Why I Stopped Recommending Printify & Stopped Making Kittl Tutorials

Mey Aroyo
6 Mar 202443:53

TLDRContent creator Meo explains why they stopped recommending Printify and creating tutorials for the design app Kittl (KD). Meo had consistent issues with Printify, including products not arriving, incorrect items, and frustrating customer service. As for KD, Meo faced challenges with point-of-contact changes, lack of communication, and unfulfilled collaboration plans. Despite these personal experiences, Meo encourages viewers to use the tools if they find them beneficial and shares their focus on exploring other creative tools and content areas.


  • πŸ“¦ The majority of items ordered from Printify never arrived, or arrived incorrectly, causing trust issues with the company.
  • πŸ’¬ Customer service experiences with Printify were described as a hassle, with unhelpful or non-responsive replies to queries.
  • 🚫 Content creator collaboration with Printify was difficult, with a lack of reliable communication and multiple failed partnership attempts.
  • πŸ”„ The speaker stopped working with Printify and Kiddo (KD) due to personal reasons and a shift in their content creation focus.
  • 🀝 Past affiliate relationships with KD were pleasant, but were soured by changes in contact personnel and lack of communication.
  • πŸ“§ Issues with KD included not being informed about important updates, and problems with coupon codes not working as promised.
  • πŸ“‰ A decline in the quality of the working relationship with KD led to the decision to stop collaborations and recommendations.
  • 🌐 The speaker emphasized that their personal experiences and decisions should not deter others from using Printify or KD if it suits their needs.
  • πŸ“ˆ The content creator is now focusing on other tools and platforms that better align with their current goals and preferences.
  • πŸ“… The speaker mentioned considering the timing and relevance of updates from affiliate companies, and the importance of open communication for successful partnerships.
  • πŸ“ Future content will likely include product reviews, design discussions, marketing tutorials, and website building advice, rather than continued focus on Printify or KD.

Q & A

  • Why has the content creator stopped recommending Printify?

    -The content creator stopped recommending Printify due to personal issues as both a buyer and a seller, including problems with order fulfillment, items not arriving, and difficulties in working with Printify as a content creator.

  • What were some of the issues faced by the content creator with Printify's customer service?

    -The content creator faced several issues with Printify's customer service, such as orders disappearing from the dashboard, incorrect addresses being used for shipping, and a lack of clear communication regarding product discontinuation and supplier changes.

  • Why did the content creator decide to stop making tutorials about the design app Kiddo?

    -The content creator stopped making Kiddo tutorials due to a shift in their content focus, dissatisfaction with the app's support and updates, and a lack of effective communication with the company's representatives.

  • What was the content creator's experience with Printify's product orders?

    -The majority of the items ordered from Printify either never arrived or arrived incorrectly. The creator also encountered issues with the company's system, such as orders being marked as 'arrived' retroactively to prevent complaints.

  • How did the content creator's relationship with Kiddo evolve over time?

    -Initially, the relationship was positive, but it deteriorated over time due to changes in the company's contact personnel, lack of communication, and failure to execute planned collaborations and contests.

  • What was the content creator's main issue with Printify's affiliate program?

    -The main issue was the lack of reliable communication and follow-up from Printify's representatives, leading to missed opportunities for collaboration and a feeling of being ignored or undervalued as a partner.

  • How did the content creator's personal situation influence their decision to stop working with Printify and Kiddo?

    -The content creator's personal situation, including a neurological issue that caused a seizure when interacting with a buggy system, contributed to their decision to stop working with these companies to protect their health and well-being.

  • What was the content creator's experience with Printify's product quality?

    -The content creator did not receive many of the products they ordered from Printify to evaluate their quality. The few products that did arrive sometimes did not match the ordered specifications, such as receiving a notebook with the wrong type of pages.

  • Why did the content creator decide to focus on other tools and platforms besides Printify and Kiddo?

