Runway Gen-2 Ultimate Tutorial : Basic to Advance Prompting [ 2024 ]

17 Jan 202418:48

TLDRDiscover the innovative Runway Gen-2 platform, harnessing AI to revolutionize creative expression. This tutorial explores its features, interface, and pricing, guiding users through text-to-image and video generation capabilities. Learn how to craft prompts for stunning image and video outputs, transforming your visions into reality with Runway's intuitive tools and styles, from anime to cinematic effects.


  • 😀 Runway ML is a platform using artificial intelligence to revolutionize creative processes.
  • 🖌️ Users can create images and videos by simply describing their vision with text prompts.
  • 🌐 To access Runway, one must visit the Runway AI website and sign up for an account.
  • 💡 The homepage showcases the capabilities of Runway and its mission to advance creativity with AI.
  • 📈 Runway offers various features like text to image, image to video, and video to video generation.
  • 🎨 The platform provides a range of styles and settings to customize the generation of images and videos.
  • 📊 There are different pricing plans available, including a free version with limited features and paid plans for more advanced capabilities.
  • 📝 A prompt formula is suggested for creating the best images, including subject description, image type, style, camera viewpoint, and additional details.
  • 🎥 Text to video generation allows for dynamic scene creation, with options to adjust speed, camera motion, and add stops.
  • 🖼️ Image to video generation enables users to upload an image and create a short video based on the provided image.
  • 🎬 Video to video generation lets users upload a video file and generate a new video with a different style or description.

Q & A

  • What is Runway ML and how does it utilize artificial intelligence to revolutionize creativity?

    -Runway ML is a platform that leverages artificial intelligence to transform creative ideas into visual and video content. It uses AI to generate images and videos from text prompts, allowing users to bring their stories and visions to life in a unique and innovative way.

  • How can one access and start using Runway ML?

    -To access Runway ML, a user needs to visit the Runway AI website, sign up for an account using Google, Apple, or other preferred methods, and then start exploring the platform's features such as text to image and image to video generation.

  • What are the different features offered by Runway ML?

    -Runway ML offers a variety of features including text to image generation, text to video generation, image to video generation, and video to video generation. It also provides a video editor, asset management, and a community section to discover and remix creations.

  • Can you explain the pricing plans for Runway ML?

    -Runway ML offers a free version with limited features and 125 credits. There are also paid plans such as Standard at $12 per month for 625 credits, Pro at $28, and Unlimited at $76 per month.

  • What is the process of creating an image using Runway ML's text to image generation feature?

    -To create an image, a user needs to write a descriptive text prompt, choose settings like ratio and resolution, select a style, and then generate the image. The platform uses the input to create an image that matches the description provided in the text prompt.

  • How does the style option in Runway ML affect the output of generated images?

    -The style option in Runway ML significantly affects the output by applying different visual themes or aesthetics to the generated images. For example, selecting 'anime' style will result in images that have an anime-like appearance, while '3D render' will give a more realistic, three-dimensional look.

  • What is the importance of a well-crafted prompt in creating images with Runway ML?

    -A well-crafted prompt is crucial as it provides the AI with the necessary details to generate an accurate image. It should include the subject, type of image, style, camera viewpoint, and additional details to guide the AI in creating the desired outcome.

  • How does Runway ML's text to video generation feature work?

    -The text to video feature allows users to describe a scene and its motion using text. The platform then generates a video based on the description, incorporating elements like flying cars, holographic billboards, and robots interacting with humans, as per the user's prompt.

  • Can Runway ML's image to video generation be used to create animations from still images?

    -Yes, Runway ML's image to video generation allows users to upload a still image and convert it into a short animated video. The platform animates the image based on the user's input, creating a dynamic visual from a static picture.

  • What is the 'image plus description' feature in Runway ML and how can it be used?

    -The 'image plus description' feature enables users to upload an image and add a text description to further guide the video generation process. This allows for the creation of videos that combine visual elements from the image with the dynamic elements described in the text prompt.

  • How can users experiment with different styles in Runway ML's video generation?

    -Users can experiment with different styles by selecting various style options in the video generation settings. This includes styles like '3D render', '35mm', 'cinematic', and more, which can drastically change the look and feel of the generated video.



🎨 Introduction to Runway ML's AI-Powered Creativity

This paragraph introduces the concept of Runway ML, an AI platform that transforms words into visual art and videos. It emphasizes the platform's ability to create unique masterpieces reflecting the user's vision and discusses the features of Runway ML, including text-to-image, text-to-video, image-to-video, and video-to-video generation. The speaker guides viewers on how to access and sign up for Runway ML, highlighting its homepage and the variety of tools and tutorials available for users to explore and start creating.


🖌️ Text-to-Image Generation with Runway ML

The speaker delves into the text-to-image generation feature of Runway ML, explaining how users can create images from descriptive text prompts. They outline the 'prompt formula' for creating the best images, which includes detailing the subject, image type, style, camera viewpoint, and additional elements. Examples are given to illustrate how to craft effective prompts, and the impact of the style setting on the final image is demonstrated through an anime style transformation and a 3D render example.


