Starryai app is Insane!

14 Sept 202205:30

TLDRThe video introduces an AI art app called 'Starry AI' that allows users to create unique artwork by inputting simple words or phrases, or by adding their own photos. The app is free and offers five complimentary credits upon download, with additional credits available through sharing creations or viewing ads. The user demonstrates the app's capabilities by showcasing various images generated from different prompts, highlighting the endless possibilities and the surprising outcomes that the AI can produce.


  • 🎨 The AI art app 'Starry AI' allows users to create unique artwork by inputting simple words or phrases.
  • 📱 Users can generate artwork by describing a scene or by uploading personal photos and adding creative prompts.
  • ⏱️ The app is noted for its quick response time, producing images within minutes based on user inputs.
  • 🎉 The app is free to download and offers five free credits upon registration, which can be used to generate images.
  • 💡 Users can earn additional free credits by sharing their creations or watching ads, enhancing the app's accessibility.
  • 🌟 The app's interface includes advanced options where users can combine their photos with various prompts for customized results.
  • 🎭 The possibilities for image creation are vast, with endless combinations of prompts, styles, and initial images.
  • 💃 The presenter experimented with a variety of prompts, including 'sexy ladies on stage smoke and spotlight' and 'unicorn magic'.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The AI's interpretation of human elements in images can sometimes be odd or unexpected, as seen in the family reunion example.
  • 🤔 The app's output showcases the potential of AI in art, but also raises questions about its understanding of human characteristics and expressions.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is an introduction to an AI art app called 'Starry AI' that allows users to create unique artwork by inputting words or images.

  • How does the AI art app work?

    -The AI art app works by taking user inputs such as words or images and generating artwork based on those inputs. Users can also add their own photos to the mix for personalized results.

  • What kind of results can be achieved with the app?

    -The app can produce a wide range of results, from transforming a simple prompt like 'magician with cards' into various artworks, to creating superhero-themed images or even blending user photos with artistic styles.

  • Is the AI art app free to use?

    -Yes, the AI art app is free to use, and users can claim five free credits upon downloading the app to start creating their art.

  • How can users earn additional free credits?

    -Users can earn additional free credits by sharing their work or by watching ads within the app.

  • What are the advanced options available in the app?

    -The advanced options in the app allow users to add their own photos, mix and match artistic styles, and create endless variations of any prompt by adjusting settings.

  • What kind of artistic styles can be combined in the app?

    -The app offers a variety of artistic styles such as fantasy art and hyper-realism that can be combined to produce unique and diverse outcomes.

  • How does the app handle user photos?

    -The app can integrate user photos into the artwork, often producing surprising and creative results that blend the user's image with the chosen prompt and style.

  • What is the narrator's overall impression of the AI art app?

    -The narrator is highly enthusiastic about the AI art app, finding it addicting and impressive in its ability to produce a wide range of creative and surprising artworks.

  • How can viewers access the AI art app?

    -Viewers can access the AI art app by downloading it from either the Play Store or the Apple App Store, as it is available on both platforms.

  • What was the narrator's experience with the 'family reunion' prompt?

    -The narrator found the 'family reunion' prompt to produce an interesting result, with the app creating an almost cult-like atmosphere in the artwork, highlighting the sometimes odd interpretations AI can make of human elements.



🎨 Discovering AI Art with 'Magician Word'

The first paragraph introduces an AI art app called 'Magician Word' that the speaker is excited about. The app allows users to input a few words or phrases, such as 'magician with cards' or 'smoking mirror,' and receive unique pieces of artwork within a minute. The speaker also demonstrates how to incorporate personal photos into the generated art, showcasing the versatility of the app. They mention that the app is free and available on both Android and iOS platforms. The speaker emphasizes the app's addictive nature and encourages viewers to download it and experiment with different prompts and styles, highlighting the endless possibilities for creative expression.


🌟 Sharing Experiences and Encouraging Exploration

In the second paragraph, the speaker invites the audience to share their experiences with the 'Magician Word' app in the comments section. They express interest in seeing the artwork that others have created using the app. The speaker also mentions the potential for earning free credits by sharing one's art or watching ads, further enhancing the app's accessibility and user engagement. The video concludes with a positive note, encouraging viewers to explore the world of AI-generated art and to look forward to future content.



