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12 May 202412:06

TLDRIn this video, the host spends a whopping 15 million coins to acquire a Team of the Season Mbappe, rated 97, and embarks on a quest to build a formidable team around him using a wheel mechanism. The challenge? Any player scoring under a seven match rating will be discarded. The host strategically uses the wheel to obtain teammates, including an 81-rated card with a high chance of a Team of the Season player. Despite some disappointments and a humorous moment of self-admitted scamming, the host manages to assemble a strong team, including a 92-rated card and a 93-rated center back. The video is a thrilling ride through the unpredictable world of in-game card packs, with a focus on teamwork and the high stakes of player performance. The host's commentary is interspersed with humor and engagement with the audience, making for an entertaining watch.


  • πŸ’° The player acquired a highly rated Team of the Season (TOTS) Mbappe card for 15 million coins, hoping it's worth the investment.
  • 🎲 They used a wheel mechanism to get teammates for Mbappe, aiming to build a strong squad with high match ratings.
  • 😫 The player expressed dissatisfaction with the wheel's outcome, feeling scammed and warning against spending money on FC points.
  • πŸ‘€ A random team from Twitter was chosen to determine the player's left center mid, resulting in Kevin De Bruyne being selected.
  • πŸ† The assembled team was rated highly by the player, despite the high cost of nearly 2 million coins.
  • 🌟 The player strategized about potentially discarding Mbappe if the match doesn't go well, to avoid a low match rating.
  • πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ͺ A geographical guessing game was played to determine the nationality of a left back, which resulted in a 61-rated player from the Philippines.
  • πŸ“ˆ The player was excited about potential pack upgrades and the opportunity to improve the team's rating.
  • πŸŽ‰ A significant pack was opened, yielding 30 players and the possibility of two TOTS players, which could greatly enhance the team.
  • 🚨 The player expressed concern about the team's performance, particularly Mbappe's, as any player with a match rating under seven would be discarded.
  • πŸ€‘ Despite the challenges, the player ended up with a strong team and no discards, celebrating a successful outcome with a 'Rage Quit'.

Q & A

  • What is the rating of the Team of the Season Mbappe card?

    -The Team of the Season Mbappe card is rated 97.

  • How many coins did the user spend to acquire the Team of the Season Mbappe card?

    -The user spent 15 million coins to acquire the Team of the Season Mbappe card.

  • What is the user's strategy for building a team around Mbappe?

    -The user plans to get teammates for Mbappe using the wheel and playing a game where any player with a match rating under seven will be discarded.

  • What is the user's concern about the formation they start with?

    -The user expresses dislike for the starting formation, which begins with a left wing.

  • What is the guaranteed pack in the wheel that the user hopes to open?

    -The user hopes to open a guaranteed lean tots pack from the wheel.

  • What is the user's reaction after spinning the wheel and getting an 81 rated card?

    -The user feels thoroughly scammed after getting an 81 rated card from the wheel.

  • Who does the user choose as the left center mid for the team based on Twitter responses?

    -The user chooses Kevin De Bruyne as the left center mid based on a random Twitter response.

  • What is the cost of the Kevin De Bruyne card?

    -The Kevin De Bruyne card costs nearly 2 million coins.

  • What is the user's strategy if they can't build a 93 rated squad?

    -If the user can't build a 93 rated squad, they plan to start the game with Mbappe scoring an own goal to lower his match rating and increase the chances of discarding him.

  • What does the user do to introduce skill moves to their team?

    -The user heads over to Twitter to scroll through responses and decide on skill moves based on the teams suggested by followers.

  • What is the user's strategy for guessing the country in the video?

    -The user decides to guess South America and specifically Peru, hoping to get a desirable left back for the team.



πŸ˜€ Building a Team Around Mbappe

The paragraph discusses the excitement and strategy of acquiring a highly rated player, Mbappe, who is 97 rated and costs 15 million coins. The focus is on building a strong team around him using the wheel, and the importance of teamwork is emphasized as any player with a match rating under seven will be discarded. The speaker also discusses their dislike for a certain formation and the process of getting teammates for Mbappe, including the potential risks and rewards of upgrading cards and guessing countries for player selection.


πŸ€‘ Investing in High-Rated Players and Upgrades

This paragraph details the investment in high-rated players and the process of upgrading them. The speaker mentions purchasing a goalkeeper, birthday van desar, for 300,000 coins and the excitement of potentially getting a Team of the Season player from a pack. The narrative continues with the anticipation of getting a center back and the strategic use of an upgrade for Overdorf to play in that position. The paragraph concludes with the addition of a 99 Pace right back, Thiago Santos, and the suspense of selecting a CDM from a randomized pool of players.


