The CRAZIEST Ai Generated Images...

The Boys React
29 Sept 202212:13

TLDRIn this entertaining video, the hosts explore the capabilities of an advanced AI image generator, creating a series of bizarre and humorous images. They experiment with prompts like 'Queen of England as Empress of Hell' and 'Jesus Christ at Walmart,' resulting in a mix of absurd and sometimes disturbing visuals. The video showcases the AI's creativity and the potential impact on content creation, all while the team reacts with laughter and disbelief to the generated images.


  • 😀 The video is about generating AI images and discussing their potential impact on content creation.
  • 😲 AI-generated images are becoming increasingly advanced and could replace the need for thumbnail makers.
  • 😂 The group reacts to various bizarre and humorous AI-generated images, showcasing the unpredictable nature of AI creativity.
  • 👑 An AI-generated image of Queen Elizabeth as the 'Empress of Hell' sparks laughter and commentary.
  • 🤣 There's a playful banter about the AI potentially being 'canceled' or making inappropriate images.
  • 🎨 The video demonstrates the AI's ability to create images based on complex and detailed prompts.
  • 👽 Some images generated are so outlandish that they seem 'cursed' or surreal, adding to the entertainment value.
  • 👨‍🦲 A humorous image of Joe Biden eradicating world hunger by standing on a mountain after taking a chunk out of the earth is discussed.
  • 🐬 The AI's attempt to depict historical events, like dolphins storming the beaches of Normandy during WWII, adds a comedic twist.
  • 🤯 The video highlights the AI's occasional failure to accurately include all elements of a prompt, leading to funny and unexpected outcomes.
  • 🎮 The group also explores the AI's ability to generate images in different styles, such as Grand Theft Auto and Animal Crossing.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video discussed in the transcript?

    -The main topic of the video is the generation of AI images using an advanced AI system that creates bizarre and humorous images based on given prompts.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on the AI-generated images compared to thumbnail makers?

    -The speaker believes that the AI-generated images from the website will eliminate the need for thumbnail makers, suggesting that AI can now create thumbnails more efficiently.

  • Who are the members of 'The Boys' mentioned in the transcript?

    -The members of 'The Boys' mentioned are Josh, Molly, Eddie, VR narrator, and Juicy. However, it's noted that Molly got 'canceled' and is not present in the video.

  • What humorous image prompt is suggested to generate a hyper-realistic tiger swimming in space?

    -The prompt 'hyper-realistic tiger swimming in space while eating Dr. Seuss sandwiches' is suggested to generate such an image.

  • What is the reaction to the AI-generated image of Queen Elizabeth being sworn in as the empress of hell?

    -The reaction is one of shock and humor, with an acknowledgment that it's a bizarre and unexpected image generated by the AI.

  • What is the joke about the AI predicting the absence of a member?

    -The joke is that the AI has 'predicted' Molly's absence by not including her in the image, humorously suggesting that she has been 'canceled'.

  • What is the humorous prompt given for an image of Jesus Christ?

    -The prompt 'Jesus Christ walking through a Walmart with a gun' is given, creating a humorous and absurd image.

  • What is the AI's response to the prompt about eradicating world hunger?

    -The AI generates an image of Joe Biden standing on a mountain after eradicating world hunger, humorously interpreted as him having killed everyone to end hunger.

  • What is the AI's generated image involving Tom Nook from the game Animal Crossing?

    -The AI generates an image of Tom Nook at Astro World, which is humorously interpreted as a leaked design for a crossover between Animal Crossing and Grand Theft Auto.

  • What is the final humorous image prompt given in the transcript?

    -The final prompt is for Andrew Tate playing an MSI gaming laptop, which is a humorous and nonsensical image generated by the AI.



😄 Fun with AI-Generated Content

The video begins with a casual and humorous tone as the group discusses the idea of using AI to generate their content, eliminating the need for traditional thumbnail makers. They explore a website that creates AI images, leading to a series of absurd and comical prompts such as 'Queen of England sworn in as empress of hell' and 'hyper-realistic tiger swimming in space eating Dr. Seuss sandwiches.' The group also humorously speculates about potential copyright claims from the AI. Throughout the paragraph, the group's dynamic and banter are highlighted, with playful jabs and reactions to the AI-generated images.


😂 AI Image Prompts and Reactions

This paragraph continues the theme of AI-generated content with the group suggesting and reacting to various bizarre image prompts. Ideas such as 'Joe Biden eradicating world hunger by killing everyone' and 'Molly hitting a woman' (which is quickly dismissed) are proposed. The group also discusses more outlandish prompts like 'dolphin storming the beaches of Normandy during WWII' and 'skinwalker footage.' The humor and camaraderie among the group are evident as they laugh at the absurdity of the prompts and the AI's attempts to visualize them.