    -The content creator decided to focus on other tools and platforms to better align with their new goals, which include more marketing videos, blogging, and product design discussions, and to eliminate the 'shiny new thing' syndrome.

  • What advice does the content creator give to their audience regarding the use of Printify and Kiddo?

    -The content creator advises their audience to use the tools that work best for them. They encourage their audience to continue using Printify and Kiddo if they have positive experiences with these platforms, despite the creator's personal decision to stop working with them.

  • What are the content creator's future plans for their channel?

    -The content creator plans to focus on producing more content related to product reviews, design discussions, marketing tutorials, and building websites, and will be exploring and recommending other tools and platforms that align with these content areas.



πŸ€” Content Creator's Shift in Recommendations

The video script addresses why the content creator has stopped recommending Printify and making videos about the design app Kiddo. The creator clarifies that their decision is based on personal experience and opinions, and encourages viewers to use what works best for them. The creator also shares their extensive experience with Printify, including issues with orders and customer service, and their challenges in maintaining a working relationship with Printify and Kiddo.


πŸ“¦ Issues with Printify's Shipping and Customer Service

The content creator details their negative experiences with Printify, including problems with shipping to Bulgaria, lost orders, and poor customer service. They recount specific instances where orders were either lost in transit, took an unusually long time to arrive, or were incorrectly fulfilled. The creator also mentions the disappearance of their order history from Printify's dashboard.


πŸ”„ Challenges in Collaboration with Printify

The creator discusses the difficulties they faced when trying to collaborate with Printify as an affiliate. They mention several attempts to establish a working relationship, including missed meetings and miscommunications. The creator also highlights their frustration with Printify's affiliate team, which included a lack of response to their concerns and a failure to correct issues with affiliate links and coupon codes.


🚫 Content Creator's Decision to Part Ways with Kiddo

The content creator explains their decision to stop working with Kiddo, citing a lack of communication and support from the company's representatives. They describe how their relationship with Kiddo changed after their initial contact left the company, leading to a breakdown in collaboration and a lack of updates on significant platform changes. The creator also mentions a privacy breach incident involving their personal email.


🀝 Value of Personal Connections in Affiliate Work

The script emphasizes the importance of personal connections in affiliate marketing. The creator expresses their preference for working with companies that maintain open lines of communication and provide regular updates. They share their positive experiences with other companies and the support they received from them, contrasting it with the lack of engagement from Kiddo.


πŸ“† Missed Opportunities and Lack of Support from Kiddo

The content creator recounts missed opportunities and a lack of support from Kiddo, which led to a decline in their willingness to continue the partnership. They mention how plans for contests and collaborations were not followed through, and how their attempts to communicate and resolve issues were met with silence or inadequate responses.


πŸ’” Final Break with Kiddo and Printify

The creator concludes with their final decision to stop working with both Printify and Kiddo. They express their disappointment with the lack of personal engagement and support from these companies and state their intention to focus on other tools and platforms that better align with their goals and needs. They also encourage viewers to use the tools that work best for them, regardless of the creator's personal experiences.


πŸ“ˆ Future Content Direction and Openness to Viewer Suggestions

The content creator outlines their future content plans, which include focusing on product reviews, design, marketing tutorials, and website building. They express their intention to explore and recommend various tools and platforms, and invite viewers to share their positive experiences with Printify and Kiddo, emphasizing that their decision to stop working with these companies is not a reflection on their quality or utility for other users.




Printify is a print-on-demand service provider that allows creators to sell their designs on various products without the need for inventory. In the video, the creator expresses dissatisfaction with Printify due to issues with product delivery, customer service, and the disappearance of orders from their dashboard.

πŸ’‘Kiddo (KD)

Kiddo, also referred to as KD, is a design app that the content creator used to make tutorials about. The decision to stop making videos about KD is linked to changes in the relationship with the company, including poor communication and a lack of support from the new point of contact.

