【 AIで癒しBGM】音楽生成AI 「Stable Audio」の使い方・YouTube動画の作り方を解説【50代・初心者向け】

2 Feb 202408:56

TLDRThe video script outlines a step-by-step guide on creating a healing-themed background music (BGM) track using three AI tools. The process begins with Stable Audio, an AI music creation tool, where prompts are inputted to generate a soothing melody. The visual component is crafted using Midjourney, an image generation software, to create images reminiscent of a Balinese massage. The video editing is done using a free AI video tool that allows for simple editing, including removing original audio and voiceover. The final product is a 3-minute video with a healing BGM, suitable for use on YouTube, enhanced with subtle effects using Canva.


  • 🎵 A healing BGM has been created using AI tools, showcasing the capabilities of modern technology in music composition.
  • 🌐 The video highlights the abundance of healing and relaxation BGMs available on YouTube with significant play counts.
  • 🖥️ The creation process involves three AI tools, including Stable Audio for music and Midjourney for image generation.
  • 🎶 Stable Audio is praised for its simplicity, allowing users to input prompts and generate music with just a few clicks.
  • 🖼️ Midjourney is used to generate images for the healing video, with a focus on creating visuals that complement the BGM.
  • 🌴 The video's visual theme is inspired by Balinese massage, aiming to evoke a sense of relaxation and tranquility.
  • 🎥 The editing process is straightforward, using a free AI video tool that also functions as a video editor.
  • 🔄 The method involves uploading the generated images and adding the previously created healing BGM to the video editor.
  • 🎬 The video is edited to remove original audio and voiceovers, leaving only the new BGM and visuals.
  • 📈 The final product is a 3-minute video with a healing BGM, created efficiently using AI tools.
  • 🌟 The video creator encourages viewers to subscribe to their channel and leave comments if they find the content useful.

Q & A

  • What type of background music (BGM) is being created in the script?

    -A healing or relaxation-themed background music (BGM) is being created.

  • How can one find inspiration for creating healing or relaxation BGM on YouTube?

    -By searching on YouTube, one can find numerous healing and relaxation BGM with high play counts for inspiration.

  • Which AI tool is mentioned for creating the BGM in the script?

    -Stable Audio is the AI tool used for creating the BGM in the script.

  • What is the process for creating a track with Stable Audio?

    -Simply input a prompt into Stable Audio, and it will generate a track. The process is very straightforward.

  • What is the significance of visuals in a healing BGM video?

    -Visuals are important in a healing BGM video as they complement the audio and enhance the overall experience.

  • Which image generation software was used to create the visuals for the BGM video?

    -MID Journey, an image generation software, was used to create the visuals for the BGM video.

  • How does one select an image for the video using MID Journey?

    -MID Journey generates four images, and the user can select one that best fits the theme of the healing BGM.

  • What is the role of ChatGPT in the creation process described in the script?

    -ChatGPT is used to translate prompts from Japanese to English for inputting into Stable Audio since it only supports English.

  • How long can the free version of Stable Audio create a track?

    -The free version of Stable Audio can create a track up to 45 seconds long.

  • What is the final output format of the BGM and visuals combined?

    -The final output is a video in MP4 format, which can be used as a BGM for YouTube.

  • How can one add effects to the video?

    -One can use a tool like Canva to add effects to the video, such as subtle movements, to enhance the viewing experience.

  • What is the purpose of the video and BGM creation described in the script?

    -The purpose is to create content that can be used as a healing or relaxation aid, potentially for a YouTube channel.



🎶 Creating Relaxing BGM with AI Tools

This paragraph introduces the process of creating a healing, or relaxing, background music (BGM) using AI tools. It mentions the popularity of such music on YouTube and the high number of views these tracks receive. The speaker,昭, who is 43 years old, is creating a healing BGM using three AI tools. The primary tool mentioned is Stable Audio, which allows for easy creation of music by simply inputting prompts. The importance of visuals in healing videos is highlighted, and the use of an image generation AI tool called MID Journey is discussed. The paragraph also covers the process of creating the BGM, including the use of ChatGPT to translate prompts into English for Stable Audio, and the creation of a visual element using MID Journey, inspired by a Balinese massage.


