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4 Jul 202308:45

TLDRThe video introduces Tensor Art, a free AI tool that rivals Midjourney in image generation. It highlights Tensor Art's variety of models, ease of use, and the ability to generate up to 100 free images daily. The platform also offers a social network aspect for sharing images and a potential way to earn money by creating and selling AI-generated images on Fiverr, with a focus on the importance of understanding copyright and model creator permissions.


  • 🌟 Tensor Art is a free AI tool that generates images from text, acting as an alternative to Midjourney.
  • 🔗 The official site of Tensor Art can be accessed through a link provided in the video description.
  • 📱 New users can sign up using various methods, including 'Continue with Google'.
  • 🎨 Tensor Art offers a diverse range of models for creating images, some of which are adult-themed and not displayed in the video.
  • 💡 The platform provides 200 credits upon sign-up, refreshable daily, allowing for 100 free image creations per day.
  • 🛠️ Users can fine-tune image settings such as size, sampling method, and use upscaling tools like Hires.fix and ADetailer.
  • 🎠 The 'Workspace' feature lets users generate images based on prompts and can also serve as a social network for sharing and following creators.
  • 🔄 The 'Remix' function enables users to modify existing images and create variations with different details.
  • 💰 Tensor Art pays creators for developing new models and offers opportunities for users to earn money through the platform.
  • 🌐 Freelancers can utilize Tensor Art on platforms like Fiverr to offer custom image generation services, with considerations for copyright and model creators' permissions.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the introduction of Tensor Art, a free AI tool that generates images from text, as an alternative to Midjourney.

  • How does the speaker describe Tensor Art compared to Midjourney?

    -The speaker describes Tensor Art as a genuinely good free alternative to Midjourney, capable of creating high-quality images without the need for a monthly fee.

  • What is the process of signing up for Tensor Art as explained in the video?

    -To sign up for Tensor Art, one needs to follow the link provided, click 'Sign In', and then create an account using different methods such as 'Continue with Google'. An invitation code, 'monice 1111', is required to gain additional benefits.

  • What are the different models available on Tensor Art?

    -Tensor Art offers a variety of models developed by different companies and users, including styles like 'photorealistic', 'realism', 'anime', 'art', and 'hentai', among others.

  • How many images can a user create daily with Tensor Art?

    -A user can create up to 100 images daily for free. If they use the speaker's link to sign up, they receive an additional 100 credits, effectively allowing them to create 200 images a day.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Prompt' and 'Negative Prompt' tabs in Tensor Art?

    -The 'Prompt' tab is for users to write what they want to see in their image, while the 'Negative Prompt' tab is for specifying what they do not want to appear in the image.

  • What is the 'Remix' feature on Tensor Art?

    -The 'Remix' feature allows users to copy the settings from an existing image and use it as a base to create a new image with potentially different details by altering the prompt or settings.

  • How can creators earn money using Tensor Art?

    -Creators can earn money by selling their AI models to Tensor Art, or by offering services on platforms like Fiverr, where they use their skills in creating high-quality images with Tensor Art.

  • What is the importance of the 'Workspace' and 'Models' tabs in Tensor Art?

    -The 'Workspace' tab is where users go to generate their images, while the 'Models' tab allows them to choose from a variety of models to use for their image creation.

  • What should users consider regarding copyright when selling images created with Tensor Art?

    -Users should clarify with the creators of the models used to generate the images regarding the copyright and permissions before selling the images to ensure they are not violating any terms.

  • How does the 'Hires.fix' and 'ADetailer' settings work in Tensor Art?

    -The 'Hires.fix' is a built-in upscaler that enhances the resolution of the image, while 'ADetailer' refines the details of the image. Both functions provide more detailed customization but cost an additional token to use.



🎨 Introducing Tensor Art: The Best Free AI for Image Generation

The paragraph introduces Tensor Art, a free AI tool capable of generating images from text descriptions. It emphasizes the affordability and quality of this alternative to paid services like Midjourney. The speaker shares a personal experience of trying numerous AI tools and selects Tensor Art as the top choice for its capabilities and cost-effectiveness. The video also promises to reveal a method for earning money using Tensor Art. The process of accessing Tensor Art is explained, including signing up with an invitation code for additional benefits. The variety of models available on Tensor Art is highlighted, along with the different styles of images it can create, such as photorealistic, anime, and even adult content (though not shown in the video). The speaker guides the audience through the website's interface, explaining how to select models, enter prompts, and adjust settings for image generation. The credit system is detailed, explaining how users can generate images for free and the additional features that may require more credits.


