Top 10 Psychological Anime To Watch If You Like Tomodachi Game

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26 Jun 202208:01

TLDRDiscover the top 10 psychological anime that delve into the darker side of human nature and high-stakes games. From the afterlife challenges in 'Death Parade' to the gambling extremes in 'Kakegurui', and the deadly mobile game in 'Darwin's Game', these series keep viewers on edge. 'Psycho-Pass' explores a society monitoring system, while 'Deadman Wonderland' and 'Danganronpa' present twisted takes on survival. 'Mirai Nikki' and 'Death Note' offer supernatural elements in a battle of wits, 'Angels of Death' descends into a sinister building, and 'When They Cry' unravels a village's dark secrets. This list is a must-watch for fans of 'Tomodachi Game'.


  • 🎬 The genre of psychological anime is popular within the anime community due to its darker themes.
  • 🕹️ High-stakes games are a common theme in psychological anime, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.
  • 💀 Death Parade features a game where deceased players are judged based on their past actions to determine their fate.
  • 🎰 Kakegurui is set in a private academy where wealthy students gamble and use their power and money to compete.
  • 🐍 Darwin's Game involves a mobile game that turns deadly, with players fighting for survival and rewards.
  • 🔍 Psycho-Pass is a blend of crime, psychological, and sci-fi genres, monitoring the public for potential criminal activities.
  • 🏰 Dead Man's Wonderland is a prison where inmates must participate in brutal games to survive and earn a release.
  • 🎓 Danganronpa is known for its video game series and anime, revolving around a school where students must kill to escape.
  • 🗓️ Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) involves a survival game with participants using diaries that predict the future to outlast each other.
  • 📔 Death Note is iconic for its story of a notebook that allows the user to determine the death of anyone whose name is written in it.
  • 😈 The Angels of Death follows a girl who wants to die and encounters a mysterious individual intent on killing her and others.

Q & A

  • What is the central theme of the anime genre discussed in the script?

    -The central theme of the anime genre discussed in the script is psychological anime, particularly those involving high-stakes games or intense psychological challenges.

  • How does the anime 'Death Parade' differ from 'Tomodachi Game' in terms of its high-stakes game concept?

    -'Death Parade' differs from 'Tomodachi Game' in that the players in 'Death Parade' are already dead and are placed in a bar called Quindesim, where their fate of going to heaven or hell is determined through a series of games.

  • What unique aspect sets 'Kakegurui' apart from other psychological anime in the list?

    -'Kakegurui' is unique because it is set in a private academy where wealthy students gamble with large sums of money, leading to violent and intense games that reflect the power dynamics among the students.

  • How does 'Darwin's Game' introduce the main character to the world of the mobile game?

    -In 'Darwin's Game', the main character, Kaname Sudo, is invited to play a mobile game, and upon opening it, a green snake emerges from his phone and bites his neck, drawing him into the game's world.

  • What is the role of the civil system in 'Psycho-Pass' and how does it impact society?

    -In 'Psycho-Pass', the civil system monitors the public and analyzes individuals' criminal tendencies, aiming to filter out dangerous members of society and make Japan a safer place.

  • How does 'Deadman Wonderland' differ from other survival anime in terms of its setting and rules?

    -'Deadman Wonderland' is set in a prison where inmates must participate in brutal games to survive. The twist is that a collar is placed on each inmate's neck that slowly poisons them, and they must win games to earn candy that slows down the poison's effects.

  • What is the main objective in the 'Danganronpa' series and what is the consequence of achieving it?

    -In 'Danganronpa', the main objective is to escape the academy by killing a fellow classmate without getting caught, as dictated by the bear Monokuma. The consequence of achieving this is the freedom from the academy.

  • How do the 'Future Diaries' in 'Mirai Nikki' contribute to the survival game?

    -In 'Mirai Nikki', the 'Future Diaries' are devices that can predict the user's future, each with unique powers. They allow the participants to plan and strategize to survive and eliminate other players in the game.

  • What is the significance of the 'Death Note' in the anime 'Death Note'?

    -The 'Death Note' in the anime is a book with the power to cause death by writing a person's name in it, specifying the manner of death. It is used by the main character, Light Yagami, in an attempt to eliminate criminals and create a utopian world.

  • How does the plot of 'Angels of Death' unfold as Rachel and Isaac navigate through the building?

    -In 'Angels of Death', Rachel and Isaac devise a plan to escape the building by working through each floor, facing sadistic individuals and threats along the way. Their journey is marked by increasing danger and psychological tension.

  • What is the core mystery that the main character Kaichi must unravel in 'When They Cry'?

    -In 'When They Cry', Kaichi must unravel the mystery behind a series of murders in the rural village of Inami Maizawa, while dealing with the strange and secretive behavior of his new friends.



📺 Top 10 Psychological Anime Inspired by Tomodachi Game

This paragraph introduces a list of top psychological anime series that share similarities with the Tomodachi Game in terms of their dark themes and high-stakes scenarios. The video aims to captivate viewers who enjoy psychological shows with intense and suspenseful narratives. The introduction sets the stage for a countdown of anime series that involve characters competing against each other in survival-like situations, with a focus on the tension and emotional turmoil experienced by the participants. The list includes a variety of anime, from those that feature literal games with life or death consequences to those that delve into the darker aspects of human nature and societal structures.