🤣 Absurd AI Prompts and Creative Visualizations

The final paragraph showcases the group's continued engagement with AI-generated content, with a focus on even more absurd and creative prompts. They discuss images such as 'Jesus Christ walking through a Walmart with a gun' and 'a small sweaty fat nervous man rubbing moisturizer over a capybara.' The group's humor and the AI's ability to generate unexpected and often hilarious images are the highlights of this section. The video script ends with a call to action for viewers to comment on their favorite AI image, hinting at a potential merchandise idea, and concludes with a quirky image of Andrew Tate playing a gaming laptop.



💡AI Generated Images

AI Generated Images refer to visuals created by artificial intelligence algorithms. These images can range from realistic to abstract, and are often used in creative projects or as part of AI demonstrations. In the context of the video, the creators are experimenting with an advanced AI to generate images that are humorous, bizarre, or thought-provoking, showcasing the capabilities and potential of AI in content creation.

💡Thumbnail Makers

Thumbnail Makers are professionals or software tools that create thumbnail images for videos, typically used on platforms like YouTube. Thumbnails are crucial for attracting viewers and giving a preview of the video's content. The script humorously suggests that the AI's ability to generate images could potentially replace the need for human thumbnail makers, indicating the growing influence of AI in traditional creative roles.

💡The Boys

In this script, 'The Boys' likely refers to the group of individuals involved in creating the video content. It could also be a reference to the popular TV series 'The Boys', known for its dark humor and commentary on superheroes. The term is used to identify the collective responsible for the video, suggesting a camaraderie and shared purpose in their content creation.


Molly is mentioned in the script in a humorous context, suggesting a fictional character or member of 'The Boys' who has been 'canceled'. The term 'canceled' is often used in internet culture to indicate someone or something that has been rejected or is no longer popular. In the video, Molly's absence is used for comedic effect, adding to the lighthearted tone of the content.

💡Queen of England

The Queen of England is a central figure in the British monarchy. In the script, the Queen is humorously depicted in various AI-generated images with absurd scenarios, such as being the 'Empress of Hell'. These images play on the contrast between the Queen's real-world status and the fantastical situations created by the AI, highlighting the video's theme of exploring AI's creative capabilities.

💡Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is a renowned children's author known for his whimsical stories and illustrations. The script references 'Dr. Seuss sandwiches' in an AI-generated image, combining the surreal elements of Dr. Seuss's work with the mundane act of eating sandwiches. This keyword exemplifies the video's playful approach to AI image generation, blending familiar cultural references with AI's creative output.

💡Show Me The Money

This phrase is often associated with the desire for wealth or financial gain. In the context of the video, it appears as part of the humorous and absurd prompts given to the AI to generate images. The phrase is used to create a scenario where the AI is asked to depict a hyper-realistic tiger in an unlikely situation, showcasing the video's focus on AI's ability to create unexpected and entertaining visuals.

💡Cursed Image

A 'cursed image' is a term used on the internet to describe a picture that is unsettling, eerie, or just plain weird. In the script, one of the AI-generated images is referred to as 'cursed', indicating that it has an unsettling or disturbing quality. This keyword is used to highlight the video's exploration of AI's ability to create images that provoke strong emotional reactions.

💡Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States. In the script, his name is used in a prompt for an AI-generated image, depicting him standing on a mountain after eradicating world hunger. This keyword is part of the video's humor and commentary on current events and figures, using AI to create satirical and thought-provoking scenarios.


Self-realization is a philosophical concept referring to the discovery of one's true nature or potential. In the video script, it is used as a prompt for an AI-generated image, suggesting a desire to explore deeper themes or ideas through AI's creative process. This keyword reflects the video's attempt to push the boundaries of what AI can do, beyond just generating humorous or absurd images.


Introduction to the video discussing AI-generated images and the potential impact on content creation.

The idea of using an advanced AI to create content, eliminating the need for thumbnail makers.

The humorous prediction of a copyright claim by AI for the video content.

The boys' reaction to the AI-generated image of Queen Elizabeth as the Empress of Hell.

A surreal image of Kimbo Slice with a 'big booty edition' caption.

Misinterpretation by AI leading to a giant onion ring instead of the intended image.

A hyper-realistic image of a tiger swimming in space eating Dr. Seuss sandwiches.

The boys' attempt to correct an AI-generated image by adding elements like sandwiches.

A bizarre image of a yellow minion holding a coin, causing laughter and applause.

An imaginative scenario of Joe Biden standing on a mountain after eradicating world hunger.

A controversial AI image of Molly hitting a woman, leading to a discussion about content limitations.

An AI-generated image of a dolphin storming the beaches of Normandy during World War II.

A creative and eerie image of an airborne aircraft being struck with a water bottle.

An amusing image of Jesus Christ walking through a Walmart with a gun.

A humorous and absurd image of a small, sweaty, fat, nervous man with a capybara.

A Grand Theft Auto and Animal Crossing style crossover image revealed as a leak.

A surprising and entertaining image of Tom Nook at Astro World.

A closing highlight featuring Andrew Tate playing an MSI gaming laptop.