What worries me most about AI art | Art Talk

Joao Marcedo
31 Mar 202407:31

TLDRThe speaker shares a personal journey of artistic appreciation, highlighting a transformative museum visit with their girlfriend that deepened their connection to art. They reflect on the enduring beauty of prehistoric cave art and express concern about the potential loss of depth in art appreciation with the rise of AI. The narrative emphasizes the unique human capacity to understand and value the rich stories and emotions embedded in art, a quality that AI may never replicate.


  • 🎨 The speaker's initial indifference towards museums despite being an artist highlights the common feeling of disconnect or lack of interest in art for some individuals.
  • 💑 A memorable experience at a small museum with a significant other changed the speaker's perspective, showing the importance of context and company in appreciating art.
  • 🖼️ A series of impressionistic landscape paintings left a lasting impact, demonstrating the power of art to evoke emotions and familiarity even without remembering individual details.
  • 👀 The act of closely observing the brushstrokes and colors on the canvases allowed the speaker to feel a connection with the artist, emphasizing the role of art in bridging time and fostering understanding.
  • 🌳 The speaker's preference for bold brush strokes in painting reflects a personal style, and seeing similar techniques in the paintings resonated with their own approach to art.
  • 🏠 The discussion of cave art illustrates the timeless nature of human creativity and the universal need for expression that spans across millennia.
  • 🎓 The speaker's academic focus on the technical aspects of art rather than its theory or philosophy shaped their appreciation for the skill and beauty in both ancient and contemporary works.
  • 🌈 The appreciation for beauty in art, whether it's in museum pieces or the natural world, has grown with the speaker's education and experience in art.
  • 🤖 Concerns about AI in the art world are expressed, particularly the fear that AI might not fully grasp or value the depth and story behind each piece of art.
  • 🚀 The speaker's ongoing journey in art is driven by the desire to improve their craft and deepen their connection with the art world and fellow artists.
  • 🌟 The transformation from finding museums boring as a child to not wanting to leave as an adult underscores the evolving nature of art appreciation with knowledge and experience.

Q & A

  • What was the speaker's initial attitude towards museums?

    -The speaker initially did not enjoy museums much, as they often felt the need to take a nap or escape when inside one.

  • How did the speaker's experience at the small museum with their girlfriend differ from their previous experiences?

    -This time, the speaker found the museum experience enjoyable because they were with their girlfriend, and they encountered a series of paintings that left a lasting impression on them.

  • What was the speaker's reaction to the series of paintings they saw at the museum?

    -The speaker felt a strong sense of familiarity and connection with the paintings, as if they were looking at a distant family member who resembled them.

  • How did the speaker describe their own painting style?

    -The speaker loves to paint with big, bold brush strokes, often using just a few strikes of the brush to paint all the leaves of a tree and adding colors they may not have seen but wanted to see.

  • What did the speaker learn from studying cave art and its creators?

    -The speaker learned that our prehistoric ancestors had a need to create and express themselves through art, and they appreciated the beauty of the cave paintings, which had skillful lines and energy.

  • How does the speaker feel about AI in relation to art creation?

    -The speaker is worried that AI might not be able to fully appreciate the depths of art and that the instant gratification of AI-generated images may diminish quickly, as they lack value and depth without a human connection.

  • What is the speaker's perspective on the importance of understanding art?

    -The speaker believes that understanding art enhances one's appreciation of it, and while an art degree is not necessary, the more one knows, the richer the art world becomes for them.

  • How did the speaker's experience with the paintings at the museum change their view of art?

    -The experience allowed the speaker to see the value and depth in art, changing their view from finding museums boring as a child to not wanting to leave as an adult with an appreciation for the stories and layers beneath the surface of a painting.

  • What does the speaker hope to achieve by continuing to study and create art?

    -The speaker hopes to not only improve their painting skills but also to continue enjoying art and connecting with other artists on a deeper level.

  • What is the significance of the connection the speaker felt with the artist of the small canvases?

    -The connection signifies a shared understanding and appreciation for art that transcends time and personal knowledge, creating a bond between the speaker and the artist despite not knowing their name or story.

  • How does the speaker view the role of art in human history and evolution?

    -The speaker views art as an essential part of human history and evolution, highlighting that the need to create and appreciate beauty has been a constant throughout time, from prehistoric cave paintings to contemporary works.