🎮 High-Stakes Games and Dark Academia: Anime Selections

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of the top 10 list, highlighting each anime's unique take on the psychological genre. 'Death Parade' is discussed as an anime where the deceased participate in a game to determine their eternal fate. 'Kakegurui' portrays a twisted form of gambling within a wealthy high school setting. 'Darwin's Game' introduces a mobile game with real-life, dangerous consequences. 'Psycho-Pass' explores a futuristic society where citizens' psyches are monitored to predict criminal tendencies. 'Deadman Wonderland' tells the story of a student framed for a mass murder and subjected to a cruel penal system. 'Danganronpa' is noted for its video game origins and its narrative about a school where students must kill to survive. The paragraph provides a glimpse into the diverse and gripping stories that psychological anime fans can expect from these series.



💡Psychological Anime

Psychological anime is a genre that focuses on the mental states, thoughts, and behaviors of its characters. These shows often explore complex themes such as morality, human nature, and the consequences of actions. In the context of the video, psychological anime is the main theme, with the list provided showcasing various series that fall under this genre, each with its unique take on mind games and character development.

💡High-Stakes Game

A high-stakes game refers to a situation where the consequences of losing are significant, often involving life or death scenarios. In psychological anime, these games are used as a plot device to create tension and explore characters' reactions under extreme pressure. The video highlights anime where characters are pitted against each other in survival games, forcing them to make difficult choices that reveal their true nature.


Survival in the context of the video refers to the characters' struggle to stay alive in situations where their lives are threatened. This concept is central to many psychological anime, as it often leads to intense drama and moral dilemmas. The characters' will to survive is tested, and their actions under such pressure provide insight into their psychological states.


Tension is the feeling of suspense and anticipation that builds up in a narrative, often used to keep the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats. In psychological anime, tension is created through unpredictable plot twists, high-stakes situations, and the gradual unraveling of characters' secrets. The video emphasizes how tension is a key element in psychological anime, as it hooks viewers and makes them invested in the outcome of the characters' struggles.


Mystery in psychological anime involves elements of uncertainty, enigma, and intrigue that keep the audience guessing. It often revolves around uncovering secrets, solving puzzles, or understanding the motives behind characters' actions. The video mentions several anime that incorporate mystery as a core component, creating an atmosphere where the truth is gradually revealed, often with surprising results.


Drama is a genre that relies on emotional situations and conflicts between characters to drive the narrative. In psychological anime, drama is often intensified by the exploration of complex character relationships and the psychological impact of their actions. The video showcases anime that use drama to delve into the characters' emotional struggles and the consequences of their choices.


Morality in psychological anime refers to the principles concerning what is right or wrong, good or bad behavior. It is often challenged and explored through characters' decisions and the moral dilemmas they face. The video discusses anime where morality is a central theme, examining how characters navigate ethical questions and the impact of their choices on their psyche and society.

💡Power Dynamics

Power dynamics refer to the way power is distributed and exercised between characters in a narrative. In psychological anime, these dynamics can be a significant factor in the characters' interactions, influencing their decisions and the overall plot. The video highlights anime where power dynamics play a crucial role, often leading to intense conflicts and character development.


Thriller is a genre that aims to excite, suspensefully and sometimes fearfully, the audience with elements of crime, danger, and suspense. Psychological anime often incorporates thriller elements to create an atmosphere of tension and anticipation. The video showcases anime that blend psychological themes with thrilling situations, keeping viewers engaged and eager to discover the outcome.

💡Character Development

Character development refers to the process by which a character changes or grows throughout a narrative. In psychological anime, this is particularly important as it allows for a deep exploration of the characters' personalities, motivations, and psychological states. The video emphasizes anime with strong character development, where viewers can see the evolution of characters in response to the challenges they face.


Suspense is the feeling of excitement or anxiety in anticipation of what is going to happen in a narrative. It is a key element in psychological anime, as it keeps viewers engaged and invested in the story. The video highlights anime that effectively use suspense to maintain interest and create an atmosphere of uncertainty, where the audience is left guessing the outcome of the characters' predicaments.


Top 10 Psychological Anime list based on preference for Tomodachi Game

Psychological anime's popularity due to darker themes

High-stakes game theme common in psychological anime

Death Parade's unique take on high-stakes game with deceased players

Kakegurui's exploration of power dynamics through gambling in a private academy

Darwin's Game's mobile game with life-threatening twists

Psycho-Pass's blend of crime, psychological, and sci-fi genres

Dead Man's Wonderland's prison setting with a deadly twist on games

Danganronpa's adaptation from video games to anime with a focus on survival

Mirai Nikki's survival game with the use of Future Diaries

Death Note's iconic story revolving around a book with the power to end lives

The Angels of Death's exploration of complex relationships amidst a dangerous situation

When They Cry's deep dive into mystery and the descent into madness

Anime fans' anticipation for Dead Man's Wonderland Season 2

The investigative nature of the series following the mysterious deaths of criminals in Death Note

The unique premise of a rural village setting in When They Cry

The emphasis on character development and psychological unraveling in When They Cry