(SUB) [ 2부 ] SeaArt.AI✅다양한 AI이미지 생성법 중 자신에게 맞는 방법으로 AI이미지생성하는법 I ai툴(Txt2Img생성법)소개 I 초보자 맞춤 #seaart

21 Mar 202414:27

TLDRSeaArt.AI is an AI-based platform for image generation, offering a user-friendly interface for beginners and experienced users alike. It generates artwork in various styles from user-provided keywords or images, with a free 1-day trial and daily credit reset system. Users can explore categories and tags, and create images with customizable settings, including model and LORA selection. The platform also supports community interaction and offers guidance for safe and effective usage, with options for different modes, including SDXL for higher resolution images. SeaArt.AI is accessible in Korean and integrates with AI chat for enhanced user experience.


  • 🎨 SeaArt.AI is an AI platform that generates images based on user-provided keywords or images, learning from existing artworks.
  • 💡 The platform offers a 1-day free trial with 150 credits for first-time users and a daily credit reset system.
  • 🔍 Users can browse categories and tags to find inspiration from other users' creations on SeaArt.AI.
  • 📸 Original creations on the platform are licensed under a model license, with different criteria for various authors.
  • 🚫 Current creations are not intended for business use, and users should refer to the Terms of Use for proper guidelines.
  • 🌐 SeaArt.AI is available in Korean and offers an AI chat system, as well as a Discord community for user interaction.
  • 🎨 Users can select image generation modes, adjust settings in various sections, and see their credit balance after image generation.
  • 🖌️ The Prompt Tool allows users to input keywords, adjust prompts, and generate images based on their selections.
  • 📈 SDXL mode offers higher resolutions and more detailed images compared to Basic mode, but with higher credit consumption.
  • 🎲 The Prompt Generator die automatically generates prompts for users who prefer a more hands-off approach to image creation.
  • 🌟 The video also covers additional features like upscaling images and using the CapCut web tool for YouTube channel art creation.

Q & A

  • What is SeaArt.AI?

    -SeaArt.AI is an artificial intelligence-based platform that automatically generates images of artworks based on keywords or images entered by the user.

  • How does SeaArt.AI learn to create new images?

    -SeaArt.AI learns from existing images or artworks and generates new images based on the input provided by the user.

  • What are the features of the SeaArt.AI generative tool's interface?

    -The SeaArt.AI generative tool has an intuitive interface, making it very accessible for beginners and inspiring for those with experience using AI generative tools.

  • What benefits do first-time SeaArt.AI users receive?

    -First-time SeaArt.AI users get a 1-day free trial with 150 free credits. They can also earn additional free credits in increments of 150 through a daily updating and resetting system.

  • How can users find inspiration for their creations on SeaArt.AI?

    -Users can find inspiration by scrolling through the screen to see creations posted by other users and by exploring categories organized by topic.

  • What should users keep in mind about licensing when using original creations on SeaArt.AI?

    -Original creations are licensed under a model license, with different authors having different licenses based on various criteria. Users should check the SeaArt.AI Terms of Use for further reference.

  • How can users communicate with the AI and other users on SeaArt.AI?

    -Users can communicate with the AI by assigning a role to it when clicking on a theme, and they can communicate with other users by joining the Discord community.

  • What are the different modes available on SeaArt.AI for generating images?

    -SeaArt.AI offers adult mode and minor mode, with the SDXL mode supporting higher resolutions and more detailed images than the basic mode.

  • How can users generate an image using the Prompt Tool on SeaArt.AI?

    -Users can generate an image by entering keywords into the prompt input window, selecting a model and LORA, and clicking the Generate button.

  • What is the advantage of using the Prompt Generator on SeaArt.AI?

    -The Prompt Generator allows users to automatically generate a prompt by clicking a dice icon, which can then be modified or used as is to create an image.

  • How does the SDXL mode differ from the Basic mode in terms of image quality and credit consumption?

    -The SDXL mode generates images with higher resolutions and more detail compared to the Basic mode, but it also has a higher estimated credit consumption.



🎨 Introduction to SeaArt.AI and its Features

This paragraph introduces SeaArt.AI, an AI-based platform for generating images from user-provided keywords or images. It highlights the platform's ability to learn from existing artworks and generate new ones, with an intuitive interface suitable for beginners and experienced users. The video aims to help users decide on a plan by showcasing the platform's features, including a 1-day free trial with 150 credits, a daily credit earning system, and a variety of categories and tags for users to explore. It also touches on the licensing of original creations, the platform's terms of use, and the availability of a guide for users to learn more about the tool. Additionally, it mentions the platform's support for the Korean language and the integration of a Chatgpt system for AI chat, as well as the option to join a Discord community and select between adult and minor modes for content viewing.


🖌️ Image Creation Process and Settings

This section delves into the process of creating an image using SeaArt.AI, starting with selecting an image generation style and utilizing the Prompt tool. Users can edit prompts, add or remove keywords, and choose from a variety of AI tools for each feature. The video demonstrates how to create an image with specific keywords, select a model and LORA for generation, and adjust settings such as orientation and negative prompts. It also discusses the capabilities of the SDXL mode, which supports higher resolutions and more detailed images compared to the Basic mode, and the difference in estimated credit consumption between the two modes. The paragraph concludes with a comparison of the image quality before and after upscaling in SDXL mode, showcasing the improved sharpness and detail.


