  • What are some of the style options available in Stable Diffusion XL?

    -Some of the style options in Stable Diffusion XL include polygonal rendering, isometry, and other styles that directly influence the output of the generated images.

  • What is the 'Cleanup' tool used for on ClipDrop?

    -The 'Cleanup' tool is used to remove the watermark from images generated using ClipDrop's free version, and it can also be used to clean up more complex objects.

  • What is the 'Image Upscale' feature in ClipDrop?

    -The 'Image Upscale' feature allows users to enlarge their images up to 16 times the original size, with options for a 'Gentle' mode and a 'Detailed' mode for higher quality results.

  • How does the 'Relight' tool work on ClipDrop?

    -The 'Relight' tool enables users to add, adjust, and remove light sources in an image to create realistic lighting effects, enhancing the overall appearance of the photograph.

  • What is the 'Remove Background' tool on ClipDrop?

    -The 'Remove Background' tool is designed to efficiently remove the background from images, particularly effective for complex images like those with hair, providing precise and detailed results for better object integration in creations.

  • What is the 'Reimagine' feature on ClipDrop?

    -The 'Reimagine' feature allows users to upload an image and receive various creative variations of it, similar to a remix, offering new ideas and inspiration for the user's content creation.

  • How can users support the content creator mentioned in the script?

    -Users can support the content creator by subscribing to the channel, activating notifications for new content, and donating through the link provided in the video description on the creator's YouTube channel.

  • What are the limitations of the free version of ClipDrop's tools?

    -The free version of ClipDrop's tools comes with certain limitations, such as a watermark on the images and a restricted size for uploads. However, these limitations can be easily overcome with an affordable subscription.



🤖 Introduction to AI Tools and Stable Diffusion

The speaker introduces an online suite of tools, highlighting its free version and the affordability of its premium plans. The focus is on Stable Diffusion, a tool for content creators that was recently updated. The speaker emphasizes the ease of use of the platform, requiring only an email to sign up, and the practicality of the tools available, such as Stable Diffusion XL, which allows for the creation of high-quality images with short prompts. The speaker also mentions their investment in computational power for their channel, seeking support from the audience to accelerate the acquisition of necessary hardware.


🆓 Exploring Free Features and Limitations

The speaker delves into the limitations of the free version of the tools, noting the quality of downloads and the presence of a watermark. They demonstrate the process of using Stable Diffusion XL, including selecting styles and generating images. Despite the limitations, the speaker is impressed with the quality of the results, suggesting that the tool is on the right track towards simplifying the creation process. The speaker also addresses the importance of audience support for their YouTube channel, encouraging subscriptions and notifications for new content.


🔍 Enhancing Images and Lighting with Clip Drop Tools

The speaker explores various tools available on Clip Drop, such as image enlargement, watermark removal, and relighting. They demonstrate the effectiveness of these tools, including the ability to upscale images and adjust lighting to create realistic effects. The speaker also mentions the subscription plans and their affordability, emphasizing the value of the tools for content creation. Despite encountering an error with one of the tools, the speaker remains positive about the overall experience and the potential of the platform.


🌟 Final Thoughts on Clip Drop and Community Engagement

The speaker concludes by summarizing the range of tools available on Clip Drop, including image variations, background removal, and text removal. They express their satisfaction with the effectiveness of these tools and the value they provide for a small fee. The speaker also encourages the audience to share their thoughts and experiences with the tools, and to support the channel by liking the video, subscribing, and activating notifications for future content. The speaker ends with a call to share the video on social networks and signs off with a positive note.



💡Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is used to create content and generate images through a suite of tools, demonstrating its practical applications in content creation and its potential to produce high-quality results.


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software delivery model in which software is hosted by a third-party provider and made available to customers over the Internet. In the video, the mentioned suite of tools operates on a SaaS model, meaning it is accessible online and users can subscribe to different versions of the service, including a free version.

💡Content Creation

Content creation refers to the process of producing and sharing digital content, such as videos, images, and written content, with the aim of engaging and informing an audience. The video focuses on tools for content creators, emphasizing how AI can streamline and enhance the creative process, particularly in generating images and visual content.

💡Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a term used in the video to describe a specific AI tool or technology that enables users to generate images and visual content. It is part of the suite of tools discussed, which can produce high-quality results when given brief prompts, similar to other platforms but with an emphasis on simplicity and quality.


In the context of AI and content creation, prompts are inputs or starting points that guide the AI to generate specific outputs. They are essential in directing the AI to create desired content. The video highlights the use of short prompts with Stable Diffusion to achieve quality results, demonstrating the importance of effective prompt design in leveraging AI for creative tasks.

💡3D Rendering

3D rendering is the process of generating a two-dimensional image or animation from a three-dimensional model using computer software. In the video, the speaker chooses a '3D' style option when using the Stable Diffusion tool, which results in a rendered image with a three-dimensional appearance.

💡Image Editing

Image editing involves altering or enhancing digital images using various tools and techniques. The video introduces several tools for image editing, such as 'cleanup' for removing watermarks and 'image upsell' for enlarging images, highlighting the importance of post-production in content creation.


Relighting is a post-production technique used to alter the lighting in an image or a scene. In the video, 'Relight' is a tool that allows users to add, adjust, and remove light sources in an image to create realistic lighting effects, enhancing the visual impact of the content.

💡Subscription Model

A subscription model is a business model in which customers pay a recurring fee to access a company's products or services. In the context of the video, several tools require a paid subscription to unlock advanced features and remove limitations, such as watermarks and resolution restrictions.

💡Content Creators

Content creators are individuals or organizations that produce and share various forms of content, often with the goal of engaging an audience or expressing their creativity. The video is aimed at content creators, showcasing tools that can assist them in their work, particularly in generating and editing visual content more efficiently and effectively.

💡Online Tools

Online tools refer to software applications that are accessed and used over the Internet rather than being installed on a local computer. The video introduces a suite of online tools that can be accessed via a web platform, emphasizing the convenience and accessibility of these tools for content creation and editing.


The speaker discovers a great suite of tools for content creators that is available as a SaaS and offers a free version.

The suite includes the latest version of Stable Diffusion, a powerful AI model for content generation.

The speaker has invested in a local solution for their channel, costing around 3000 euros.

The investment is aimed at faster acquisition of hardware to facilitate video production.

A link is provided in the description for donations to help with the hardware acquisition.

ClipDrop.com is introduced as a platform hosting various AI tools for content creation.

Stable Diffusion XL is highlighted as a tool that allows for AI-generated content with short prompts, yielding high-quality results.

The speaker demonstrates the use of Stable Diffusion XL by generating images based on short prompts.

The free version of the tools has limitations such as a watermark on the images.

The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe and turn on notifications to support the channel and be updated on new content.

Cleanup is introduced as a tool for removing watermarks from images.

Image Upskill is showcased as a tool for enlarging images up to 16 times without losing quality.

Relight is presented as a tool for adding and adjusting light sources in an image to enhance its realism.

Remove Background is mentioned as an efficient tool for background removal, especially for images with hair.

Reimagine is described as a tool that provides variations of an image based on the input.

Text Remover is introduced as a tool capable of removing unwanted text from images.

ClipDrop also offers a web editor for image manipulation.

The speaker emphasizes the value of the tools and justifies the cost for removing limitations.

The speaker invites viewers to share their thoughts on the tools and their personal favorites.