💡AI Art App

AI Art App refers to an artificial intelligence-based application designed to generate digital artwork based on user inputs. In the context of the video, it is a creative tool that transforms simple text prompts or personal photographs into unique pieces of art. The app 'Starry AI' is highlighted as an example, showcasing its capability to produce endless variations of images by blending different styles and themes.


In the context of the video, 'addiction' refers to the captivating and engaging nature of the AI Art App, which entices users to continually use the app due to the excitement of generating novel artwork. It implies that the app is so enjoyable and stimulating that users may find themselves using it frequently and for extended periods.


Creativity in this video pertains to the innovative and artistic possibilities unlocked by the AI Art App. It highlights the app's role in unleashing users' imaginative potential by producing unexpected and diverse artworks based on their inputs. The term underscores the app's capacity to inspire and facilitate original forms of self-expression.


Prompts in the video are the textual inputs or phrases entered by the user into the AI Art App to guide the generation of the artwork. These prompts serve as the basis for the app's algorithm to create a visual representation, and they can range from descriptive words to more abstract concepts.


Transformation in this context refers to the process by which the AI Art App takes the user's initial input, whether it's a word, phrase, or image, and converts it into a new, visually distinct piece of art. This term emphasizes the app's ability to alter and enhance the original input, resulting in a unique artistic creation.

💡Free Credits

Free credits in the video are a form of in-app currency that allows users to generate artwork without incurring costs. These credits can be claimed upon downloading the app and can also be earned through activities such as sharing creations or watching ads, which encourages user engagement and rewards creative participation.

💡Advanced Options

Advanced options in the AI Art App provide users with additional controls and customization features beyond the basic functionality. These options allow users to fine-tune their prompts and incorporate their own images, offering a higher level of personalization and control over the creative process.

💡Artist Styles

Artist styles refer to the distinct visual characteristics and techniques模拟 by the AI Art App to generate artwork. These styles can range from realistic to fantastical and provide users with a wide array of aesthetic choices to tailor their creations. The term highlights the app's versatility and its ability to produce diverse artistic outcomes.

💡Provocative Title

A provocative title in the context of the video refers to a deliberately intriguing or attention-grabbing phrase used as a prompt in the AI Art App. It is intended to stimulate curiosity and inspire the app to generate artwork that matches the provocative nature of the title.


Experimentation in the video denotes the process of trying out different prompts, styles, and image combinations within the AI Art App to discover a variety of artistic outcomes. It emphasizes the exploratory and playful aspect of using the app, encouraging users to push boundaries and find novel ways to express their creativity.

💡Human Element

The human element in the video refers to the incorporation of personal photographs or images of people into the AI Art App's creative process. This adds a layer of personalization and emotional connection to the generated artwork, as it blends the user's own experiences and memories with the app's artistic capabilities.


The introduction of an AI art app that generates artwork from text prompts.

The app allows users to input simple phrases like 'magician with cards' and receive artwork within a minute.

Users can also upload their own pictures and transform them with various prompts, such as 'superhero lighting'.

The app, named 'Starry AI', is available for free download on both Android and iOS platforms.

New users can claim five free credits upon downloading the app, which can be used to generate images.

Users have the opportunity to earn additional free credits by sharing their creations or watching ads.

The app enables users to add their photos to the generated art, resulting in personalized and unique images.

The simplicity of the app's interface, where users can easily add an initial image and adjust advanced options.

The endless possibilities of image generation by mixing and matching artist styles and ad styles.

An example of creating art with a provocative title and a gradient instead of a real picture, showcasing the app's versatility.

The app's ability to generate different portraits of women based on prompts like 'sugar sweet' and 'candy'.

A demonstration of how the app can incorporate a user's photograph into a magic-themed artwork.

The AI's interpretation of a 'hot red head' prompt, using a user's picture of their girlfriend.

An exploration of how the AI generates art based on a family reunion photo, with odd and cult-like results.

The AI's sometimes skewed perception of human features and body positions, as seen in the family reunion artwork.

An invitation for viewers to share their own experiences with the app and any interesting creations they have made.