🌟 Convenience Features and Conclusion

The final paragraph emphasizes the convenience features of SeaArt.AI, such as the Prompt Generator, which automatically generates prompts for users, and the auto mode, which simplifies the image generation process with a single click. It also mentions the ability to generate images by directly matching prompts with models and LORA. The video concludes by reiterating the accessibility and convenience of the SeaArt.AI tool, encouraging users to create their own AI images and try out the platform. The speaker expresses gratitude for watching and provides a friendly farewell.




SeaArt.AI is an artificial intelligence-based platform designed to automatically generate images of artworks. It operates by learning from existing images or artworks and then creating new images based on the user's input, such as keywords or images. The platform is user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it accessible to both beginners and experienced users. As the central focus of the video, SeaArt.AI showcases its capabilities and ease of use, inviting viewers to try out the platform for themselves.

💡AI generative tool

An AI generative tool refers to software that utilizes artificial intelligence to create new content, such as images or text, based on certain inputs or prompts provided by the user. In the context of the video, the AI generative tool is SeaArt.AI, which specializes in producing images. The tool is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to generate images by inputting keywords or selecting desired styles and settings. The tool's capabilities are demonstrated through the creation of various artworks, highlighting its potential for both artistic expression and practical use.


Txt2Img, or text-to-image, is a process where artificial intelligence converts textual descriptions into visual images. This technology is at the heart of platforms like SeaArt.AI, where users input descriptive keywords, and the AI generates corresponding images. TheTxt2Img feature is particularly useful for creating custom visual content based on specific prompts, making it a valuable tool for artists, designers, and content creators looking to produce unique visuals without the need for traditional art skills.

💡Free trial and credits

A free trial and credits are introductory offers provided by online platforms to allow users to test their services before making a payment. In the case of SeaArt.AI, first-time users are given a 1-day free trial along with 150 free credits. These credits can be used to generate images and explore the platform's features without any upfront cost. The video script mentions that users can also earn additional free credits through a daily resetting system, which encourages users to engage with the platform regularly.

💡Categories and tags

Categories and tags are organizational tools used to sort and filter content on a platform. In the context of SeaArt.AI, categories are broad topics that group together similar types of artworks, while tags are more specific descriptors that further refine the search. These tools help users navigate the platform and find creations that align with their interests or needs. By clicking on a category, users can explore tags that break down the category into more detailed subtopics, making it easier to discover relevant content and generate images that match their preferences.

💡Model license

A model license refers to the legal agreement that governs the use of a particular AI model or the images it generates. In the context of SeaArt.AI, different authors may have different licenses based on various criteria, and these licenses dictate how the generated images can be used. For instance, some creations may be labeled as not intended for business use, and users are advised to check the platform's Terms of Use for further guidance. Understanding the model license is crucial for users to ensure they comply with the rules when using and sharing the generated images.


A chatbot is an AI-powered virtual assistant that can communicate with users through text-based conversations. In the context of SeaArt.AI, the chatbot is integrated into the platform, allowing users to interact with the AI through a chat interface. Users can assign a role to the AI, and the chatbot will respond based on that role, providing a more personalized and interactive experience. This feature enhances user engagement and offers additional support for those looking to learn more about the platform or seeking inspiration for their creations.

💡Adult mode

Adult mode refers to a setting on platforms that filters content to be more suitable for mature audiences. When enabled, it may allow access to images or features that are not appropriate for children or sensitive environments. In the context of SeaArt.AI, users can select between adult mode and minor mode, with a caution to be careful when selecting adult mode due to the potential for encountering content that may be awkward if third parties are present. This setting ensures that users can tailor their experience to their preferences and comfort levels.

💡Prompt tool

The prompt tool is a feature within AI generative platforms like SeaArt.AI that allows users to input textual prompts to guide the AI in creating an image. Users can enter keywords or phrases that describe the desired image, and the AI will generate a visual representation based on those prompts. The tool often includes options to edit, delete, or add keywords to refine the output, enabling users to create highly customized images. The prompt tool is essential for expressing creative ideas and achieving specific visual outcomes.

💡SDXL mode

SDXL mode is a higher resolution image generation setting available on platforms like SeaArt.AI. This mode allows users to generate images with more detail and at a higher quality compared to the default mode. It supports higher resolutions, which can result in images that are more intricate and visually appealing. However, using SDXL mode typically consumes more credits than the basic mode due to the increased computational resources required for generating high-quality images.

💡Prompt Generator

The Prompt Generator is an automated feature within AI generative tools that randomly generates textual prompts for image creation. Users can click a button, often represented by a dice icon, to generate a set of keywords or a phrase that can be used as a starting point for creating an image. If the auto-generated prompt is not to the user's liking, they can click the button again to receive a new set of prompts. This tool is designed to inspire creativity and provide users with a quick and easy way to begin their image creation process.


SeaArt.AI is an AI platform that generates images based on user input.

The platform learns from existing images to create new artworks.

SeaArt.AI has an intuitive interface suitable for beginners and experienced users.

New users get a 1-day free trial with 150 credits.

Free credits can be earned daily but are not cumulative.

Original creations are licensed under a model license with varying criteria.

Users can communicate with others and join Discord for community interaction.

The platform offers both adult and minor modes with caution advised for adult content.

SeaArt.AI is available in Korean and integrates with the Chatgpt system for AI chat.

The image creation space allows users to select generation modes and set preferences.

Users can edit prompts and choose image generation styles with AI tools.

The Prompt Tool enables detailed image creation with selected keywords.

SDXL mode offers higher resolutions and more detailed image generation.

The Prompt Generator auto-generates prompts for convenient image creation.

The AI can automatically match prompts with models and LORA for image generation.

The video also covers using AI images for YouTube channel art with CapCut.

All image creation requires stamina, encouraging users to try creating their own AI images.