🎨 The Artistic Connection

The speaker shares a personal experience of visiting a small museum with his girlfriend, despite not being fond of museums usually. He describes an encounter with a series of paintings that left a lasting impression on him. These impressionistic landscapes, although small, evoked a sense of familiarity and connection with the unknown artist. The speaker reflects on his own painting style, which contrasts with the delicate brushwork of the museum's paintings, yet he feels a bond with the artist across time. He also discusses his art education, from the basics of drawing and painting to the appreciation of prehistoric cave art, highlighting the enduring human need to create and the beauty found in art throughout history.


🤖 The AI and Art Dilemma

The speaker expresses his concerns about the impact of AI on the art world, fearing that it might replace human artists. He worries that AI-generated art may lack depth and the personal connection that comes from an artist's life experiences and emotions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding and appreciating art beyond its surface-level appeal, something AI cannot replicate. He reflects on his own journey of learning and growing as an artist, and how his increased knowledge has deepened his love for and understanding of art. The speaker concludes by encouraging continuous learning and appreciation of art, and the unique, personal connection it offers.




Art refers to the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture. In the video, the speaker's love for art is a central theme, as they discuss their personal journey and connection with various forms of art, from museum paintings to cave art.


A museum is a building or institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, and exhibition of objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific significance. In the context of the video, the museum visit is a pivotal experience for the speaker, sparking a newfound appreciation for art and leading to a meaningful connection with their girlfriend.


Impressionism is an art movement characterized by the use of small, thin brush strokes, open composition, and an emphasis on capturing the accurate sensory effect of a scene, particularly the changes in light and color. In the video, the speaker describes the paintings they saw as 'Impressionistic small canvases,' indicating their appreciation for the style and its ability to evoke a sense of familiarity and connection.


An aesthetic refers to a set of principles or criteria for judging beauty, art, and good taste. It also refers to a personal sense of beauty and the appreciation of art. In the video, the speaker's love for a certain aesthetic is what connects them to the paintings they saw and their own art.

💡Cave Art

Cave art refers to the paintings and drawings created by prehistoric humans on the walls and ceilings of caves. These artworks often depict animals, handprints, and other symbols, providing insight into early human life and culture. In the video, the speaker expresses admiration for cave art, seeing it as an early form of artistic expression that demonstrates the timeless human need to create.


An artist is a person who creates art, practicing any of the various creative arts, such as painting, sculpture, drawing, or other visual, literary, or performing arts. The video emphasizes the speaker's identity as an artist and their deep connection with and respect for other artists, both past and present.


Appreciation refers to the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. In the context of the video, it signifies the speaker's growing understanding and admiration for art and artists, which enriches their personal and emotional experience.


Connection refers to the relationship or link between people or things. In the video, the concept of connection is central as the speaker describes the emotional and intellectual links they form with different artworks and artists, transcending time and knowledge barriers.


Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new and express oneself. The video highlights the importance of creativity in art, as the speaker reflects on their own artistic process and the innovative expressions of prehistoric cave artists.

💡AI and Art

AI, or artificial intelligence, in the context of art refers to the use of computer systems to create artworks. The speaker expresses concerns about the potential of AI to replace human artists and the loss of depth and appreciation in art created by machines.

💡Value of Art

The value of art encompasses both its aesthetic appeal and its deeper meaning, including the stories, emotions, and cultural significance it conveys. The video emphasizes the multifaceted value of art, from its role in communication and ritual to its ability to connect people across time and space.


The narrator's initial disinterest in museums despite being an artist.

The unique experience of visiting a museum with a significant other.

A memorable series of paintings that left a lasting impression.

The feeling of familiarity evoked by the paintings, akin to recognizing a distant relative.

The narrator's personal painting style and its connection to the artist's work.

The appreciation of the artist's skill and the timeless nature of the artwork.

The narrator's art education background and focus on the fundamentals of drawing and painting.

The historical significance and beauty of cave art from our prehistoric ancestors.

The universal human need to create and express oneself through art.

The awe-inspiring skill of ancient artists as seen in the 40,000-year-old cave paintings.

Picasso's alleged admiration for prehistoric cave art, suggesting a timeless appreciation for artistic expression.

The narrator's belief in the enduring presence of art in human history.

Concerns about the impact of AI on the appreciation and creation of art.

The importance of understanding the depth and meaning behind art, which AI may lack.

The personal growth and enrichment that comes from engaging with art.

The transformative experience of gaining knowledge and understanding in the art world.

The unique and personal connection between the artist and the art they create and appreciate.