πŸ’‘Content Creator

A content creator is an individual who generates original content, often for platforms like YouTube. In this context, the speaker is a content creator who has faced challenges with Printify and KD, influencing their decision to no longer recommend or work with these platforms.

πŸ’‘Product Reviews

Product reviews are evaluations of items that a creator makes or uses, often shared with their audience to provide insights into quality, value, and user experience. The video discusses the creator's experience with Printify products, which were often problematic, impacting their willingness to continue reviewing them.

πŸ’‘Customer Support

Customer support refers to the assistance provided to customers by a company. The video highlights the creator's negative experiences with Printify's customer support, which was unresponsive or provided unsatisfactory answers to issues with orders.

πŸ’‘Shipping Issues

Shipping issues refer to problems that occur during the delivery process of goods. The script mentions several instances where products ordered from Printify never arrived or were significantly delayed, which is a major point of contention for the creator.

πŸ’‘Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where an individual promotes a product or service and earns a commission from each sale made through their referral. The video discusses the creator's past and present interactions with Printify and KD as affiliate partners and their decision to discontinue these relationships.

πŸ’‘Product Quality

Product quality refers to the standard of a product's features and characteristics, including durability, design, and functionality. The creator expresses concerns about the inconsistent quality of products received from Printify, which affected their decision to stop recommending the service.

πŸ’‘Invalid Traffic

Invalid traffic in the context of online platforms like YouTube refers to views, clicks, or interactions that are not legitimate and do not come from real users. The video mentions a period in August 2023 when there was an issue with YouTube ads and invalid traffic, which impacted the creator's income and work decisions.

πŸ’‘Neurological Issue

A neurological issue is a condition that affects the nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord. The creator mentions a personal neurological issue that was exacerbated by a bug on Printify's website, leading to a seizure and contributing to their decision to stop working with the company.

πŸ’‘Black Friday

Black Friday is a day following Thanksgiving in the United States, associated with significant retail sales and discounts. The video discusses a Black Friday promotion with KD that went awry due to a non-working coupon code, further straining the creator's relationship with the company.


The video discusses why the creator stopped recommending Printify as a print on demand provider and making tutorials for the design app Kittl (KD).

The creator's experience with Printify includes issues as a buyer, seller, and content creator, with orders disappearing from the dashboard and items not received.

The majority of Printify orders the creator ordered never arrived, and customer support provided unsatisfactory responses.

The creator faced difficulties with Printify's customer service, including incorrect shipping addresses and orders being marked as 'arrived' without actual delivery.

The creator's experience with KD includes a lack of communication, dropped plans, and unresponsiveness to messages.

The creator emphasizes that their decision to stop working with Printify and KD is based on personal experience and does not discourage others from using these platforms if they have positive experiences.

Despite being in Bulgaria, the creator has no issues receiving packages from other suppliers, indicating a potential problem specific to Printify's shipping practices.

The creator had a positive initial experience with KD but encountered problems when their contact at KD was replaced and communication became less effective.

The creator highlights their preference for working with companies that provide regular updates and are responsive to their needs.

The creator's decision to stop recommending Printify and working with KD was influenced by a series of negative experiences and a lack of satisfactory resolution.

The creator suggests that their audience should choose tools and suppliers that work best for them, regardless of the creator's personal experiences.

The video serves as a cautionary tale for other content creators about the importance of reliable communication and support from the companies they collaborate with.

The creator plans to focus on other tools and platforms for future content, including product reviews, design discussions, marketing tutorials, and website building.

The creator received negative feedback after a Black Friday coupon code for KD did not work, leading to a decision to distance themselves from the company.

The creator's new year's resolution to eliminate 'shiny new thing' syndrome and focus more on their business goals contributed to the decision to stop working with KD.

The creator expresses a desire to work with companies that share updates and ideas, allowing for a collaborative and productive partnership.

The video concludes with an invitation for viewers to share their positive experiences with Printify and KD in the comments section.