Cheetah vs Robodog - Zoo Robot Research testing world 1st - Sydney Behind the scenes

17 Jun 202103:41

TLDRIn a thrilling display at Sydney Zoo, a team prepares to test a robust 'robo dog' as a potential deterrent for predators. The experiment unfolds with cautious optimism, as the team anticipates the reactions of lions and cheetahs. Despite concerns about the lions, the focus shifts to the cheetahs, who are observed from a safe distance. The robo dog's performance is a pivotal moment, as it either succeeds in deterring the cheetahs or fails to impress. The tension builds as the team initiates the test, and the outcome is met with a mix of laughter, applause, and relief, indicating a successful demonstration of the robo dog's potential in managing dangerous wildlife.


  • 🦁 The team is preparing to interact with lions and cheetahs at the Sydney Zoo.
  • 🐆 There is uncertainty about how the lions will react to a new device or situation.
  • 🐃 The cheetahs are expected to be more receptive to the new device due to its design.
  • 🛡️ The device is a precautionary measure, not necessarily to repel but to display and test interaction.
  • 📍 The cheetahs are located close to the gate, which may influence their behavior.
  • 🚀 The robo dog is expected to have less acceleration than the cheetahs, which could affect the interaction.
  • 🐾 The cheetahs may be nervous and hold back from interacting with the robo dog.
  • 📹 The event is being recorded, possibly for a demonstration or historical record.
  • 🎉 There is a sense of anticipation and excitement as the team is about to make history with the robo dog.
  • 🤖 The robot is controlled remotely, allowing for direct interaction with the animals.
  • 🏃 The robo dog's interaction with the cheetahs is successful, as it manages to run away from them.

Q & A

  • What is the primary purpose of the team's activity described in the script?

    -The primary purpose is to test the effectiveness of a heavy-duty unit, presumably a robotic dog, in deterring or interacting with cheetahs at the Sydney Zoo as a precautionary measure.

  • Why is there concern about the lions' reaction to the unit?

    -The concern is that the lions might not respond well to the unit, potentially leading to an undesirable situation.

  • How does the team ensure the unit is cheetah-proof?

    -The team has designed the unit to be heavy-duty, implying it is built to withstand the strength and speed of cheetahs.

  • What is the team's strategy for testing the unit with the cheetahs?

    -The team plans to observe whether the cheetahs will pursue the robotic dog, using it as a test to see if the unit can effectively deter them.

  • Where is the testing taking place?

    -The testing is taking place near the gate of the cheetah enclosure at the Sydney Zoo.

  • What is the expected behavior of the cheetahs during the test?

    -The team anticipates that the cheetahs might be nervous and may hold back, given that the robotic dog won't have the same acceleration as the cheetahs.

  • Who is controlling the robotic dog during the test?

    -Josh is in control of the robot during the test.

  • What is the significance of the phrase 'one crack at it' in the context of the script?

    -The phrase suggests that if a dangerous situation arises, the team would have only one opportunity to use the robotic dog to effectively manage the situation.

  • How does the team react to the cheetah's initial response to the robotic dog?

    -The team reacts with laughter and applause, indicating a positive initial response from the cheetah, which seems to have calmed down after the initial interaction.

  • What is the outcome of the test?

    -The outcome is not explicitly stated, but the cheetah's calm reaction and the team's positive response suggest that the test went well, with the cheetah running away from the robotic dog.



🦁 Lion and Cheetah Encounter Preparation

The team is preparing for a demonstration involving lions and cheetahs at the Sydney Zoo. They discuss the potential outcomes of the encounter, expressing concern about the lions' reaction but optimism about the cheetahs' acceptance. The focus is on a precautionary measure, using a display position to test whether the animals will be repelled or pursue a robo dog. The scene is set just outside the gate, with the cheetahs a few meters away, and the team is ready for the experiment.




Lions are large carnivorous mammals known for their majestic appearance and social behavior. In the context of the video, they represent a potential threat or challenge that the team is anticipating. The script suggests that the lions might not react well to the situation, indicating a need for caution and preparedness.


Cheetahs are the fastest land animals, known for their speed and agility. In the video, they are the subjects of the team's experiment, where they are expected to interact with a 'robo dog'. The cheetahs' behavior is of interest to the team, as they are assessing whether the cheetahs will pursue the robot.

💡Robo Dog

A 'robo dog' refers to a robotic device designed to mimic the appearance and movements of a dog. In the video, it is used as a tool to interact with the cheetahs, possibly to test their reactions or to study their behavior. The robo dog is a significant part of the experiment and its design is crucial for the success of the interaction.


Sydney Zoo is the location where the events in the video are taking place. It is a place where various animals, including lions and cheetahs, are housed and cared for. The zoo serves as the backdrop for the team's experiment, indicating a controlled environment for their study.


The term 'precautionary' refers to actions taken to prevent potential harm or danger. In the video, it is used to describe the team's approach to the experiment, indicating they are taking measures to ensure safety and avoid negative outcomes.

💡Display Position

In the context of the video, 'display position' likely refers to the strategic placement of the robo dog to effectively engage the cheetahs. This positioning is important for the success of the experiment and for observing the animals' reactions.


To 'repulse' means to drive back or cause to retreat, often in a forceful manner. In the video, the team is concerned that the lions might be repelled by the robo dog, which could lead to an undesirable reaction.


Acceleration refers to the rate of change of velocity of an object. In the video, it is used to compare the speed of the cheetahs to the robo dog, indicating that the robot may not be as fast as the animals it is intended to interact with.


Feeling 'nervous' describes a state of anxiety or apprehension. In the video, it is suggested that both the cheetahs and the team might be feeling this way, indicating a sense of anticipation and uncertainty about the experiment's outcome.


Making 'history' typically means being part of an event or action that is significant or memorable, often for being the first of its kind. In the video, this term is used to emphasize the novelty and potential impact of the experiment with the robo dog and cheetahs.


Being 'brave' involves showing courage or determination in the face of potential danger or difficulty. In the video, the term is used in a somewhat humorous context, referring to the team's or the robo dog's willingness to engage with the cheetahs.


Control refers to the ability to influence or direct the behavior or actions of something. In the video, it is mentioned in relation to the robot, indicating that the team has the ability to manipulate the robo dog's movements and actions.


Team preparing to present with lions and cheetahs

Concern about lion reaction, optimism for cheetahs

Heavy-duty unit, cheetah-proof

Precautionary demonstration at Sydney Zoo

Testing cheetahs' pursuit of a robo dog

Location near the gate, cheetahs a few meters away

Robo dog's acceleration less than cheetahs

Cheetahs might be nervous and hold back

Anticipating a historical moment with slide opening

Team readiness to run the demonstration

Humorous discussion about robo dog's bravery

Josh has control of the robot

Team satisfaction with robot's performance

Moment of applause and music indicating success

Monitoring cheetah's reaction, it calms down