🎨 Editing and Combining BGM with Images

The second paragraph delves into the editing process of combining the created BGM with images. It explains how to remove existing elements such as voices or subtitles from the images to prepare them for the final video. The speaker describes uploading the four images generated by MID Journey and adding the healing BGM created earlier. The process of making multiple 3-minute videos with different images but the same BGM is outlined. The paragraph concludes with the speaker's intention to add effects to the video using Canva and expresses a hope that the video will be useful to viewers, encouraging them to subscribe to the channel and leave comments if they find it helpful.



💡Healing BGM

Healing BGM refers to background music that is specifically designed to induce relaxation and a sense of calm. In the context of the video, it is the main product being created, using AI tools to generate a stable and soothing audio track. The script mentions creating a healing BGM with the help of AI, which is intended to be used for a calming video, illustrating the importance of this concept in the video's theme.

💡AI Tools

AI Tools are artificial intelligence software applications that assist in various tasks, such as creating music or generating images. In the video, three AI tools are used to create the healing BGM and accompanying visuals. The AI tools mentioned are 'Stable Audio' for music creation and 'Mid Journey' for image generation, showcasing the integration of technology in content creation.

💡Stable Audio

Stable Audio is an AI-based tool specifically for creating music. It allows users to generate music by inputting prompts, which are then translated into actual tracks. In the video, Stable Audio is used to create the healing BGM, emphasizing its ease of use and the ability to produce professional-sounding music without prior musical knowledge.

💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is an image generation AI tool used to create high-quality visuals. In the video, it is used to generate images that complement the healing BGM, with the specific example given being images that evoke the feeling of a Balinese massage. This tool is highlighted for its ability to produce aesthetically pleasing and thematic images for the video content.

💡Video Editing

Video editing is the process of combining and manipulating video clips, images, and audio to create a final product. In the video, the creator uses video editing to combine the healing BGM with the generated images, removing elements like voiceovers and subtitles to focus on the visual and auditory experience.

💡Free AI Video Tool

A free AI video tool refers to software that provides video editing capabilities without any cost. In the context of the video, such a tool is used to edit the healing BGM and images, allowing for the creation of a polished final video. The tool is highlighted for its ease of use and accessibility, making it suitable for creators at various skill levels.


Prompts are input suggestions or cues given to AI tools to guide the output. In the video, prompts are used in both Stable Audio and Mid Journey to generate the healing BGM and corresponding images. They are essential for directing the AI to produce content that aligns with the creator's vision.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users can upload, share, and view videos. In the video, YouTube is mentioned as the intended platform for publishing the final healing BGM video, indicating its role as a distribution channel for the content.

💡Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage is a type of massage that originates from Bali, known for its relaxing and therapeutic qualities. In the video, it is used as a theme for the images generated by Mid Journey, aiming to evoke a sense of tranquility and healing in line with the overall content.


Effects in video editing refer to visual or audio enhancements added to a video to improve its appearance or convey a certain mood. In the video, effects are used to enhance the static images, adding a dynamic element to the final video.


Download refers to the action of transferring data from a remote server to a local device, such as a computer or mobile phone. In the video, the creator downloads the final edited video in MP4 format, ready for use or distribution.


Creating a healing music track is simple with AI tools.

Popular healing and relaxation music on YouTube has high play counts.

Three AI tools are used to create a healing music track.

Stable Audio is an AI tool that creates music from prompts.

Entering a prompt in Stable Audio generates a real song.

Visuals for a healing video are important and created with AI.

MID Journey is an image generation software used for visuals.

Using ChatGPT to translate prompts into English for Stable Audio.

Stable Audio is only in English, but it's very easy to use.

Free version of Stable Audio allows up to 45 seconds of music creation.

Downloading the created music as an MP3 file.

Creating images with MID Journey imagining a Balinese massage.

MID Journey generates four images, each used for a different part of the video.

Editing the video with images and healing music using a free AI video editing tool.

Removing original audio and voiceover from the video in the editing process.

Uploading images and adding the created healing music in the video editor.

Creating a 3-minute video with 4 different images and the healing music.

Applying effects to the video using Canva to enhance the visuals.

The final video is downloaded as an MP4 file.

The video is intended for use as a YouTube BGM with added effects.