😎 In-Game Performance and Player Ratings

The final paragraph revolves around the in-game performance of the newly assembled team, with a focus on the pressure on Mbappe to perform well due to his high cost and rating. The speaker expresses concern about Mbappe's initial lack of impact in the game and the need for a clean sheet to save the team. The paragraph concludes with the dramatic moment of a Rage Quit, which guarantees no discards, and a reflection on whether any players would have been discarded based on their match ratings.



πŸ’‘Team of the Season (TOTS)

Team of the Season refers to a special selection of football players in FIFA games who have performed exceptionally well over a season. In the video, the creator gets a TOTS Mbappe, which is a significant event as it's a high-rated and desirable player. It's central to the video's theme of building a team around this player.

πŸ’‘Match Rating

Match Rating is a metric used in football video games to rate a player's performance in a match, usually on a scale from 1 to 10. In the context of the video, any player with a rating under 7 is discarded, which creates a challenge for the creator as they aim to keep their expensive TOTS Mbappe.

πŸ’‘Wheel of Fortune

In the gaming context, the 'wheel' often refers to a chance-based mechanic where players spin a wheel to obtain random rewards. The creator uses the wheel to try and get teammates for his new TOTS Mbappe, adding an element of luck and excitement to the video.


Coins are the virtual currency in FIFA games, used to purchase players and other items. The script mentions the high cost of TOTS Mbappe (15 million coins), emphasizing the investment and risk involved in acquiring and building a team around this player.


An upgrade in this context means improving a player card to a higher-rated version. The creator discusses using an upgrade to change a player's card to a 92-rated version, which is crucial for maintaining a high squad rating and avoiding discards.

πŸ’‘Left Wing

This refers to a playing position in football, where the left wing is responsible for playing on the left side of the field, often involved in creating goal-scoring opportunities. The creator is looking for a specific player for this position to complement his TOTS Mbappe.

πŸ’‘Center Mid

Center Mid is a central playing position in football, often associated with controlling the game and linking defense with attack. The creator selects a player for this position using a random team from Twitter, which adds an interactive element to the video.

πŸ’‘Rage Quit

Rage Quit is a term used when a player abruptly leaves a game out of frustration. In the video, the creator mentions a 'Rage Quit' in the context of a game scenario where it would prevent discards, highlighting the high stakes and pressure of the challenge.

πŸ’‘SBC (Squad Building Challenge)

Squad Building Challenge is a game mode in FIFA where players must build a team that meets certain criteria to earn rewards. The creator considers using an SBC player to fill a position, indicating the strategic aspect of team building in the game.


Discarding in this context means to remove a player from the team due to poor performance (under 7 match rating). The concept is central to the video's challenge, as the creator must manage his team's performance to avoid losing his valuable players.

πŸ’‘Finesse Shot

A finesse shot is a skill move in football games where a player uses a lighter touch to chip or place the ball into the goal. The creator mentions a finesse shot by Mbappe, which is a moment of excitement and a display of the player's skill.


Acquired a Team of the Season Mbappe rated 97 at a cost of 15 million coins.

Using the wheel to get teammates for Mbappe, focusing on teamwork.

Any player with a match rating under seven will be discarded.

Dissatisfaction with the current formation and team wheel outcomes.

Spinning the wheel with a 43% chance of a Team of the Season pack.

Feeling scammed after a wheel spin outcome.

Considering upgrading a player to a 92 rated card for strategic match rating purposes.

Using Twitter to select a left Center mid player for the team.

Purchasing Kevin De Bruyne for nearly 2 million coins.

Getting a gold-rated player with 92 pace and 93 dribble.

Guessing a country in a game of geographical chance for a left back position.

Dealing with a 61 rated left back after an incorrect geographical guess.

Opening a $20 worth pack with 30 players and the possibility of two lean tots.

Excitement over packing a French Striker, but it's not Mbappe.

Avoiding a previously packed player and choosing Bent Laab instead.

Upgrading Overdorf to a 96 rated Team of the Season Moments card.

Using an Icon goalkeeper, Birthday Van Desar, for 300,000 coins.

Strategically choosing a Center back with high stats for 2 million coins.

Playing a guessing game to select a right back, opting for Thiago Santos with 99 Pace.

Experiencing a tense match with Mbappe, hoping for a Rage Quit to save the team.

Successfully completing the match without discarding any players.