💰 Monetizing with Tensor Art and Fiverr: Creative Opportunities

This paragraph discusses the potential to earn money using Tensor Art, starting with an explanation of the Remix feature, which allows users to modify existing images to create new variations. The speaker then talks about the opportunity for creators to earn by selling AI models on Tensor Art. The main focus shifts to using Fiverr as a platform to offer services related to AI image generation. The video emphasizes the importance of understanding and creating effective prompts for generating high-quality images, which can be sold as services on Fiverr. The speaker also mentions the additional incentive of earning coins on Tensor Art by following a provided link and generating at least one image daily. The paragraph concludes with encouragement for viewers to explore Tensor Art's capabilities and discover its value for free.




Midjourney is an AI tool known for creating images from text descriptions. In the video, it is mentioned as a comparison point to Tensor Art, emphasizing that while Midjourney is good, it requires a monthly fee which may not be feasible for everyone.

💡Tensor Art

Tensor Art is introduced as a free alternative to Midjourney for generating images from text. It is praised for its variety of models and styles, and its ability to create high-quality images without any monthly cost.

💡AI tools

AI tools refer to artificial intelligence software applications that can perform specific tasks, such as generating images from text. The video discusses multiple AI tools, comparing their functionalities and costs.

💡Invitation Code

An invitation code is a unique string of characters used to gain access to a service or to receive additional benefits. In the context of the video, the code 'monice 1111' is provided to the viewers to get extra features on Tensor Art.


In the context of AI image generation, models refer to the underlying algorithms or neural networks that are trained to produce specific styles or types of images. The video emphasizes the variety of models available on Tensor Art, catering to different preferences and styles.


A workspace in the video refers to the user interface within Tensor Art where users can input their text prompts and generate images. It is the interactive area where the image creation process takes place.


A prompt is a text description or a phrase that用户提供 to the AI tool to guide the generation of an image. It is the input that tells the AI what kind of image to create.

💡Negative Prompt

A negative prompt is a text description that specifies what elements the user does not want to appear in the generated image. It helps refine the output by excluding certain characteristics or themes.


Hires.fix is a feature within Tensor Art that upscales the resolution of the generated images, making them higher quality and more detailed. It is a built-in upscaling tool that improves the visual output.


Remix is a feature in Tensor Art that allows users to use an existing image as a starting point for creating a new image with similar characteristics but with variations. It is a tool for both beginners and experienced creators to experiment with and refine image generation.


Fiverr is a freelance services marketplace where individuals can offer and purchase services for various tasks, including AI-related services. The video discusses using Fiverr as a platform to earn money by selling services related to AI image generation.


Midjourney is a well-known AI for creating images from text, but it can be expensive for some users.

Tensor Art is introduced as the best free alternative to Midjourney for generating images.

To access Tensor Art, follow the link in the video description to their official site and sign up using various methods, including Google.

Using the invitation code 'monice 1111' during sign-up increases the daily image creation limit.

Tensor Art offers a wide variety of models from different developers, including adult content models which are not shown in the video.

The platform supports various image styles such as photorealistic, realism, anime, art, and hentai.

Users can generate up to 100 free images daily, with additional credits for using Highres fix or ADetailer.

The Workspace feature allows users to select a model and generate images based on prompts and other settings.

Tensor Art includes a built-in Upscaler called Hires.fix for detailed image enlargement.

The platform also features a social network aspect where users can share their images and build a community.

The Remix function enables users to create similar images with different details based on existing ones.

Tensor Art pays creators for developing new models, providing an earning opportunity for those skilled in AI model creation.

Users can also earn money by selling services on Fiverr related to AI image generation, with considerations for copyright.

The Custom Image Prompt tab on Fiverr allows users to sell their expertise in writing effective prompts for AI image generation.

Tensor Art's free and high-quality image generation makes it an ideal tool for selling prompt-writing services on platforms like Fiverr.

By following the link in the video description, users can create an account and start generating images with Tensor Art to explore its value.