📹 Exploring Text-to-Video and Image-to-Video Features

This section covers the text-to-video and image-to-video capabilities of Runway ML. The text-to-video feature is described, where users can describe a scene and its motion to generate a video. The importance of starting prompts with descriptive actions like 'describe' or 'depict' is highlighted. The image-to-video feature allows users to make a video from a single image, with an example of creating a video from an image of a model showcasing urban fashion design. The paragraph also mentions additional settings such as seed, interpolate, and style options that can be adjusted for customization.


🌃 Creating Dynamic Videos with Image Plus Description

The speaker introduces the 'image plus description' feature, where an image can be combined with a descriptive prompt to generate a video. They demonstrate how to upload an image and add a cinematic description to create a smooth animated video with low light exposure. The paragraph also touches on the video-to-video generation feature, where a video file can be uploaded and transformed with a new description, showcasing the ability to change the style and nature of the video content.

🎤 Final Thoughts on Runway ML's Creative Potential

The final paragraph wraps up the exploration of Runway ML, summarizing the features and capabilities discussed in the video. It includes a demonstration of creating a musical scene from an image and emphasizes the platform's potential to revolutionize creative expression through AI. The speaker expresses hope that the viewers found the video informative and concludes with a farewell.




Runway in this context refers to a platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to facilitate creative processes such as image and video generation. It is central to the video's theme as it showcases how AI can revolutionize creativity. For instance, the script mentions 'Runway ml' as a platform for 'advancing creativity with artificial intelligence'.

💡Text to Image Generation

This concept describes the process of creating images from textual descriptions using AI. It is a key feature of the Runway platform and is integral to the video's demonstration of AI's creative capabilities. The script illustrates this with examples like 'a young female Mage with long blue hair and mystical green eyes'.

💡AI Image Generator

The AI Image Generator is a tool within the Runway platform that transforms descriptive text into visual images. It exemplifies the video's focus on AI-enhanced creativity. The script describes its use, stating 'you can easily create an image from scratch with the new AI image generator by entering just your descriptive text'.


In the context of AI-generated content, a prompt is a text input that guides the AI to create specific images or videos. It is a fundamental aspect of the video's exploration of creative AI, with the script detailing how to craft effective prompts for generating desired outputs.


Style in the script pertains to the aesthetic or visual presentation of the generated images or videos. It is a customizable feature within Runway that allows users to alter the appearance of their creations, as shown when the script discusses changing styles like 'anime' or '3D render'.

💡Text to Video Generation

This term refers to the process of creating videos from textual prompts, which is a significant feature highlighted in the video. It ties into the broader theme of using AI to enhance storytelling and creativity. The script provides an example with a prompt for a 'futuristic cityscape at dawn'.

💡Image to Video Generation

Image to Video Generation is the process of transforming a single image into a video, which is one of the capabilities of the Runway platform. It is showcased in the video as a method to animate static images, with the script demonstrating this by uploading an image and generating a 4-second video.

💡Video to Video Generation

This feature allows users to convert existing videos into new forms based on textual prompts, further expanding on the platform's creative capabilities. The script uses this feature to transform a portrait video into a 'musical scene', illustrating the platform's versatility.

💡Gen 2

Gen 2, mentioned in the script, likely refers to the second generation of the AI technology used by Runway, indicating an advancement in the platform's capabilities. It is a part of the video's narrative on the progression of AI in creative fields.


The script discusses the different pricing plans for using Runway, which is essential information for potential users considering the platform's services. It outlines various plans, such as 'free version', 'standard', 'pro', and 'unlimited', each with different features and costs.

💡Creative AI

Creative AI is a broad concept that encompasses the use of artificial intelligence in artistic and creative endeavors. The video's main theme revolves around this concept, demonstrating how AI can be used to create images, videos, and other forms of media, as seen in the script's exploration of Runway's features.


Runway Gen-2 allows users to create visual masterpieces using descriptive text prompts.

The platform uses artificial intelligence to revolutionize the creative process.

Runway offers a variety of features including text to image, image to video, and video to video generation.

Users can access Runway by visiting Runway Ai and signing up for an account.

The homepage showcases the capabilities of Runway, emphasizing its role in advancing creativity with AI.

Runway's interface includes tutorials, a discovery section, and a range of creative tools.

The platform provides assets, video editor projects, and a library of user-generated videos.

Pricing plans range from a free version with limited features to a $76 unlimited plan.

Text to image generation involves crafting detailed prompts to guide AI in creating images.

The style setting in text to image generation can significantly alter the output's appearance.

Text to video generation enables users to describe scenes and movements for video creation.

Image to video generation allows users to upload an image and create a short animated video.

The video to video feature can transform existing videos based on user-provided prompts.

Runway's style options can drastically change the aesthetic of generated content.

The platform supports various styles, including anime, 3D render, and cinematic effects.

Users can experiment with different settings to achieve desired outcomes in their creations.

Runway's community shares creations and tutorials, offering inspiration and guidance.