Sleek Wide Body Sports Car with Low Suspension in HighResolution 8K


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I want a car with the Ford brand. Its upper body is a sports car, and its lower body is a rugged off-road vehicle. Please give me a realistic style picture.
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  • Subject: The subject of the image is a sports car, characterized by its sleek design and wide body. It exudes a sense of speed and luxury. Setting: The setting likely portrays an urban environment or a winding mountain road, hinting at the car's performance capabilities. Background: The background could feature city lights or scenic landscapes, emphasizing the contrast between the fast-paced modern world and the car's elegance. Style/Coloring: The style might emphasize sharp lines and vibrant colors to accentuate the car's dynamic appearance. The coloring could include metallic finishes or bold hues to enhance visual impact. Action/Items: The car is depicted in a stationary position, allowing viewers to appreciate its design details. It may be showcased from different angles to highlight its wide body and lowered suspension. Costume/Appearance: The car's appearance suggests a high-end model, possibly a supercar or luxury sports car, with attention to aerodynamics and performance enhancements. Accessories: The car may feature customized elements such as spoilers, diffusers, or aftermarket wheels, contributing to its distinctive look.